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Volume 6, Issue 3 2014: Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research

Solid-state chemical synthesis and structural attribute of nanocrystalline succinate cerium
Dao-hua LI, Shao-fen HE and Lin-feng Chen
Page No: 367-371

Studies on three dimensional point spread function energy distribution of biological microscopic imaging system
Chen Hua, Cai Yi, Yang Fengjuan and Wei Wei
Page No: 543-548

Establishment of the database of standard crown
Liping Wang, Yi Guo, Youhong Tang, Xiaojun Zhang and Weijiang Chen
Page No: 968-973

Research on fuzzy comprehensive evaluation of knowledge management capability of governmental organization-take a governmental organization for example
Dou Wang
Page No: 549-554

Research on the contamination status of shrimp pathogenic vibrio
Jiang Hui-min
Page No: 974-977

Research of the warning classification model for product quality and safety based on social risk bearing capability
Ma Shuqi, Cai Sijing, Sun Qingyun and Shi Xunxian
Page No: 555-559

APP-DDOS defense model based on the score strategy
Yulian Hu
Page No: 1342-1350

Anti-proliferation and migration efficacy via inhibition of an androgen synthesis key enzyme in castration-resistant prostate cancer
Sha Zhu, Sanqiang Li and Dongkui Song
Page No: 372-377

Chemical constituents of soil and vegetation of two locations in AL Baha area (Saudi Arabia)
Saad M. Howladar
Page No: 1351-1355

Design of fuzzy rules switching-based fuzzy PID controller of underwater robots
Wang Jichan
Page No: 978-981

Spectral discrimination of gastric cancer and atrophic gastritis by the comparison of three parameters based on Raman spectroscopy
Xiaozhou Li, Su Zhang, Tianyue Yang and Siqi Li
Page No: 1356-1360

Empirical analysis on the relationship between human capital investment and economic growth in rural areas: Based on the data of Henan
Shi Mei-ling
Page No: 378-382

Characteristics and metabolic pathways of fluorene (FLU) degradation by strain Rhodococcus sp.USTB-C isolated from crude oil
Chan Yu, Jun Yao and JingnanJin
Page No: 560-565

Synthesis of 3-hydroxy desloratadine, the hydroxyl metabolite of loratadine
Lei Tian, Jian Li and Keying Wu
Page No: 982-987

Detection and evaluation of esophagus cancer by serum based on LIF-Raman spectroscopy
Xiaozhou Li, Tianyue Yang and Siqi Li
Page No: 1361-1365

AHP entropy method based satisfaction evaluation of rural residence energy saving transformation
Yang Yong and Suo Chenxia
Page No: 566-570

In vitro antioxidative behaviour of ethanolic extract of Russula albonigra
Adhiraj Dasgupta, Debal Ra2, Ananya Chatterje1, Anirban Ro2 and Krishnendu Acharya
Page No: 1366-1372

Research of 2D variable coefficient elliptic boundary value problem
Peng Yamian, Zhao Yingna and Chang Jincai
Page No: 211-217

Football best shooting area and goal ration correlation research based on multivariate statistical model
Bo Gao and Jie Dong
Page No: 988-993

Thermal conductivity effect on vacuum drying process of porous medium modeling
Lili Zhao, Sun Zhentian, Zhijun Zhang, Shiwei Zhang and Wenhui Zhang
Page No: 1373-1381

Design and development of education cloud platform
Haiyun Lin, Yujiao Wang, Jianchun Caiand Chunyu Li
Page No: 383-386

Effects of coordination policies on logistics performance in supply chains
Wang Miao and Ren Peiyu
Page No: 571-579

Research of adaptive control algorithm research based on rough set and implementation
Zhu Weiliang, Zhou Guanchen, and Zhao Yingna
Page No: 218-224

The computation of two-dimensional manifold with angle self-adaptive algorithm
Meng Jia and Peng Yao
Page No: 1382-1388

Urban waste water reuse pricing and research methods
Li Lifeng
Page No: 580-590

Research on method of detecting beef fat content based on maximum entropy segmentation
Ke Xiao, Guan-dong Gao and Li-sheng Ren
Page No: 1400-1406

On interval arithmetic method of connection number a+bi
Yafeng Yang, Shengyuan Yang, Ru Zhang and Ying Jiao
Page No: 225-229

Effects of twin-screw extrusion on soluble dietary fibre of jujube residue
Wei Zong, Jun Duan, Weiwei Zhang, Yuntao Fan, Guangyuan Zhao and Siqun Jing
Page No: 387-391

Eyes├ó┬?┬? movement signal processing and analysis
Xiao Miaoxin
Page No: 1389-1393

Process parameter detection for electrochemical micromachining
Xue Wei, Yue Pan and Lizhong Xu
Page No: 1407-1412

Synthesis of N,N1-disubstitutedbisbenzimidazolesulphides of Potential Pharmacological Interest
S. Srinivas Rao, Ch. Venkata Ramana Reddy and P. K. Dubey
Page No: 1199-1204

