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Volume 5, Issue 12 2013: Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research

The application of MapInfo9.5 in rural space planning based on neural network theory
Tao Yu, Bin Yi and Xiao Lan Qian
Page No: 15-20

Ultrasound lateral displacement and lateral strain estimation using a two-step strategy
Congyao Zhang, Dequan Guo, Hao Yin, Dong C. Liu and Xiaoming Zhou
Page No: 332-337

Relative analysis of Taekwondo back kick skills├ó┬?┬? biomechanics based on 3D photograph parsing
Mingming Guo
Page No: 64-69

The robot intelligent controller design and implementation base on ARM
Jiansheng Peng, Qiwen He, Qingjin Wei,Zhuocheng Huang, Yiyong Huang, MarongPan , Baoying Lin, Degui Yang, Siyuan Luo and Changfeng Liang
Page No: 690-696

Antihyperlipidemic activity of seed extract of Piper attenuatum in triton X-100 induced hyperlipidemia in rats
Gaurav K. Soni and Tripti Verma
Page No: 1370-1373

Study and application of ZeroWash tracer fracture monitoring
Dongjin Xu, Ruiquan Liao, Junliang Li and Zhuanhong Li
Page No: 789-792

Analysis of topology and propagation characteristics based on high close network
Ma Jun, Wang Wei and Li Wei
Page No: 338-342

Optimization of nutrients for chitinase production by Serratia marcescens JPP1 against aflatoxin using statistical experimental design
Kai Wang, Pei sheng Yan and Li xin Cao
Page No: 447-449

Simultaneous determination of four active components in Shengmai injection and its application to the quality control in productive process
Bai Jing
Page No: 971-974

Screening of carbon sources/prebiotics and amino acids in the medium for Streptococcus thermophilus using Plackett├ó┬?┬?Burman design
He Chen, Shiwei Chen, Chuanna Li and Guowei Shu
Page No: 975-980

Analysis of students' satisfaction towards organic chemistry course in universities based on binary logistic regression
Yijun Zhang
Page No: 1374-1378

Development and validation of a dissolution method for Raloxifene hydrochloride in pharmaceutical dosage forms using RP-HPLC
Sandeep Kalepu, Vijaykumar Nekkanti, Mohanvarma Manthina and Veerabhadraswamy Padavala
Page No: 981-987

Empirical research on the bio-pharmaceutical listed companies├ó┬?┬? capital structure and corporate performance
Wu Min, Shen Juqin, Zhang Xuefang and Liu Gaofeng
Page No: 0975-7384

Effect of ascorbic acid, incubation temperature and inoculum size on ACE inhibitory activity in fermented goat milk by Lactobacillus bulgaricus LB6
Guowei Shu, Hui Yang, He Chen, Zhe Ji and Hongni Xing
Page No: 988-995

Blog posts recommendation based on PLSA and Naive Bayesian classification algorithm
Lin Cui, Caiyin Wang and Xiaoyin Wu
Page No: 851-858

Physico-chemical study of ground water quality of some areas of Imphal east district, Manipur during post-monsoon-1st phase
Nandababu Singh Laishram
Page No: 1384-1388

Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of novel metal chelates of 2-(8-quinolinol-5-yl)-methyl amino-5-pyridinyl-1,3,4-thiadiazole derivatives
Divyesh K. Patel and Arun Singh
Page No: 996-1000

Forecasting reduction of forest resources based on GM model
Ning Yangcui and Wen Yali
Page No: 1195-1199

The characteristic of college students├ó┬?┬? employability and its relationship with emotional intelligence
Ying Xu
Page No: 70-76

Research on numerical model of seawater intrusion at Beibu Gulf, China
Ronghui Li, Wei Pan, Jinchuan Guo, Peng Jia, Yiping Li, Baozhu Pan, Yong Ji, JieZhang, Wenming Cao, Huiqi Gan and Xuewen Liang
Page No: 793-796

Biogenic silver nanoparticles by Halymenia poryphyroides and its in vitro anti-diabetic efficacy
Vishnu Kiran M. and Murugesan S.
Page No: 1001-1008

Synthesis and biological investigation of novel 1,3-di(substituted azol)-2-(substituted hetrocycles (substituted aryl)methylene)propane-1,3-dione derivatives as antifungal agents
Santosh N. Mokale
Page No: 1009-1016

The study on the factors affecting the natural transformation of E. coli DH5├?┬▒
Yonggang Wang, Yanling M, Haiwei Ren, Xiaoli Wang, Chengbin Xiao and Jianzhong M
Page No: 450-453

Synthesis, spectral, thermal and X-ray diffraction studies on bis-hydrazine metal and mixed metal o-nitrobenzoates
D. Santhosh Shanthakumar and B. N. Sivasankar
Page No: 1017-1023

Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of 3-benzylidene 4-bromo isatin derivatives
Yao Zhou, Biao Shi, Kailin Han,Qiannan Guo, Yao Yang, Binbin Song, Yuou Teng and Peng Yu
Page No: 1024-1028

Relative analysis of shoulder and elbow common sports injury kinematics parameters in volleyball spike
Fei Dong
Page No: 77-82

Dynamic analysis of ultrasonic compound machining system and microstructure processing
Shao Jian, Zhu Yongwei, Chen Hongzhen, Deng Zhengquan and Wang Fang
Page No: 1200-1208

Study on bioaugmentation in rapid startup of BF-BFB and enhancing effect of coke plant wastewater treatment
Yingjun Haoa, Suqin Li, Xiaolei Wu, Zongna Li, Yuan Li and Jieyu Zhao
Page No: 343-348

