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Original Articles: 2015 Vol: 7 Issue: 1

Study of impact on developed groundwater system around flow fields by using numerical approach in Purulia District


Seasonal variations of river stage, infiltration through rainfall, influence of pumping or recharging wells can lead to change of groundwater flow fields in an aquifer stream flow system. The aquifer stream water interaction system depends on several factors such as location, geometry elevation and physical setting and other inherent properties. In this present work collected data such as location by latitude and longitude, slope of the field, pumping rate etc. are used to develop the programming. The outputs of the programming are further developed by MATLAB to get the contour and 3D image of the flow field. The ground water flow field of that bounded area is to be changed due to impact of water withdrawal during pumping and slope variation. In this model recharge, soil properties such as storativity, hydraulic conductivity etc. is not considered. The contour map and 3D view model have been developed using numerical approach to show the variation of ground water flow field under the steady state and homogeneous condition.