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Original Articles: 2014 Vol: 6 Issue: 3

Data mining strategies for identification of HNF4A MODY gene using gene prioritize tool


One of the major challenges in human genetics is to find the genetic variants underlying genetic disorders for effective diagnostic testing and for unravelling the molecular basis of these diseases. Finding the most promising genes among large lists of candidate genes has been defined as the gene prioritization problem. In the past decades, the use of high-throughput technologies (such as mining technologies, linkage analysis and association studies) has permitted major discoveries in that field. These technologies can usually associate a chromosomal region with a genetic condition. It is a recurrent problem in genetics in which genetic conditions are reported to be associated with chromosomal regions. To overcome this, several different computational approaches have been developed to tackle this challenging task. In this study, we used 19 computational solutions for human MODY gene prioritization that are accessible as web tools and illustrate their differences. Where various biological problems to which they have been successfully applied. Ultimately, we described several research directions that could increase the quality and applicability of the tools. With the help of developed website ( containing detailed information about these genes and other tools, this is regularly updated. This review and the associated website constitute together a guide to help users select a gene prioritization strategy that suits best their needs.

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