A multi-factor decomposing model and its application in finding impacting factors of Beijing water use efficiency
X. L. Liu, G. J. D. Hewings, X. K. Chen and SH. Y. Wang
Page No: 543-547

Mathematical model of tablet weight control based on middle-die hole error of high-speed rotary pharmaceutical tablet press
Wei HE, Jing-fu Jia and Xing-gang Wang
Page No: 1035-1042

Optimization of the middle-die hole chamfer of pharmaceutical tablet press
Wei HE and Xiong-wei Wang
Page No: 1043-1047

Study on wear resistance and corrosion resistance of sucker rod couplings after surface ultrasonic nano-crystallization treatment
Weijuan Sun
Page No: 1048-1054

An influence model of information technology on public physical service on the basis of case analysis
Fachang Wang
Page No: 83-88

Forecasting of core inflation
Linyun Zhang, Jinchang Li and Bo Liu
Page No: 579-586

Asymmetric synthesis of (2S)-propranolol using D-mannitol
A. Feng, Y. Chen and Y. Cheng
Page No: 349-352

Mechanical analysis of separate layer water injection tubular column
Weijuan Sun
Page No: 1055-1061

Study of sports fitness design based on safety factor
Shuang Wang and Shu Yan Gao
Page No: 631-635

An intelligent flight chess robot design and implementation
Jiansheng Peng, Qiwen He, Qingjin Wei, Yong Qin, Marong Pan, Baoying Lin,Cunbin Guo, Zhuocheng Huang , Degui Yang, ChangfengLiang and Siyuan Luo
Page No: 697-703

Synthesis of nitric oxide-releasing matrine derivatives as cardiovascular drugs
Benpeng Li, Peipei Ma, Jiayou Sun and Zhizhong Wang
Page No: 1062-1065

A method for multi-cellular synchronous tracking based on kalman filter
Fei Wang and Benlian Xu
Page No: 353-357

Micro electrical discharge machining single discharge temperature field simulation
Z.L.Peng, Y.N.Li, D.Fang and Y.Y.Zhang
Page No: 859-864

A new molecular docking method based on residue groups and PMF scoring function
Zhengfu Li, Xicheng Wang, Keqiu Li, Ling Kang and Quan Guo
Page No: 1066-1069

Design of sampling method based on sampling comparative test of volatile organic components
Liu Jingtao, Sun Jichao, Zhang Yuxi, Chen Xi, Zhu Liang and Zhang Yuanjing
Page No: 507-514

Effect of structural design factors on modeling of raglan sleeve
Xu Qiang
Page No: 797-800

Synthesis of nanostructured hydroxyapatite in presence of polyethylene glycol 1000
K. Azzaoui, A. Lamhamdi, E. Mejdoubi, M. Berrabah, A. ELidrissi, B. Hammouti, S. Zaoui and R. Yahyaoui
Page No: 1209-1216

Triterpenes from Ficus nervosa
Consolacion Y. Ragasa, Vincent Antonio S. Ng and Chien-Chang Shen
Page No: 1070-1073

Optimization of microwave-assisted extraction of total flavonoids extraction from Coreopsis tinctoria by response surface methodology
Xiaofeng Liu, Lin Liu, Xiaoli Wang, Yonggang Wang and Feifan Leng
Page No: 454-458

Data analysis on prenatal screening of Down├ó┬?┬?s syndrome among 5823 cases in pregnant metaphase
Xiaoqing Lu, Ruyu Tian and Lihua Liu
Page No: 1074-1077

Kinetics research of wheat straw sodium sulfate-AQ pulping process
Wei Song and Jianming Liu
Page No: 1217-1221

The application of web data mining in personalized learning system
Chaoyang Ji
Page No: 865-869

Separation and analysis of bacteriostatic components from cumin essential oil
Liu Bing
Page No: 358-363

Inflation targeting in China based on a dynamic stochastic general equilibrium model
Xiaowen Hu, Bing Xu, Shangfeng Zhangand Panyi Wang
Page No: 636-641

An analysis of systematic model of engineering claim management
Xuwei Li and Hongping Wang
Page No: 704-713

Application on extraction of iron-oxide and hydroxyl anomaly alteration information from the TM data in Ethiopia├ó┬?┬?s Halmo region
Ming Tao, Zhang Wenshan and Peng Guangxiong
Page No: 1078-1082

Model study of sprint motion image based on human joints automatic identification system
Deqi Li
Page No: 89-95

The research on petrochemistry components mapping with ASTER data
Ming Tao, Zhang Wenshan and Peng Guangxiong
Page No: 1083-1088

Experimental research into the influence of soy peptide on the volleyball players├ó┬?┬? biochemical indexes
Liu Wenxue
Page No: 364-367

RP-UPLC method development and validation for the simultaneous estimation of proguanil and atovaquone in pharmaceutical dosage form
Khagga Bhavyasri,V. Murali Balaram, R. Nageswarao, D. Rambabu and M. Ajitha
Page No: 1222-1229

Intrascrotal calculi of an infant: A very rare concretion disease
Li Dandan, Xue Baigong and Zheng Lianwen
Page No: 459-461

Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of 3-(substituted phenyl)-1-(7-substituted coumarin-3-yl)prop-2-ene-1-ones
Abida, Saleh Alaqel, Mohd. Imran, Said A. El-Feky and S.A. Khan
Page No: 1089-1093

The impact analysis of S & T investment on high-tech industry development
Wang Bo and Zhao Yulin
Page No: 21-26

City sports tourism industry competitiveness and empirical research
Daoqiang Ma
Page No: 801-807

Inhibition of UVB induced oxidative stress in Catla catla & Glutamate pyruvate transaminase (GPT) activities by embelin using molecular docking tool
N. Radhakrishnan, Kamal Rullah, Rina Chakrabarti and A. Gnanamani
Page No: 1094-1099

