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Volume 7, Issue 1 2015: Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research

High performance liquid chromatography for validation method of oxolamine citrate from bulk drug and pharmaceutical formulation
Rele Rajan V. and Sawant Swapnil A.
Page No: 865-869

Aroma of Kashmir saffron (Crocus sativus L.) and variation of safranal content by different drying methods
Syed Muzaffar, Khaliquz Zaman Khan, Mohd Riaz, Javid Ahmad Mir and Ajaz Ahmed
Page No: 111-115

Performance analysis of thermal imaging for face recognition
Jino Shiny V
Page No: 482-487

Assessment of the suspending properties of naturally occurring Entandrophragma angolense gum in oral sulphamethoxazole suspension
Oladapo A. Adetunji and Mosunmola O. Odole
Page No: 870-878

Characterization of waste plastic oil derived from pyrolytic batch reactor and analysis of performance and emission parameters in a direct injection compression ignition engine
Hariram V. and Vishnu Prakash R.
Page No: 488-498

Phytochemical screening and functional group analysis of four medicinally important plants
Vignesh Subramanian, Ishita Basu, Pranav R. and Rajendran N
Page No: 116-123

Development of chitosan based edible coatings to study Sapota (Manilkara zapota) fruit shelf life
Anu Ahlawat, Anuradha Saha, Yogesh K. Tyagi and Rajinder K. Gupta
Page No: 879-885

Study of agricultural industrialization and green supply chain of agricultural products based on the new urbanization of China---Anhui province as example
Chen Li
Page No: 262-265

The role of algae in degradation of petroleum wastes-A study
Aditi, Praveen Kumar G. and Suneetha V.
Page No: 499-503

Lignocellulosic enzymes characterization and scanning electron microscope analysis on rice bran surface structure changes
Mirni Lamid, 1M. Anam Al-Arif, Ni Nyoman Tri Puspaningsih, Anita Kurniati, One Asmarani and Sunaryo Hadi Warsito
Page No: 124-130

Analysis of total phenolics, tannins and flavonoids from Moringa oleifera seed extract
Sulaiman Mohammed and Fazilah Abd Manan
Page No: 132-135

A robust detection of architectural distortion in screened mammograms
B. S. Sathish, P. Thirusakthimurugan2, Ganesan P., V. Kalist and Khamar Basha Shaik
Page No: 338-345

Solid-liquid semifluidization
Deepika J, Gengadevi R and Saravanan K
Page No: 136-148

Refractive indices, ultrasonic velocities, surface tension and thermo acoustical parameters of toluene + chlorobenzene at 303.15 K using jouyban acree model
Golamari Siva Reddy and Mallu Maheswara Reddy
Page No: 886-891

Methods for closed loop system identification in industry
Rohan Mandloi and Pritesh Shah
Page No: 892-896

Design and simulation of a plant producing dimethyl ether (DME) from methanol by using simulation software ASPEN PLUS
B. Sumalatha, A. Venkata Narayana, K. Kiran Kumar, D. John Babu and T. C. Venkateswarulu
Page No: 897-901

Effect of temperature on the electrical properties of polyvinyl chloride at microwave frequencies
C. Senthamil Selvia and S. Veerarethina Muruganb
Page No: 149-152

Mediators in biobleaching of pulps by laccases
Gursharan Singh, Aditya Bhalla, Shailendra Kumar Arya and Prince Sharma
Page No: 902-905

Experimental studies of an antibacterial agent on the corrosion of mild steel in 1M H2SO4
S. Karthikeyan, P. A. Jeeva and K. Raja
Page No: 906-912

Mineralization of aliphatic acids by solar mediated iron processes
V. Kavitha and K. Palanivelu
Page No: 153-161

Skin and soft tissue infections (SSTI) caused by Staphylococcus aureus isolated from patients attending the OPD of Shri B M Patil Medical College, Bijapur, India
Metri Basavaraj C, Peerapur B. V. and P. Jyothi
Page No: 913-916

