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Volume 8, Issue 2 2016: Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research

The relationship between identity styles and marriage expectations among students of Azad Science and Research University of Fars
Ali Asghar Farokhzadian, Firouzeh Ghazanfari and Zahra Mohammadi
Page No: 190-194

Oxidative stress reaction to exercise training, comparison of resistance, training exercises in men professional bodybuilders of Tehran City
Mehdi Taghva and Azadeh Yaghoubian
Page No: 538-541

Development, validation and stoichiometric studies of spectrophotometric methods for determination of six antipsychotic drugs in bulk, spiked human plasma and pharmaceutical formulations based on charge transfer complexation
Abdalla Ahmed Elshanawany, Abdelmotalb Mosaad Ramadan And Rofaida Abdelmoaty Salem
Page No: 397-412

The suspensor analysis and morphology of somatic embryo of the meristem culture of ginger
Rama R. Sitinjak
Page No: 195-201

Comparing mashed and pellet concentrate effects on reproductive performance and blood parameters of dairy cows
Mohsen Naderolasli, Amir Davar Forozande* and Akbar Pirestani
Page No: 393-396

Biological oxygen demand (BOD) removal of sugar industry waste water- A comparative study of adsorption capacity of PAC and GAC
Lakdawala M. M.
Page No: 765-772

The effect of inhibited Leishmania tropica by mitomycine\c in combination with DNA of parasites as vaccine against Leishmania tropica in Balb\c mice
Rima Aldunia, Faihaa Hkima Abou Fakher and Mohammad Maarouf
Page No: 202-207

Nano formulation: A novel approach for nose to brain drug delivery
Kuldeep Singh, Zeeshan Ahmad, Pragati Shakya, V. A. Ansari, Arun Kumar, Md. Zishan and Muhammad Arif
Page No: 208-215

New route for synthesis of pure anatase TiO2 nanoparticles via utrasoundassisted sol-gel method
Saja S. Al-Taweel and Haider R. Saud
Page No: 620-626

Synthesis and preliminary evaluation of potential highly selective COX-2 inhibitors of some nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory derivatives
Mohammed Alherwi, Sadik Almekhlafi, Abdulghany H. Ahmed and Doa├ó┬?┬?a A. Ibrahim
Page No: 542-550

Renoprotective effect of curcumin on acetaminophen-induced nephrotoxicity in rats
Amel Fouad Mohamed Ismail and Asmaa A. M. Salem
Page No: 773-779

Separation of lead (II) ions from aqueous solutions by adsorption on kaoline
S. Thillainatarajan and M. Thenkulazhi
Page No: 413-420

Corrosion inhibition effect of Allium sativum extracts on mild steel in HCl and H2SO4
Cleophas A. Loto, Roland T. Loto and Ohwofasa J. Oshogbunu
Page No: 216-230

Phytochemical screening and antioxidant activity of methanolic fraction from the leaves of Crescentia cujete L. (Bignoniaceae)
Francisco Glaudson Granja Parente, Ana Paula de Oliveira, Cristiane Maria Souza de Castro Rodrigues, Raimundo Gon├?┬žalves de Oliveira J├?┬║nior, Iza Miranda Melo Paulo, Xirley Pereira Nunes, David Marrero Delange and Jackson Roberto Guedes da Silva Almeida
Page No: 231-236

Virtual screening of enzyme inhibitory activity of active components of Spirulina fusiformis against selected enzymes involved in glycemic control
Kadar Basha S., Giridharan R., Jerine Peter S., Udhaya Lavinya B. and Evan Prince Sabina
Page No: 551-555

Neutrophil associated syndromes and periodontitis
Manjari Lalwani, Suchetha A., Darshan B. Mundinamane, Sapna N., Divya Bhat and Chitra Jayachandran
Page No: 421-427

Synthesis and characterization of some novel isoxazolyl-1,3-thiazolidin-4-ones
Ramu Kakkerla, K. Ramamurthy, M. P. S. Murali Krishna and Nerella Ashok
Page No: 780-782

