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Volume 8, Issue 8 2016: Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research

Cost Effective Production of Cellulase using Nonsterile Fermentation Technique
Anshul Joshi, Neeta Raj Sharma and Mahiti Gupta
Page No: 32-38

Experimental design based development of a liquid chromatographic method for the quantification and validation of related substances in bromfenac Sodium in Bulk drugs
Vishnu Vardhana Rao G., V. Srinivasa Rao and K. Ramakrishna
Page No: 695-705

Removal of flouride from wastewater using Aegle marmelos fruit shell as adsorbent
R. S. A. Sorna Kumar, R. J. Hariprasanth, M. Prem Siddharth, D. Jansirani and S. Lakshmi Praba
Page No: 905-908

Chemical and medico biological applications of the genus Costus (Gingers)
Anusha Ajayakumar, KR Sini and Sreekanth MC
Page No: 453-458

Blood Pressure, Cholesterol and Triglycerides Level Changes in Short Term Green Tea Consumption Persons in South Indian Population
E. Prabhakar Reddy, B. Sai Ravi Kiran, T. Mohana Lakshmi, S. L. V. Sankeerthi Ch. and Dwarakanath
Page No: 345-349

Effects of modified nano-particles on the mechanical properties of SiO2/PI composite
Hui Zhang and Jiachu Xu
Page No: 39-44

Bioactivities of extracts from Eugenia uniflora L. branches
Felipe Valente Fernandes, Luciana Segheto, Bruna Celeida Silva Santos,Glauciemar Del-Vechio-Vieira, C├?┬ęlia Hitomi Yamamoto, Ana L├?┬║cia Santos Matos Ara├?┬║jo,M├?┬şrian Pereira Rodarte and Orlando Vieira de Sousa
Page No: 1054-1062

Acoustical and thermo dynamical studies of binary liquid mixtures of Tri-n-Butyl Phosphate and Benzene at different temperatures
Manaswini Mishra, Upendra Nath Dash and Nandita Swain
Page No: 909-914

Factors might increase toxicity of tetrodotoxin
Canh Le V, Tu Quach T and Tu Nguyen HK
Page No: 459-463

Synthesis, characterization and biological studies of sulfadiazine drug based transition metal complexes
Radha S, Mothilal K. K, Thamaraichelvan A and Elangovana
Page No: 202-211

Papaya leaf carbon: Its characterization and capacity as an adsorbent towards H+
Chaithra P. and J. Ishwara Bhat
Page No: 706-715

A Studies about synthesis, characterization and antibacterial activities of newly synthesized coumarin derivatives
M. Vetriselvan, D. Kalyanasundharam, N. Deepa and K. Babu
Page No: 1063-1065

Influence Ability of Motor Learning from Laterality Using Mental Exercise in Right-Handed People
Ayda Ravarian, Farhoud Saeid Ershadi
Page No: 716-723

Anti-biofilm activities of Lactobacillus acidophilus against Staphylococcus aureus ATCC 25923
Dung Nguyen, Trang Huynh and Tu Nguyen
Page No: 464-467

Comparison of conjugated linoleic acid production in Bifidobacterium sp. and Lactobacillus acidophilus probiotic yoghurt
Kianoush Khosravi-Darani, Dina Karamad, Houshang Nikoopour and Seyedeh Fatemeh Seyed Reyhani
Page No: 45-53

UV spectrophotometric derivative methods for estimation of fexofenadine hydrochloride in bulk drug and pharmaceutical dosage form
Rajan V. Rele
Page No: 350-356

Study erositive rain: The case of station Mostaganem (Algeria)
Boualem Abdelkader and Kouri Lakhdar
Page No: 54-58

Microwave radiation induced surface modification of silk fibers with methylmethacrylate and acrylonitrile monomers through graft-copolymerization
Himanshu Kapoor, A. S. Singha and Mainika Kapoor
Page No: 212-217

Synthesis and biological evaluation of 2├ó┬?┬▓-hydroxy-retro-chalcone derivatives as antituberculosis agent
Noviany, Hasnah Osman, Suriyati Mohamad and Thaigarajan Parumasivam
Page No: 468-474

Determination of naltrexone based on its enhancement effect in the chemiluminescence reaction of Ru (phen)3 2+ with acidic cerium(IV)
Maryam Koohsariana, Ali Mokhtari, Shabnam Hooshmanda, Jalal Niazia, Mohsen Keyvanfardb, Masoud Yavaria and Ahmad Kiaalvandia
Page No: 1066-1073