Potentials of Bridelia ferruginea stem bark extracts in wound care
Ezike AC, Akah PA, Udegbunam SO, Igboeme S, Ibe C, Ezeike C, and Emedo H
Page No: 917-925

Extraction and characterization of certain food allergen proteins of animal origin
Imene Khafallah, Aissa Boutebba and Tahar Ali
Page No: 926-930

Antiplasmodial flavonoid from young twigs and leaves of Caesalpinia bonduc (Linn) Roxb
Olubanke O. Ogunlanaa, Hye-Sook Kimb, Yusuke Watayab, Joseph O. Olagunjuc, Afolabi A. Akindahunsid and Ning H. Tane
Page No: 931-937

Brain abscess due to corticosteroid: A Case Report
Iman Ghasemzadeh, Payam Sadeghi and SayedMohammad Javad Sajjadi
Page No: 938-940

Isolation and identification of Cellulomonas cellulans from silver fish and characterization of cellulase enzyme
J. Premkumar, Thukkaram Sudhakar and K. Srikiran
Page No: 346-349

Simultaneous estimation of Metformin, Pioglitazone and Glimepiride in bulk samples and in tablet dosage forms by using RP-HPLC in an Isocratic mode
S. Ashutosh Kumar, Manidipa Debnath, J. V. L. N. Seshagiri Rao and D. Gowri Sankar
Page No: 941-951

Pre-treatment with spermidine reverses inhibitory effects of salt stress in hyacinth bean (Lablab purpureus)
Myrene R. D√ʬ?¬?souza and V. R. Devaraj
Page No: 504-509

In vitro antioxidant activity of cholestanol glucoside from an endophytic fungus Lasiodiplodia theobromae isolated from Saraca asoca
Jinu M V , Gini C K and Jayabaskaran C
Page No: 952-962

Theoretical Study on the complex of Calcium with Estrone: potential of Calcium as an Anti- Estrogen compound
Mehraban Fouad, Sadeghi Hossein and Totonkoban Mahbobe
Page No: 963-967

Biomimetic oxidation of catechol employing complexes formed in-situ with NH-pyrazole ligands and transition metallic salts
A. Mouadili, F. Abrigach, M. Khoutoul, A. Zarrouk, N. Benchat and R. Touzani
Page No: 968-979

A concise synthesis of 2-(1,2,3,4-tetrahydro-6-methoxynaphthalen-4-yl) ethanamine, a key intermediate in the elaboration compound library of agomelatine analogs
Urbain C. Kass√?¬©hin, Fernand A. Gbaguidi, Christopher R. Mc Curdy and Jacques H. Poupaert
Page No: 162-167

Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry Method for Determination of Domperidone in Human Plasma
Mohammad Al Bayyari , Lara F. Tutunji , Nahla S. Al-Bayyari , Maha F. Tutunji
Page No: 980-985

In vitro antioxidant properties and phenolic contents of Zygophyllum album L. from Algeria
Mahdi Belguidoum, Hocine Dendougui and Zaouia Kendour
Page No: 510-514

Determination of the total phenolic and flavonoid contents in Eupatoriurn odoraturn, as well as their antioxidant activities
Qin Deng, Xu Zhang, Fengxia Liu, Liyun Huang, Xiaobo Yang and Jing Xu
Page No: 986-993

Effects of processing techniques on physicotechnical parameters of Paracetamol-Diclofenac combination formulation
Musibau A. Mustapha and Michael U. Uhumwangho
Page No: 168-175

Antibacterial activity of different crude extracts of Dodonaea viscosa
R. Mrutyunjaya Rao, K. Ramakrishna and M. Ashapriya
Page No: 350-355

Development strategy of Chang-ji-tu ice and snow sports tourism industry economic circle
Teng Zhanqiang, Gu Chuntian and Teng Fuxing
Page No: 193-196

