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Volume 6, Issue 4 2014: Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research

Research on detection system of heat faults based on multi-sensor information fusion
Junhua Xiong1,2, Tingling Wang1, Hailian Shen and Chao Yun2
Page No: 136-141

Rumen bacteria convert cellulose into electricity in two-chamber microbial fuel cell
Zhang Wang, Qiao Hong, Miao Shu, Yang Chen, Li Xu Dong and Ying Ming
Page No: 727-732

The planning pattern research on mountain rural settlements in Qinbaregions
Xu Juan and Liu Dan
Page No: 294 - 299

Core knowledge-based staff performance structure and incentive mechanism theory frame establishment for newhigh-techenterprise-basedon SCP model analysis
Bo Liu and Li Zhang
Page No: 351-354

One-pot three-component condensation for the synthesis of 1,4-dihydropyrano[2,3-c]pyrazoles using cesium fluoride as an efficient catalyst
Vijay N. Bhosale, Jaman A. Angulwar, Gopinath S. Khansole and Gangadhar S. Waghmare
Page No: 733-737

Study on MSCs transplantation in respiratory diseases
Peng Xia and Xiaochun Peng
Page No: 447-449

Chemical constituents of Schizostachyum lumampao
Consolacion Y. Ragasa, Andrew Philip U. Chua and Chien-Chang Shen
Page No: 738-742

A theoretical study of the structure distortion of Li2FeSiO4
Shaorui Sun and Zeyuan Wu
Page No: 221 - 225

Discrimination of Pinusyunnanensis, P. kesiyaand P. densata by FT-NIR
Xiaolong Zhang, Hong Yu, Biao Li, WenJuan Li, Xiaoya Liand ChongyanBao
Page No: 142 - 149

Chemical composition and antioxidant activity of essential oils and solvent extracts of Foeniculum vulgare Mill. from Morocco
E. El Ouariachi, N. Lahhit, A. Bouyanzer, B. Hammouti, J. Paolini, L. Majidi, J-M.Desjobert and J. Costa
Page No: 743-748

Optimal mixed strains fermentation process for douchi
Fumin Yang*, Min Yang, Lidan Feng, Ruojun Ding and Yun Peng
Page No: 450-456

Study of acyl substitution on docking properties of substituteddihydrogercetines as anti-inflammatory agents
Boshkayeva Assyl, V. А. Georgiyants and L. O. Perekhoda
Page No: 749-753

Adsorption of phenol on acid-treated slag wastes in waste water
Jung-Pin Wang and Han-Hsi Liang
Page No: 754-761

Evaluation of anticonvulsant activity of alcoholic extract of Mimosa pudica in swiss albino rats
Naveen Alasyam, Mannala Sunil, T. Jayasree, K. Vinay Kumar, Ch. Nagesh and Narapogu Venkatanarayana
Page No: 1175-1179

Cooperating -CD with (4R)-4-phenyl-oxazolidin-2-one to catalyzealdol reactions on/in phosphate buffer
Rui Yang*, Ya Fei Guo, Yuqi Liua, Bo Yang, Hui Ling Cheng, Fen Zhan, Qi Lai and Min Cong Lin
Page No: 355-358

Analysis of infinitus(China)entrepreneurial marketing strategy:A case of herbal health enterprise
Yang Hongtao, LiuHongzhen, SunJingmeng and Han Yueqiu
Page No: 300 - 302

Adaptive case reasoning based aircraft carrier formation POL consumption prediction
Qin Hualong*, Guo Jikun, Sun Wangzhou, Fan Rong and Li Bixin
Page No: 150-156

Correlation analysis on water resources utilization and the sustainable development of economy in Minqin of Gansu Province
Chen Yan, Chen Yichen and Han Jianmin
Page No: 157-161

Research on health promotion of pharmaceutical companies:A case analysis of Amway nutrilite health run
Sun Jingmeng, Han Yueqiu, Wang Yang and Yang Hongtao
Page No: 457-460

Intrathecal injection and in vivo gene delivery: Aprobable therapy to reduce the secondary damage caused by acute spinal cord injury
Qi Li, Weiqing Kong*, Bingfang Zeng, Jianguang Xuand Changqing Zhang
Page No: 226 - 229

Hydration process study on the alkali-activated slag cementing materials
Xiao-hui Yuan, Yan Yan, Zhe-an Lu and Li-ming Yu
Page No: 1180-1184

Productivity analysis and benchmark selection of X mining company by DEA
Liu Honglan*, Yu Ruyun and Qin Xiaona
Page No: 162-168

Study of Chinaâ??s wind electricity industry based on low-carbon economy model
Yunna Wu, Yuanxin Liu and Yan Zhuang
Page No: 461-464

The study of chaos encryption algorithm for wireless sensor networks based on the reconfigure technology of FPGA
Kong De-peng, Zhu Jun-da, He Ting and Zhou Yi-fei
Page No: 359-364