Study of molecular interactions in antidepressant drug amitriptyline and benzene at different temperatures
G. H. Malimath* and C. V. Maridevarmath
Page No: 237-241

Nano structured lipid carrier based drug delivery system
Karamsetty V. M. Surya Tej, Afrasim Moin, D. V. Gowda, Anjali, Godugu Karunakar, Nikhil P. Patel and Samudrala Sai Kamal
Page No: 627-643

Synthesis, spectral, computational and biological study of Co(II), Ni(II), Cu(II) and Zn(II) complexes with azo dye derived from 4,4├ó┬?┬?-diaminodiphenylsulphone and 5-sulphosalicylic acid
S. N. Chaulia
Page No: 242-258

Application of nanogels in reduction of drug resistance in cancer chemotherapy
Vitalis B. Mbuya, N. Vishal Gupta and Tenzin Tashi
Page No: 556-561

Anti-obesity Activity of Broussonetia luzonicus (Moraceae) leaves
John Benson D. Choa, Roanne V. Lu, Mark Anteo D. Nombrado
Page No: 783-788

Fluid-Solid interaction modeling of cerebrospinal fluid absorption in arachnoid villi
M. Y. Abdollahzadeh Jamalabadi and A. J. Keikha
Page No: 428-442

Optimization of pectinase production by Aspergillus niger using orange pectin based medium
Noorhamizah Suhaimi, Solleh Ramli, Roslinda Abd Malek, Ramlan Aziz, Nor Zalina Othman, Ong Mei Leng, Mona Esawy, Amira Gamal and Hesham El-Enshasy
Page No: 259-268

Ophthalmic drug delivery by contact lenses
Pallabi Maity, Afrasim Moin, D. V. Gowda and Riyaz Ali M. Osmani
Page No: 644-651

An in silico study on the interaction between RU486, a glucocorticoid antagonist and some regulatory proteins of lipid metabolism
Priyadarshini Emayavaramban, Kalpana Kalaivanan, Jagan Kalivarathan, Sujatha P. Loganathan, Kumarasamy Peria Gounder and Anuradha Carani Venkatraman
Page No: 789-799

Optimization of directly compressible mixtures of microcrystalline cellulose and lactose granules for tablet formulation using a simplex lattice model
Chukwuma O. Agubata, Chukwuemeka N. Okeh and Ifeanyi T. Nzekwe
Page No: 7-17

Antimalarial activity of parenteral administration of eurycomanone ├ó┬?┬? artesunate combination in Plasmodium berghei infected mice
Hanifah Yusuf, Maryatun and Darma Satria
Page No: 18-22

Assessment of chromium concentrations in wastewater, soil and vegetable samples grown along Kubanni stream channels in Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria
A. U. Adamu and S. O. Oladeji
Page No: 562-570

Determination of lead (Pb) levels and an assessment of environmental health risk from the vicinity of abandoned Pb mines
Nwabueze I. Elom, S. O. Ngele, C. D. Igwebike-Ossi and I. I. Ikelle
Page No: 23-30

Antibacterial activity of substituted 2-bromo-1,4-dimethoxy-3H-phenoxazin-3-ones
Ch. Sudhakar, M. Komal Reddy, K. Rajyalakshmi and K. Raghava Raju
Page No: 571-574

Lead and cadmium induce chromosomal aberrations and DNA damage among foundry workers
Ibrahim W. Hasania, Mohamed A. El-Desouky, Nevin E. Sharaf, Alia A. Abdel Shakour, Yosri A. Fahim, Khairy A. Ibrahim and Mohamed Elhamshary
Page No: 652-661

Phytochemical constituents and pharmacological activities of Vitex negundo Linn
Suganthi N. and Sonal Dubey
Page No: 800-807

Preliminary evaluation of Sesamum radiatum leaf mucilage as release modifier in potassium chloride matrix tablets
Olubunmi Jumoke Olayemi, Habiba Sani Magaji and Terylia Susan Allagh
Page No: 31-39