Thermodynamic study of calcium chloride and magnesium chloride in binary aqueous mixtures of sucrose at different temperatures
R. C. Thakur, Ravi Sharma, Anu Rana and Sanjay Kumar
Page No: 176-181

Removal efficacy of biosorbents and low cost adsorbents for toxic metal ions: Chemical free purification of water
Firoze Ahmad
Page No: 209-213

Theoretical Study on the complex of Calcium with Estrone: potential of Calcium as an Anti-Estrogen compound
Mehraban Fouad, Sadeghi Hossein and Totonkoban Mahbobe
Page No: 963-967

A case study of ecological urbanization: Current situation and green development in China--Hefei as example
Chen Li
Page No: 515-518

FT-IR studies on three different traits of Vilvam leaves (Bael)
V. N. Ariharan, K. Kalirajan and P. Nagendra Prasad
Page No: 214-219

Screening of plant-derived natural compounds as potent chemotherapeutic agents against breast cancer: An in silico approach
M. Kalim A. Khan, M. Haris Siddiqui, Salman Akhtar, Khurshid Ahmad, Mohd Hassan Baig and Khwaja Osama
Page No: 519-526

Development and validation of HPLC-procedures of doxylamine determination in blood in the variant of the method of standard
Klimenko L. Yu., Trut S. M., Moroz V. P. and Erlish O. O.
Page No: 527-534

Assessment of in vitro prophylactic efficacy of gallic acid fabricated silver nanoparticles
Muthukrishnan Lakshmipathy and Anima Nanda
Page No: 356-361

Antioxidant activity, total phenolics and flavonoids contents of Luffa acutangula (L.) Roxb fruit
Venty Suryanti, Soerya Dewi Marliyana and Tika Wulandari
Page No: 220-226

Hepatoprotective activity of Averrhoa bilimbi fruit in acetaminophen induced hepatotoxicity in wistar albino rats
Thamizh Selvam N., Santhi P. S., Sanjayakumar Y. R., Venugopalan T. N., Vasanthakumar K. G. and Swamy G. K.
Page No: 535-540

Synthesis, characterization and evaluation of some novel potential Herbo- Mineral complexes as antibacterial agents
Abhishek Mishra and V. S. Velingkar
Page No: 541-545

Isolation and partial purification of scytonemin and mycosporine-like amino acids from biological crusts
Jainendra Pathak, Richa, Rajneesh, Arun S. Sonker, Vinod K. Kannaujiya and Rajeshwar P. Sinha
Page No: 362-371

Biosorption of Pb(II) And Zn(II) from aqueous solutionusing langsat (Lansium domesticum Corr) fruit peel
Khoiriah, Firda Furqoni, Rahmiana Zein and Edison Munaf
Page No: 546-555

Analytical method development and validation of lumefantrine in its bulk dosage form by using RP-HPLC method as per ICH guidelines
Somsubhra Ghosh, V. Shirisha and David Banji
Page No: 372-378

Opto-electronic properties and molecular design of new materials based on 2-thienyl-4-furyl-6-arylpyridine
S. Chtita, T. Abram, L. Bejjit, M. Bouachrine and T. Lakhlifi
Page No: 556-567

Synthesis and biological evaluation of some new cyano pyridine derivatives
Pareshkumar U. Patoliya, Vipul P. Gohel, D. M. Purohit and V. N. Patolia
Page No: 182-186

Study of the chemical composition, antibacterial and antioxidant activities of the essential oil extracted from the leaves of Algerian Laurus nobilis Lauraceae
Mohamed Bilal Goudjil, Segni Ladjel, Salah Eddine Bencheikh, Souad Zighmi and Djamila Hamada
Page No: 379-385

Anti-aging activities of polysaccharides from Athyrium multidentatum (Doll.) Ching
Dongmei Liu, Jiwen Sheng, Huimin Qi* and Weifen Zhang
Page No: 386-389

