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Reviews: 2016 Vol: 8 Issue: 2

Ophthalmic drug delivery by contact lenses


There has been considerable interest in the potential application of contact lenses for ocular drug delivery. Static barriers (different layers of cornea, sclera and retina including blood aqueous and blood retinal barriers), dynamic barriers (chroidal and conjunctival blood flow) pose a significant challenge for delivery of a drug to the eye. Current ophthalmic drug delivery systems are insufficient, especially eye drops, which allow approximately 95% of the drug contained in the drops to be lost due to absorption through the conjunctiva or through the tear drainage. The present article shows that the use of contact lenses has been a method to deliver drugs to the eye in an efficient manner. Contact lenses are emerging as an alternative ophthalmic drug delivery system to resolve the shortcomings of the conventional / topical application methods like eye drops and ointments. The advantages of using contact lenses are in dosing regimen, bioavailability and prolonging the residence time of drugs .This article shows that the contact lenses are ideal choice for ophthalmic drug delivery. This review highlights the drug delivery through contact lens based ophthalmic drug delivery systems with significant potential to use in ocular therapeutics.