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Original Articles: 2015 Vol: 7 Issue: 1

Proximate and heavy metals analysis of selected poultry feeds from Kano Metropolis, Nigeria


Proximate analysis and heavy metals determination were carried out in some selected commercially available poultry feed samples used as starter, grower, layer and finisher obtained from Kano Metropolis. The results of the proximate analysis shows the following composition: moisture ranged from 3.81-15.97%, crude fiber 1.70-38.75%, ash content 6.84-35.56%, lipid 1.47-9.20%, crude protein 2.80-34.56%, carbohydrate 15.73-78.90% and metabolizable energy 1737.30-4622.70kcal/kg. There was significant difference observed in moisture content (p<0.05). The results also indicated that different levels of cadmium, cobalt, copper, iron, manganese, nickel, lead, chromium and zinc were detected in all samples. They range from 0.53-03.19mg/kg for Cd, 0.13-3.33mg/kg for Co, 2.03-5.41mg/kg for Cu, 08.79-19.74mg/kg for Fe, 12.50-37.50mg/kg for Mn, 1.03-2.06mg/kg for Ni, 0.27-0.80mg/kg for Pb, 0.47-2.36mg/kg for Cr and 16.30-38.04mg/kg for Zn respectively. The levels of zinc, iron, manganese and copper were found to be below the requirement set by SON. Cadmium levels were found in all samples to exceed the permissible limit of EU and FAO/WHO which both are 1mg/kg; with exception of feed C grower (0.53mg/kg) which falls within the limit. The whole metals in the feeds were found to be statistically significant p<0.05.

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