Quantitative phytochemical analysis on leaf extract of Aegle marmelos
V. N. Ariharan and P. Nagendra Prasad
Page No: 1100-1104

Research on preparation and performance of graphene
Shi Shu-hui
Page No: 895-901

Comprehensive evaluation and research on China├ó┬?┬?s public culture service system based on AHP method and entropy weight method
Liping Fu and Li uan Li
Page No: 230-238

Research on the color principle of TiN films prepared by magnetron sputtering process
Huiqiang Wang, Yanqiu Xing, Weilian Sun and Bo Sun
Page No: 392-395

Design and synthesis of 3-(2-cinnamamidoethylsulfonyl) thiazolidine-4- carboxylate derivatives as novel angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors
Leifang Wu, Jie Zhang, Jianwei Xie and andBin Dai
Page No: 1205-1211

Induction and characterization of callus from Psammosilene tunicoides hairy roots
Zong-shen Zhang, Nan-nan Qiu, Chao Wang, Zhao-xia Jin, Jun Liu, Jun Liu, Guangqi Zhou, Bingna Hou, Zhenyan Yu and Qigen Guo
Page No: 1394-1399

Effect of water jet arrangement on conical cutter cutting performance
K. D. Gao, C. L. Du and H. X. Jiang
Page No: 1212-1221

Analysis on farmers├ó┬?┬? perception of ecological forest compensation in Beijing
Hou Yilei, Ning Yangcui and Wen Yali
Page No: 1222-1227

Determination of nickel and lead in hogwash oil by graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry with graphite digestion
Yang Jing-po, Chen Jing, Lu Fei, Luo Jian-mei and Wang Duo
Page No: 902-905

Monte carlo experimental research on table tennis size affects paddler experience sense and audience ornamental
Jianguo Liu
Page No: 1105-1114

Research on simulation of rack roll-beating forming based on ABAQUS
Li Yuxi, Li Yan and Yuan Qilong
Page No: 798-805

Method development, validation and dissolution studies of ranitidine in its pharmaceutical dosage under different conditions by spectrophotometry
Shaik Sarfaraz and Ch. Venkata Ramana Reddy
Page No: 1228-1232

Product differentiation and market exclusion
Wu Gang and Zhu Yong
Page No: 239-244

Research on construction and integration of tourism spatial structure in Anhui province
Yin Changfeng
Page No: 396-400

Research on heating system of electrical assisted-solar energy thermal storage
Sun Yong, Xu Feng, Shi Yongjiang and Ma Lishan
Page No: 591-596

Distribution network design in battlefield environment with loss consideration
Ji Ren, Yue-Jin Tan, Xiao-Lei Zheng
Page No: 1233-1238

Discrete element simulation on mechanical properties of modified sandy gravel
Lei Zhang, Xiaohui Liang and Lu Zhang
Page No: 806-812

Simulation and optimization of hydraulic excavator├ó┬?┬?s working device based on MATLAB
Gui Ju-Zhang, Cai Yuan-Xiao, Qing-Tan and You Yu-Mo
Page No: 245-250

Application perspective of tartary buckwheat as sports supplements
Jin Yang
Page No: 1239-1241

Research On the Burning Zone Temperature Control of Cement Rotary Kiln Based on CMAC-PID Algorithm
Kong Ying
Page No: 813-817

The experimental investigation of thermal flow field of direct air-cooled system for a large power plant
Zhao Wanli, Wang Ruilian and Huang Xin
Page No: 597-601

Formulation and evaluation of Lomefloxacin HCl as semisolid dosage forms
Sadik Almekhlafi1 and Anes A. M. Thabit
Page No: 1242-1248

Low-carbon technology innovation of Chinese enterprises: Current situation and countermeasure research
Wu lixia and Yunjun
Page No: 818-823

Spectrum signal processing method based on nuclear magnetic resonance
Ying Liu, Jiaji Cao, Haowei Zhang and Yajin He
Page No: 401-406

Field events performance prediction applied research based on data curve fitting
Kelei Guo
Page No: 251-256

Preparation and adsorption properties of mixed-templates molecularly imprinted polymers of epothilone B
Guo-li Gong, Ting-feng Zhao and Hui Li
Page No: 1421-1427

Unstable structure impact on external knee adduction moment
Jiang Ci, Gao Xiaoxia, Ren Feng, Gu Yaodong and Li Jianshe
Page No: 1249-1253

Optimization design for the over-travel rod spring of the vacuum circuit breaker through the improved genetic algorithm
Xie Jiuming, Sun Dengyue, Xue Weiguo, Wang Dezhi and Ding Shanzhong
Page No: 602-611

Study on practical teaching of programming course in higher vocational college based on ACM mode
Hua Xiao-yu
Page No: 824-828

Tumor microenvironment research in China
Caihong Zhang and Qiangzhe Zhang
Page No: 1428-1433