Production of asiaticoside from hairy roots culture of pegagan (Centella asiatica (l.)) urban using chitosan and its derivates as elisitors
Zahanis, Mansyurdin, Zozy Aneloi Noli and Amri Bakhtiar
Page No: 808-812

Exploration on optimal conditions to reduce 3-nitrobenzene sulfonic acid with iron mud
Wang Hongmin, Guo Linlin and Zhou Zicheng
Page No: 40-42

Development of filarial vaccine by targeting stage specific proteins
V. A. Ansari, S. P. Singh, Md. Mujahid, Kuldeep Singh and Muhammad Arif
Page No: 269-274

AOC Installation for protecting olive oil from ├ó┬?┬?CHEMCHALI├ó┬?┬Ł cultivar grown in Gafsa province
Nouha Fares, Iness Jabri Karoui, Samira Sifi and Manef Abderrabba
Page No: 575-578

Batch study on the removal of humic substances in aqueous solutions by adsorption using Coula edulis nut shell activated carbon as adsorbent
Mexent Zue Mve, Thomas Makani, Jean Jacques Anguile and Fran├?┬žois Eba
Page No: 43-55

Eco-friendly water as a solvent for the one-pot synthesis of 2-aminothiazoles
C. Rajendiran, P. Nagarajan and M. Thirumala Chary
Page No: 813-820

In vitro antibacterial potential and phytochemical analysis of three species of chilli plant
Nabarun Sen, Dipak Paul and Sankar Narayan Sinha
Page No: 443-447

On water: Alum catalyzed synthesis of 3-(1H-indol-3-yl)-1,3-diphenylpropan-1-ones under microwave irradiation method
Rajendra K. Pardeshi
Page No: 275-278

Synthesis, characterization and biological evaluation of some novel carboxamide derivatives of pyrazole
Nilesh M. Thumar, Ankur A. Kaneria, Milan Vadodaria and Kartik Ladva
Page No: 662-667

(4+3) cycloaddition reactions in organic synthesis: Synthesis of Bishomomaprotiline [9,10-dihydro-9-(4-methylaminobutyl)-9,10- propanoanthracene]
Adel Al-Saeedi, Usama Karama, Mujeeb A. Sultan and Mazahar Farooquia
Page No: 279-284

APOA1 polymorphisms in relation to lipid profiles in hypercholesterolaemiac Egyptian adolescent females
Moushira Erfan Zaki, Manal Abd El-salam Somaia Ismail, Naglaa Abu-MandiHassan and Khalda Amr
Page No: 56-60

Prasugrel charactherization: Reference substance and pharmaceutical Camila Rigobello* and Martin Steppe
Camila Rigobello and Martin Steppe
Page No: 285-293

Increased productivity and access to turbo compressors in compressor stations in fourth refinery of South Pars with removal of flaring time
Mohammad Jeddi and Ali Eskandari
Page No: 61-67

Metallic contamination (Cd, Pb, Cu, Zn, Fe, Co) of the Octopus (Octopus Vulgaris Cuvier, on 1797) fished in the Mediterranean coast from the north east of Morocco
S. Karim, A. Aouniti, C. Belbachir, I. Rahhou, S. El abed and B. Hammouti
Page No: 821-828

Etiology, drugs and incidence in Cotard syndrome
Pereira V. B. and Silva-J├?┬║nior E. F.
Page No: 579-585

In vitro anti-microbial potential of Bacopa monnieri and in silico OMPX inhibitory activity of its active components
Udhaya Lavinya B., Sherry Joseph Martin, Prithviraj Jayakumar, Baishakhee Jena, Snigdha Samarpita and Evan Prince Sabina
Page No: 294-300

Microrobots propulsion system design for drug delivery
M. Y. Abdollahzadeh Jamalabadi
Page No: 448-469

Nano-SnO2 as a novel and efficient catalyst for the synthesis of 3-acyl-coumarin derivatives
Bita Baghernejad
Page No: 68-72