Experimental research into the influence of wheat oligo-peptides on protein in skeletal muscles under high intensity exercise
Yin Quan
Page No: 368-370

Robot football goalkeeper speed control research based on BP neural network algorithm
Hongjun Yang
Page No: 870-875

Theoretical study of the effects of solvents on energy components of indole
K. K. Srivastava, Shubha Srivastava, Md. Tanweer Alam and Rituraj
Page No: 1100-1109

Rapid simultaneous determination of naproxen and esomeprozole magnesium in combined tablets by validated ultra performance liquid chromatographic method
Khagga Bhavyasri,V. Murali Balaram, R. Nageswarao, D. Rambabu and M. Ajitha
Page No: 1230-1236

The construction and activity of a cerium (III) complex in DNA hydrolytic cleavage
Fa-mei Feng, Shulan Cai, Fu-an Liu and Jiaqing Xie
Page No: 1389-1393

Rare cyano glucosides from Coldenia procumbens Linn
Niranjan Kumar A., Satya Srinivas K. V. N., Kotesh Kumar J. and Sastry K. P.
Page No: 1394-1397

Human elbow joint kinematic model optimization and test based on physiological anatomical analysis
Yi Liu
Page No: 96-102

Design and development of oral sustained release matrix tablets of didanosine using natural polymer blend
P. Soumya, N. G. Raghavendra Rao, K. Revathi and Bhawatha Chawda
Page No: 1398-1408

Multi-path transportation assignment model in urban transportation based on real road-network survey
Baohui Jin
Page No: 642-647

Detection and determination of venlafaxine in liver tissue by colour tests,TLC, UV-spectroscopy, HPLC with multi-wave detection
Sergey Baiurka and Svetlana Karpushina
Page No: 1110-1120

Sterols, triglycerides and essential fatty acid constituents of Brassica oleracea varieties, Brassica juncea and Raphanus sativus
Consolacion Y. Ragasa, Vincent Antonio S. Ng, Oscar B. Torres, Nicole Samantha Y. Sevilla, Kim Valerie M. Uy, Ma. Carmen S. Tan, Marissa G. Noel and Chien-Chang Shen
Page No: 1237-1243

Based on the biological rhythm gymnastics athletes sport ability analysis of the model
Guanghong Liu
Page No: 808-815

Analysis on biomechanics characteristics and countermeasures for knee pain when practicing Taijiquan
Tao Ping and Liu Yunfa
Page No: 371-375

Hydrothermal synthesis, crystal structure and antimicrobial activity of the nicotinate cobalt complex
Yuqi Liu, Jing Wang, Rui Yangaand Xiaojun Xu
Page No: 515-519

Ontology case retrieval based on SPA and asthma diagnosis application
Hongcan Yan, Huifang Wang, Shufen Zhang and Li Liu
Page No: 587-593

Clinical trial on the efficacy of compound sulfadiazine suspension
Leilei Wang, Li Zhao, Zhihui Hao, Kefeng Xiao, Fenfang Yang and Zhaopeng Ding
Page No: 1121-1125

Preparation, characterization and application of cellulose acetate-iron nanoparticles blend ultra filtration membranes
S. Velu, K. Rambabu and L. Muruganandam
Page No: 1418-1428

Optimization of encapsulation conditions of chlorpyrifos microcapsules
Baohua Zhang
Page No: 1244-1248

Intrinsic permeability effect on vacuum drying process of porous medium
Zhijun Zhang, Yuekai Zhang, Shiwei Zhang, Tianyi Su, Wenhui Zhang, Yuhua Xie and Lili Zhao
Page No: 1429-1439

The application of value engineering in project decision-making
Hongping Wang and Xuwei Li
Page No: 714-720

A new form of material balance equation of condensate gas reservoir
Zhifeng Luo, Nutao Wang, Pingli Liu, Nianyin Li and Fei Liu
Page No: 1440-1445

Comparison of the efficacy of ondansetron versus ondansetron and dexamethasone in the prevention/ reduction of post-operative nausea & vomiting after elective surgeries under general anaesthesia
Kiran A. V., Praveen Panchaksharimath and Sharvani R
Page No: 1126-1130

Effects of different photoperiods on in vitro plantlet regeneration of paulownia plants
Xiaojuan Yang, Yanqin Huang and Guoqiang Fan
Page No: 1446-1450

Optimizing the conditions for adenosine extraction from mycelia of Cordyceps gunnii using genetic algorithm
Meng Fan-xin, Wu Li-yan, Wang Yan-zhen, Zhao Xi, Yang Dong-sheng and Teng Li-rong
Page No: 376-379

Evaluation of the groundwater active recharge trend in the coastal plain of Dar es Salaam (Tanzania)
Giuseppe Sappa, Flavia Ferranti, Sibel Ergul and Giancarlo Ioanni
Page No: 548-552

Theoretical study of O6-methylguanine-DNA methyltransferase inhibitors
Dipanjan Sarkar, Subhasis Mukhopadhyay and Asim Kumar Bothra
Page No: 1131-1139

Chemical research for bioactive constituents in Kummerowia striata (Thunb) Schindl
Bao-hui Zhang, Shun Yao, Yong-Xia Tan, Jian-Hua He, Guo-Hua Zheng
Page No: 1249-1251

Horizontal well temporary chemical diverting acidizing simulation
Zhifeng Luo, Pingli Liu, Pengyu Gao, Fei Liu and Nianyin Li
Page No: 1451-1456

Three-dimensional modeling of simulation scene in campus navigation system
Lijuan Qin, Ying Li and Chen Yao
Page No: 103-107

