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Volume 3, Issue 4 2011: Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research

Investigating the Suitability of Isomalt and Liquid Glucose as Sugar Substitute in the Formulation of Salbutamol Sulfate Hard Candy Lozenges
Rajesh Kini, Mahalaxmi Rathnanand*, Deepak Kamath
Page No: 69-75

Determination of Tb3+ Ions in Solution Samples by a Tb3+-Polyvinyl Chloride Membrane Sensor
Hassan Ali Zamani and *Mohammad Reza Abedi
Page No: 750-754

A study of the inhibitory effect of some antioxidants and EDTA synergistic effect on the adrenaline oxidation reaction
A.M.AL-Mowali and F.M.Al-Jabri1
Page No: 76-83

Synthesis and antibacterial activity of oxazaphospholan-2-ones/ thiones/ selenones
C. Bhupendra Reddya, K. Suresh Kumara, K. Uma Maheswara Raoa, B. Sankar Redddyb, C. Suresh Reddya, C. Naga Rajua, C. Devendranath Reddya*
Page No: 84-91

Theoretical study on physicochemical and geometrical properties of Doxorubicin and its different carriers such as PEG-FOL and PEO-b-PCL
S. Bagheria*, E. Taghizadeha and S. M. Hassanib
Page No: 755-759

Clinical biochemistry approaches of cardiac failure among diabetic patients
Sreenivasan R S1*, Vanitha C1, Ezhamani G1, Krishna Moorthy P2, Renganathan N G3
Page No: 92-102

Synthesis of thio schiff-base as sensing material for fabrication of Tm3+-PVC membrane sensor
Hassan Ali Zamani,a* Mohammad Reza Ganjali,b Mohammad Reza Abedi,a Masoud Salavati-Niasaric
Page No: 760-765

In vitro evaluation of free radical scavenging potential of Cassia auriculata L.
Sucheta A Gaikwad1*, Gayatri S. Kamble, Swati Devare, Nirmala. R. Deshpande and Jyoti P. Salvekar
Page No: 766-772

Spectrophotometric estimation of Valacyclovir in pharmaceutical preparations
J. Sudhakar Reddy1*, Md. S. Maqsood Ahmed1, I.E. Chakravarth2 and K. Prabhavathi3
Page No: 773-776

Evaluation of antimicrobial activity of plant extracts on antibioticsusceptible and resistant Staphylococcus aureus strains
Firdaus Jahan, Rubina Lawrence*, Vinod Kumar and Mohd. Junaid
Page No: 777-789

Kinetic study of hydrolysis of N-salicylidene-m-methyl aniline spectrophotomerically
Anil. S. Kirdanta, Vinod. A. Shelkeb, Sunil. G. Shankarwarb, Anil. G. Shankarwarc and T. K. Chondhekarb*
Page No: 790-796

Identification of Hyperactivity Glucose Uptake Inhibitor from Artificial Drugs and Plant Extracts with Reference to Diabetes Mellitus
Sreenivasan R S1*, Ezhamani G1, Vanitha C1, Krishna Moorthy P2, Renganathan N G3
Page No: 103-110

Synthesis and Antimicrobial Activity of 1-(4-aryl-2-thiazolyl) - and 1-(4-aryl-2-oxazolyl)-3,5-diaryl 2-pyrazoline derivatives
Nadia T. A. Dawood*
Page No: 111-121

Enhancement of acid tolerance of entrapped probiotic bacteria by polyoxyethylene (80) sorbitan monooleate
Suparna Dugal* and Olivia Rao
Page No: 122-128

Molecular docking analysis of compounds present in Trigonella foenum graceum with angiotensin converting enzyme insilico analysis
V. Priya, R. K. Jananie, K. Vijayalakshmi *
Page No: 129-139

Influence of interfering ions as a key parameter on response of a fabricated Tm3+ solvent polymeric membrane ion-selective electrode
Hassan Ali Zamani,* Mohammad Reza Abedi
Page No: 797-803

Preparation and in vitro evaluation of rosiglitazone maleate bi layered bio adhesive floating tablets
N. Irene*, K. Sasikanth
Page No: 140-149

