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Original Articles: 2015 Vol: 7 Issue: 1

Characteristic and analysis of silicon germanium material as MEMS pressure sensor


The silicon based pressure sensor is one of the major applications of the piezoresistive sensor. This paper focuses on the structural design and optimization of the MEMS piezoresistive pressure sensor to enhance the sensitivity. A finite element method (FEM) is adopted for designing the performance of a silicon based piezoresistive pressure sensor. Thermal as well as pressure loading on the sensor is applied to make a simulation results. In order to achieve better sensor performance, a parametric analysis is performed to evaluate the system output sensitivity of the pressure sensor. The design parameters of the pressure sensor include the location of piezoresistors and the new structural material used for designing of the piezoresistors in the membrane is poly-Silicon Germanium in which germanium is about 60%. The findings depict that proper selection of the piezoresistors location and the new structural material of the piezoresistors in the membrane can enhance the sensor sensitivity.