Cutting tools evaluation model based on TRIZ and AHP-FCE
Xiaolong Li, Wu Zhao, Chen Wang, Yake Zheng and Jie Zeng
Page No: 465-473

Experimental study on fluidized bed drying process of Maca (Lepidium meyenii Walp.) tuber
Tu Xing-Hao, Zheng Hua, Zhang Hong, Feng Ying, Gan Jin and Zhang Wen-Wen
Page No: 1185-1193

Injection molding design of wholly plastic pump body and research on its best casting process parameters
Mingxin Chen* and Lingfeng Tang
Page No: 169-175

Variable weight combined forecast of Chinaâ??s energy demand based on grey model and BP neural network
Jianguo Zhou and Yilai Peng
Page No: 303 - 308

Wind power interval prediction utilizing SOM-BP artificial neural network
Ren Kun and Qu Jihong
Page No: 858-863

Soluble expression of human insulin-like growth factor-1 with the assistance of SUMO fusion partner
Min Hui, Fuyong Li, Lu Tang, Long Zheng, Xuechao Jia, Peng Lin, Linna Li, Xiaokun Li and Xiaojie Wang
Page No: 1059-1066

Research on evaluating B2C shopping platform
Zhaochuan Qi, Shuoling Dong, Qianghua Li, Miaomiao Ren and Jianmei Wang
Page No: 474-480

Study of normalization method of isotopic composition stoisotope reference scales
Li Ke, ZhangLin*and ZhaoGuoxin
Page No: 1-5

A new comprehensive attribute weight algorithm with rough sets theory
Yang Su-min, Meng Jie, Liu Qi-ming and Wang Kai
Page No: 176-181

Theoretical mechanism and empirical analysis about the impact on insurance intervene SME financing
Daijun Zhang and Mengna Hou
Page No: 230-237

Privacy quantification of microblog users and correlation analysis of privacy value and user attribute
Xia Chen*, Tingjie Lu, Longfei Guo and Lei Bai
Page No: 481-486

Dynamics simulation of automobile steady-state veer characteristics
Zheng Liu and Ke Chen
Page No: 309 - 313

Using Delphi method and AHP for the research on Kindergarten teachers' comprehensive quality evaluation index weight
Cheng Zhilong
Page No: 6-10

Design of digitized ultrasonic testing system for axles of expresslocomotive
Hui Han, Shilin Guo and Kunde Nan
Page No: 365-369

Dioscorine content in Dioscorea hispida dried tubers in Thailand by TLC-densitometry and TLC image analysis
Nonglapat Sasiwatpaisit, Worathat Thitikornpong, Chanida Palanuvej and Nijsiri Ruangrungsi
Page No: 803-806

Synthesis and crystal structure of tris(1,10-phenanthroline)-nickel(II) diperchlorate
X. S. Tai, Y. F. Li, W. H. Zhao
Page No: 869-873

Optimization analysis of the industrial structure with the financialsupport based on the market
Yonggui He* and Guangwei Zhang
Page No: 487-492

Preventive maintenance model analysis on repairable components
Su Hong-Sheng*, Li Juan-Diand Kang Yong-Qiang
Page No: 14 - 22

R&D growth and efficiency of scientific research development institutes in China
Meng Hao and Wang Yanhui
Page No: 182-187

Efficiency and productivity of Chinaâ??s outsourcing industry
Hongzhou Li, Min Yang and Yuki Tamai
Page No: 493-497

Effects of L-arginine on the pulmonary heme oxygenase-1 during lung ischemia-reperfusion injury in rabbits
Mengxiao Zheng, Yingchun Ma, Dong Song, Haie Chen, Dan Chen, Fangyan Wang and Wantie Wang
Page No: 1067-1071

Analysis of small and medium-sized public building energy consumption in hot summer and cold winter area
Changquan HE
Page No: 498-503

On equal settlement plane height in piled reinforced embankments
ZhaoM in and CaoWeiPing
Page No: 23 - 29

Selective dissolution for the components of lignocellulose with ionic liquids
Zhen Liu, Hang Xu and Airong Xu
Page No: 874-879

Preparation of composites from grapheneoxideandorganic/inorganic complexbased-on2,2'-biimidazoleand phosphomolybdicacid and evaluation of their proton conductivity
Haiyan Gong, Xiao Luo,Yongxia Cui, Mingxia Wu,Zhihong Chenand Caixia Xie
Page No: 314 - 317

Application of case modification based on genetic algorithm in the complex mechanical product
Yulan Hu and Yang Song
Page No: 238-243

Airport transport corridor system dynamics model and simulation
He Changquan
Page No: 370-375

Research of the effect of the monopoly of China natural gas industryin shale gas development and the corresponding countermeasures
Wang Suling and Li Jiange
Page No: 504-508

A new personalized three-dimensional recommendation approach for C2C E-commerce context
Ai Danxiang, Zuo [email protected] and Yang Jun
Page No: 30 - 40