A Highly Selective and sensitive Lu3+ PVC-Membrane Sensor based on Di-tert-butyl-1-(tert-butyl thio)-1,2-hydrazine dicarboxylate
Hassan Ali Zamani,* Mohammad Reza Abedi
Page No: 809-813

Investigation of response behavior of a Lu3+ ion-selective sensor in presence of interfering ions
Hassan Ali Zamani,* Mohammad Reza Abedi
Page No: 814-819

Potentiometric Tb3+-Selective Sensor Based on 1, 3-Diaminopropane- N,N,N',N'-tetraacetic acid as an Ionophore
Hassan Ali Zamani,* Mohammad Reza Abedi
Page No: 820-824

Influence of Metal Ions as Interfering Species on Potentiometric Behavior of Tb(III) Ion-Selective Electrode
Hassan Ali Zamani,* Mohammad Reza Abedi
Page No: 825-830

Effect of losartan potassium on the solubility of hydrochlorothiazide by solid dispersion technique
G.Veena* and M. Saritha
Page No: 150-158

Synthesis of some heterocyclic compounds and studies of their antimicrobial efficacy
Mitesh H. Mistry*, Shailesh J. Parmar and Geetaben C. Desai
Page No: 831-837

Studies on decolorization and xylanase production on sawdust liquid extract and studies on biobleaching activity by white rot fungi
T. Ganga Bharathi*1, N. Lakshmi1 and M. A. Singarachaya2
Page No: 838-847

Antiepileptic activity for methanolic extract of Vitex Negundo leaf against different animal models
K Pavan Kumar*, G Vidyasagar2, D Ramakrishna1, I Madhusudhana Reddy3 and VSSS Gupta Atyam 4
Page No: 159-165

Synthesis and antiinflammatory activity of novel pyrazolo [3,4-d] pyrimidines
Rama Krishna Kota1*, Krishna Kumar Kompelly1, Renuka Surampudi2 and Ravindra Kulakarni3
Page No: 848-853

In vitro antibacterial study of aqueous and methanolic extracts of some selected medicinal plants
Sachin Kumar, Hotam Singh Choudhary, Chandrabhan Seniya*
Page No: 854-860

Formulation and evaluation of extended release Metformin tablet
Sunil Kumar*, Birendra Srivastav and Sukanto Paul
Page No: 861-865

Method Development and Its Validation for Simultaneous Estimation of Timolol Maleate and Dorzolamide Hydrochloride in as API and In Ophthalmic Solution Dosage Form by RPHPLC
B. P. Nagoria, Amit Maru*b, Pankaj Muysunic and Subhash Guptad
Page No: 866-874

In vitro Antioxidant & Phytochemical Investigations of Ethanolic extracts of Viola serpens & Morus nigra
Anu Kumar*1, P. K. Chauhan2, V.S. Bhardwaj3 , Ramesh Kumar1 and Ankur Tyagi1
Page No: 166-171

Phytochemical studies and biological activities on fruits of Momordica Cochinchinensis
1D. Sai koteswar Sarma*, 2A. Venkata Suresh Babu, 3K. Rama Krishna and 3P. P. Nagoor Basha
Page No: 875-881

Design and evaluation of orodispersible taste masked valdecoxib tablets
1Ramesh Veeraveni*, 1CH Kamaeswara Rao, 1Shreedhar Nampalli, 2Y Ganesh Kumar, 2P.C.Krishna and 3Shiva Prasad M.S
Page No: 882-892

A simple spectrophotometric determination of Nevirapine in pharmaceutical dosage form
Md. S. Maqsood Ahmed1*, J. Sudhakar Reddy1, I.E. Chakravarth2 and K. Prabhavathi3
Page No: 172-176

Simultaneous determination of paracetamol and mefenamic acid in tablet dosage form by high performance liquid chromatography
Madhukar A. Badgujar* and Kiran V. Mangaonkar
Page No: 893-898

Measurement of mass and linear attenuation coefficients of gammarays of Al for 514, 662 and 1280 keV photons
Pravina P. Pawar
Page No: 899-903

Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of some new Mannich base derivatives
A. Idhayadhulla1*, R. Surendra Kumar 2, A. Jamal Abdul Nasser2 and Aseer Manilal 3
Page No: 904-911