Influence of extracts from Rodgersia aesculifolia Batal on cytokines
Wang Xiaomei, Li Zongxiao and Gao Jinquan
Page No: 612-615

Damage analysis on bridge structures of typical rail transit
LI Hai-qing
Page No: 829-834

Tennis tournament techniques and tactics performance influence factors and strategy research based on game theory
Jianguo Liu
Page No: 257-265

Effects of wood vinegar on the soil microbial characteristics
Zhang Rui, Dai Wei, Yao Zhibin, Zhao Chao and An Xiaojuan
Page No: 1254-1260

Phytochemical screening and antimicrobial activity of extracts of Viburnum punctatum Buch-Ham Ex D. Don against selected microbes
A. Renjith Alex, K. Ilango, B. A. Viswanath, R. Shunmuga Sundaram and S. Ganeshan
Page No: 1115-1120

Evaluation theory and application of logistics enterprise customer satisfaction
Jiao Xinlong and Liu Xuelian
Page No: 835-840

Miami heat basketball technical indicators relational degree analysis based on grey correlation model
Fan Zhang
Page No: 1261-1265

Isotopic conceptualization of groundwater system in semiarid mountain watersheds in the North Okanagan, British Columbia, Canada
Jianhua Ping, Craig Nichol and Xiaohua Wei
Page No: 407-412

Study on audit of corporate financial risk based on FMEA method
Tong Yanjun
Page No: 616-621

Investigating the development of Chinese rural roads
Dang Xiao-xu and Wang yuanqing
Page No: 841-848

Tourist traffic prediction method based on the RBF neural network
Li-Juan Liu
Page No: 1121-1125

Removal of fluoride from water by NiAl layered double hydroxide prepared by solvothermal method
Limin Wang and Danfeng He
Page No: 413-417

Taijiquan needle at sea bottom motion physiological parameters and knee sports injury correlation analysis
Jin Yang
Page No: 1266-1272

Quantum chemical study of molecular structure, non-linear optical and vibrational properties of pyridine and pentachloropyridine
Satish Chand, Shilendra K. Pathak, Alok K. Sachan, Ruchi Srivastava, Vikas K. Shukla, V. Narayan, A. Kumar, Onkar Prasad and Leena Sinha
Page No: 1434-1444

Random vibration analysis for the chassis frame of hydraulic truck based on ANSYS
Wang Hai-fei, Jia Kun-kun and Guo Zi-peng
Page No: 849-852

Triple jump technical motions diagnostic research based on hanavan model bar figure analytical approach
Dongbai Liu, Shijun Wang and Dongmei Liu
Page No: 266-271

Based on the index system of regional water resources sustainable development guidelines for dual layer configuration
Li Lifeng
Page No: 622-633

Influence on R & D project of Chinese IT corporations by talent introduction -a real option model
Chunxia Zhao and Shanhong Zhu
Page No: 853-857

Network construction for hepatitis C towards systemic drug design strategies
Sajitha Lulu S., Shamundeeswari A., Anand Prem Rajan, Vino S. and Mohana Priya A.
Page No: 1273-1278

Data mining strategies for identification of HNF4A MODY gene using gene prioritize tool
Soniyapriyadharishni A. K. and P. B. Ramesh Babu
Page No: 1126-1133

Research progress of PM2.5 fine particles pollution control
Junxia Zhang and Hongxing Zhao
Page No: 418-420

Antibacterial activity and mechanism of 36 Chinese herbs
Lin Ma
Page No: 634-639

Ozonation catalyzed by iron silicate for the degradation of p-chloronitrobenzene in aqueous solution
Yue Liu, Lei Yang, Zhonglin Chen and Jimin Shen
Page No: 1445-1451

Evolutionary game analysis of monitoring activity of the unreasonable use of transfer payment based on duplicative dynamic
Hong-en Fu and Yu-lin Liu
Page No: 430-434

Ecological design in network learning environment
Jiguang Li
Page No: 858-862

Chinese sports development status research based on SPSS principal component analysis and GM model
Xiaona Zhuand Qicheng Wei
Page No: 272-277

Formulation development, physico-chemical characterization and evaluation of anti-microbial activity of herbal tooth gel
Mridul Haque, Anil Kumar Singh, Santosh K Maurya and Ankit Seth
Page No: 1279-1285

A comparative study to assess the efficacy and tolerability of per rectal misoprostol and intravenous oxytocin in prevention of primary postpartum haemorrhage in a tertiary care hospital
Deepthi S. Vagge, Mamatha K. R, Geeta Shivamurthy and Vishesh Rohatgi
Page No: 1134-1140

Synthesis, characterization and cytotoxicity of certain itaconic acid based biodegradable aliphatic copolyesters
J. Gowsika and R. Nanthini
Page No: 1452-1461

Optimization method of complex electronic device test point
Xiaoqi Xing, Bin Liu and Dongyi Ling
Page No: 640-644

E-commerce model and platform based on the third-party
Shan Hong Zhu and Tao Kuang
Page No: 863-868