A New Perspective on the Use of Phaleria macrocarpa in the Management of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases: A Research Review
Isabela Anjani and Raymond R. Tjandrawinata
Page No: 724-729

In vivo investigation of bone marrow stimulating activity of Agaricus bisporus (white button mushroom)
Pravin R. Tirgar and Lambhiya Shraddha
Page No: 357-359

Alopecia: introduction and overview of herbal treatment
Kuldeep Singh, Faisal Saeed, Zeeshan Ahmad, Farogh Ahsan and Pragati Shakya
Page No: 59-64

Sequential optimization by statistical designs for levansucrase and levan production by Bacillus subtilis M and its evaluation of antioxidant activity
Mona A. Esawy, Amal M. Hashem, Eman F. Ahmed, Hanan A. A. Taie, Abeer A. Abd El Aty, Bassem M. Salama, Amira A. Gamal and Ghada E. A. Awad
Page No: 475-485

Synthesis and characterization of ├?┬▓-Lactam compounds
Safa Thaer Flayyih Ali and Hasan Th. Ghanim
Page No: 730-738

Biosafety: Microbiological analysis of jackets of university students of health courses
Isabela Ribeiro Pinto, Tiago Lima Sampaio, Marilia Lima de Holanda, Edilson Martins Rodrigues Neto, Lidia Audrey Rocha Valadas Marques, Marcia Oliveira Coelho Campos, Nadia Accioly Pinto Nogueira and Renata de Sousa Alves
Page No: 218-222

Study of Sum Physical and Biological Parameters of 5, 5├?┬»-((Pentane-2,4-Diylidene bis (-1-yl-1Yalideneazan)) bis (1,3,4-Thiadazole-2-thiol) by Density Functional Theory
Saad A. H. Hiswa and Duraid T. O. Alkanabi
Page No: 65-70

Media optimization and growth parameters for the production of L-asparaginase enzyme from bacterial isolate
Trilokchandran B, Pushpa Agrawal and Krishna V
Page No: 223-228

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation improved the nociceptive component of low back pain, while presenting no effect on its neuropathic component
Gabriela Rocha Lauretti, Rogerio Costa Franco, Marcelo Antunes and Veridiana Marques Rebello Zuccolotto
Page No: 486-490

Synthesis, characterization and humidity sensor application of Poly(methylorange) based triblock copolymer
A. Murugesan, K. Jeevanandham, S. Palanikumar and R. Anbarasan
Page No: 71-81

Synthesis and electrical properties of ZnO-ITO and Al-ITO thin film by spin coating technique through sol gel process
Hardeli, Hary Sanjaya and Rahadian Zainul
Page No: 915-921

Hyaluronan production in Streptococcus thermophilus
Thien Pham VM and Tu Nguyen HK
Page No: 491-494

Connectivity indices of some famous dendrimers
Najmeh Soleimani, Esmaeel Mohseni and Niloofar Maleki
Page No: 229-235

Hemoglobin concentration measurement based on magnetic sensor
Ahmad Aminudin, Mitra Djamal, Suprijadi and Daryono Hadi Tjahyono
Page No: 922-928

Slip flow and heat transfer through a rarefied nitrogen gas between two coaxial cylinders
Souheila Boutebba and Wahiba Kaabar
Page No: 495-501

Effect of different pretreatment methods on production of reducing sugars from tamarind kernel powder
Asheesh Padiyar, Sachin Hegde, Abhishek K., Madhav Bhutada and Jagadish H. Patil
Page No: 929-932

Sample didactic model of forming competence in the subject, in the education of chemistry and environment protection
Galcheva Petinka
Page No: 236-240

Selenium-rich Tea's Potential Apply Value as Sports Supplements
Bo Yin
Page No: 82-84

Rheological properties of Zodo gum exudates as a function of concentration,temperature, pH, salt and sucrose
H. Reza Mozafari and G. Hossein Mohebbi
Page No: 1165-1170

Differentiation of Leuconostoc mesenteroides media modified with different sugars
Dung V. Nguyen, Tuan Q. Nguyen and Tu H. K. Nguyen
Page No: 502-506

Synthesis of bioethanol from tamarind seeds using marine strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Asheesh Padiyar, Sachin Hegde, Abhishek K., Madhav Bhutada and Jagadish H. Patil
Page No: 933-937

Obesity effect on xanthine oxidoreductase activities in gallstone patients
Jwan Abdulmohsin Zainulabdeen and Huda Ghazi Naser
Page No: 1171-1175

