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Reviews: 2016 Vol: 8 Issue: 2

Development of filarial vaccine by targeting stage specific proteins


Brugia and Wuchereria are the mosquito born nematodes and causes major tropical disease lymphatic filariasis. More than 100 million people are infected and at risk of acute lymphangitis and elephantiasis. Vaccine against filariasis may be developed by targeting stage specific proteins like 2nd stage larval(L2) protein transglutaminase and 3rd stage larval(L3) protein abundant larval transcript-1 and -2 (ALT-1 and ALT-2). This review is based on research on targeting ALT-1 and ALT-2 protein as vaccine. The ALT-1 and ALT-2 (antigens) were developed using mRNA of larva. The peptide chains of targeting proteins were sequenced and cDNA library developed. These cDNA libraries help in development of genes of desired protein. Newly constructed genes were expressed in host (bacterial vector) and isolated by downstream processing with the help of IMAC. These isolated proteins were infected in lab animals (susceptible rodents i.e. jirds) and immune response studied. The antibody titer measured by taking spleen of test animal. The animals immunized with ALT-1 or TGA proteins shows upto 76% reduction in parasitic survival. Stage specific proteins are therefore strong candidates for a future vaccine against human filariasis.