Sport industry strength influence factor weights research based on factor analysis
Hailong Zhang
Page No: 278-284

Synthesis of methyl laurate catalyzed by bronsted acid ionic liquids
Benyong Han, Wudi Zhang, Yubao Chen, Fang Yin, Shiqing Liu, Xingling Zhao, Jing Liu, Ling Xu, Changmei Wang and Hong Yang
Page No: 435-440

Comparative study on phytochemical parameters of Amaranthus caudatus and Amaranthus hybridus
G. P. Viswa Preeth and Merina Paul Das
Page No: 1462-1465

Extraction technologies of blog topic detection
Tao Kuang and Shanhong Zhu
Page No: 869-873

A quantitative evaluation method of safety based on argument
Dajian Zhang, Minyan Lu and Nan Wu
Page No: 645-651

Mobile learning based on augmented reality
Jianbiao Chen
Page No: 874-879

Review of advance on coal pyrolysis mechanism
Bingbiao Yang and Li Wang
Page No: 421-423

Effect of folic acid on serum homocysteine levels in patients with cardiovascular diseases (CVD)
S. Ganeshan, Karthikumar, B. A.Viswanath, A. Renjith Alex and Alin Bose
Page No: 1141-1148

Quantification of phytochemical constituents and in-vitro antioxidant activity of Althaea rosea seeds
Feng Liu, Weijun Du, Xi Bai and Shuge Tian
Page No: 1466-1471

She minority teenagers physique and health level status and strategy research based on AHP
Yejun Zhan, Zhenyi Dingand Zhehong Fang
Page No: 285-291

Systematic deconstruction of corporate charitable donation: Data from corporations between the year 2009 and 2011
Tian Xueying
Page No: 441-446

Marine information database design
Lintao Li and Shanhong Zhu
Page No: 880-884

Biomarker characters and biodegradation of petroleum in Gangxi oil field, China
Minmin Cai, Jun Yao and Ruixia Wang
Page No: 652-655

Adsorption mechanism of low concentration pollutants in water on modified zeolite
Hanxin Huo, Hai Lin, Yingbo Dong, Quanli Liu and Han Wang
Page No: 906-911

Study on packaging design positioning and methods based on design accuracy
Ying Li, Kun Yao, Cong Song
Page No: 885-889

Python in ChIP-Seq data analysis
Li Zhang, Yuansen Hu, Jinshui Wang and Guangle Zhang
Page No: 1002-1007

Field-goal percentage influence factors correlation analysis and counter measures based on optimization model
Wei Ye
Page No: 292-298

Photofading mechanisms of azo dye in its azo and hydrazone forms under UV irradiation
Jiangang Qu*, Baojiang Liu and Jinxin He
Page No: 1149-1154

Mechanism analysis and solve of the hydraulic fault of drill power unit
Zhao Guohua
Page No: 656-659

Simple methods of synthesis of copper oxide, zinc oxide, lead oxide and barium oxide nanoparticles
S. Priscilla Prabhavathi, J. Punitha, P. Shameela Rajam, R. Ranjith, G. Suresh, N. Mala and D. Maruthamuthu
Page No: 1472-1478

The study of information products art design of deaf children based on matrix analysis method
Zhuo Chen ├»┬╝┬? FeiFei Gong ├»┬╝┬? YongMei Li ├»┬╝┬?JinXiang Ma
Page No: 890-894

Criminal incident prediction based on geographical profile
Sun Liping, Yan Shaohong, Peng Yamian and Yang Aimin
Page No: 1-7

Improvement of alkaline tobacco field soil by humic acid
Liqiong Hu, Min Zeng, Weiai Zeng, Hang Zhou and Ming Lei
Page No: 447-451

A study on the synthesis and biocidal efficacy of certain random copolyesters containing chalcone moiety in the main chain
S. Jasmine Francis, D. Roopsingh and D. Reuben Jonathan
Page No: 1155-1160

Research on intelligent design system for refrigeration engineering
Qinyi Ma, Maojun Zhou, Mingwei Wang, Lin Yang and Huihui Wang
Page No: 660-665

Dynamical model based parallel movement centripetal force effects on horizontal bar swinging technique
Jun LI
Page No: 912-919

The p-sets based on the matrix and its application
Shaohong Yan, Liping Sun and Lichao Feng
Page No: 8-12

The theory and implementation of 128 tasks expansion in ├?┬╝C/OS-II
Li Dan and Sui Zhengwen
Page No: 666-670

Construction of public PE teaching evaluation based on AHP method system
Zhang Zejun, Lv Xiaomei and Li Xiaotang
Page No: 1008-1013

Application of fuzzy comprehensive evaluation theory in air quality assessment
Yan Yan, Yingna Zhao, Guanchen Zhou, Mengting Bi and Shue Feng
Page No: 13-21

Athlete technical motions execution quality consistency test based on SPSS gymnastics competition referee scoring
Yunyu Tu and Shaogang Zhu
Page No: 299-303