Protective efficacy of Emodin on the expression of inflammatory and angiogenic markers in experimental oral carcinogenesis
Asokan Manimaran, Shanmugam Manoharan, Renganathan Selvasundaram, Rajamanickam Buddhan and Mani Neelakandan
Page No: 507-513

Synthesis, characterization and polymerization of new maleimides containing pendant 1,3,4-oxadiazole moiety
Ahlam Marouf Al-Azzawi and Hiba K. Yaseen
Page No: 241-247

Antimicrobial evaluation of methanolic extract from flower of Securinega leucopyrus (AEFSL): A medicinal approach
Trimurti L. Lambat, Sevak B. Gurubaxanib, Kalpana P. Ghoshalc, Sanjay M. Meshramc, Ashish S. Gadwec, Sudhir V. Bhandarkarc and Kamlesh B. Bahekarc
Page No: 938-942

Synthesis of Some Imidazo[1,2-a]pyrazine derivatives and evaluation of their antimicrobial activity
Darshitkumar M. Dave, Dharmesh Pansuriya, A. H. Bapodra and K. D. Ladva
Page No: 514-517

Tetraaza macrocyclic complexes: Synthesis, elucidation, antibacterial and antifungal studies
E. C. Ohaekenyem, V. I. Onwukeme, F. B. Okoye, J. T. Okonkwo and C. T. Onyema
Page No: 248-254

Synthesis of fesoterodine: An enantiopure active pharmaceutical ingredient (API)
Veerareddy Arava and Sreenivasulareddy Bandatmakuru
Page No: 518-538

Isolation and characterization of n-hexadecanoic acid from Canthium parviflorum leaves
K. Radha Krishnan, F. James and A. Mohan
Page No: 614-617

Catalyst free synthesis of imidazoles: Characterization and its antimicrobial activity
L. Sarala, J. Princy Merlin and E. Elanthamilan
Page No: 255-258

Multi-class pesticide residues in apple (Malus domestica), pyrus (Pyrus calleryana), grapes (Vitis vinifera), sweet orange (Citrus sinensis) and guava (Pasidum guajava) fruits by gas chromatography
Devendra Kumar and Preeti Kulshrestha
Page No: 539-545

Synthesis, crystal structure and antibacterial activity of a Mn(III)-Co(III) cocrystallized Schiff base complex
Manas Layeka, Mahendra Ghosha, Rajat Sahab and Debasis Bandyopadhyay
Page No: 618-625

Ultrasonic studies of Some Transition Metal Acetates with Poly Ethylene Glycol at 303K
A. Sherif and S. Chidambara Vinayagam
Page No: 948-957

Pharmacognostic standardization of Calocybe indica: A medicinally sound mushroom
Krishnendu Acharya, Payel Mitra and Subhadip Brahmachari
Page No: 743-748

The comparative effect of hydro alcoholic extract of passion flower and fluoxetine on depression symptoms in mice by the tail suspension test
Zahra Dalvand, Mehrdad Modaresi and Ilnaz Sajjadian
Page No: 546-549

Optimization of Tonality of the Viscose Fabrics Treated by Using Clay Nanoparticles
Mahbubeh Asal, Ali Nazari and Seyed Javad Derakhshan
Page No: 958-964

Mineral release processes and mechanisms of raw coal from Feicheng, China
Lou Junpeng, Lou Huajun and Liang Kang
Page No: 626-632

Synthesis and antimicrobial studies of some new [2-methoxy-4-(3-alkyl/ary)-4,5-dihydro-1H-1,2,4-triazol-5-one-4-yl)-azomethinphenyl] acetates with their antioxidant activities
Haydar Y├?┬╝ksek, Abd├?┬╝lmelik Aras, Murat Beytur, Sevda Manap, ├?┬?zlem G├?┬╝rsoy-Kol and Muzaffer Alkan
Page No: 550-556

Optical and dielectric behavior of NiO: Zn quantum dots
C. Thangamani and K. Pushpanathan
Page No: 749-757

Improvement of Tonality in Viscose Fabric Prepared with Clay Nanoparticles to Produce Shawl
Mahbubeh Asal, Ali Nazari and Seyed Javad Derakhshan
Page No: 965-974

Spectrophotometric determination for chromium (III) and cobalt (II) with 4-(nitro phenyl azo imidazole) (NPAI) as organic reagent
Sh. M. Eassa
Page No: 85-92

