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Original Articles: 2016 Vol: 8 Issue: 2

Comparing mashed and pellet concentrate effects on reproductive performance and blood parameters of dairy cows


This study was carried out to investigate the effects of physical processing of food on reproductive performance of dairy cows and blood parameters such as glucose and beta hydroxybutyric acid. 64 dairy cows from Holstein race were divided into two groups with 32 members in each group: control group (mashed diet) and pellet diet. Formulation of diet was similar in both groups. To measure blood parameters samples were taken three times from 10 members (10 replications) of each group every 20 days. Blood sampling for measuring blood urea nitrogen was done three hours after feeding. To evaluate reproductive parameters, sampling was done form all 32 replications by veterinarian in definite days. To specify the first estrus after calving, observation was accepted. Obtained data were analyzed using SAS program. Results showed that pellet could have positive effects on this factor. The amount of betahydroxybutyric acid did not show significant differences. Also, the number of days from calving to first insemination and observing the first estrus were not affected significantly but the number of insemination for each pregnancy was affected positively by pellet diet. On the whole, pellet concentrate had positive results and can be used for more efficiency and improving farmers’ economy.