The effects of soil pH on tobacco growth
Weiai Zeng, Min Zeng, Hang Zhou, Hongguang Li, Qingxiao Xu and Fan Li
Page No: 452-457

Synthesis, in vitro and in vivo antitumor activity and docking studies of new evodiamine derivatives
Chengyuan Liang, Juan Xia, Huihui Song, Zhiguang Zhou, Yu Xue and Qizheng Yao
Page No: 1161-1171

Research on generalized space-time fractional convection-diffusion equation
Huancheng Zhang, Jingguo Qu, Yingna Zhao, Aimin Yang and Qingwei Meng
Page No: 22-26

Disposable income and actual sports consumption expenditures correlation research based on co-integration theory and error correction model
Honglan Jin
Page No: 920-925

Characterization, correlation and electrocoagulation studies of leather processing industrial effluent
T. Sugumaran, A. Ramu and N. Kannan
Page No: 1479-1489

Study of the mechanism of the direct reduction roasting of the limonite in Jiangxi
Chen Jiangan, Sun Tichang and Lu Qi
Page No: 671-678

Research and application of compact finite difference method of low reaction-diffusion equation
Huancheng Zhang, Guanchen Zhou, Yingna Zhao and Junpeng Yu
Page No: 27-33

Divisibility control of Ramipril tablets
Youssef Khayati, Youssef Ramli and Mustapha Bouatia
Page No: 1172-1177

Quantitative determination of essential oil terpenoids by the reaction of epoxidation with peroxy decanoic acid
├É┬?ykola Ye.Blazheyevskiy, Olexiy M. Agafonov, Valeriy P.Moroz andMaryna M. Ivashura
Page No: 1286-1293

Analysis of results of CET 4 & CET 6 Based on AHP
Guanchen Zhou, Dongying Yang and Yingna Zhao
Page No: 34-39

World men sprint event development status research based on grey theory
Dong Zhu
Page No: 304-309

Development and validation of RP-HPLC method for the estimation of ropinirole hydrochloride in tablet dosage forms
Alivelu Samala, Manala Sowmya, M. Sasikala and Kishore Chatlapelli
Page No: 1178-1182

Partial agonistic property of new isolated natural compounds
Aimun AE. Ahmed, Robert Gaspar, Arpad Marki,M. M. E. Mudawi and George Falkay
Page No: 1294-1298

Research on regression model-based swimmer body shape features affect performance
Qinglin Hong
Page No: 926-930

Effects of triterpenes from Ardisia cf. elliptica (subgenus Tinus) and sterols from Ardisia pyramidalis Cav Pers on Artemia salina and Danio rerio toxicity and caudal fin regeneration
Dennis D. Raga, Annabelle A. Herrera, Agnes B. Alimboyoguen, Chien-Chang Shen and Consolacion Y. Ragasa
Page No: 1014-1022

Research on the new load patterns for multi-roller stretch forming process
Zhang Wei-chuana, Li Yong-feng and Li Ming-zhe
Page No: 679-688

Electrochemical characterization of Ca_Sn metal composite oxides prepared by wet chemical route
Tao Liu, Rongbin Du, Xuejun Kong and Junwei Wang
Page No: 1490-1495

CBA team comprehensive technical indicator and scoring relational degree research based on SPSS factor analysis
Liang Wu
Page No: 310-317

Research on influential factors of CET 4 results by using analysis methods
Guanchen Zhou, Yalou Liu, and Yingna Zhao
Page No: 40-46

The current status and sources of PM2.5 in Tangshan, China
Ying Han, Xiao Liu, Shikuan Liu and Li Chang
Page No: 463-466

Determination of neodymium by fading spectrophotometry
Qing-Zhou Zhai
Page No: 1183-1186

Bezier surfaces on circle and fan-shaped domain
Chunfeng Liu, Xiaolong Zhang, Aimin Yang and Jincai Chang
Page No: 47-55

Best field-goal percentage optimization model research based on basketball release angle, speed and physical ability consumption correlation
Jijun Guo
Page No: 931-936

Social decision-making index system of homestead transference based on the practice of Eastern China
Yang Jie and Wu Guangdong
Page No: 689-696

B-spline surfaces on circle and fan-shaped domain
Chunfeng Liu, Xiaolong Zhang, Aimin Yang and Jincai Chang
Page No: 56-63

Game theory and SPSS variance analysis-based table tennis serve direction affects score research
Lin Li
Page No: 1023-1028

Induced-fit docking and virtual screening for 8-hydroxy-3-methoxy- 5H-pyrido [2,1-c] pyrazin-5-one derivatives as inducible nitric oxide synthase inhibitors
Hua-Jun Luo, Jun-Zhi Wang, Nian-Yu Huang, Wei-Qiao Deng and Kun Zou
Page No: 1187-1194

Comparison of software for building energy simulation
Ying Han, Xiao Liu and Li Chang
Page No: 467-471