Research on the cultivation of students' creative ability in computer science
Li Tu and Chi Zhang
Page No: 557-563

Synthesis and characterization of hierarchical nickel oxide (NiO) nanoparticles and its application in modified carbon paste electrode for electrochemical detection of biomolecules
S. R. Kiran Kumara, K. Yogesh Kumarb, G. P. Mamathac , H. B. Muralidharad, M. S. Ananthaa, S. Archanab and T. N. Vinuth Rajb
Page No: 633-639

The anticorrosion activity of dibutyltin(IV) and diphenyltin(IV) dihydroxybenzoate compounds towards HRP mild steel in NaCl
Sutopo Hadi, Hapin Afriyani, Hardoko Insan Qudus and Noviany
Page No: 975-980

Preformulation studies on combination of ornidazole and doxycycline in pharmaceutical dosage forms: Infra-red spectroscopy and simultaneous ultra-violet method development
Sarita Kumari Yadav and Brahmeshwar Mishra
Page No: 564-573

Biologically Synthesized Quercetin Loaded Magnetite Nanoparticles Enhanced Cytotoxicity and Radiosensitivity of Cancer Cells in Vitro
S. A. Elmasry, M. A. Elgawish, *O. E. El-Shawy, M. A. Askar, E. A. Helmy and L. A. Rashed
Page No: 758-771

Nanotechnology: Applications in pharmaceutical drug delivery systems
Budhwar Vikaas, Brahamdutt and Choudhary Manjusha
Page No: 259-265

Structural and optical characterization of molybdenum oxide thin film synthesized by thermal evaporation method
Rajesh Kumar
Page No: 574-576

Hepatoprotective and antioxidant activity of ethanolic extract of Anisochilus carnosus whole plant against paracetamol induced liver injury
Rajeev Yadav, Anil K. Yadav, Pushpesh K. Mishra, S. Goswami and Chandana V. Rao
Page No: 1176-1181

Determination of calcium content in shells of gastropod snails of Ramayapatnam beach of Andhra Pradesh
V. Koteswara Rao, J. S. Kiran Kumar, M. V. Bhaskar Reddy and C. V. Narasimha Murthy
Page No: 577-580

Qualitative phytochemical analysis of the leaf of Moringa oleifera lam. from three climatic zones of Nigeria
Adamu Aliyu, Ugwu Darlington Chukwuma, Egharevba Henry Omoregie and Kunle Oluyemisi Folashade
Page No: 93-101

Efficacy of dietary incorporation of Trogoderma granarium treated with Calotropis procera extract on the growth of Paederus fuscipes
Sudhakar Gupta, Harpreet Singh andMonika Gupta
Page No: 981-984

Antioxidant effect of plant extracts of the leaves of Tithonia diversifolia (Hemsl.) A. Gray on the free radical DPPH
Mayara Tania P.1, Deisiane Del Castilo B.2, Christopher Douglas Serr├?┬úo P.2, Alex Bruno Lobato R.3, Ryan da Silva R.3, Flavia de Oliveira P.2,Paula Stefany Ferreira S.2, N├?┬║bia Priscila Leite T├?┬ívora2 and Sheylla Susan Moreira da Silva de A.
Page No: 1182-1189

Effects of filler contents and surface treatments on morphology, dielectric and mechanical properties of polyvinylchloride reinforced with date stones
Amel Mohamed Ben Ali, Ali Gasmi, Pierre Magri, Amar Boukerrou and Nesrine Amouchi
Page No: 772-782

Isolation and screening of xylanolytic fungi from natural habitat in Khandesh region of Maharashtra, India
Mayur L. Sushir, Ketan P. Narkhede, Rahul C. Salunkhe and Sharddha R. Patil
Page No: 581-586

Novel gastroretentive mucoadhesive pulsatile tablet for Verapamil hydrochloride
Navya Bhukya and Rajeshri Dhurke
Page No: 1190-1198

RP-HPLC method for the determination of cabazitaxel in bulk and injection dosage form
Suresh Kumar Raju Vidyadharani and Ravoori Sreenivasulu
Page No: 587-592

Comparing Some Blood Indices in Term and Pre Term Childbirth in Women of Farideh Behbahani Maternity Center of Behbahan
Vahideh Bahoosh, Abdollah Poursamad and Azizolla Pourmahmoudi
Page No: 985-988

