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Original Articles: 2014 Vol: 6 Issue: 3

Anti-proliferation and migration efficacy via inhibition of an androgen synthesis key enzyme in castration-resistant prostate cancer


After evaluating by gene differential expression microarraywe found that UGT2B15is highly expressedin castration resistant prostate cancercell lines. We supposed that docetaxel in combination with UGT2B15downregulation may have a synergistic effect on tumor cells proliferation and migration. This study aimed to investigate the effects of UGT2B15silencingon thesensitivityofprostate cancer cells todocetaxeltreatment.After transfected with UGT2B15-targeted shRNAs and treated with different concentrations of docetaxel, proliferation and migration of DU145 cells were examinedby enumeration in a haemocytometerand wound healing assay. Expression of UGT2B15 protein in DU145cells was detected by western blot. Resultsdemonstrated that silencingof UGT2B15 promoteddocetaxelinduced cell growth inhibition and inhibited cell migrationin CRPC. Resultsindicatethat UGT2B15may be used as a new promising diagnostic biomarker and a potentialanticancertherapeutic target forCRPC.

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