An analysis and research on biosynthesis pathway and gene regulation of fatty acid of Camellia oleifera seeds
Liyuan Huang, Xiaofeng Tan, Hongxu Long and Nan Jiang
Page No: 1252-1257

Synthesis and characterization of some 1,4-diazepines derivatives
K. Sudarshan Rao, K. Nageswara Rao, Bhausaheb Chavan, P. Muralikrishna and A. Jayashree
Page No: 1140-1143

Ultrasonic-assisted extraction of flavonoids from panax notoginseng flowers and its antimicrobial activities
J. Hong, J. Y. Hu and J. H. Liu
Page No: 462-466

Synthesis, characterization and corrosion inhibition of cobalt (II) azo schiff base chelate
Marei M. Elajaily, Fatma I. Abdullah, Ramadan A. Akasha, and Mohamed S. Suliman
Page No: 1144-1151

Characteristics analysis and development research on sports art
Zhu Yanying and Liao Benlu
Page No: 1457-1461

Samba fitness efficacy research based on analysis of body compositions changes
Zhanjun Yang
Page No: 816-820

The stability of probiotics added to the food
Wei Ye, Junliang Chen, Jin Wang and Yongjun Cai
Page No: 27-29

Analysis of entrepreneurial marketing strategy on functional beverage based on the 4P theory in China: A case study on Red Bull
Hongtao Yang, Tingjun Ge and BaizhouLi
Page No: 1152-1154

Plasmid mediated kallistain gene expression via intramuscular electroporation for treating acute ulcerative colitis in mice
Dongfang Jia, Chenna Zheng, Ningqing Wang, Caizhen Zhang and Yong Diao
Page No: 164-167

Process optimization on reaction between 3-mercaptopropyl trimethoxysilane (MPTMS) and mesoporous silica using response surface methodology
Hang Xu, Tianlong Yu and Mei Li
Page No: 1462-1466

Study on nutritional value of two interplanting forage plants in forest
Chen Li-li, Chen Bin, Liu Xing-feng, Luo Ying-she, Gu Zheng-jun, Chen Rong and Zhang Dang-quan
Page No: 380-385

Mycobiosynthesis of novel non toxic zinc oxide nanoparticles by a new soil fungus Aspergillus terreus VIT 2013
Manjunath Sangappa, Vandana S. P., Bharath A.U. and Padma Thiagarajan
Page No: 1155-1161

Study on the production and species-specificity of methanobactin
Jia-ying Xin, Lan-xuan Zhang, Dan-dan Chen, Shuai Zhang, Yan Wang and Chun-gu Xia
Page No: 168-176

Chemical structures and biological activities of rhamnolipid biosurfactants produced by Pseudomonas aeruginosa M14808
Jianfeng Zhao, Yanjie Wu, Akateh Tazifua Alfred, Xing Xin and Shulin Yang
Page No: 177-182

Synthesis and characterization of Schiff base complexes of Cu[ll] and Co[ll]
M. Shyamala Devi Thankachi and S. Suthakumari
Page No: 1467-1473

Computerized distinction of benign and malignant pulmonary nodules on PET-CT imageology character
Yan Qiang, Yanbo Ma, Juan-juan Zhao and Jin Wang
Page No: 183-187

Performance of adsorption/biosorption for removal of organic and inorganic pollutants
Abbas H. Sulaymon and Hayfa'a L. Swadi
Page No: 1168-1178

Design and evaluation of the maintenance-free technologies for a novel digital methane detection system based on catalytic sensor
Xu Hui Zhang
Page No: 721-731

Gravimetric and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy study for 4-(2-chlorobenzyl)-6-hydrazino-3-methyl-1,6-dihydropyridazine as inhibitor corrosion for copper in nitric acid
L. Afrine, A. Zarrouk, H. Zarrok, R. Salghi, R. Touir, B. Hammouti, H. Oudda, M. Assouag, H. Hannache, M. El Harti and M. Bouachrine
Page No: 1474-1481

Research on aerobics influence to female college students physiological index and psychology based on SPSS factor analysis
Lianrui Wang
Page No: 876-880

Study on the chlorine decay model in the water distribution system
Tong Zhengong, Li Yani and Shangguan Haidong
Page No: 467-471

Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy weight loss and quantum chemical study of new pyridazine derivative as inhibitor corrosion of copper in nitric acid
A. Zarrouk, H. Zarrok, R. Salghi, R. Touir, B. Hammouti, N. Benchat, L. L. Afrine, H. Hannache, M. El Hezzat and M. Bouachrine
Page No: 1482-1491

Experimental research into the effect of albumin on relieving exercise-induced fatigue
Zhang Qingwu
Page No: 386-389

Coarse-to-fine lungs PET-CT image registration
Zhao Juanjuan, Liu Yongxing, Qu Mingyue and Qiang Yan
Page No: 188-195

Information fusion of ITS based on granular computing
Seng Dewen, Wu Hao, Fang Xujian and Xu Haitao
Page No: 553-559

Anti-corrosive effect of olive oil mill wastewaters C38 steel in acid HCl
D. Bouknana, B. Hammouti, A. Bouyanzer, A. Aouniti and M. Sbaa
Page No: 1179-1194

Discrimination of lung cancer by serum using fluorescence and principal component analysis
Su Zhang, Xiaozhou Li, Tianyue Yang and Siqi Li
Page No: 1492-1495

Competition of autotrophic and heterotrophic denitrification in anaerobic biofilm wastewater treatment process
Wei Li, Xiao Liang, Jianguo Lin and Lei Liu
Page No: 30-35

Effects of Piriformospora indica on Chinese cabbage production and resistance to waterlogged stress
Ya-zhen Yang, Jian-min Zhang, Yan Zhang, Jian-qiang Zhu and She-qin Dong
Page No: 520-524