Deep transverse metatarsal ligaments mechanical response during landing
Y. D. Gu, M. J. Liang and Z. Y. Li
Page No: 762-765

Anshan city brand management strategy
Liu Hongyu, Liu Xu and Pan Na
Page No: 509-514

The existing pipeline asset and spillover effect:The economic perspective of pipeline sharing
Hong xun Li, Peng Ding and TaoZhang
Page No: 188 - 193

An improved approach to the determination of unknown organic compounds by measuring combustion heat based on non-linear regression analysis
Zhi Yang, Hao Li, Senyi Mao, Xifeng Liu, Peng Wang and Mei Hong
Page No: 880-887

Distribution of selenium in selenite-enriched soybean
Yang Yuling and LiuYuanying
Page No: 318 - 321

Analysis on subject frame and status of China entrepreneurship from perspective of scientific transformation
Xinbao Guo
Page No: 41 - 45

The establishment of machinery product design platform based oncase-based reasoning
Bo Hao, Jixin Wang and Yulan Hu
Page No: 376-381

Antimicrobial activity of methanolic extracts of Azadirachta indica, Rosmarinus officinalis and Lagenaria siceraria leaves on some important pathogenic organisms
Jayasree Tirumalasetty, Anuradha Basavaraju and Praveena
Page No: 766-770

Studies on the eco-safety prewarning system construction andsustainable development of Yuntai Mountain in Jiaozuo city
Fei Xue
Page No: 515-521

Sulphamic acid assisted synthesis of polyhydroquinolines via Hantzsch multicomponent reaction: A green approach
Trimurti Lambat, Sujata Deo and Tomleshkumar Deshmukh
Page No: 888-892

Analysis of chaotic characteristics of the yellow river runoff
Li Yanbin, You Feng, Huang Qiang and Zhang Zezhong
Page No: 522-531

Development of the function-driven automatic redesign system of cylindrical helical spring
Du Jiang and Cao Yan
Page No: 46 - 51

CTMAB/CPAM/bentonite composite preparation and adsorption properties
Shao Hong, Li Yunjiao, Liu Xianglong and Zhang Zhifang
Page No: 244 - 249

Study on health risk assessment of reuse of reclaimed water in Tianjin urban water system
Xu Jin, Jiang Jingwei and Chi Yifan
Page No: 194-201

Effect of electromagnetic exposure at difference frequencies on euproctis pseudoconspersa's growth and development at different stages
Chun-jiang Shuai, Hong-en Jia, Xiu-chao Xie, Jin-bin Yao and Feng LV
Page No: 1072-1076

Research on the protection of organo-silicone coating for hydraulicconcrete in cold region
Li Zhonghua, Suchao, Xuhui, Yang Jinliang and Zheng Duo
Page No: 532-535

Bound water diffusivity effect on vacuum drying process of porous medium modeling
Lili Zhao, Zhentian Sun, Zhijun Zhang, Shiwei Zhang and Wenhui Zhang
Page No: 771-779

Analysis of the CFD study of skiing curve slide way phase pneumatic freestyle athletes
Xin Wang
Page No: 969-973

Set pair analysis of lattice order decision-making model and application
Jie Sun,Lihong Li,Yan Liand Baoxiang Liu
Page No: 52 - 58

An identity authentication and key agreement protocol based on industrial ethernet bus
Jun Wang, Yongxin Li and Jingtao Hu
Page No: 382-387

Valorization of natural clay from agadir (Morocco): Characterization and study of the isotherms adsorption of methylene blue
T. Ainane, A. Abourriche, M. Kabbaj, M. Elkouali, A. Bennamara, M. Charrouf and M. Talbi
Page No: 599-606

Study on GA-based matching method of railway vehicle wheels
Jiang Zeng-qiang*, Chang Xiao-e and Wang Yu-yang
Page No: 536-542

A novel series of Jumonji domain-containing protein 2 (JMJD2C) inhibitors: Quantitative structure-activity relationship analysis, toxicity prediction and docking studies
Sophi Damayanti, Lila Iasha Panggabean, Khairrurijal and Daryono Hadi Tjahjono
Page No: 780-785

Characterization of volatile constituents from an endophytic Aspergillus fumigatus strain
Jing Xu, Xianqun Luo, Wenhua Zhong, Junping Zhang and Renxiang Tan
Page No: 893-897

Research on the creative people development of Fujian-Taiwan based on the ecological management theory
Zhang Xiang-Qian Yin Li-Pingand Liu Xuan
Page No: 322 - 327

A treatment for hypercoagulable states in gastrointestinal tumor patients by ginkgo leaf injection
Ling Hu, Ai-min Zang and Lei Su
Page No: 1077-1080

The impact of ODIonthe GDP in Fujian Province
Yi Changjun and Lian Xu
Page No: 59 - 64

