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Original Articles: 2016 Vol: 8 Issue: 2

Increased productivity and access to turbo compressors in compressor stations in fourth refinery of South Pars with removal of flaring time


Iran ranks first in terms of natural gas reserves among the world's countries. According to statistics provided by the World Bank in 2011, Iran ranks third in the world and ranks first in the flared in the Middle East. The volume of gas production in South Pars Gas Complex will be reached 720 million cubic meters per day until 2017. Reduced flaring in refineries is of great importance in terms of wasted energy and producing environmental pollutants. In this regard, the study of reduced flaring in gas compressor station in the fourth refinery in the South Pars has been made with the start reform process and launch of Siemens turbocompressors(SGT-600). As a result of this scheme, by reducing the start of each turbocompressor unit from about one hour to about 25 minutes, the flaring 5,290,264cubic meters in per hour will reach to zero for a period of one year, and the loss of $1587079as well as the release of environmental pollutantsCO2,SOX and NOX will be prevented per year.