Mathematical statistics analysis-based meditation teaching method affects swimming ability improvement result difference test
Jing Jin1and Bo Dang
Page No: 318-325

Study on the slope stability of typical super-high tailings dam with using the centerline method to dam
Wang Guang-jin, Kong Xiang-yun, Yang Chun-he and Ren Zhao-ying
Page No: 697-702

Generalized B-spline curve surface and its properties
Chunfeng Liu, Xiaojun Men, Aimin Yang and Jincai Chang
Page No: 64-70

Color reaction of m-acetylchlorophosphonazo and nickel(II)
Qing-Zhou Zhai
Page No: 1195-1198

Preparation and regeneration of protoplast from antitumor agent epothilone-producing microbes myxobacteria
Guo-li Gong, Xuan-ming Wei, Yu-ying Huang and Xue-feng Chen
Page No: 472-476

Based on improved CAN PKI trust model
Hong Xiang Gong, Zhu Wen Hui, Liu Hao and Lv Xiang Yang
Page No: 703-707

Pharmacognostic and phytochemical studies of leaves of Crataegus pontica C. Koch
Alireza Yazdinezhad, Faeze Najafi and Ahmad Mousavi
Page No: 994-1001

The linear model analysis of chemical element impaction to hot rolled ribbed steel bar
Chang Jincai, Chen Liyu and Zhang Yuzhu
Page No: 71-77

The research of new block molding technology based on chaotic vibration
Su Chunjian, Zhang Peng, Liu Huixiang, Wang Weiwei and Zhang Guangheng
Page No: 708-716

Determination of ferulic acid content in Cyperus rotundus by HPLC
Yingxia Li
Page No: 1496-1500

A blind digital watermarking algorithm based on DWT
Lianjie Dong and Ruihong Wang
Page No: 78-89

Study and application on the factors of attacking effect by TKD downward kick based on the influence of dynamic model
Chao Liu
Page No: 937-942

Blind digital watermarking analysis and evaluation based on GRA
Lianjie Dong and Ruihong Wang
Page No: 90-101

Human posture influences on whirlwind kick technical motion completion quality based on biomechanical analysis
Zhiguo Pan
Page No: 1029-1035

Research on comprehensive evaluation model-based NBA schedule influences on team performance
Dawei Shi
Page No: 326-332

Incremental learning fuzzy measures with Choquet integrals in fusion system
Xuefei Li, Huimin Feng and Hongbo Shao
Page No: 102-112

On the extremal hyper-wiener index of graphs
Li Yan, YingfangLi, Wei Gao and Junsheng Li
Page No: 477-481

Prediction method for temperature distribution in reduction section of gas-based direct reduced iron shaft furnace
Junli Ge, Minghua Bai, Hongliang Zhou, Jian Wang and Yingmin Piao
Page No: 717-722

Groundwater in rural area of Suzhou, northern Anhui Province, China: Heavy metal concentrations and statistical analysis
Sun Linhua and Peng Weihua
Page No: 1501-1505

Synthesis and characterization of poly [N-acryl-N-sulfonic acid-N\ yl-2- substituted-4-oxo-thiazolidine] glutaric and phthalic diimide
Entesar O. Al-Tamimi and Hayder M. Amen Abd Al-Hassan
Page No: 1036-1049

The research of how to identify the computer network fault by improving neural network
Hongbo Shao, Lianjie Dong and Jianhui Wu
Page No: 113-121

Maloperation consequence identification in process transition
Zhang Yuliang, Zhang Beike, MA Xin, Gao Dong and CAO Liulin
Page No: 482-488

Based on the effects of retarding growth model factors of shot put technique development
Xiuqin Liu
Page No: 943-948

Research on heterogeneous network architecture between the next-generation internet and internet of things (IOT)
Chen Yange, Zhang Zhili, Hu Ziyi
Page No: 723-728

Influence research on mechanics model-based athlete physical quality features affect shot
Pengcheng Li
Page No: 333-339

A pilot study on characteristic of table tennis bat rubber
Zhang Wei-bing, Luo Yin and Michael Graham
Page No: 1299-1301

Changes detection of serum Raman spectroscopy at different stages of lung cancer using spectral parameters and regression tree
Xiaozhou Li, Hong Lou, Lili Jin, Tianyue Yang and Siqi Li
Page No: 1506-1511

Research on multi-criterion optimization of computer-communication network reliability-using genetic algorithms
Hongbo Shao, Lianjie Dong and Jianhui Wu
Page No: 122-130

The measurement and analysis of regional energy efficiency in China
Renyu Miao and Yifeng Jin
Page No: 729-734

Forecasting the emissions of sulfur dioxide during the twelfth five-year plan period in China based on grey model
Xue Tan, Lei Shia, Peng Liu, Tao Li, Zhong Ma and Wenyi Xi
Page No: 489-493

Composition and application of fungal oil
Chunhai Zhao, Zhen Qingli, Guorong Sun, Xuri Tang, Wenshan Shi Zhi and Gang Liu
Page No: 1302-1305