An intelligent approach for remote handling maintenance sequence planning in radiation environment
Guo Jian-Wen, Wang Song, Chen Hai-Bin, Sun Zhen-Zhong and Zhang Zhi-Cong
Page No: 543-552

Comparative molecular docking study of rutin against GABA A type receptor and 4-aminobutyrate-aminotransferase for anti-convulsant activity
V. Velmurugan and G. Arunachalam
Page No: 974-978

Biological activities of extracts from seaweed Cystoseira tamariscifolia: Antibacterial activity, antileishmanial activity and cytotoxicity
T. Ainane, A. Abourriche, M. Kabbaj, M. Elkouali, A. Bennamara, M. Charrouf, M. Talbi and M. Lemrani
Page No: 607-611

Antileishmanial effect of zinc sulphate on promastigotes viability of Leishmania (L) major [MRHO/IR/75/ER]
Ali Fattahi Bafghi, Mohammad Taghi Noorbala and Mohammad Noorbala
Page No: 1081-1087

Studies on purification of platycodins by AB-8 macroreticular resin
Xia Qin and Xueyuan Jin*
Page No: 388-392

Simulated oxidation of insect wax under UV-light and heating catalytic conditions and analysis of the oxidatives
Li Kun, Zheng Hua, Zhang Hong and Zhang Wen-Wen
Page No: 553-562

Optimization for immobilization of ?²-galactosidase using plackett-burman design and steepest ascent method
He Chen, Jianhua Zhang, Yichao Dang and Guowei Shu
Page No: 612-616

The evaluation on comprehensive risks for enterprises knowledge management by theory of matter-element model and extension set
MI Jun
Page No: 202-209

Antimalarial and antioxidant activity of phenolic compounds isolated from Erythrina crista-galli L.
Tjitjik Srie Tjahjandarie, Pratiwi Pudjiastuti, Ratih Dewi Saputri and Mulyadi Tanjung
Page No: 786-790

An experimental of strength properties of concrete admixed with copper slag
Junwei Song
Page No: 250 - 254

Laboratory evaluation of superoxide dismutase (SOD) of methylamine avermactin control of the rice red weevil (Sitophilus oryzae L.) in stored wheat grains
Amal M. F. Al-Barty
Page No: 979-983

Microbiological potentials of co-digestion of chicken droppings and banana peels as substrates for biogas production
Akpomie Olubunmi Olufunmi
Page No: 1088-1092

Rapid DA determination of ASP in shellfishes by SPE-HPLC-MS/MS
Dong Liu1, Xiaojie YU, Xiangang LI, Xuemei LI, Xuemin Cui, Jing Hui and Fengqing
Page No: 563-567

Analysis on influencing factors during coal desulfurization with microwave
Xu Ning, Tao Xiuxiang and Sheng Yuhang
Page No: 898-904

Research on development trends and problems of MOOC
1Fei Mingming and 2Shi Yanli
Page No: 393-395

Effect of carbon sources including lactose, glucose and maltose on growth of B. bifidum in the extract of Fructus tribuli
Guowei Shu, Yixin Hui, He Chen, Jia Mi and Ye Wang
Page No: 617-622

Preliminary study on the survival mode of intangible cultural heritage based on system theory
Huang Xi-Jia*,Zhou Qingand Chen Xin
Page No: 65 - 68

Effects of ethanolic extract of Annona squamosa L. leaves on the expression of EGFR
Chalinee Ronpirin, Thitiporn Charueksereesakul, Visa Thongrakard and Tewin Tencomnao
Page No: 791-797

Synthesis and structural characterization of homophthalic acid and 4,4-bipyridine
X. S. Tai and L. L. Liu
Page No: 905-909

Study and modeling on saponification dynamics of the mixture ofinsect wax and oil-tea camellia seed oil
Ma Jin-Ju, Ma Li-Yi, Zhang Zhong-Quan, Wang You-Qiong, Zhang Hong* and Duan Qiong-Fen
Page No: 568-574

Enlightenment on building Taiwan strait economic zone by cooperation between Fujian and Taiwan from the European economic integration
Chunhao Li and Xiangqian Zhang
Page No: 328 - 333

C23-carbazole alkaloids from malayan Murraya koenigii (L.) spreng
Siow-Ping Tan, Mohd Azlan Nafiah and Kartini Ahmad
Page No: 1093-1098

Preliminary antihyperglycemic activity-guided studies on the leafextract and fractions of Ocimum basilicum L.
F. N. Mbaoji*, C. O. Okoli and A. C. Ezike
Page No: 575-580

Strontium ranolate effect on knee osteoarthritis
Alireza Sadeghi, Zahra Abbaspour, Nooshin Jalili and Masoud Asadi-Khiavi
Page No: 623-627

Controllable microstructure of Aunanoparticle-DNA oligonucleotide conjugates
Yubo Zhang and Jianfei Zhang
Page No: 255 - 259

