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Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research

The Place of Aromatherapy in Ambulatory Management of Ungual Foot Disease: The Review
Soukaina Bennis*, Bandon Jordan Cabrol, Mohamed Yafout, Amal Mrani Alaoui, Amal Ait Haj Said
Page No: 1-11

Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research

Phytochemical Identification and Antioxidant Activity of Passiflora Foetida Hexane, Petroleum Ether Flowers Extracts
Baskaran K*, Dinesh raja S, Sijo henry, Namitha V, Safana A, Abishek M, Haseera N, Shalet Varghese
Page No: 01-06

Synthesis and characterization of Mg-Ni nanosized spinal ferrite
Vivek M Raut, Sachin S Bangade, Harshada S Gaikwad, Shikhil S Wanjari, Divya LChouhan, Manish M Katiya*
Page No: 01-06

Eco-Friendly Natural Flowers as Indicators in Acid-Base Titrations
Sashikala S*, Pooja S, Pavithra A, Priya V
Page No: 01-08

Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research

Comparative Phytochemical and Antimicrobial Analysis of Roots, Stems and Calyx of Hibiscus sabdarriffa Extract
Ali Bilar*, Iwu lrenus Chinonye
Page No: 1-5

Effect of Polydopamine on Promoting Anti-Fouling and Multifunctional Properties of Membranes
Wenyan He*
Page No: 01-02

Copper Coatings in an Alkaline Environment under Organic Polyamines-Complexors Effects
Mamadou Kalan, Diallo*
Page No: 01-10

Green Synthesis of Pyrazolines as an Anti-Inflammatory, Antimicrobial and Antioxidant Agents
Kiran Pawar*, Sachin Bhosale, Avinash Dhake, Nirmala Shinde
Page No: 01-13

Synthesis, Characterisation and Biological Evaluation of Pyridazine Derivatives
Rudresh HM*, Monica Arora, Slevakumar Balaraman, Datendranath Tripathi
Page No: 01-12

Doped Zno Nanostructures by Polyol Method with Antibacterial Properties
A. Ferreiro, C. Martín, M.E. Rabanal*
Page No: 1-16

Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research

Identification, Isolation, Structural Characterisation and Assessment of Toxicological Effect of Photo-initiator (2-Hydroxy-2-methyl-1- phenylpropane-1-one) in Ophthalmic Drug Product
Sandeep Zokande*, Kavita Inamdar, Pramod Borade, Vikas Mane
Page No: 1-10

Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research

Characterization Techniques for Evaluating Elastomeric Properties and Performance
Damian Noah*
Page No: 15-16

Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research

A Mini-Review of Catalytic Performance of Fe-Based Glass in Wastewater Treatment
Qi Chen, Zhigang Qi, Zhaoxuan Wang, Ziqi Song, Weimin Wang*
Page No: 1-5

Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research

Unveiling the Prospects of MMPs and Modulators
Ish Kumar*, Mihaela D Leonida
Page No: 1-3