Potential of Liposome-incorporated Antimicrobial drugs for treatment in clinically important bacterial strains
Jainamboo M. and Praseetha P. K.
Page No: 668-677

Incidence effect by nano spinosad of the invasive tomato leafminer, Tuta absoluta Meyrick, (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae) under laboratory and field condition
Sabbour M. M. and S. M. Singer
Page No: 829-833

Curcumin and its derivatives as chemotherapeutic agents
Navdeep Kaur, Mandeep Kumar, Suruchi Dhiman, Jaspreet Kaur, Monika Devi, Ripdaman Singh, Naman Gupta, Gurleen Kaur and Arshdeep Singh
Page No: 301-318

Effective cefixime treatment in pregnant women with urinary tract infection
Laith M. Abbas Al-Huseini, Asma A. Swadi and Saba M Swadi
Page No: 73-78

Development of liposomal cosmeceuticals
Deepika Srivastava, Vaseem A. Ansari, Satya Prakash Singh, Sameer Ali and Juber Akhtar
Page No: 834-838

Synthesis and characterization of binary nanoparticle BaCrO4 via preparation of inorganic complex
Niloufar Akbarzadeh T and Akbar Tati
Page No: 319-323

Organic pollution of surface waters in the watershed of the Bouna-moussa Wadi Region (North-East Algeria)
Hanene Ramdani and Aziz Laifa
Page No: 79-85

Simultaneous determination and validation of gallic acid and quercetin in Anisomeles malabarica R. Br. Ex Sims using high performance thin layer chromatography
Sheikh Mohmad Vasim, Devadiga Navin and Hate Manish
Page No: 470-473

Development and validation of analysis method for tablet ibuprofen by thin layer chromatography-densitometry
Harrizul Rivai, Widya Kardela and Anita Kartanti
Page No: 324-329

Synthesis and characterization of hydrotalcites
Jugraj Jatav, Ramesh Jatav, Santosh Kumar Bhardwaj, Pramod Kumar Sahu and Kapil Kumar
Page No: 678-696

Bioaccumulated pesticides on shellfishes meat Corbicula sumatrana and Contradens contradens
Armein Lusi Zeswita, Vivi Fitriani and Nursyahra
Page No: 839-843

Deterioration of Karola river water quality of Jalpaiguri district, West Bengal from 2004 to 2014
Amrita Das
Page No: 474-478

Phytochemical and pharmacological screening of in vivo anti-inflammatory activity of Aegle marmelos(L.) Corr. Serr.
Mathew George, Lincy Joseph and Sreelakshmi R
Page No: 330-334

Phytochemical screening of Broussonetia luzonicus (Moraceae) leaves
Choa John Benson D, Lu Roanne V, Nombrado Mark A, Rayos Garina Kaye R, Invento Chelsea Dae and Casta├?┬▒eda Gerald
Page No: 335-338

An insight of pharmacognostic and phytopharmacology study of Adenanthera pavonina
Md. Mujahid, Vaseem A. Ansari, Anup K. Sirbaiya, Ranjan Kumar and Afreen Usmani
Page No: 586-596

Study of prescribing trends of anti-hypertensive drugs in a hospital at Jaipur
Samiksha Agarwal and Komal Sharma
Page No: 479-483

Trigonella stellate extract as corrosion inhibitor for copper in 1M nitric acid solution
A. S. Fouda, A. E. Mohamed and M. A. Khalid
Page No: 86-98

Intermolecular (4+3) cycloaddition reactions: Anthracene and its derivatives as dienes
Adel Al-Saeedi, Usama Karama, Mujeeb A. Sultan and Mazahar Farooqui
Page No: 339-347

Ameliorative effects of Zingiber officinale extracts against experimentally-induced hepatotoxicity in rats
Ozougwu J. C., Elom M. O., Obimba K. C., Obiukwu C. E. and Usanga V. U.
Page No: 597-603

The effects of hydro alcoholic extract of Boswellia carteri on reproductive hormones in male mice
Nooshin Noktedan, Mehrdad Modaresi, Akbar Karimi and Aliasghar Pilevarian
Page No: 701-704