Removal of dental plaque formation using bioactive compounds from sea weeds
Devangana Bhuyan, Madhubanti Mullick, Anamika Das and Jabez W. Osborne
Page No: 390-394

Comparative effects of chlorogenic acid and doxorubic in against expression of caspase3 in cell lines Hep-G2
Asep Sukohar and Muhartono
Page No: 187-192

Green synthetic approach and antimicrobial activity of bidentate schiff base ligands and their Ni(II) complexes under microwave irradiation
K. P. Srivastava, Sunil Kumar Singh and Bir Prakash Mishra
Page No: 197-203

Cytotoxic xanthones from the stem bark of Garcinia cowa Roxb
Fatma Sri Wahyuni, Khozirah Shaari, Johnson Stanslas, Nordin Hj. Lajis and Dachriyanus
Page No: 227-236

Establishment of a virtual molecule fragment library for non-steroidal aromatase inhibitors
Dai Yujie, Sun Ziyue, Liu Shaodan, Cui Qingxin, Zhang Tongcun and Zhang Xiuli
Page No: 706-709

Analysis of reaction parameters for the transesterification of algal oil from Enteromorpha compressa using purified lipase and whole cell biocatalyst
B. Bharathirajaa, R. Ranjith Kumara, M. Chakravarthya, D. Yogendrana, J. Jayamuthunagaib, R. Praveen Kumarc, D. Yuvaraja and S. Palanic
Page No: 395-410

GCMS analysis and identifications of chemical constituents of Syzygium aromaticum, Brassica compestris and cow ghee
Monika Gupta, Devi Singh, Pankaj Gularia and Sudhakar Gupta
Page No: 568-572

Synthesis and antimicrobial studies of fused heterocycles √ʬ?¬?pyrimidobenzothiazoles√ʬ?¬?
Gulshan Kumar, Praveen Kumar Sharma, Silky Sharma and Simranjeet Singh
Page No: 710-714

Adsorption and reaction kinetics of tatrazine by using Annona muricata L seeds
Syiffa Fauzia, Firda Furqani, Rahmiana Zein and Edison Munaf
Page No: 573-582

Synthesis, characterization and anti-oxidative properties of propolis-like compound prepared from prenylation of Indonesia√ʬ?¬?s cinnamon (Cinnamomum Burmannii) essential oil using √?¬≥-Al2O3/NaOH/Na
Antonius Herry Cahyana, Widajanti Wibowo, Aditya Pratama and Bayu Ardiansah
Page No: 715-719

The effects of concentration on the bio-activity of novel 1-phenyl-N-[(1E,2E)-3-phenylprop-2-en-1-ylidene]methanamine schiff base complexes of Copper(II), Nickel(II), Iron(II), Cerium(III) and Gadolinium(IV)
Ubani O. C., Ngochindo R. I. and Odokuma L. O.
Page No: 720-726

Improved production and partial characterization of chitosanase from a newly isolated Chaetomium globosum KM651986 and its application for chitosan oligosaccharides
Abeer Nasr Shehata and Abeer Abas Abd El Aty
Page No: 727-740

Reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography method for determination of carvedilol hydrochloride from active pharmaceutical dosage form
Rajan V. Rele
Page No: 237-241

Study on pretreatment of regeneration papermaking wastewater by intensified micro-electrolysis
Changhai Li and Yuejin Li
Page No: 583-588

A genetic algorithmic approach to optimize the compound of natural herbs in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis-A study
Page No: 741-746

Bioremoval of methyl orange dye using durian fruit (Durio zibethinus) Murr seeds as biosorbent
Zulkarnain Chaidir, Desvina Trio Sagita, Rahmiana Zein and Edison Munaf
Page No: 589-599

Augmentation of Madhuca indica biodiesel production by different catalysts and analysis of performance and emission characteristics in a direct injection CI engine
Hariram V. and Vagesh Shangar R.
Page No: 747-756