Ultrasound-promoted synthesis of 2-aminothiophenes accelerated by DABCO utilizing PEG-200 as solvent
Chengyuan Liang, Zhishu Tang, Weidong Qian, Chunyang Shi and Huihui Song
Page No: 798-802

Ameliorative effect of selenium and curcumin on sodium fluoride induced hepatotoxicity and oxidative stress in male mic
Mohammad S. AL-Harbi, Reham Z. Hamza and Afaf A. Dwary
Page No: 984-998

Performance mechanism of learning capability based on dynamic capability framework-the mediating role of operational capabilities
Gao Tiantian* and Tian Yezhuang
Page No: 396-400

Formulation development and evaluation of sustained release matrix tablets of quetiapine fumarate
A. Bharathi, CH. Sushma, K. Silpika, K. N. V. Deepthi and S. Bhagya Lakshmi
Page No: 628-632

Effect of marine waste on seed germination
L. Jeyanthi Rebecca*, S. Anbuselvi, Prathiba Medok and Dola Sarkar
Page No: 581-584

Studies on adsorption of whey peptides on multi-wall carbon nanotubes after treatment
Bin Jiang, Zhibiao Feng, Renjiao Han and Dongmei Li
Page No: 260 - 264

The impacts of intellectual capital of Chinaâ??s public pharmaceutical company on companyâ??s performance
Zhang Xinyu
Page No: 999-1004

Physicochemical and heavy metal analysis of sugar mill effluent
F. Abraham Samuel , V. Mohan and L. Jeyanthi Rebecca
Page No: 585-587

A model of predicting hog prices based on hadoop and SVM
ZiliangLiang and YingChen
Page No: 334-339

Estimation and evaluation of the effect of pH on ciprofloxacin in drug formulations
Karima F. Ali
Page No: 910-916

Synthesis, characterization and antimicrobial studies of metal (II)complexes of ciprofloxacin
Mustapha A. N., Ndahi N. P., Paul B. B. and Fugu M. B.
Page No: 588-593

Deformation monitoring and analysis of deep foundation pit of Xiaoshan rainbow Boulevard
Shimin Zhang,Shixia Zhang,Fangqian Wu,Tengkun Yuanand Kaiming Wen
Page No: 69 - 74

Extraction and purification of carotenoids from vegetables
L. Jeyanthi Rebecca*, S. Sharmila, Merina Paul Das and Candace Seshiah
Page No: 594-598

The influence factor of chemical phosphorus removal research
Yinsong Liu and Hongjun Han
Page No: 401-405

Low dose glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate use in knee osteoarthritis
Alireza Sadeghi, Nooshin Jalili and Masoud Asadi-Khiavi
Page No: 633-636

Numerical simulation of one-dimensional flood with WENO scheme
Y. L. Liu, Y.F. Hong, W.L. Wei and X.F. Yang
Page No: 265 - 269

Design and research of the fine cost control mode of manufacturing enterprises
Page No: 75 - 85

Restaurant staff's work family conflict and subjective well-being:Characteristics, influence and countermeasures
Yaying Su and Xiangqian Zhang*
Page No: 406-412

Effect of the pre-selection of particle size range on the treatment of locally-sourced bentonite clay using aqueous acid and alkali solution
Nwokem C. O, Gimba C. E, Ndukwe G. I. and Abechi S. E
Page No: 637-647

Solubility and dissolution rate enhancement of efavirenz by inclusion complexation and liquid anti-solvent precipitation technique
Anjan K. Mahapatra and P. N. Murthy
Page No: 1099-1106

Quantitative analysis of financial developmentâ??s impact on economic growth
Yougang Wang, Gang Chen, Xiaomei HUand Yong XU*
Page No: 86- 91

Determination of capsaicinoid profile of some peppers sold in Nigerian markets
N. C. Nwokem, C. O. Nwokem, Y. O. Usman, O. J. Ocholi, M. L. Batari and A. A. Osunlaja
Page No: 648-654

Research on the innovative talent management based on riskmanagement theory
Yi Li and Xiangqian Zhang
Page No: 413-419

Research on coupling theory and its experiments between torque turbulence and bearing load of multi-support-rotor systems
Xinyu Pang and Zhaojian Yang
Page No: 807-815

Antioxidant and antibacterial activities of different solvent extractions from Cassia siamea (Lamk.) leaves
Anuthida Phaiphan, Badlishah Sham Baharin, Chin Ping Tan, Russly Abdul Rahman and Palanivel Ganesan
Page No: 655-662

Establishment of tooth-cutting model on internal gearing machine too
Yuxi-liu,Zongzheng-Ma, XinLi-Wangand Anjie-Yang
Page No: 210 - 214

Glucocorticoids-associated depressive symptoms on systemic lupus erythematosus patients: A drug factor or, in fact, a need for psychological care?
Sue Ellen Dias Salles, Jo?£o Batista J?ºnior, Laura Thalita de Araujo Gaklik, Socorro de Maria Ribeiro de Andrade, Vander Fernandes and Adelita Duanra Medeiros do Monte Arnaud
Page No: 1005-1008