Study on corrosion resistance of zinc alloy coating of mechanical plating by electrochemical method
Leilei Wang
Page No: 1283-1288

Ontology similarity measure algorithm based on KPCA and application in biology science
Xiangguang He, Yaya Wang and Wei Gao
Page No: 196-200

Investigation of the interaction of the synthesized chitosan-5-fluorouracil with bovine serum albumin using spectroscopy
Hong Lou, Xiaozhou Li, Xingjia Guo, Tianyue Yang and Siqi Li
Page No: 1496-1499

Identification and characterization of a novel coenzyme Q10-producing strain, Proteus penneri CA8, newly isolated from Ebolowa, Cameroon
Li Zhong, Zhuoyi Kong, Tengfei Bian, Changhe Cheng, Min Shu, Yuping Shi, Jiale Pan, Bidja Abena Marie Therese and Weihong Zhong
Page No: 201-209

Investigation of the interaction of the synthesized chitosan-5-fluorouracil with
Sekar Kumaran, Gunasekaran Dhivya and Perumal Palani
Page No: 1500-1511

Finite element analysis of thermal stress for femoral prosthesis
Monan Wang, Qi Wang and Kai Zhang
Page No: 390-395

Photoprotective properties of Zanthoxylum rhetsa: An in vitro analysis
Ramesh Kumar Santhanam, Syahida Ahmad, Faridah Abas, Intan Safinar Ismail, Yaya Rukayadi and Khozirah Shaari
Page No: 1512-1520

The research on WSN node positioning based on Cuckoo searching algorithm
Xiaohui Wang and Shengpu Li
Page No: 594-598

Optimizing the performance of disease classification using nested-random forest and nested-support vector machine classifiers
Austin H. Chen and Chia Hung Lin
Page No: 1521-1528

A new segmentation algorithm for medical volume image based on K-means clustering
Li Xinwu
Page No: 113-117

Medical image fusion with adaptive shape feature
Luo Fen, Lu Bibo and Miao Chunli
Page No: 215-220

The mechanism and control methods of microbiologically induced corrosion on the pipeline
Lu Liping, Zhang Yajun, Xu Ping, Yao Lingfeng and Tian Kangda
Page No: 472-475

An independence display platform using multiple media streams
Zhang Gen-Yuan
Page No: 118-122

Characterization of taurine and its derivative binding to HSA using calorimetry and docking
Bingli Jiang,Yanrong Hu, Anran Zhao, Xuan Luo, Weigao Pan and Cuiwu Lin
Page No: 1529-1536

Optimization of fermentation conditions by Trametes versicolor FG-97 using response surface methodology for laccase production
Yang Jing, Zhou Guo-ying, Liu Jian and Zuo Jie
Page No: 221-226

The latest research about sports injury treatment
Xinyu Li and Xiaochun Peng
Page No: 396-398

Synthesis of 2-{(Z)-[(4-methylphenyl)imino]methyl}phenol Schiff base
Basel. M. Saida, Abdel Aziz Abu-Yamin and Ibrahim Saraireh
Page No: 1537-1541

Chemical properties of coal bed methane product water in Qinshui Basin in China
Xiangdong Li, Jing Wang, Qiyan Feng and Yue Sun
Page No: 227-231

Calculating extreme value of unimodal function using bisection method
Hao-ran Shi, Xiaoqing Liu﹡, Yao Yang and Zhiqin Li
Page No: 648-653

Performance and empirical models of a heat pump water heater system with heat recovery of waste water
Handong Wang
Page No: 525-531

Hypoglycemic and anti oxidant activity of Phyllanthus longiflorus
M. Jesupillai, P. Thillai Arasu, S. Jasemine and P Bharathidhasan
Page No: 1542-1545

Finite element analysis of working device for hydraulic excavator
Gui Ju-Zhang, Cai Yuan-Xiao, Qing-Tan and You Yu-Mo
Page No: 123-128

Water level change of Poyang lake and exploring of its formation
Zhang Xiaofeng and Xie Shuhua
Page No: 232-236

Antitumor effects of a new compound TW9183 on human A549 lung cancer and SMMC-7721 hepatoma cell lines
Jiu yun Zhang and Li Qiang Wang
Page No: 399-403

Evolution of the radial sand ridges off Subei Coast
Zhaojun Song, Luo Gao, Haijun Huang, Liming Gong and Dawei Guo
Page No: 732-737

The fractional calculus numerical algorithms and its application to the viscoelastic material problem
Ai-Min Yang, Ling Zhang, Xiao-Jun Men, Yi-Jun Zhou and Ying Jiao
Page No: 821-828

U.V. spectroscopy technique for analysis to clarithromycin for gastric pH sensitive formulation
Girish Kumar Tripathi, Satyawan Singh and Baljee Vishwaindu Pandey
Page No: 1258-1262

Private placement discount of Chinese listed companies based on the perspective of the investors├ó┬?┬? sentiment
Jun Yu, Zhu-bao Wei, Pin.Ng and Jing Tang
Page No: 237-242

Natural biological membrane to the accumulation of mercury in water of the Yellow river water effect research
Luoxu, Jianglingyan and Yangguangjun
Page No: 135-140

Chemical and electron microbial influenced corrosion
Xu Ping, Xiang Chao, Wang Tao, Wang Jing and Zhang Yajun
Page No: 476-481

Silencing of aldo-keto reductase 1C3 by siRNA increases chemosensitivity of prostate cancer cells
Sha Zhu, Ming Li, Minghui Zhen, Judith Apondi Oremo , Shihua Sun
Page No: 404-408