Comparison of methylation capacity among the people from the arsenic-affected areas of West Bengal, India
Badal Kumar Mandal, Kazuo T. Suzuki, Yosumitsu Ogra, and Hideki Imai
Page No: 912-936

Synthesis, Characterization and Photophysical properties of Lanthanide (III) Complexes with dicyandiamide in 2-ethoxyethanol
N. Shantibala Devi and R. K. Hemakumar Singh*
Page No: 177-187

Development and Validation of HPLC Method for Quantification of Phytoconstituents in Phyllanthus emblica
Laxman Sawant1,*, Bala Prabhakar1, Anil Mahajan2, Nandini Pai2, Nancy Pandita1
Page No: 937-944

Immunomodulatory effect of hexane extract of Vernonia cinerea Less. trunk on human peripheral blood mononuclear cells
Thitiporn Laosim1, Siriporn Chuchawankul2 and Tewin Tencomnao3*
Page No: 188-195

Solvent Extraction of Iron(III) by Tri-n-Octyl Phosphine Oxide
A. V. L. N. S. H. Hariharan*, Ch. Sudhakar and A. Srinivasanaidu
Page No: 945-950

Transition metal complexes and their application in drugs and cosmetics â?? A Review
Warra, A.A.*
Page No: 951-958

In Vitro Effect of Thai herbal extracts with anti-psoriatic activity on the expression of caspase 9
Thitiporn Charueksereesakul1, Visa Thongrakard1 and Tewin Tencomnao2
Page No: 196-203

Electrical Conductivity of s-Acetylthiocholine Halides and Perchlorate in Acetonitrile at 40?°C
*Nasr H. El-Hammamya, Aida I. Kawanab, Marwa N.El-Hammamyc and Heba M. Moharema
Page No: 959-963

Molecular dynamics simulation of human bifunctional glutamylproyl- tRNA synthetase
Biswajit Das1, Uttam Kumar Mondal1, Pranab Ghosh2, Asim Kumar Bothra1*
Page No: 964-973

Thermodynamic studies of rare earth metal complexes with Rifampicin in mixed solvent system.
A. N. Sonar and N. S. Pawar
Page No: 1-4

Antileukemic activity of Houttuynia cordata Thunb. extracts in Jurkat and U937 human leukemic cells
Jaturawat Pawinwongchai1, Supantitra Chanprasert2
Page No: 204-212

Antimicrobial and wound healing activities of Piper hayneanum
Maria Lysete A. Bastos1, Ricardo Luiz S. Houly2, Lucia M. Conserva3*, V?¢nia S. Andrade4, Eliana Maria M. Rocha4, and Rosangela P. Lyra Lemos5
Page No: 213-222

Antiviral Activity of Plants Occurring in the State of Minas Gerais (Brazil): Part III
Geraldo C?©lio Brand?£oa, Erna G. Kroonb, Jo?£o Rodrigues dos Santosb, Jo?£o Renato Stehmannc, J?ºlio A. Lombardid, and Ala?­de Braga de Oliveiraa*
Page No: 223-236

Pharmacognostic and phytochemical studies of Thespesia populnea Linn
D. Sai Koteswar Sarma, A. Venkata Suresh Babu*
Page No: 237-244

Theoretical investigation of Glucuronide-Taxol conjugates as a useful delivery system for Taxol anti cancer agent
M. Nejatpour a,*, Z. Bayat a, S. J. Mahdizadehb
Page No: 245-248

New two carrier-Taxol as drug delivery system: A computational chemistry study
M. Nejatpour a,*, Z. Bayat a, S. J. Mahdizadehb
Page No: 249-252

Theoretical study of some physicochemical properties of paclitaxel esters of malic acid as Prodrugs with Improved Water Solubility
M. Nejatpour a,*, Z. Bayat a, S. J. Mahdizadehb
Page No: 253-256

The influence of insulin resistance on very low-density lipoprotein proteome changes in type 2 diabetes after oral high-fat meal loading: A pilot study
Siriporn Sangsuthum1, Winai Dahlan2,3,4,*, Sukrit Sirikwanpong1, Polkit Sangvanich5, Suwimol Sapwarobol2, Vanida Nopponpunth6, and Thep Himathongkam7
Page No: 257-269

Landfill practice in India: A review
Sohail Ayub* and Afzal Husain Khan**
Page No: 270-279