On the environmental pollutants disposal producing from volatile petroleum based on micro-biological degradation
Wang Huiping
Page No: 92-95

In vitro biological potential of Guanxuma-of-Horn [Sebastiania corniculata (Vahl) Mull. Arg.] in infection control
Isabelle Souza de M?©lo Silva, Ra?­ssa Fernanda Evangelista Pires dos Santos, Thiane de Vasconcellos Costa Melo, Ana J?©ssica Cassimiro da Silva, Patr?­cia de Albuquerque Sarmento, Ingrid Martins Leite L?ºcio, Eliane Aparecida Campesatto, Francine Ferreira Padilha, Lucia Maria Conserva and Maria Lysete de Assis Bastos
Page No: 663-669

Research on the law of hydraulic fracture and natural fracture intersecting extension in the heterogeneous fractured reservoir
Jiang Min-zheng, Zhao Guo-feng, Bai Nan-yang and Zhang Shan-ren
Page No: 816-820

Analysis on structural parameters and operating parameters on gasoline engine detonation's effects
JingWu*,XunminSun and HongyuanZhang
Page No: 340-345

Volumetric, viscometric and refractometric behavior of glycine + {aqueous isoniazid} ternary mixtures at 298.15 K: A drug-amino acid interactions study
S. D. Deosarkar, A. R. Ban, R. T. Sawale, S. D. Padghan, A. J. Pawar and T. M. Kalyankar
Page No: 917-923

Empirical study on pharmaceutical economic and investment in research and development based on correlation analysis
Sun Xiaojuan and Gai Huaqing
Page No: 670-674

On physical education teaching informatization under the perspective of education informatization
Zhanqiang Teng
Page No: 1009-1013

Synthesis of MnO2 nanowires and its adsorption property to lead ion in water
Quan Huo and Haiyan Xiao
Page No: 270-275

Industry, credit service level and rural resident personal savings rate: based on empirical analysis of questionnaire survey of rural residents
Linhui Yin, and Shujuan Hu
Page No: 420-425

Spectrofluorimetric study of 1-naphthoic acid in micellar surfactant solution
Sunil Kumar Jangir and Seema Acharya
Page No: 1107-1112

The microcosmic mechanism research on water injection well back washing stratum sand production based on fluid-solid coupling theory
Wang Suling, Bai Nanyang, Zhang Yiming and Zhang Ying
Page No: 821-824

Influences of organic pollutants in water on antioxidant enzyme in zebra fish
Qiugen Zhang, Jingyi Wu, Suhua Chen and Ye Feng
Page No: 1014-1021

Research on transmission stability of rotation roller screw for rail transit vehicles door
Cao Dongmei, Chen Xiaofen, Shi Xiang and Li Dongbo
Page No: 924-933

The Chinese top 110m hurdle athletes performance regression research based on MLR and GRA
Du Jingtao and Wang Lei
Page No: 1113-1119

Synthesis and antimicrobial activities of some1,2,4-triazolo[3,4-b][1,3,4] thiadiazoles and 1,2,4-triazolo[3,4-b][1,3,4]thiadiazines bearing bistrifluoromethylphenyl moiety
Santosh P. Pardeshi, Sachin V. Patil, Ravindra Patil and Vivek D. Bobade
Page No: 675-681

Dual-band terahertz filters with sharp slope rate of edge based on two-layered composite metamaterial
Zhang-jing Wang*, Shen-hui Guo, Jiang-jiang Li and Fei-ying Wang
Page No: 96-100

Quantitative determination of amoxicillin trihydrate in medical forms using kinetic method
Karpova Svetlana P
Page No: 1120-1125

Process optimization studies of malachite green dye adsorption onto areca husk carbon using response factorial design
A. Basker, P. S. Syed Shabudeen, S. Daniel andD. Kalaiselvi
Page No: 825-833

Optimization of ultrasonic extraction of alkaloids from Scutellaria barbata D. Don using response surface methodology
Kun Qin and Caihong Liu
Page No: 1022-1026

Physico-chemical properties of the main soil types of Ranikhet region of Kumaun (Uttarakhand)
Mamta Belwal and S. P. S. Mehta
Page No: 682-688

The ethical dimension of green chemistry and sustainability
Ying Jian Chen
Page No: 276-281

A theoretical study of some barbiturates as corrosion inhibitors for mild steel
P. Udhayakala, T. V. Rajendiran and S. Gunasekaran
Page No: 1027-1039

Study on effect of variation of NCO/OH molar ratio and PU/CDM weight ratio on thermal stability of IPNs derived from linseed oil based MEP-TDI-cardanol based DM of 2-chloroaniline
S. Mohapatra, N. Mohanty, J. R. Satapathy, B. N. Guru and N. C. Pal
Page No: 1126-1134