Spectrophotometric determination of paracetamol in syrup formulations using 2,4,6-trimethoxybenzaldehyde as a coupling agent
Haruna Baba, Nkiruka P. Egbuche and Cyril O. Usifoh
Page No: 957-960

Microwave assisted synthesis of novel heterocyclic compounds and evaluation of their biological activities
C. A. M. A. Huq and S. Fouzia
Page No: 1263-1271

Research on management changing of chemical and pharmaceutical enterprise
Changhui Yang
Page No: 243-247

Anti-proliferative effects of protopanaxadiol-type ginsenosides on human colon epithelial cancer cells
Miao Hao,Lirong Zhang,Yan Zheng,Chengcheng Song,Yifa Zhou and Xianling Cong
Page No: 141-144

Experimental study on combustible gas explosion induced by inert gas injection in fire zone sealing of mine
Wang Haiyan Zhang Jiuling and Zhou Xinquan
Page No: 248-258

Application of information fusion technologies for multi-source data
Wu Hao, Seng Dewen, Fang Xujian and Xu Haitao
Page No: 560-564

Estimation of sugars by acid hydrolysis of sorghum husk by standard methods
S. Chandraju, Venkatesh R. and C. S. Chidan Kumar
Page No: 1272-1275

Optimization of the grain circulation in the port cities of China using a spatial equilibrium model
Jianling Xu
Page No: 259-264

The impact of land use/cover change on the ecological carrying capacity in Loess Hilly region
Shi-Long Hao and Jian-Zhao Xu
Page No: 145-149

Optimization of the grain circulation in the port cities of China
Yan Hongyan and Yang Yi
Page No: 265-269

Diffuse reflectance detection based on Monte Carlo simulation for the diagnosis of breast cancer
Lianshun Zhang and Chao Guo
Page No: 409-412

Simple characterization of anthocyanin from Ficus padana Burm.f
Daimon Syukri, Djaswir Darwis and Adlis Santoni
Page No: 1276-1282

Multi-functional area design and simulation in the dangerous pharmaceutical enterprise
Yin Jing, Chen Nan and Meng xiangying
Page No: 270-274

Research overview of trust model in distributed systems
Tong Qin
Page No: 738-744

Research progress of relations between exercise training and obese chronic inflammatory
Yan Wang
Page No: 829-832

Management of China├ó┬?┬?s rare resources under the vision of environmental justice
Jingwei Liu, Juntao Wang and Xi Liu
Page No: 36-40

Application of phase transfer catalyst in the synthesis of cyhalofop butyl
W. Z. Li, H. Q. Liu, X. Qi and H. B. Sun
Page No: 275-278

Synthesis, structural characterization and biological activity of transition metal complexes of schiff base ligand-furan derivatives
Mohd. Asif Khan, Ruchi Agarwal and Shamim Ahmad
Page No: 1289-1296

Study on Ag-based catalysts for synthesis of indole
Sun Yanyun, Xing Junde, Miao Maoqian and Lu Jianjun
Page No: 279-283

Priority ordering of power grid emergency repair task based on algorithms ofgroup AHP and TOPSIS
Jing Zhou, Cunbin Li, Weiqing Ma and Jinya Miao
Page No: 654-661

Correlation research on energy consumption under fitness hard and easy intensity based on SWA sensor
Kelei Guo
Page No: 833-837

Research on the feature of mechanical parameters variation in each step of horse-vaulting landing based on biodynamic
Heng Li
Page No: 284-289

Steel enterprises├ó┬?┬? system building of emergency management capability assessment
Yanli Shi, Zhongliang Guan, Jiashi Liu and Xiang Xie
Page No: 482-487

Experimental study of aerobics teaching effectiveness based on additive cyclic method
Wei Gao
Page No: 290-295

Ethylene-regulation of fruit softening and cell wall enzymes activities during peach storage
Yanfang Ren, Junyu He and Lanlan Zhang
Page No: 41-48

Research on influence mechanism of supply chain quality coordination on organizational legitimacy based on organizational decoupling
Liping Shi, Yanan Jia and Qiang Liu
Page No: 154-159

Application of constructed wetland to partial nitrification process: Relations betweenparameter values and effluent outcome using response surface methodology
Guangxu Qin, Yancheng Li, Yi Han, Jianbing Zhang, Jian Zhou, Li Chen and Benzhou Gong
Page No: 413-417

Traffic flow data mining based on cloud computing
Fang Xujian, Wu Hao, Seng Dewen and Xu Haitao School
Page No: 565-569

Vendor managed inventory coordination strategy of retailer-led supply chain based on genetic algorithm
Xiangyang Ren, Yanan Guo and Xiaohua Wang
Page No: 662-667

Social requirements analysis on cultivation of postgraduates of nursing
Ying Wang
Page No: 160-163

K-means algorithm in the optimal initial centroids based on dissimilarity
Wang Shunye, Cui Yeqin, Jin Zuotao and Liu Xinyuan
Page No: 745-749

Preliminary combustor design using a network approach based on chemical reactor modeling
Xi Chen, Hongtao Zheng and Gang Pan
Page No: 599-606

Kinematics analysis of excellent woman shot throwers transition phase techniques based on biomechanics perceptive
Wenbin Liu
Page No: 838-843

Study on the Instructional Communication Process to Multimedia Assisted College English Teaching
Bangqing Pei
Page No: 668-674

Variations in cadmium, mercury and copper accumulation among different rice cultivars in the Yangtse River Delta, China
Junyu He, Yanfang Ren, Cheng Zhu and Dean Jiang
Page No: 49-53

Screening and identification of a novel lipase producing Aspergillus niger Yz15 and optimization for lipase production
Ping Zhao, Yalan Yuan, Ya Wang, Yi Zhang and Jinping Li
Page No: 418-424

