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Original Articles: 2016 Vol: 8 Issue: 2

Comparative study of lipid profile in young smokers and non smokers


A prospective study was carried to find the percentage of dyslipidemia among smokers in comparison with non smokers to study the alteration of lipid profile among smokers and non smokers. To see any dose related changes 50 male smokers and 50 male non smokers of Karimnagar District were included in this study. Serum lipid profile was analysed in all the subjects. The labeling of dyslipidemia was done according to NCEP guide lines. Dyslipidemia was present among 88% of smokers, with HDL dyslipidemia (HDL < 40 mg/dL) in 78%, LDL dyslipidemia (LDL > 130 mg/dL) in 58%, and Hyper tryglideridemia (TG > 150 mg/dL) in 58% and Total cholesterol (TC > 200 mg/dL) in50%. Dyslipidemia among smokers indicates greater risk of atherogenic disorder, which may be higher as the number of cigarettes and duration of smoking increases.