Biodiesel production using germinated maize seed oil
M. Sathish Kumar, Padmaja J. E. and Sowjanya Muparaju
Page No: 1194-1197

Numerical study on dynamic properties of concrete
Xu Qiang*, Chen Jian Yun, Li Jing, Zhao Chun Feng and Zhang Chao bi
Page No: 101-107

Development and validation of analytical method for simultaneous estimation of mometasone furoate, hydroquinone and tretinoin in topical formulation by RP-HPLC
Kinjal Sheliya, Ketan Shah and Pankaj Kapupara
Page No: 934-940

A theoretical investigation on the corrosion inhibition of mild steel by piperidine derivatives in hydrochloric acid solution
Yasser Karzazi, Mohammed El Alaoui Belghiti, Ali Dafali and Belkheir Hammouti
Page No: 689-696

Synthesis and biological evaluation of some new schiff base metal complexes
T. Noorjahan Begum, A. Jaya Raju and J. Sreeramulu
Page No: 1198-1209

Application research on rough set -neural network in the fault diagnosis system of ball mill
Xijuan Wang, Tao Zhou, Jingxiao Feng and Yupeng Pei
Page No: 834-838

Preparation and evaluation of potent cardiovascular drug-Loaded PLGA microspheres based on early-stage preparation discovery concept
Wang Lin, Yi Xin, Wang Zehao, Liu Binlin, Chu Fuhao, Li Guoliang, Li Qiang and Lei Haimin
Page No: 1135-1141

Microwave sintering of Ni-Co doped barium strontium hexaferrite synthesized via sol-gel method
S. Kanagesan, M. Hashim, T. Kalaivani, I. Ismail, N. A. Rahman and A. Hajalilou
Page No: 1210-1215

Size and shape controlled synthesis of aqueous silver nanoparticles and a comparative study of their fluorescence and electrochemical responses towards cholesterol
Pradyumna Goswami and Nilotpal Borah
Page No: 697-704

One-pot three-component synthesis of new oxindoles through a tandem etherification-coupling sequence ignited by tungstophosphoric acid
Chengyuan Liang, Zhishu Tang, Lan Wang, Gennian Mao, Weidong Qian and Huihui Song
Page No: 941-949

Integrated forecasting model with adaptive parameters optimization using a harmony search algorithm for carbon dioxide emissions
Huang Yuan Sheng and Song He
Page No: 108-113

Theoretical approach to the corrosion inhibition efficiency of some pyrimidine derivatives using DFT method of mild steel in HCl solution
H. Elmsellem, A. Aouniti, M. Khoutoul, A. Chetouani, B. Hammouti, N. Benchat, R. Touzani and M. Elazzouzi
Page No: 1216-1224

Studies on siderophore production by microbial isolates obtained from rhizosphere soil and its antibacterial activity
Kannahi M and Senbagam N
Page No: 1142-1145

The design and implementation of intelligent library management system based on RFID/GRPS
Fu-Zhen Xie
Page No: 839-844

Study on the treatment of high concentration organic waste water by ozone advanced chemical oxidation
Zhengyang An and Xiaojun Xu
Page No: 282 - 287

Synthesis and characterization of aliphatic-aromatic polyesters using interfacial polycondensation technique
Sangita G. Sanadhya, S. L. Oswal and Ketan C. Parmar
Page No: 705-714

Synthesis, characterization and antimicrobial activities of [Fe(II), Co(II), Ni(II),Cu(II) and Zn(II)] mixed ligand complexes schiff base derived from amoxicillin drug and 4-(dimethylamino)benzaldehyde with nicotinamide
Taghreed H. Al-Noor, Manhel Reemon Aziz and Ahmed T. AL- Jeboori
Page No: 1225-1231

Pharmacophore generation and atom-based 3D-QSAR analysis of substituted aromatic bicyclic compounds containing pyrimidine and pyridine rings as Janus kinase 2 (JAK2) inhibitors
Rajasekhar Chekkara, E. Susithra, Naresh Kandakatla, Venkata Reddy Gorla and Sobha Rani Tenkayala
Page No: 1146-1152

Deformation analysis and simulation on soft rock roadway of Jianxin mine
Yongsheng Liu*, Xingyu Dong and Wang Liu
Page No: 114-120

Analysis of risk control for engineering cost
Page No: 426-430

Phytochemicals and antioxidant potentials of Pleurotus djamor
Sasidhara R. and Thirunalasundari T
Page No: 950-953

Screening and identification of a feruloyl esterase producing bacteria Burkholderia fungorum A216
Anhao Jiao, Zhenshang Xu, Xiaoying Yang, Qin Guo and Xinli Liu
Page No: 1040-1046

Ultrasonic studies on molecular interactions of ZnSO4 in aqueous solutions of glucose at various concentrations
Neha Sawhney, Mukesh Kumar, Amit Kumar Sharma and Meena Sharma
Page No: 1232-1242