Solubility Enhancement of Opthalmic Indomethacin
Sunisha Kulkarni1, Surya Prakash Gupta2, Neeraj Upmanyu3, S. D. Tonpay1
Page No: 280-284

A Green Protocol for Erlenmeyer Pl?¶chl Reaction by Using [bmIm]OH
S. G. Patil*, R. R. Bagul, V. M. Kamble and V. A. Navale
Page No: 285-290

Evaluation of aqueous extract of Roots of Carica papaya on wound healing activity in albino Rats
*Prashant Tiwari1, Kuldeep Kumar2, Rajnikant Panik3, Alok Pandey4, Ashish Pandey4, Pratap Kumar Sahu5
Page No: 291-295

Topological Descriptor Based QSAR Study of Benzamidine as Inhibitor of Thrombin
Prabhat Kumar*, Preeti Singh and J. P. Singh
Page No: 296-303

Differential responses of growth, antioxidant enzymes and oxidative stress in two species of Azolla (Azolla microphylla and Azolla pinnata) exposed to pretilachlor and enhanced UV-B radiation
Sheo Mohan Prasad and Sushil Kumar
Page No: 974-985

Fluorimetric and colorimetric methods for the determination of some antimigraine drugs
Ramzia.I. El-Bagary a*, Nashwah G. Mohammed b, Heba A. Nasr b
Page No: 304-314

Review: Novel Target for Cancer Therapy
Dholakia S. P*., Suhagia B. N., Patel A. K. , Kapupara P. P., Sureja D. K.
Page No: 315-332

Formulation and In-vitro Evaluation of Immediate release tablets of Drotaverine HCl
A.K. Tiwari1, H. Shah1, A. Rajpoot1*, Manmohan Singhal2
Page No: 333-341

Isolation and antibacterial susceptibility testing of multi drug resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa causing urinary tract infections
Ankur Tyagi1*, V. Singh2, Munish Bharadwaj1, Anu Kumar2 and Keshav Thakur1.
Page No: 342-347

Screening of bacteria responsible for the spoilage of milk
V. Singh*1, Seema Kaushal2, Ankur Tyagi2, Poonam Sharma2
Page No: 348-350

Evaluation of analgesic and anti-inflammatory activities and phytochemical screening of the leaves extract of Paullinia pinnata (Sapindaceae)
1*L. D. IOR, 1M. O. UGURU, 2P. N. OLOTU, 2T. L. OHEMU and 3A. UKPE
Page No: 351-356

Ammoxidation of methyl N-heteroaromatic compounds over vanadium phosphorus oxide based catalysts
Manohar Basude
Page No: 357-369

Theoretical study on physicochemical and geometrical properties of the anti-cancer drugs Doxorubicin and Daunorubicin
S. Bagheria,*, Z. Bayata, S. J. Mahdizadehc, E. Taghizadehb
Page No: 370-374

The Application of Single Wall Carbon Nanotube to Synthesis Glucose Biosensor
Afshin. Farahbakhsh,a,* Hassan Ali Zamani,b
Page No: 381-388

Investigation of interfering ions effect on a gadolinium(III) PVC membrane sensor
Hassan Ali Zamani
Page No: 389-393

Effect of dietary tocotrienols (Tocomin) and lovastatin on ex vivo and Cu++- mediated in vitro susceptibility of LDL, sd-LDL and lb-LDL to oxidation in absence or presence of glucose in diabetic-hyperlipidemic rats
Amir Khan*1,2
Page No: 394-403

Development and validation of HPLC method for determination of prasugrel in bulk and its pharmaceutical formulation
B. Mohammed Ishaq1, K. Vanitha Prakash1* and G. Krishna Mohan2
Page No: 404-409

The system SLN-Dextran hydrogel: An application for the topical delivery of Ketoconazole
Patrizia Paolicellia, Federica Correntea, Daniela Serricchioa, Felice Cerretoa, Stefania Cesaa, Beatrice Titab, Federica Vitalib, Felicia Diodata Dâ??Auriac, Giovanna Simonettic, Maria Antonietta Casadei*a
Page No: 410-421

Separation & identification of simple sugar metabolites from nonedible Pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) via TLC and on-line Electrospray Mass Spectrometry
S. Chandraju1, R. Mythily1 and C. S. Chidan Kumarâ?¡
Page No: 422-429

