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Original Articles: 2014 Vol: 6 Issue: 3

Synthesis, characterization and cytotoxicity of certain itaconic acid based biodegradable aliphatic copolyesters


Polymer, poly[butylene succinate-co-butylene itaconate] (PISB) and poly[hexylene succinate-co-hexylene itaconate] (PISH) were synthesized by melt polycondensation using succinic acid, itaconic acid and butanediol/hexanediol in presence of Titanium tetraisopropoxide. Prepared biodegradable polyester based on Itaconic acid was characterized by IR, 1H and 13C-NMR. The inherent viscosity of the polyesters was elucidated by viscometer. Thermal stability of polyesters was studied by using DSC analysis. Anti cancer activity of the synthesized copolymer was tested against human breast cancer (MCF-7) cell lines. Both the polyesters show good IC50 value at lower concentration but among them PISB has higher toxicity on MCF-7 cells.

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