Decontamination of olive mill wastewater with tow natural materials: Sand and starch
Fatma Chkili and Manef Abderrabba
Page No: 600-610

Study of the viscosity and density of rapeseed oil before and after heating
Souad Alaoui Ismaili, Rajae Rochdi,Ahmed Satrallah, Maryem Belgharza and Mohamed Alaoui El Belghiti
Page No: 611-614

The investigation on characteristics of local voluntary aiding forces
Forouzandeh Jannat, Ali Ardalan, Gholamreza Masoumi, Marzieh Vahid-Dastjerdi and Sadaf Alipour
Page No: 615-620

Knowledge, attitude and performance of pregnant women towards homemade violence in health centers in Hamedan University of Medical Sciences
Freshte Jahdi, Marjan Ghaemi, Mehrnaz Geranmaye, Fatemeh Shobeiri and Seyede Fateme Hosseini
Page No: 621-627

Bioprocessing, biochemical characterisation and optimization of solid state fermentation of a new thermostable xylanase producing strain belonging to Bacillus genus
Arvinder Kaur, Chirag Chopra, Anshul Joshi and Neeta Raj Sharma
Page No: 266-276

Fibrous dysplasia: A rare bone disorder
Ashish Gawai, Nitin D. Ambhore, Shrikant Shinde, Nilesh Kadam, Pradeep V. Nimbolkar and K. R. Biyani
Page No: 628-633

Isolation and characterization of endophytic fungi from medicinal plant, buah makassar(Makassar fruit: Brucea javanica)
Nur Amin, Fitrianti and Muh. Danial Rahim
Page No: 757-762

Formulation and evaluation of topical niosomal gel of baclofen
Mohamed A. El-Nabarawi, Ehab R. Bendas, Mohamed S. El-Ridy, Gehad A. Abdel-Jaleel and Samar M. Nasr-Alla
Page No: 277-288

Oak (Quercus branti): An overview
Mahmoud Bahmani, Shirin Forouzan, Ezatollah Fazeli-Moghadam, Mahmoud Rafieian- Kopaei, Ahmad Adineh and Shirin Saberianpour
Page No: 634-639

DFT calculations for corrosion inhibition of copper by tetrazole derivatives
M. Rajendran and D. Devapiriam
Page No: 763-773

Solution growth and studies of undoped and lithium nitrate added glycine sodium nitrate single crystals
D. Dooslin Mary, M. Mary Freeda and Gerardin Jayam
Page No: 242-246

Ethnobotanical and therapeutic uses of camomille
Mahmoud Bahmani, Kourosh Saki, Hannaneh Golshahi, Mahmoud Rafieian-Kopaei, Narges Abdali, Ahmad Adineh, Farshad Namdari and Fariba Bahmani
Page No: 640-645

Antiviral activity evaluation of some pyrimidine derivatives using plaque reduction assay
Abolghasem Danesh, Javad Behravan and Mohammad Ramezani
Page No: 289-293

Recent advances in the synthesis of √?¬≤-lactum derivatives using nitrone cycloaddition reactions
Bhaskar Chakraborty
Page No: 774-780

DPP-IV Structural similarities in rat and human
R. J. Vargas, R. A. Higueros, D. G. Salda√?¬Īa and L. Y. Xajil
Page No: 294-297

The effects of nutritional and medicinal mastic herb (Pistacia atlantica)
Mahmoud Bahmani, Kourosh Saki, Mohsen Asadbeygi, Ahmad Adineh, Shirin Saberianpour, Mahmoud Rafieian-Kopaei, Fariba Bahmani and Ehsan Bahmani
Page No: 646-653

Study of impact on developed groundwater system around flow fields by using numerical approach in Purulia District
Pramita Debsarkar, Pankaj Kumar Roy, Gourab Banerjee and Asis Mazumdar
Page No: 298-306

