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Original Articles: 2014 Vol: 6 Issue: 3

Urban waste water reuse pricing and research methods


Starting with water price mechanism and pricing problem, this paper compares tap water price with reclaimed water price, makes a pilot study of reclaimed water pricing and analyzes the constitutes of reclaimed water price. Based on the confirmation of optimal pollution level, this paper analyzes the apportionment of wastewater treatment expenses, and investigates the influence that water price and public mentality effected on the wastewater reuse. Several suggestions are made to reclaimed water pricing finally in this chapter. The mode of wastewater reuse are multiplicative and many factors need to be considered, including technical requirement, expense, benefit, security and so on. Some of the factors can be confirmed quantificationally, and the others are difficult to be quantified. Analytic Hierarchy Process is a simple decision-making method combining qualitative means and quantitative means, which is fit for the fuzzy and complex decision-making problem. Based on the current situation of kaifeng, this paper establish the Analytic Hierarchy Process when reclaimed water are reused in agriculture ,municipal applications and industry, analyzes wastewater reuse in kaifeng city. This paper considers that wastewater reuse in agriculture is preferred. If condition permit, wastewater can be reused further in municipal applications and industry.

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