A study on the change tendency of difficulty elements in aerobic gymnastics competitions under the new rules
Guo Lijuan
Page No: 750-756

Determination of lysinoalanine formed during alkali-treating and aging of Chinese preserved eggs by gas chromatography
Xu-ying Luo, Yan Zhao, Jian-ke Li, Yong-gang Tu and Jun-jie Wang
Page No: 488-494

Proximate and bio-phytochemical properties of shea nut cake
Abdul-Mumeen I, Zakpaa H. D. and Mills-Robertson F. C.
Page No: 961-970

Study on non-point source pollution of East Lake in Wuhan, China
Pujing Huang, Yanfang Liu, Lei Fang and Jinhui Zhao
Page No: 675-680

Analyze the characteristics of force-measuring curve of rings movement technology based on sports biomechanics
Hui Yang
Page No: 296-301

The feature analysis of the step aerobics competition routine arrangement of the 26th FISU
Guo Lijuan
Page No: 757-762

Optimization of lactic acid fermentation from distillers grains hydrolysates using orthogonal experimental design (OED)
Haiwei Ren, Yonggang Wang, Yi Zhang, Jinping Li, Zhizhong Li, Dan Xie and Teng Wang
Page No: 425-430

Gymnastics instructional design contribution to measure research based on mathematical statistics
Bo Rong
Page No: 302-307

Effect of Lavandula stoechas oil on welded material corrosion in 5.5M H3PO4 solution
Abdellah Laqhaili, Abdelhak Hakiki, Mahjouba Mossaddak, Maria Boudalia, Abdelkabir Bellaouchou,Abdellah Guenbour, Mohammed El Morhit and Belkheir Hammouti
Page No: 1297-1306

Pearson correlation study of the long jump athletic injury based on principal component analysis
Hailong Zhang
Page No: 308-313

Study on quality control method of distribution transformer based on life cycle theory
Bi Tian Shu, Chen Jin Meng and Sun Meng
Page No: 607-611

Analysis on Tai Chi center of gravity tracks and thoracic vertebra curvature change based on biomechanical
Heng Li
Page No: 314-318

LNG spill and diffusion from transport and storage system
He Shouhui, Zhu Hanhua, Fan Shidong, Huang Haofei and Zhang Hong
Page No: 570-578

Heavy metals (copper, zinc, iron and cadmium) in sediments and the small clam (Chamelea gallina) of the coastal area north-east of Morocco
C. Belbachir, A. Aouniti, M. Khamri, A. Chafi and B. Hammouti
Page No: 1307-1314

Synthesis and physico-chemical characterisation of new mannich base and its metal complexes
Mohd. Rais Khan and Sahdev
Page No: 1315-1319

Research on experiment of in-situ pyrolysis of oil shale and production analysis
Yang Yang, Shi-chang Liu, Qiang Li and You-hong Sun
Page No: 763-767

Simple and convenient method of synthesis of N-ethyl-2,6-diethyl aniline and derivatives
Sanket Gudekar, Rama Lokhande, Rajiv Sutar, Sanjay Pednekar, Sandip Surve and Surekha Kolhal
Page No: 1320-1324

Separation, purification and identification of acidic polysaccharide fraction extracted from Boletus edulis and its influence on mouse lymphocyte proliferation in vitro
Wang Guang-li, Wu Song-quan, Wu Qiao-feng
Page No: 431-437

Synthesis and characterization of cephradine metal complexes as Alzheimer disease therapeutic agent: An in vitro kinetic study on acetyl cholinesterase and monoamine oxidase
Mamdouh S. Masouda, Alaa E. Ali,Doaa A. Ghareeb and Nessma M. Nasr
Page No: 1325-1334

Application of bioaugmentation for natural rubber wastewater treatment in A2O process
Jing Wang, Yanhui Liu, Zhuo xi Li, Yongchao Jin, Xin Tian and Xiaojun Xu
Page No: 319-322

Electrochemical characterization of rust converter based on phosphoric acid
Xiaodong Zhao, Weijie Fan, Xiqiu Fan, Chablovski Vladimir, Tuchkovskaya Alla and Vrubleuskaya Volha
Page No: 495-501

Synthesis, characterization and biological studies of N-(1-morpholino-4-methyl benzyl)-benzamide and its transition metal complexes
Suba Sharma and Shamim Ahmad
Page No: 1335-1340

Commodity aspects of insulin pumps use in diabetes mellitus therapy
T. V. Trunova, S. V. Stepanenko and I. I. Baranova
Page No: 1341-1348

Study on water pollution causes and prevention of Jiangsu rural areas
Chen Ming and Xu Chang-xin
Page No: 532-536

Heavy metals in groundwater from the coal bearing aquifer in northern Anhui Province, China: Concentrations and usability
Sun Linhua, Gui Herong and Peng Weihua
Page No: 1349-1353

Calculating the fine spatial distribution of the daily precipitation in the Heihe River Basin by using WRF model output result with DEM method
Qingliang Zhu, Mingli Zhang, Cong Li and Hua Liu
Page No: 768-775

Genetic diversity analysis of azotobacter in cotton soil of Yangtze River Basin
Yazhen Yang, Jianmin Zhang, Huawei Wu, Mingfu Gong
Page No: 54-58

Robot vision system design and implementation based on Open CV
Jiansheng Peng, Qingjin Wei, Qiwen He , Yong Qin, Zhuocheng Huang, Yiyong Huang , Marong Pan, Baoying Lin, Degui Yang, Siyuan Luo and Changfeng Liang
Page No: 681-689