Pesticides for agricultural use in the province of Ben Slimane, Morocco: Inventory, toxicity and physicochemical quality of groundwater
O. Benabbi, E. Elazzouzi, M. Fekhaoui and A. Bellaouchou
Page No: 266-275

The effect of microhabitat on qualitative characteristics of the wild jujube Ziziphus lotus (L.) Desf. Libyan honey type
Nisrin El abidi and Salem El shatshat
Page No: 1199-1202

Detection of vitamins produced by plant-isolated Lactobacillus rhamnosus PN04
Tu Nguyen
Page No: 593-595

Studies on effect of marine actinomycetes on amido black (azo dye) decolorization
M. Mohamed Mahroop Raja, A. Raja, S. Mohamed Salique and P. Gajalakshmi
Page No: 640-644

Mercury induced complementary effects of chromosome stickinessand impairs meiosis
Preeti Rai and Sangeeta Dayal
Page No: 783-785

Synthesis Ca3(PO4)2 from tuna fish bone and potential as a catalyst in the transesterification reaction for biodiesel production
I. Wayan Sutapa, Rosmawaty and Adriani Bandjar
Page No: 596-604

Solid lipid nanoparticles: a comprehensive review
Verma Surender and Makkar Deepika
Page No: 102-114

Issues Related to Hip Replacement
Ebrahim Haghighizadeh
Page No: 645-649

Study of effectiveness of diabetic care (Type II) in Larestan-2015
Emamdad Sharafi, Abbas Yazdanpanah and Parviz Aghayii Barzabad
Page No: 989-994

Metal pollution assessment in water and sediment of Sar├?┬▒├?┬žay streamin Mu├?┬?la-Turkey
Tuncer Okan Gen├?┬ž and Fevzi Yilmaz
Page No: 786-794

Antimicrobial Resistance in Salmonella enterica serovar Typhi mediated by efflux pump in Makassar Sulawesi Selatan
Wahyu Hendrarti, Rosdiana Natzir, Rizalinda Sjahril and Mochammad Hatta
Page No: 1203-1206

Simple and efficient synthesis of bis(indolyl)methanes by using NiSO4.6H2O
Vishvanath D. Patil, Nagesh R. Sutar and Ketan P. Patil
Page No: 608-613

Analytical investigation of Hatzikiriakos and power law slip effects on forced convection of Phan-Thien-Tanner fluids between parallel plates at high zeta-potentials
A. J. Keikha
Page No: 650-668

Examining factors effective on desertion of rural family physician personnel in west of Hormozgan province in 2015
Fatemeh Salafzon, Shaghayegh Vahdat and Karim Zare
Page No: 995-998

Detection of histamine production by Lactobacillus
Long Pham and Tu Nguyen
Page No: 1207-1209

Assessment of antimicrobial and cytotoxic activities of crude extracts from Cocos nucifera Linn
Cristiane do Nascimento Tavares Figueira, Jirliane Martins dos Santos, Fabiani Ten├?┬│rio Xavier P├?┬│voas, Max Denisson Maur├?┬şcio Viana, Magna Suzana Alexandre Moreira, Jo├?┬úo Xavier de Ara├?┬║jo J├?┬║nior, Ednaldo Cavalcante de Ara├?┬║jo, Eliane Aparecida Campesatto, Izabelle Cristina Acioly de Omena and Maria Lysete de Assis Bastos
Page No: 276-282

Phytotherapeutic practices of a rural female folk medicinal practitioner in Bangladesh
Shornaly Akter, Ismut Jahan, Prianka Roy Chowdhury, Erena Islam, Md. Shahadat Hossan, A. B. M. Anwarul Bashar and Mohammed Rahmatullah
Page No: 795-798

Research Progress of Chrysin derivatives with potential biological activities
Bhavani Kedika, Krishna Thotla, Venkatagiri Noole and Krishna Reddy Chepyala
Page No: 1210-1222

Synthesis of 1-phenyl-3-[4-(2,4-dithio-3-ethyl-5-substituted-1,3,5-triazino) aminophenyl]prop-2-ene-1-ones
Dipak T. Tayade and Sanghapal S. Padhen
Page No: 115-117

A Third Head of The Biceps brachii: An anatomical insight
Johnn Taylor Casadiego Duran and Humberto Ferreira Arquez
Page No: 669-674

Optimization of germination buckwheat for alkaloid extracted using response surface methodology
Xiaomeng Guo and Tingjun Ma
Page No: 799-807

The effects of soybean├ó┬?┬?s hydroalcoholic extract on sexual hormones in female mice
Elham Shahand and Mehrdad Modaresi
Page No: 118-121