Application of modern education information technology in the basketball tactics teaching
Pan Feng, Wang Xiaojun and Wang Weihong
Page No: 1512-1519

Differential uplift process in mesozoic-cenozoic Longmen mountains along eastern margin of Tibetan Plateau
Wang Tao, Li Zhiwu, Chen Hongde and Hou Mingcai
Page No: 494-501

Research and application of the combined model of principal component analysis and neural network based on SPSS
Jianhui Wu, Hongbo Shao, Yu Su, Zhengjun Guo, Sufeng Yin, Houjun Xu, Bo Hu, Liqun Yu and Guoli Wang
Page No: 131-140

A simplified mechanistic model for predicting the critical incipient velocity of cuttings in inclined pipes
Haolin Zhang, Gensheng Li, Shouceng Tian and Xianzhi Song
Page No: 735-744

Adsorption simulation of sulfur oxide on the surface of metal
Jiang Ruiyu, Lan Dengyang, Chen Chao, Zhu Tao, Yang Fanfan and Zhang Jinhong
Page No: 949-954

The correlation analysis and strategy between basketball scoring index and physical fitness based on principal component model
Jun Liu
Page No: 340-345

Design and implementation of production logistic prediction software system
Yin Jing, Meng Xiangying and Chennan
Page No: 502-506

Building the brand competitiveness model of sports industry based on PLS-SEM
Dejiang Ao
Page No: 745-754

The application of BP neural network model in the prediction of coal worker's pneumoconiosis incidence seniority
Jianhui Wu, Hongbo Shao, Yu Su, Zhengjun Guo, Sufeng Yin, Houjun Xu, Bo Hu, Liqun Yu, Aimin Yang and Guoli Wang
Page No: 141-148

Basketball player field-goal percentage influence factors quantitative analysis and research
Wei Wang, Xiaohai Liu and Yuehui Zou
Page No: 1050-1058

The study of sports industry competitiveness of six provinces in Central China based on entropy weight and TOPSIS integration
Chen Qizheng, He Hui, Liu Bolin, Wang Peng and Zhang Shuchang
Page No: 755-763

Influence of polysaccharides from angelica and astragalus on H22 hepatocarcinoma mice
Pu Xiuying, Fan Wenbo, Yu Shuang, Wang Hengrui, Zhang Weijie, Li Yan, Ma Xiaolong, Ren Jing and Liu Lu
Page No: 507-511

Study on the performance condition optimization of analytic method for p-chlorophenol compounds by high performance liquid chromatography conditions
Jianliang Xue, Nenghu Qiao and Yanan WU
Page No: 955-958

Spectral analysis and catalytic activity in the hydrolysis of the phosphate ester by aza-crown ether cerium (III) complex
Bingying Jiang, Shulan Cai, Famei Feng and Jiaqing Xie
Page No: 1520-1526

Curling movement trajectory influence factor dynamic analysis and counter measurements
Fei Dong
Page No: 346-350

H city colleges sports development environment evaluation based on the novel BP neural network algorithm
Zhao Xianpin
Page No: 764-773

Swimmer selection optimization strategy research based on SPSS factor analysis
Mei Wei and Keyi Jin
Page No: 1059-1068

The design of parallel least squares model based on the surface fitting problem
Aimin Yang, Yingna Zhao, Tielei Tian and Weixing Liu
Page No: 149-157

Potential inhibitors against acetylcholinesterase and glutathione S-transferase associated with alzheimer's disease
Atul Lalwani, Somdeb Paul, Iliazuddin Ahmed and K. Ramanathan
Page No: 1527-1532

An improved algorithm of DV-hop in wireless sensor networks
Guoan Zhao and Qilai Liang
Page No: 774-778

The discussion and simulation for image edge detection techniques based on wavelet transform algorithm
Page No: 351-355

Media negative coverage, punishment bulletins and market reaction: An empirical research on Chinese listed companies
Yuanyuan Ling and Qianhua Lei
Page No: 512-515

Study on goaf disposal of An Ping Zhuang mine area
Guo Jun, Shi Jian-jun, Gan De-qing and Zhang Yun-peng
Page No: 158-163

Table tennis defense influence factor dynamics analysis based onsimulation model
Yingwei Fu
Page No: 1069-1076

Study on self-consciousness of migrant children in Nanjing, China
Yingyu Ge
Page No: 779-784

Characteristics of LIF and Raman spectroscopy of serum for the detection of colon cancer
Xiaozhou Li, Tianyue Yang, Hong Lou andLili Jin
Page No: 1533-1537

Proximate analysis, phytochemical screening and total phenolic and flavonoid content of the ethanolic extract of molave Vitex parviflora Juss. Leaves
Arvin B. Panti, Remil M. Aguda, Ramon A. Razal, Ma. Desiree Belina-Aldemita and Jovale Vincent V. Tongco
Page No: 1538-1542