Root and Stem anatomy of Naregamia alata
Queen Rosary SheelaX1*, Arockiasamy P2, Kanmani R1, Charles A1, Alex Ramani V1
Page No: 430-435

Antimicrobial and antioxidant activities of condensed tannin from Rhizophora apiculata barks
Suraya Sulaiman3, Darah Ibrahim1 , Jain Kassim2 and Lim Sheh-Hong1*
Page No: 436-444

Apatite forming ability of bivalve (Meretrix)-peek composite material
G. V. Pandiana, C. Panneerselvamb, Dr. P. Anbusrinivasanc , Dr. P. C. Jobe Prabakard and R. Jayaraja
Page No: 445-451

Usefulness of Biomaterial prepared from Dry leaves of Pinus gerardiana in the removal of Nickel(II) from aqueous solution
Sudha Mathpala, P. Joshib, Renu Loshalia*, B. Chandraa, N. Chandraa and N. D.Kandpala
Page No: 452-459

Phytoconstituents evaluation by GC-MS and anti-hyperglycemic activity of Cynodon dactylon on streptozotocin induced diabetes in rats
R.K. Jananie, V. Priya, K. Vijayalakshmi*
Page No: 460-466

Assessment of copper residue in cocoa pods and beans in cocoa growing areas in the central region of Ghana
1J. K. Koka*, 1D. K. Dodoo, 2P. K. Kwakye and 1J. Kambo- Dorsa
Page No: 467-471

Taste Masking of Ondansetron Hydrochloride and Formulation of Fast Dissolving Tablets
Bhatt Shailendra*1and Trivedi Priti2
Page No: 472-484

Acoustic and volumetric properties of substituted heterocyclic compounds in dioxane-water mixture at 303K
A. N. Sonar
Page No: 485-489

Antibacterial activity of azo compounds synthesized from the natural renewable source, cardanol
S. Gopalakrishnan*, N. T. Nevaditha* and C. V. Mythili**
Page No: 490-497

Optimization of culture conditions for Keratinase production in Streptomyces sp. JRS19 for Chick feather wastes degradation
T. Jayalakshmi*1, P. Krishnamoorthy1, G. Ramesh kumar2, P. Sivamani3
Page No: 498-503

Synthesis of novel Schiff bases and its transition metal complexes
M. Mustapha, B. R. Thorat, Sudhir Sawant, R. G. Atram and Ramesh Yamgar*
Page No: 5-9

Synthesis, characterization and biological studies of Co(II), Ni(II), Cu(II) and Zn(II) complexes of Schiff bases derived from 3-formyl-2-mercaptoquinolines
Narayanachara,b and Shreedhar D. Dhumwada,*
Page No: 504-517

Biological effect of melamine and its derivative contaminated food products
Kanagathara.N*1, Thirunavukkarasu.M1, Shenbagarajan.P2
Page No: 518-523

Theoretical study on physicochemical and geometrical properties of DOX-GA3 and DOX-mGA3
S. Bagheria*, S. M. Hassania, S. J. Mahdizadehb
Page No: 524-527

Effects of aqueous extract of Hibiscus sabdariffa L. calyces on liver marker enzymes of phenobarbitone-induced adult wistar albino rats
UBANI, Chibuike Samuel; JOSHUA, Parker Elijah and ANIEKE, Ugochukwu C.
Page No: 528-537

Amino Acid Content and Proximate Analysis of the Ethanol Seed Extract of Vigna unguiculata Used in the Management of Sickle Cell Disease
*EGBA, Simeon I.; UZOEGWU, Pete N.; EMMANUEL Tufon N. and JOSHUA, Parker Elijah
Page No: 538-541

In vitro evaluation of antifungal activity of Psoralea corylifolia L. (seeds) and its different fractions on seed borne fungi of maize
1Kiran. B*, 2Lalitha. V. and 3Raveesha. K. A.
Page No: 542-550

Fabrication of Eu3+ Polymeric Membrane Ion-Selective Sensor
Hassan Ali Zamani,a,* Neda Rohani,a Mohammad Reza Abedi,a Soraia Meghdadi,b
Page No: 551-555

