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Original Articles: 2016 Vol: 8 Issue: 2

Methanolic extract of tubers of Pueraria tuberosa Linn. ameliorates glycerol induced acute kidney injury in rats


Rhabdomyolysis is very common in traumatic cases and its later implications include acute kidney damage. It is a challenging task for medical doctors, so there is a need to develop newer therapeutic measures. Glycerol induced rhabdomyolysis is a standard experimental model for acute kidney injury. There is breakdown of muscles, resulting to release of excess myoglobin in the blood which induces kidney injury. Oxidative stress and local inflammation are reported to be involved in the pathogenesis. Here the protective effect of methanolic extract of Pueraria tuberosa Linn. (PT) has been investigated against glycerol (35%) induced AKI. Glycerol was injected in thigh-muscles and after 48 h; serum urea and creatinine were assessed. Catalase and superoxide dismutase activities along with lipid peroxidation were determined in the kidney homogenates. Treated group had significant changes in the lipid peroxidation, superoxide dismutase and catalase activity. Histological picture showed lesser accumulation of hyaline casts and lesser degree of tubular necrosis. Thus, it could be concluded that polar fraction of PT tuber could be an effective treatment for rhabdomyolysis induced kidney injury. Its mechanism of action involves maintenance of antioxidant activity in the target tissue.