The relation of meaning of work with organizational commitment among nurses of Isfahan educational and therapeutic centers
Zakieh Tavakoli, Narges Arsalani, Masuod Fallahi Khoshknab, Mohsen Shahriari and Akbar Biglarian
Page No: 99-105

Proliposomes: A novel approach to carrier drug delivery system
Rakesh Hiremath, D. V. Gowda, Anusha Raj, B. S. Shamant, Atul Srivastava and Afrasim Moin
Page No: 348-354

Effect of processing on amygdalin and cyanide contents of some Nigerian foods
Islamiyat Folashade Bolarinwa, Sulaiman Adebisi Olaniyan, Sogo James Olatunde, Feyisayo Temilade Ayandokun and Ifasegun Alade Olaifa
Page No: 106-113

PLGA-derived anticancer Nano therapeutics: Promises and challenges for the future
Malay K. Das, Anupam Sarma and Tapash Chakraborty
Page No: 484-499

Effects of rice husk ash as filler on the bond strength and mechanical properties of ceramic tile mortar
Ohoke Francis Okemini and Igwebike-Ossi, Clementina Dilim
Page No: 114-122

Scientific production of plant species included in the Brazilian national list of medicinal plants of interest to the unified health system (RENISUS) from 2010 to 2013
Diorge J├?┬┤natas Marmitt, Shanna Bitencourt, Amanda do Couto e Silva, Claudete Rempel and M├?┬írcia Ins Goettert
Page No: 123-132

Methanolic extract of tubers of Pueraria tuberosa Linn. ameliorates glycerol induced acute kidney injury in rats
Durgavati Yadav, Mohan Kumar├?┬ž and Yamini B. Tripathi
Page No: 133-139

Interference in vitro of Aspidosperma macrocarpum extract in the laboratory colorimetric determinations
Diogo P. C. Batista, Mariana M. Costa, Jo├?┬úo C. Gusm├?┬úo, Pedro G. V. Aquino, Jo├?┬úo X.Ara├?┬║jo-J├?┬║nior, Leandro A. Barbosa, Camilla C. Santana, Camila B. Dornelas and Luciano A. M. Grillo
Page No: 500-504

Isolation and molecular identification of Mycoplasma gallisepticum from chicken flocks
Mohamed J. Saadh and Ibrahim W. Hasani
Page No: 721-725

The relationship between differentiation of self and marriage expectations among students of Azad Science and Research University of Fars
Ali Asghar Farokhzadian, Sarah Arshadi and Ahmad Sa'adattalab
Page No: 140-144

Multiple drug resistance (MDR) and phenotypic detection of extended spectrum ├?┬▓-lactamases (ESBL) and metallo ├?┬▓-lactamases (MBL) producing enterobacteriaceae isolates of neonatal sepsis
Ronni Mol P., Aparna Y. Takpere and Prashant K. Parandekar
Page No: 145-148

Quantitative evaluation of phosphorus dissolved in the water of Bounamoussa River (North Eastern Algeria)
Soumaya Boussaha and Aziz Laifa
Page No: 505-512

The relationship between academic self-efficacy with level of education, age and sex in Lorestan University students
Fazlolah Mirderikvand
Page No: 355-358

Ghrelin: An endogenous ligand for growth hormone secretagogue receptor (GHS-R)
Shoresh Arva, Mostafa Setamdideh, Hoshyar Mohammad Amini and Ahmad Alipour
Page No: 149-158

Multi response optimization of spray characteristics of biodiesel in constant volume chamber
P. Raghu, R. Parthiban, K. Pitchandi and N. Nallusamy
Page No: 726-732

Quantitative determination of lead in trade herbal mixtures available in Syrian market
Myriam Soussanieh, M. Amer Zamrik and Rashad Mourad
Page No: 604-608

Microwave assisted novel synthesis and antibacterial evaluation of 2-[(5-{[(Z)-phenylmethylidene/phenylethylidene]amino}-1,3,4-thiadiazol-2-yl)methyl]-1H-isoindole-1,3(2H)-dione derivatives
Pravina B. Piste and Shubhangi P. Waghamale
Page No: 359-364

