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Original Articles: 2014 Vol: 6 Issue: 3

Influence research on mechanics model-based athlete physical quality features affect shot


Shot put as one of important composition items in athletics competition, throwing distance is main concerned problems by coaches and athletes. From general knowledge of throwing, it is known that there are mainly three factors affect throwing distance as initial speed when shot out of hands (m/s), throwing angle (angle) and throwing height (meter). By far, utilize physics kinematics knowledge researching shot put movement phenomenon is more, and less considering about throwing height influences when researching. The research on the basis of physics correlation knowledge, regard thrown shot as particle making projectile motion, and establish shot throwing distance mathematical model. Consider affect shot putter throwing main factors as shot throwing angle, shot initial speed and shot throwing height. According to model, it analyzes when throwing speed and throwing height are fixed, solve optimal throwing angle, let throwing distance be the maximum, it provides a basis for athletes scientific training. Carry out sensitivity analysis, it gets athletes’ throwing distance key influence factor is throwing speed, therefore athlete in training process should more strengthen their throwing speed aspects training.

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