Anti-oxidant, anti-diabetic, antimicrobial and hemolytic activity of Tridax procumbens
R. S. A. Sorna Kumar, P. N. Karl J. Samuel, M. Selvakumar and K. Shalini
Page No: 808-812

In vitro screening of antioxidant potential of Thuja occidentalis
Mir Z. Nazir, Sanjeev Chandel and Amit Sehgal
Page No: 283-286

Anastomosis between median and ulnar nerve in forearm and hand
Johnn Taylor Casadiego Duran and Humberto Ferreira Arquez
Page No: 675-680

Effect of Magnesium ions on Phosphoinositide-3-Kinase C2├?┬▓ C2 Domain
Banigo Alma Tamunonengiofori and Azeez Taofik Oladimeji
Page No: 1223-1228

Preliminary phytochemical screening and GC-MS analysis of methanolic leaf extract of Drypetes sepiaria (Wight & Arn.) Pax. & Hoffim. from Silambur sacred grove, Tamilnadu
Deepa J. and Saravanakumar K
Page No: 287-291

Analysis of bioactive compounds in leaves extract of Centella asiatica by using HRLC-MS & IR techniques
Vaishali Agme-Ghodke, Rupali N. Agme and A. D. Sagar
Page No: 122-125

Cancer in females: Are hormones the culprit?
Divya Gopalakrishnan and Venkat Kumar Shanmugam
Page No: 943-947

Synthesis and characterization of bisazo derivatives of 4-acetyl resorcinol
S. Siddiqua and K. Sithick Ali
Page No: 292-295

Synthesis and biological activity of 1,2,3-triazoyl chalcones
Ahmed Habeeb Radhi and Y. Hemasri
Page No: 813-823

Production of Pullulan from a high yielding strain of Aureobasidium pullulans isolated from Jabalpur Region of Madhya Pradesh in Central India
Ranjan Singh, Rajeeva Gaur, Shikha Bansal, Pritha Biswas, Prabhash K. Pandey, Farrukh Jamal, Soni Tiwari and Manogya K. Gaur
Page No: 126-132

Synthesis, characterization and biological study of some new metal-azo chelate complexes
Abbas Hmood Al-Khafagy
Page No: 296-302

Drug design, development and biological screening of pyridazine derivatives
S. Hurmath Unnissa and Divya Rajan
Page No: 999-1004

MD simulation of KCl, KBr and KI salts in water at 298.15 K
A. Ujjankar, S. H. Ganatra and S. Khobragade
Page No: 1229-1235

Optimization of in vitro regeneration of Artemisia absinthium L. (Worm wood) using leaf explants
Bhupendra Koul and Owais Ahmad Lone
Page No: 303-310

Antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory activities valorisation of methanol extract of Allium trichocnemis J. Gay.
Gaamoune Sofiane and Nouioua Wafa
Page No: 1236-1242

Synthesis and antiproliferative evaluation of
Juana A. Ibacache, Jaime A. Valderrama, Cristina Theoduloz, Julio Benites and Giulio Mucciolli
Page No: 824-831

├ó┬?┬?Pharming├ó┬?┬? proteins: the future of Panacea
Deepali Gangrade, Nimisha Waghmare and Sayali Lad
Page No: 133-138

Qualitative analysis of water samples from various boreholes in Uyo, Nigeria
Igboasoiyi A. C., Iberi P. A. and Agbor T. S.
Page No: 1005-1010

HPLC based estimation and extraction of rutin, quercetin and gallic acid in Moringa oleifera plants grown in Saudi Arabia
Pravej Alam, Shereen F. Elkholy, Sabry A. Mahfouz, Prawez Alam4 and Mahmoud A. Sharaf-Eldin
Page No: 1243-1246

Effect of annealing on barium oxide (BaO) thin films prepared by chemical spray pyrolysis (CSP) technique
Abdulazeez O. Mousa, Noor A. Nema and Hasan H. Hasan
Page No: 832-840

The elderly├ó┬?┬?s health conditions as a risk factor to accidents
M├?┬írcia Oliveira Coelho Campos, Edilson Matins Rodrigues Neto, Jani Cleria Pereira Bezerra, Diana Claudia Teixeira Peixoto, Marta Maria de Fran├?┬ža Fonteles and Maria Augusta Drago Ferreira
Page No: 396-402