Ultrasonic and volumetric study of aqueous solution of ethylene glycol, propylene glycol in iso-propanol
M. Kondaiah, K. Sreekanth, Sk. Md. Nayeem and D. Krishna Rao
Page No: 1243-1258

Synthesis of quinazolinone-1,3,4-oxadiazole conjugates and studies of their antibacterial and antioxidant activity
Daina Zicane, Zenta Tetere, Inese Mierina, Maris Turks, Irisa Ravina and Ainars Leonciks
Page No: 1153-1158

Flotation experiment research on a polymetallic sulfide ore of Cu, Pb, and Zn in Shanxi province
Dai Shu-juan* and Hu Zhi-gang#
Page No: 121-127

The study of protective properties of associated antigens of candida albicans and candida tropicalis
Ð?. V. Rybalkin, N. Ð?. Filimonova, Ð?. P. Strilets and L. S. Strelnikov
Page No: 954-957

Preparation of Pd modified electrode and its electrochemic aldegradation for2,4-dichlorophenol
Zhang Jian, LiuHui ling, ,FuHuan, BaiHaina,MohamedThabit and WangBing
Page No: 346-350

Synthesis, spectral and microbial studies of some novel schiff base derivatives of 2-amino pyridine
K. C. Parmar, J. J. Vora and S. B. Vasava
Page No: 1259-1263

Extraction and separation of Cu(II) in presence of Fe(II) and Fe(III) from acidic solution using LIX 973NS-LV
Aparna Prava Devi, Nandita Swain and Nihar Bala Devi
Page No: 1047-1052

The distributions and moments of the first entrance time for nonhomogeneous(H,Q) process and their application in nonhomogeneous semi-markov process
Chen Liuxin
Page No: 431-437

Research on hydration mechanism of slag composite cementitious material mixed with NaCl
Chengbin Liu, Xiuqing Gao and Yichao Zhou
Page No: 845-849

Study and application of corrosion mechanisms and corrosion prevention design for the sour gas wells under adverse corrosion environments
Lingfeng Li,ZizhuoJiang, Yunxia Chen and Feng Xiao
Page No: 288 - 293

Influence of compatibility of uncaria ramulus cumuncis with gastrodia rhizoma on liver gene expression in SHR rats
Yu Dong, Xing Wang, Jia Mi and Juan Yang
Page No: 1159-1163

Research of status of the construction of coal-free zone in Shijingshan district
Guan Jun and Chen Xiaofei
Page No: 215-220

HPTLC screening of amino acids from Acorus calamus rhizome and Ardisia solanacea leaf from Kuttanad Wetlands, Kerala, India
Pratap Chandran R, Manju S, Vysakhi M. V, Shaji P. K and Achuthan Nair G
Page No: 958-962

Principle of sports tipping point and its inspiration for the Nan Jing youth Olympic games
Xu Yu-mei, Sun Qi-lin and Chen Lin-hua
Page No: 1164-1169

Synthesis and characterization of isoxazole derivatives from strained bicyclic hydrazines
K. Rameshbabu, K. Venu Gopal, A. Jayaraju, G. Nageswara Reddy and J. Sreeramulu
Page No: 715-719

Nano-pore structure characterization of shales using gas adsorption and mercury intrusion techniques
Liu Jun-yi, Qiu Zheng-song, Huang Wei-an, Luo Yang and Song Ding-ding
Page No: 850-857

Anti-HIV triterpenoid components
Benyong Han* and Zhenhua Peng
Page No: 438-443

Chinaâ??s thermal power industry total factor energy efficiency and itsconvergence
Liu Shuliang and Wang Juanli
Page No: 128-135

Study on the polyurethane acrylate composite emulsion on the paper plastic laminating precoat film
Gao Yanfei and Chen Qifeng
Page No: 1053-1058

Study of transport properties of aqueous solution of acetonitrile across Nylon TM bio-bond membrane at 303.15K
Roshan Lal, Mukesh Kumar, Amit Kumar S harma, Neha Sawhney and Meena Sharma
Page No: 1170-1174

One-pot, four-component sequential synthesis of novel 4-arylamino-5-carboxyl pyrimidine derivatives
Chengyuan Liang, Chunyang Shi, Huihui Song, Hailong Jiang and Qizheng Yao
Page No: 720-726

An empirical study of factor analysis on M & A performance of listed companies of Chinese pharmaceutical industry
Hu Ming, Shen Juqin and ChengLu
Page No: 963-968

Maxillary cyst pathological analysis and the ideas of non-surgicaldrug treatment
Li Ruiyu, Hou Yongli, Liu Yuhong, Li Meng, Zhao Yanling, Bian Xinhua, Wu Liping, Zhao Xiaofei, Hou Jinjie and Guo Yajing
Page No: 444-446

Status Quo and Experience of Overseas Statistic Education
Qiulan Zhao1 and Haifeng Yin2
Page No: 398-401