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Original Articles: 2014 Vol: 6 Issue: 3

Study and application on the factors of attacking effect by TKD downward kick based on the influence of dynamic model


As time goes by, the pursuit of self-defending increases in a high quality which prompts KTD to be more and more popular in China. Besides, KTD is the official event in Olympic Games. To improve and optimize the skill of Chinese KTD players, the essay sums up the static energy of the players’ downward kick by analyzing the mechanic and dynamic relationship caused by downward kick. On analyzing the data collected from the players’ training, some defects were found out when the players were downward kicking: it takes so long time to start and draw back the leg during which the crack might be caught by the opponents. When the players swig up the right legs, they will become more stable which reduces the angle of hip joint whose change will influence the power and attacking effect of downward kick.C

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