Application of multiple linear regression model in the performance analysis of traffic rules
Jingguo Qu, Yuhuan Cui, Guanchen Zhou and Qingpeng Ding
Page No: 164-169

Optimization of ultrasonic -microwave synergistic extraction of anthocyanins from Acanthopanax sessiliflorus (Rupr. et Maxim.) Seem
Xinru Shao, Zhongsu Ma, Yanqing Niu, Yuan Dai and Liping Wang
Page No: 959-963

University English teaching quality evaluation system research based on multilevel fuzzy analysis
Jinjin Guo
Page No: 1077-1082

Analysis of fault tree importance of turret carrier system of CNC machine tools based on BDD
Jie Yu, Wu-sheng Tang, Shuang Yu, Hai-long Zhang and Ning Ding
Page No: 516-521

Strategy research on the performance optimization of 3D mobile game development based on Unity
Peng Hu and Kai Zhu
Page No: 785-791

Stability evaluation of lipid nanocapsules in parenteral nutritional mixture
Y. Rahali, Y. El Alaoui and Y. Bensouda
Page No: 1543-1547

Application of linear transformation in numerical calculation
Yuhuan Cui, Jingguo Qu and Guanchen Zhou
Page No: 170-178

Water damage mechanism of surface and downstream side of spur dike
Chen Li, Yu Tao and Wang Ping-yi
Page No: 792-797

Development of FIA system for the spectrophotometric determination of hydroquinone in pure material and pharmaceutical formulations
Bushra B. Qassim and Hamssa S. Omaish
Page No: 1548-1559

An efficient iterative method in numerical calculation
Jingguo Qu, Yuhuan Cui and Huancheng Zhang
Page No: 179-187

SCP Analysis of Biopharmaceutical Industry in China
Jiankang MU
Page No: 522-529

CT/MRI medical image fusion based on sub-band coefficients selection through curvelet transform method
Xiaojun Wang and Weidong Lai
Page No: 1083-1088

Parallel algorithm based on Fast Fourier transforms
Yuhuan Cui, Jingguo Qu and Guanchen Zhou
Page No: 188-195

Volleyball pass technique teaching effect influence factors SPSS difference test based on AHP
Hui Yue
Page No: 356-360

A comparative study to assess the efficacy and tolerability of lornoxicam and diclofenac in patients with osteoarthritis of knee in a tertiary care hospital
Swapna R. Nayaka, K. R. Mamatha and K. V. P. K. Raju
Page No: 1306-1311

Research on preparation of modified polyacrylamide-gel and its performance of removing lead from aqueous solution
Yang-zhi Zhu, Zhen Li and Jian Liu
Page No: 964-967

Medical image encryption based on multiple chaos mapping
Li Tu, Chi Zhang, Chuan Xie and Liyuan Jia
Page No: 1312-1319

Large-scale gymnasium operation influence factor consistency test based on analytic hierarchy process
Yaping Zhang
Page No: 1320-1325

Research of pharmacodynamic estimation model of anti-motion sickness medicine
Hong-Zhe Bi, Gong-Zhang Shen, Yi-Kai Shi, Su-Jiang Xie, Hong-Bo Jia and Qin Yao
Page No: 530-536

Research of inversion problem of coal mine fire hidden based on the method of regularization
Peng Yamian and Yingna Zhao
Page No: 196-203

Changecharacterization of dissolved organic matter in different subsidence land of a coal mine, China
Ting Li, LaiZhou, YanZhang and Bo Gao
Page No: 361-366

Expression and purification of human peptide transporter hPepT2(579-664)
Zhao Dong-xin, Lu Kui, Hou Ju-hong and Li Ming
Page No: 1326-1329

Badminton 21-point system athletes performance correlation research based on classical probabilistic model
Xiaolong Wang, Shijun Wang and Wencheng Wang
Page No: 1089-1099

Research on neural network and application in traffic rules extraction
Zhu Weiliang, Zhang Yongli and Zhao Yingna
Page No: 204-210

Relationship between point spread function layers and biological microscopic image restoration based on the same space size
Chen Hua, Yang Fengjuan and Cai Yi
Page No: 537-542

Study on the similar material characteristics for model test based on daye iron mine
Zhang Ding-Bang,Zhou Chuan-Bo,LiuYang-Bo andYuan Jian-Yi
Page No: 1330-1336

Preliminary study on serum pharmacochemistry of Magnolia officinalis
Zhang Huan, Geng Yun, Wang Yi, Tang Jing-wen, Ma Chao-ying, Kong Lin, Wang Xing,Yan Zhi-yong, Wei Yi, Wu Xiao-qing and Li Na
Page No: 1337-1341

The study of service enterprise knowledge search absorption effect on product innovation performance after service failure
Lu Penghu and Li Xiaojin
Page No: 424-429

Nanobodies: Novel biomedical vehicles in targeting tumor: Novel biomedical vehicles in targeting tumor
Xiaodan Fan, Yaozhong Hu and He Huang
Page No: 458-462