Studying the effects aqueous extract of Urtica dioica and swimming training on the histochemical properties of liver in diabetic rats
Masomeh Salmani, Ali Aalizadeh, Sara Moghimi, Bahman Tarverdizadeh, Samad Akbarzadeh, Saeed Changizi Ashtiyani and Mohammad AliAzarbayjani
Page No: 654-660

A facile enantioselective synthesis of (R)-massoialactone
B. Narasimha Reddy and R. P. Singh
Page No: 661-665

Osteoblast cell proliferation activity of isoflavone aglycones from fermented soybean (Glycine max (L) Merill) by Lactobacillus acidophilus
Muammar Fawwaz and Wahyuni
Page No: 781-784

Investigation of quantum-chemical properties of paracetamol
A. O. Syrovaya, O. L. Levashova and S. V. Andreeva
Page No: 307-311

Synthesis pterocarpan compounds from Erythrina crista-galli L and their action towards Plasmodium falciparum
Tjitjik Sri Tjahjandarie, Ratih Dewi Saputri and Mulyadi Tanjung
Page No: 666-670

The effect of anabolic steroid nandrolone decanoate on exercise-induced hypoalgesia: Role of opioid peptides
Khalil Pourkhalili, Mehdi Mohebbi, Mahnaz Kesmati, G. Hossein Mohebbi, Samad Akbarzadeh and Zahra Akbari
Page No: 671-677

The pipelines pumping characteristic of coal ash slurry in high concentration cemented material backfilling mining in coal mine
Yang Baogui
Page No: 785-791

Structure identification and antioxidant activity of a novel triple helical polysaccharide isolated from Dictyophora indusiata
Jun-Hui Wang, Ya-Kun Zhang, Yu-Fei Yao, Yong Liu, Jin-Long Xu and Han-Ju Sun
Page No: 678-684

Kinetic, equilibrium isotherm and thermodynamic study for removal of cadmium from wastewater by using modified pomegranate peel
Arbind Kumar and Vipin Kumar
Page No: 685-697

Novel approach for retinal blood vessels extraction and exudates segmentation
M. S. Godwin Premi
Page No: 792-797

Drug-drug interactions in prescriptions of Lorestan province, Western of Iran
Mohsen Asadbegi, Bahram Delfan, Ahmad Adineh, Razieh Sohrabnejhad, Reza Sepahvand, Sehar Changizian, Mahmoud Bahmani and Mahmoud Rafieian-Kopae
Page No: 698-700

Comparative study on wastewater treatment using activated sludge process and extended aeration sludge process
Joshua Amarnath D., Thamilamudhan R. and Rajan S.
Page No: 798-802

Mutation in pncA and distortion in PZase model structure as a basis of pyrazinamide resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Purkana, Mukhlisin JA Ma√ʬ?¬?rufa, Wiwin Retnowatib, Afaf Baktira andNi Nyoman T Puspaningsiha
Page No: 312-318

Dissolution characteristics of anti-cancer drug Cytarabine
Zong-xiao Li, Jin-quan Gao and Wei-wei Zhao
Page No: 68-72

Quantum chemical studies on the inhibition potentials of thiophene derivatives for the corrosion inhibitors of carbon steel
P. Udhayakala
Page No: 803-810

Anticancer activity of a constituent from Moringa oleifera leaves
H. Kaur and Shantanu
Page No: 701-705

Comparative study of the kinematic viscosity versus temperature for vegetable oils: Argan, Avocado, Colza, Sunflower and Olive
Maryem Belgharza, Imane Hassanain, Khouloud Lakrari, Rajae Rochdi, Fadwa Elmakhoukhi, Souad Ismaili Alaoui and Mohamed Alaoui El Belghiti
Page No: 73-77

Grafting of chitosan as adsorbent Cr (VI) from water with adsorption-fluidization method
Suyanto, Siti Wafiroh, Handoko Darmokoesoemo, Nining Ratri, Ratih Ruriyanti and Kezya Sany
Page No: 247-254