Phytochemical and pharmacognostical investigation of Agnimantha (Clerodendrum phlomidis Linn. f.)-root
Anil Kumar, Alok Kumar, Manoj Tripathi and Ravindra Singh
Page No: 1247-1254

EIucidation structure of coumarin from stem Polyalthia longifolia
Sanusi Ibrahim, Rizqah Khairati, Neli Asriani, Adlis Santoni, Afrizal and Mai Efdi
Page No: 1146-1148

Structural determination of 1 triacylglycerol isolated from the Cassis sieberiana
A. Ould Kaihil, M. S. Diop and M. Said Minnih
Page No: 139-141

Antimicrobial evaluation of cinnamic and benzoic haloamides
Ricardo Carneiro Montes, Thiago Sampaio de Freitas, Maria do Socorro Costa, Fernanda de Sousa Oliveira, F├?┬íbia Ferreira Campina, Alana Rodrigues Ferreira, Sayonara de Oliveira Ferreira, Henrique Douglas Melo, Celidarque da Silva Dias and Dami├?┬úo Pergentino de Sousa
Page No: 311-320

The Removal of Iron from Landfill Leachateby Rice Husk Packed Bed Column
Monik Kasman and Shaliza Ibrahim
Page No: 1255-1262

Larvicide and antioxidant activity of the ethanol crude extract from the stem bark of Pseudoxandra cuspidata (Annoaceae)
Ranggel Carvalho S., Rosany Lopes M. , Erica de Menezes R. , Alex Bruno Lobato R.,Ana Luzia Ferreira F., Ryan da Silva R., Ricardo Marcelo dos Anjos F., Raimundo Nonato Pican├?┬žo S. and Sheylla Susan Moreira da Silva de A.
Page No: 841-846

A quantum-chemical study of the relationships between electronic structure and anti-HIV-1 activity of a series of HEPT derivatives
Gaston A. Kpotin, Guy S. Atohoun, Urbain A. Kuevi, Alice Houngue-Kpota, Jean-Baptiste Mensah and Juan S. G├?┬│mez-Jeria
Page No: 1019-1026

Structural determination of 1 lipids isolated from the sea urchin Echinometra lucunter
A. Ould Kaihil, M. S. Diop and M. Said Minnih
Page No: 142-144

Analysis of bioactive components from ethyl acetate and ethanol extract of Mucuna pruriens linn seeds by GC-MS technique
Sushma Jhariya and Arun Kakkar
Page No: 403-409

Epidemiology of traumas resulting in injury and death in Mazandaran hospitals in 2014
Ghahraman Mahmoudi
Page No: 1149-1155

Volatiles components and total flavonoids in buckwheat and highland barley brewing wine
Jiaxin Ran and Tingjun Ma
Page No: 321-325

Identification of amino acid tethered triazoles as potential antifungal leads: appraisal of their mode of action
Parteek Prasher
Page No: 847-858

Quitting smoking and quantification studies of available anti-smoking drugs
Hassan A. Alhazmi, Mohammed AL-Bratty and Md. Shamsher Alam
Page No: 1156-1164

Structural determination of 1 triacylglycerol isolated from the sea urchin Echinometra lucunter
A. Ould Kaihil, M. S. Diop and M. Said Minnih
Page No: 145-147

Structural determination of 1 fatty acid isolated from the Cassis sieberiana
A. Ould Kaihil, M. S. Diop and M. Said Minnih
Page No: 148-150

Design and characterization of 1-phenyl-3-[4-(2-t-butylimino-4-substituted imino-1, 3, 5-dithiazino) aminophenyl]-prop-2-ene-1-ones
Sanghapal S. Padhen and Dipak T. Tayade
Page No: 1027-1029

Role of bacterial community in biodegradation of crude oil
Hina Upadhyay and R. Sharma
Page No: 151-155

Advanced Treatment for Chromium-Containing Wastewater with Modified Fly Ash Charcoal-chitosan
Juanjuan Song
Page No: 326-333

Study on extraction technology of flavonoids from Cyclocarya paliurus by orthogonal design
Deng Kong, Xi Jiang Wu, Wan Zhong Li and Xiao Hong Wang
Page No: 156-159

Ethnobotanical survey on four aromatic and medicinal plants from Masmouda/Ouazzane region (Morocco): Clinopodium nepeta (L.) Kuntze, Lavandula multifida L., Mentha pulegium L. and Centaurium erythreae Rafn
Fatima Zahrae Radi, Ismail Amalich, Kanigui N. Aminata Soro, Fatima El Hilali, Mohammed Bourakhouadar, Malika Mahjoubi, Hamid Oulhaj and Touriya Zair
Page No: 410-418

