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Original Articles: 2014 Vol: 6 Issue: 3

Human posture influences on whirlwind kick technical motion completion quality based on biomechanical analysis


Whirlwind Kick is one of the most basic jumping skills in Martial Arts; the technology has greater values in fighting and watching. In order to get a profound acknowledge of whirlwind kick skill and provide scientific theoretical basis for coaches and athletes, make analysis of whirlwind kick skill motion process, so that can get effective pathway of the skill motion standard and perfect playing through analyzing the motion process human posture and measurement equipment monitoring data. During researching whirlwind kick skill motion process, human posture, motion key point, error-prone motions and precautionary measures, to make preparation for motion skills further researching, analyze human turning stable status affected rotational inertial and eccentricity that generates human rotation and turning, implement mechanical analysis of motion skills completion process, finally make analysis through test equipment’s collecting human posture data, gravity center location coordinate and force platform pressure parameters values checking, get successful completion whirlwind kick motions’ technical features . Through analysis method and research results in the paper, it provides research methods and theoretical basis for whirlwind kick motion skill perfect completion.

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