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Original Articles: 2015 Vol: 7 Issue: 1

Assessment of the suspending properties of naturally occurring Entandrophragma angolense gum in oral sulphamethoxazole suspension


The need to reduce costs of pharmaceutical suspensions and consequently enhance affordability has culminated in the search for a pool of naturally occurring excipients that are biodegradable, economically feasible and can also compete with established agents. A study was conducted on the suitability of Entandophragma angolense gum as a suspending agent in oral pharmaceutical suspensions in comparison with official gelatin BP and Acacia gum. The gum was characterized and used in formulating sulphamethoxazole suspensions containing different concentrations (1.0 - 4.0 % w/v) of the gum; comparison was made with similar formulations containing gelatin BP and Acacia gum. Rheological properties, particle size analysis, suspending properties at varying pH values and stability at different temperatures were the assessment criteria for comparing the suspending ability of the polymers. Entandrophragma angolense gum is devoid of alkaloids, but contains carbohydrates, reducing sugars and saponins, which are pointers to its emulsifying properties. At all concentrations employed, the suspending ability of the polymers was found to be in the order: Entandophragma angolense > Acacia gum > Gelatin. The gum, thus, has potential as a suspending agent that can be exploited for use in the pharmaceutical industry.