Study of interfering ions on a constructed Eu(III) ion selective electrochemical sensor
Hassan Ali Zamani,a,* Neda Rohani,a Mohammad Reza Abedi,a Soraia Meghdadi,b
Page No: 556-560

Prediction of Henry's Law Constant of Benzimidazole derivatives Using Quantum Chemical calculation
S. Qaneinasab and Z. Bayat*
Page No: 561-564

Computational approaches to the predication of the octanol-water partition coefficient (LogPo/w)
S. Vahdani and Z. Bayat*
Page No: 565-575

Comparisons of different antibiotics effect on the Acinetobacter baumannii by minimum inhibit concentration (MIC) method
A. R. Reyhani Yassavoli*1, Z. Bayat2 and A. Sadegian3
Page No: 576-578

Assessment of the status of micronutrients in Nagapattinam district, Tamilnadu
*A. Arokiyaraj, R. Vijayakumar and P. Martin Devaprasath
Page No: 10-16

Density Functional Theory Study of Henry's Law Constant on the Benzimidazole derivatives
S. Qaneinasaba and Z. Bayatb*
Page No: 579-582

Tb3+-PVC Membrane Sensor Based on 1,4-bis[o-(furan-2- carboxamidophenyl)]-1,4-dithiobutane as a sensing material
Hassan Ali Zamani,a,* Sara Ghanei-Nasab,a Mohammad Reza Abedi,a Soraia Meghdadi,b
Page No: 583-588

Altering the electronic properties of adamantane through encapsulating small particles
Z. Bayat* and M. lalroshan
Page No: 589-595

Kinetic Study on Imidazolium Dichromate Oxidation of benzyl alcohols â?? Non linear Hammettâ??s Plot
K. G. Sekar1 and C. L. Edison raj2*
Page No: 596-601

Evaluation of Panchakarma as an Ayurvedic Line of Treatment in the Management of Psoriasis
Manoj K Shamkuwar1*, Yogita K Shrivas2, Lalchand Jaiswal3
Page No: 17-21

Synthesis, spectral characterization, molecular modeling and biological activity of first row transition metal complexes with Schiff base ligand derived from chromone-3-carbaldehyde and o-amino benzoic acid
Mendu Padmaja; J. Pragathi and C. Gyana Kumari*
Page No: 602-613

Comparative study of primary metabolites in different plant parts of Clitoria ternatea Linn
Selvamaleeswaran Ponnuswamy1* and Wesely Jebasingh Devairrakam E.G2
Page No: 614-617

Effect of metal ions on efficiency of a fabricated Tb(III) PVC membrane electrode
Hassan Ali Zamani,a,* Sara Ghanei-Nasab,a Mohammad Reza Abedi,a Soraia Meghdadi,b
Page No: 625-629

Application of N,Nâ??-bis(pyridine-2-carboxamido)-2-aminobenzylamine in construction of a new Tm3+ polymeric membrane ion-selective sensor
Hassan Ali Zamani,a,* Somayeh Harimi,a Mohammad Reza Abedi,a Soraia Meghdadi,b
Page No: 630-635

Flash release oral films of metoclopramide hydrochloride for pediatric use: Formulation and in-vitro evaluation
S. Raju *1, P. Sandeep Reddy 1, V. Anirudh Kumar 1, A. Deepthi 1, K. Sreeramulu Reddy 2 and P.V. Madhava Reddy 3
Page No: 636-646

Invitro assessment of free radical scavenging activity of Cynodon dactylon
R. K. Jananie, V. Priya and K. Vijayalakshmi
Page No: 647-654

A Validated LC Method for the Determination of Chiral Purity of (S)-2-azido-3-methylbutanoic acid: A key Raw material of Valganciclovir hydrochloride
Ch. Surya Naga Malleswara Rao1, K. Srinivas1, M. V. Suryanarayana1, P. Madhavan2* and K. Mukkanti 3
Page No: 22-28

Organoleptic properties in-vitro and in-vivo pharmacological activities of Calendula officinalis Linn: An over review
Mukesh Kr. Singh*, Pankaj Sahu, K. Nagori, D. Dewangan, T. Kumar. A. Alexander, H. Badwaik and D.K Tripathi
Page No: 655-663