On the methyl and carbon monoxide coupling reaction: A simulation study of acetyl coenzyme-A synthase
Khaleel A. Abu-Sbeih and Tareq Irshaidat
Page No: 1354-1362

Multi-walled carbon nanotubes as solid-phase extraction adsorbent for determination of albendazole and its metabolites in shrimp and crab by ultraperformance liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry
Xiaojun Zhang, Bin Zheng, Hanxiang Xu,Zhigang Zhou, Zhongyong Yan, Guangming Mei, Peipei Li, Ju Long and Qin Liu
Page No: 438-442

Organic carbon content and mineralization characteristics of soil in a subtropical Pinus massoniana forest
Pang Huan, Dai Wei, Wang Bing, An Xiaojuan, Yin Qiyue and Zhang Rui
Page No: 1363-1369

Risk assessment research for power transformer based on fuzzy synthetic evaluation
Bi Tian Shu, Chen Jin Meng and Sun Meng
Page No: 612-618

The flow heat conduction model and application based on time-space fractional derivative
Ai-Min Yang, Yu-Zhu Zhang, Yue Long , Wei-Xing Liu and Yi-Jun Zhou
Page No: 844-850

Determination of organic selenium contents in Ornithogalum caudatum Ait. and its polysaccharide by atomic fluorescence spectrometry
Z. Y.Qu, J. W. Zhao, X. Zou, L. Lin, C. Wang, Y. Q. Du and Y. B. Jib
Page No: 323-326

Antihyperlipidemic activity of seed extract of Piper attenuatum in triton X- 100 induced hyperlipidemia in rats
Gaurav K. Soni and Tripti Verma
Page No: 1370-1373

Design, synthesis and characterization of 3-alkyl substituted chlorin derivatives
Bing Cun Cui, Xin Yu, Dong Mei Ni, Yuan Dong Lu,Il Yoon and Young Key Shim
Page No: 776-781

Study on double position molding technology of labyrinth type drip irrigation tape
Yuefeng Yuan, Xiangyang Zhang, Xiaodong Zhao, Yuenian He, Yigang Yu, Chunbo Qian and Zhoujie Huang
Page No: 59-63

Human arms discus throw model based on image reconstruction
Hua Fu
Page No: 1-7

Analysis of landscape pattern based on the point pattern method
Yonghua Zhao, Sha Yin, Jin Yang and Yong Ao
Page No: 502-506

Mesh belt with volleyball detection based on the improved Hough transform theory in the application of game scene analysis
Xiaomin Zhang
Page No: 8-14

Acoustic radiation force impulse imaging: Method comparison and two-dimensional imaging
HaoYina, DequanGuo├ó┬?┬?, Dong C. Liu and CongyaoZhang
Page No: 327-331

Study on the potential of antifungal activity of essential oils against fungal pathogens of fruits and vegetables
Jing Deng, Wen Li, Xi lin Peng and Xi Hai Hao
Page No: 443-446

Study on coagulation treatment of desulfurization wastewater of coal-fired power plants
Juanjuan Song
Page No: 782-788

The spatial variation characteristics of water requirements for main crops in Sichuan Province, P. R. China
Deng Yu, NI Fu-quan, Zhang Ying and Liu Xiao-rong
Page No: 537-542

Analysis the data of chaotic operation on ultrasonic motor system
Xunzhong Quan, Huafeng Li, Xiaowei Liao, Yan Wu and Li Wang
Page No: 619-622

An ensemble based locality sensitive image clustering method
Haolin Gao, Bicheng Li, Yongwang Tang and Han Wei
Page No: 623-630

Empirical research campus fun orienteering on students' physical fitness
Jin Yang
Page No: 907-910

Research on the solution for the multi-media integrated system
Yanli Liang
Page No: 911-916

Secondary metabolite from Gladiolus segetum
Dalila Abdessemed and Ammar Dibi
Page No: 939-941

Sport physiological factor index measurement and evaluation in physical education teaching
Hanxiang Qiu and Yueli Zheng
Page No: 917-921

Synthesis, characterization and thermal degradation studies of copolymer derived from 4-hydroxybenzophenone, melamine and formaldehyde
Wasudeo. B. Gurnule and Sonali P. Dhote
Page No: 942-949

Thermal behavior of fluconazole-active substance and tablet
Malek Lemsi, Mohamed Radhouan Louhaichi, Haykel Galai, Mohamed ChihebBenrayana and Rafik Kalfat
Page No: 950-956

Forecasting of short-term wind farm generation output based on a new plant growth neural network
Ren Kun and Qu Ji Hong
Page No: 881-886

Terahertz absorption spectra of short-chain peptides
Li Cheng, Yuichi Ogawa and Shin├ó┬?┬?ichiro Hayashi
Page No: 887-891

A study on the teaching knowledge development of sports technique teachers of P. E. schools of normal university
Zhihua Du
Page No: 892-897

Understanding the evolutional path of integrated virtual worlds based on Symbiosis Theory
Yinqing Fang, Hong Wu
Page No: 922-927

The reactivity of the diethyl ├?┬▒-acylphosphonates with the various ├?┬▒-aminoesters: Synthesis and DFT (density functional theory) study
Ilyas Mellah, Serge Turcaud and Sameh Ayadi
Page No: 928-932

Discuss on the geochemical characteristics and origin of special lithological layers in Ping Chau formation at Tung Ping Chau, Hong Kong
Wang Lulin, Yang Yan, Wu Fadong and Tian Mingzhong
Page No: 898-906

Schiff base derived from phenylenediamine and salicylaldehyde as precursor techniques in Coordination Chemistry
M. M. El-ajaily, M. M. Abou-Krisha, A. M. Etorki, F. S. Alassbaly and A. A. Maihub
Page No: 933-938