Influence of bovine serum albumin (BSA) on micellization behaviour of sodiumdodecylsulphate (SDS) in aqueous rich mixtures of dimethylsulfoxide at different temperatures
Sanjay K. Pathania, Vivek Sharma, Ramesh C. Thakur, Radhika Sharma and Reema Sharma
Page No: 811-816

Characteristic and analysis of silicon germanium material as MEMS pressure sensor
S. Maflin Shaby
Page No: 411-415

Sugarcane bagasse- a low cost adsorbent for removal of methylene blue dye from aqueous Solution
Mahalakshmi Mathivanan and Saranathan E. S.
Page No: 817-822

In vitro evaluation of antimicrobial, antioxidant and larvicidal activities from extracts of Zeyheria tuberculosa (Vell) Bur. (Bignoniaceae)
Na√?¬©lia Monique Moreira Brito Silva, Isabelle Souza de M√?¬©lo Silva, Ra√?¬≠ssa Fernanda Evangelista Pires dos Santos, Talita Lucio Chaves Vasconcelos, Max Denisson Maur√?¬≠cio Viana, Eliane Aparecida Campesatto, Lucia Maria Conserva, Eliana Maria Maur√?¬≠cio da Rocha, Ednaldo Cavalcante de Ara√?¬ļjo, Jo√?¬£o Xavier de Ara√?¬ļjo-J√?¬ļnior and Maria Lysete de Assis Bastos
Page No: 319-328

Transport studies of alkaline earth metal chlorides in binary aqueous mixtures of sucrose at different temperatures
R. C. Thakur, Ravi Sharma, Annu and Ashish Kumar
Page No: 255-261

Synthesis, spectral characterization and antimicrobial activity of bidentate Schiff√ʬ?¬?s base (N2) transition metal complexes
D. Sathis Kumar, S. Rajiv Gandhi and A. K. Ibrahim Sheriff
Page No: 416-423

Chemical composition of Citrus aurantium L. leaves and zest essential oils, their antioxidant, antibacterial single and combined effects
Wessal Ouedrhiri, Samira Bouhdid, Mounyr Balouiri, Abdelhakim El Ouali Lalami, Sandrine Moja, Fouad Ouazzani Chahdi and Hassane Greche
Page No: 78-84

Revealing hallmark histology of hippocampus neurons in beta-amyloid induced alzheimer√ʬ?¬?s mice and investigation of neuroprotective effect of Ipomoea aquatic forsk, an Indian medicinal herb
D. Sivaraman, P. Panneerselvam and P. Muralidharan
Page No: 424-434

Evolving concepts of depression provide new therapeutic options
Hanaa H. Ahmed*, Samiha M. Abd El Dayem, Fatma M. Aly Foda, Abdel-Razik H. Farrag and Heba A. Mohamed
Page No: 435-452

Petri nets of groups in biogeochemical cycles
R. Rajeswari
Page No: 453-458

Structural, optical and electrical properties of ZnO: Al thin films synthesized by low cost spray pyrolysis for optoelectronic applications
C. Rameshkumar and R. Subalakshmi
Page No: 459-466

Adsorption studies on the removal of chromium onto chitosan-g-maliec anhydride-g-ethylene dimethacrylate
M. R. Gopal Reddi, C. Govindharajan, P. N. Sudha and T. Gomathi
Page No: 467-476

Synthesis and antitumor activity in vitro of glioperazine C and its derivatives
Pengfei Wang, Longfei Miao, Hongye Zhao, Dan Wu, Luyao Wang, Yuou Teng, Hua Sun and Peng Yu
Page No: 85-90

Effect of ternary addition on bonding properties of Rh3V intermetallics: A theoretical study
M. Manjula and M. Sundareswari
Page No: 329-332

