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Original Articles: 2014 Vol: 6 Issue: 3

Triple jump technical motions diagnostic research based on hanavan model bar figure analytical approach


For sports events technical research, it is indispensible to extract apparatus and human each segments status data during movement process. While sports all happened in 3D space, though it can be regarded as planar movement by some hypothesis and ignoring partial errors, plane analysis will not adapt in some complicated sports trajectory project analyzing. This paper selects triple jump technical motions as 3D image analysis research objects, so as to achieve the purpose of exploring sports skills objective laws and technical diagnosis through extracting athletics events technical parameters with scientific 3D track image analytic system. During research process, firstly it analyzes 3D track image analytic system’s sports data extracting flow and test methods, then layouts test apparatus in court respectively to man triple jump sports and woman high jump sports by the analysis method, and calibrates system apparatus, finally gets two kinds of sports process bar figure athletes status and biomechanical as well as kinematic parameters through 3D image analysis, which provides data basis for reasonable and precise sports analysis together with research methods for technical diagnosis.

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