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Original Articles: 2014 Vol: 6 Issue: 3

She minority teenagers physique and health level status and strategy research based on AHP


Presently, worldwide human race health level is trending downward, especially for teenagers physical health status that even not optimistic. Research on how to improve teenagers’ physiqueand health level as well as how to achieve best movement effects in shortest time have become hot spots. This research applies investigation method, document and literature method and data statistical analysis as well as other methods, collect Chinese teenagers’ physique and health aspects relative data, and carry out quantitative and qualitative analysis of such data. Research shows that city and rural students height, weight and other growth and development levels have showed growth trend, but universitystudents’ physical quality is continue to slow down that reflects on explosive force, strength, endurance and other physical qualities. For sport events, apply analytic hierarchy process into researching on movement effects that bring into, it gets that teenagers go in for bicycle as well as athletic sport events training effects are the best.

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