Efficient synthetic method for √?¬≤-enaminones using SbCl3/Al2O3 as catalyst under solvent-free conditions
Mohd. Yaseen Sirwal, Rajan Kumar Sharma and Kamal K. Kapoor
Page No: 823-828

Production of saponarin in in vitro cultures of Gypsophila species
P. Zdravevaa, I. Penchevab, P. Popovaa, I. Ionkovaa and I. Krastevaa
Page No: 829-832

Treatment of chemical releases from a hospital biochemistry laboratory with eucalyptus bark
Wafaa Bjijou, A. El Yahyaoui and S. Bouhlassa
Page No: 91-98

Study of Zn (II) complex of diacerein drug
Shruti S. Sarwade, W. N. Jadhav, B. C. Khade and Deepak Tayde
Page No: 833-836

Evaluation of antioxidant property of methanolic extract of red algae Chondrococcus hornemannii and Spyridia fusiformis
Murugesan S., Bhuvaneswari S. and Thamizh Selvam N.
Page No: 333-337

Advances in the development of antitumor monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) in China: A bibliometric examination
Liang Wang and Mao-Yu Zhang
Page No: 837-845

Determination of quercetin by UV spectroscopy as quality control parameter in herbal plant: Cocculus hirsutus
Vandana Patil, Sachidanand Angadi and Subhash Devdhe
Page No: 99-104

A novel stability indicating liquid chromatographic method development and validation for the simultaneous estimation of enalapril maleate and hydrochlorothiazide in bulk and pharmaceutical formulations
B. Venkateswara Rao, S. Vidyadhara, M. V. Basaveswara Rao, N. Sai Prudhvi and M. D. Rokiya
Page No: 846-854

Antifungal and radical scavenging activity of leaf and bark of Leea indica (Burm. f.) Merr.
Dhatri Ramesh, Dhanya Ramesh, Prashith Kekuda T. R, Onkarappa R, Vinayaka KS and Raghavendra HL
Page No: 105-110

Phytochemical and antimicrobial evaluations of the methanol stem bark extract of Neocarya macropylla
A. J. Yusuf , M. I. Abdullahi, A. K. Haruna, A. M. Musa, M. S. Abdullahi, Z. Y. Y. Ibrahim,M. E. Halilu and Odiba O. J.
Page No: 477-481

Green synthesis of stable ZnO and CdS nanoparticles using room temperature ionic liquids and their characterization
V. Vijaya Kumar and K. Rajathi
Page No: 855-859

Evaluation of invitro free radical scavenging potential of various extracts of whole plant of Calycopteris floribunda (Lam.)
Bhuvaneswari Santharam, Ganesh P., Soranam R., Divya V. V. and Packia Lekshmi N. C. J.
Page No: 860-864

Evaluation of anti-inflammatory and antinociceptive activity and isolation of two new alkaloids from leaves extract of Tabernaemontana sananho
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China teenagers sports cultural architecture research
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Thermodynamic and interfacial studies on solid dispersions of phenothiazine- 2-methylimidazole drug system
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Adsorption studies of Cr(VI) and Mn(II) in solution on a synthesized melamine formaldehyde supported Attapulgite clay
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Detection and segmentation of oil slick environment hazards in ocean using modified K-means clustering
Ganesan P
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Extracelluler biosynthesis of silver nanoparticles (Ag-NPs) using Fusarium oxysporium (MTCC-2480) and its antibacterial efficacy against gram negative human pathogens
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Development and validation of RP-HPLC method for the determination of Zaltoprofen in bulk and pharmaceutical tablet dosage form
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Physico-chemical analysis of two seeds oils from plants belonging to zygophyllaceae family
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Gossypol: New class of urease inhibitors, molecular docking and inhibition assay
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Proximate and heavy metals analysis of selected poultry feeds from Kano Metropolis, Nigeria
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Chemical composition, shelf-life studies and popularization on Pleuroploca trapezium meat pickle
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