Dysprosium(III) polyvinyl chloride membrane sensor: A study of interfering ions effect on efficiency of sensor
Hassan Ali Zamani,a,* Noshin Mehrabian,a Mohammad Reza Abedi,a Soraia Meghdadi,b
Page No: 664-669

Potentiometric selectivity coefficients of a created Tm3+ PVC membrane sensor
Hassan Ali Zamani,a,* Somayeh Harimi,a Mohammad Reza Abedi,a Soraia Meghdadi,b
Page No: 670-675

Study of molecular interactions in the mixtures of secondary alcohols with equimolar mixture of ethanol + formamide from acoustic and thermodynamic parameters
K. Sreekantha, D. Sravana Kumarb, M. Kondaiaha and D. Krishna Raoa*
Page No: 29-41

One-pot synthesis of Ï?-bromoesters from aromatic aldehydes and diols using phenyltrimethylammonium tribromide
Shankar Poshatti Hangirgekar* and Sanjay Govindrao Shirodkar
Page No: 676-679

The estimation of the solubility of the DOX-PLGA-PEG, DOXPLGA and Doxorubicin based on theoretical study
S. Bagheria*and S. M. Hassanib
Page No: 680-683

Prevelance of diabetes in Vellore district, Tamil Nadu, India
Murugesh Shivashankar # Mani Dhandayuthapani
Page No: 684-696

Molecular Geometries of the Doxorubicin-PLGA Complex, Based on Theoretical Study
S. Bagheria*, Z. Bayata, S. J. Mahdi Zadehc,E.Taghizadehb
Page No: 42-48

Response characteristics of Dy3+ ion selective electrodes based on N,Nâ??-bis(naphthalidene)-2-aminobenzylamine
Hassan Ali Zamani,a,* Noshin Mehrabian,a Mohammad Reza Abedi,a Soraia Meghdadi,b
Page No: 697-702

Study of plant growth regulating activity of (2-chlorophenyl) (5-(2-hydroxyphenyl)-3-(pyridin-3-yl)-1H-pyrazol-4-yl) methanone and its Fe (III) and Cu (II) complexes on Trigonella foenum-graecum
S. D. Deosarkar1*, S. A. Chavan2 and Avinash L. Puyad1
Page No: 703-706

First Total Synthesis of Three Anti-tyrosinase Activity Prenylated Flavanones from Dalea boliviana
B.Venkateswara Rao, K. Ramanjaneyulu*, T. Bhaskara Rao and T.Rambabu.
Page No: 49-54

Preparation and Evaluation of Antimicrobial Herbal based Incense Sticks for Fumigation against infectious bacteria
Anuja B. Raut*1, Anisha N Shah1, S. A. Polshettiwar1 and B. S. Kuchekar2
Page No: 707-712

Formulation and Evaluation of Mouth Dissolving Tablets of Dicyclomine HCl with Enhanced Bioavailability
Gupta S.C.*, Gurjar R., Khambete H., C K Sudhakar., Jain S.
Page No: 59-61

Chemistry of Phosphonium Ylides. Part 35. Reaction of Trimethyl Tinazide with Phosphonium Ylides. Synthesis of Antitumor Phosphanylidene Stannanyl Triazole and Triazene Compounds
Soher S. Maigali, Mansoura A. Abd-El-Maksoud and Fouad M. Soliman*
Page No: 713-721

Septrofluorometric, Spectrophotometric and LC Determination of Irbesartan
Ramzia I. El-Bagary, Hanaa M. Hashem, Waleed A. Ebeid*
Page No: 722-733

Synthesis and Evaluation of Some Novel Furocoumarin Derivatives for Radical Scavenging Profile and Cytotoxic Studies
Y.Sri Ranganath*, V. Harinadha Babu, G. Sandeep1 and R. Parameshwar
Page No: 62-68

Effects of the Call with the Mobile Phone on Heart Rate Variability Parameters of healthy young people
Awdah Al-hazimi
Page No: 734-740

Synthesis, characterization and antimicrobial activity of novel schiff base and its transition metal complexes derived from 4-acetyl-3- methyl-1-phenyl-2-pyrazolin-5-one with 2-amino-4-phenyl thiazole
K. T. Joshi1, A. M. Pancholi1, K. S. Pandya2* and A. S. Thakar2
Page No: 741-749