Synthesis, antibacterial and anticancer activity of novel bis-azetidinones
Sangeetha Meenakshisundaram, Manoj Manickam and Venkateswaran Vinayagam
Page No: 733-742

Comparative study of lipid profile in young smokers and non smokers
Jagadeesh Kumar Ega and Lakshman Kumar Ega
Page No: 513-525

New approach for the preparation of key intermediates of nadifloxacin
Anil Kumar, Bhuwan Bhashkar and Jigar Bhavsar
Page No: 609-613

Phytochemical analysis of Mentha spicata plant extract using UV-VIS, FTIR and GC/MS technique
P. K. Jain, Anjali Soni, Preeti Jain and Jeetendra Bhawsar
Page No: 1-6

Application of PCA-ANN models to spectrophotometric data for quantitative analysis of a hydrochlorothiazide and amiloride hydrochlorothiazide in pharmaceutical formulations
A. Hakan Akta├?┬? and ├?┬░kbal Demet ├?┬?nl├?┬╝
Page No: 743-749

Acute phase proteins
Chitra Jayachandran, Suchetha A., Darshan B. Mundinamane, Apoorva S. M., Divya Bhat and Manjari Lalwani
Page No: 365-370

Design, formulation and in-vitro characterization of Irbesartan solid self-nanoemulsifying drug delivery system (S-SNEDDS) prepared using spray drying technique
Ali M. Nasr, Ahmed R. Gardouh, Hassan M. Ghonaim and Mamdouh M. Ghorab
Page No: 159-183

Clarification of differential assay method of four water-soluble vitamins by reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography
Adnane Benmoussa, Hakim El Alama, Sanae Derfoufi and Amal Ait Haj Said
Page No: 750-756

Synthesis of stigmasteryl oleate, palmitate and stearate applying ethyl chloroformate as activator
Fadjar Aju Tofiana, M. Immaculata I, Elfahmib and Rahmana Emran Kartasasmita
Page No: 371-378

Formulation and evaluation of pulsatile drug delivery of fluvastatin sodium
P. Jitendra Kumara,Y.Indira Muzibband Gitanjali Misrac
Page No: 757-764

Enhancing dyeing of wool fibers with colorant pigment extracted from green algae
E. M. El-Khatib, N. F. Ali and R. S. R. El-Mohamedy
Page No: 614-619

Silver nanoparticles: Synthesis, mechanism of antimicrobial action, characterization, medical applications, and toxicity effects
Tenzin Tashi, N. Vishal Gupta and Vitalis B. Mbuya
Page No: 526-537

GPU constructed image segmentation using first order edge detection operators in CUDA environment
Sanjay Saxena, Neeraj Sharma and Shiru Sharma
Page No: 379-387

Thrombocytopenia and its causes
Bimlesh Chaudhary, Jyothi Y.* and Syed Imam Rabbani
Page No: 184-189

In vitro phytochemical screening and antibacterial activity of Amorphophallus paeonifolius (Dennst. Nicolson) against some human pathogens
Peraman Muthukumaran, Nachimuthu Saraswathy, Sivasubramani Yuvapriya, Ramesh Balan, Venkatesh Babu Gokhul and Palanikumar Indumathi
Page No: 388-392

Analysis of sub-chronic coconut oil consumption in rats meal with different lipid ratios in the diet
Ariana Amaral, Nassib Bueno, Swlamita Salvador, Fernanda Brito, K├?┬şvia Queiroz, Camilla Camerino, Camila Dornelas, Luciano Grillo, Suzana Oliveira and Terezinha Ataide
Page No: 716-720

The effects of frankincense├ó┬?┬?s hydro alcoholic extract on pituitary-gonadal axis in female mice
Mansoureh Emadi, Mehrdad Modaresi, Akbar Karimi and Aliasghar Pilevarian
Page No: 697-700