Identification and Quantification flavonoids in three wild edible plants, Houttuynia cordata, Solanum gilo and Solanum kurzii of North-Eastern region in India, using High Performance Liquid Chromatography with Diode Array Detection
Tapan Seal, Kausik Chaudhuri and Basundhara Pillai
Page No: 859-867

Nephroprotective Potential of Standardized Herbals Described In Ayurveda: A Comparative Study
Durgavati Yadav, Amit K. Sharma, Shivani Srivastava and Yamini B. Tripathi
Page No: 419-427

Phenolic Compounds Characterization from Pistacia lentiscus (lentisc) Fruit
Hajer Trabelsi, Houda Ben Lajnef, Kawther Ben Arfa and Sadok Boukhchina
Page No: 1-8

Development of stability indicating RP-HPLC method and validation for the estimation of zolpidem tartrate
Prabhat Dessai and Manasi Prabhu Dessai
Page No: 334-339

Phosphodiesitrase activity of some Egyptian snake venoms: biochemical and immunological characteristics and effect on blood coagulation of phosphodiesterase enzyme from Naja nigricollis venom
N. M. Ibrahim, W. H. Salama and A. E. El Hakim
Page No: 160-170

Synthesis, characterization and antimicrobial activity of 2,3-disubstituted thiazolidin-4-one derivatives
Vinod D. Ramani, Dipen K. Sureja, Maulik M. Patel, Kirtan P. Sanghvi, Ashish P. Shah, Girish U. Sailor and A. K. Seth
Page No: 868-873

Preparation, characterization and application of pineapple peel activated carbon as an adsorbent for water hardness removal
S. D. Ashtaputrey and P. D. Ashtaputrey
Page No: 1030-1034

The role of exercise in the treating of chronic pain
Ebrahim Haghighizadeh
Page No: 681-685

Synthesis, characterization of vanadium complexes and evaluation their anti-hyperglycemic effect
Fathy A. El-Saied, Samar A. Aly and Tarek A. Salem
Page No: 171-181

Ocimum sanctum and Mallotus philippinensis as potential candidate for anthelmintic preparation
Aashima Arora, Mridula Jain and Manoj Kumar
Page No: 340-344

Bis [2-(4`-aryl-1`, 2`, 4`-triazol-5`-yl)-3-methoxy-5-nitrobenzofuran] sulphides and disulphides: Synthesis and their antimicrobial potency
Sanjeevkumar Giri and K. M. Basavaraja
Page No: 428-432

Antihyperglycemic activity of methanolic extract of non-boiled and boiled Lathyrus sativus L. seeds
Alima Sultana and Mohammed Rahmatullah
Page No: 874-876

Levels of surface contamination with gemcitabine using standard preparation techniques versus closed-system devices
Sandro Luis R. Ness, Carmen Pilla, Gabriela Vassian Tubino, Helena Von Eye Corleta and Edison Capp
Page No: 686-694

Measurement of glycemic index of West Sumatera local rice genotypes for healthy food selection
Azwir Anhar, Ramadhan Sumarmin and Rahadian Zainul
Page No: 1035-1040

Potential study of healing Musa paradisiaca L
Jirliane Martins dos Santos, Eliane Aparecida Campesatto, Izabelle Cristina Acioly de Omena, Luciano Aparecido Meireles Grillo, Ednaldo Cavalcante de Ara├?┬║jo and Maria Lysete de Assis Bastos
Page No: 182-184

Evaluation of antimicrobial activity of different dithiolethiones
Zehour Rahmani, Messouda Dekmouche, Mohamed Hadjadj and Mokhtar Saidi
Page No: 19-23

Design and evaluation of sildenafil citrate fast dissolving film for treatment of erectile dysfunction
Rushiraj Jani and Dasharath Patel
Page No: 877-891

Cloning, expression, purification and characterization of two diagnostically important proteins of Brucella abortus
Arvind Kumar Tiwari, Vijai Pal, Subodh Kumar, Bhupendra Bharadwaj, G. B. K. S. Prasad and G. P. Rai
Page No: 433-438

Study on cultivating innovation ability of forestry and agriculture kind graduates
Jian Zhou
Page No: 1041-1045

Evaluation of ground water quality in rural habitations near agricultural activity by physicochemical characterization to assess their potentials for application
P. Satyanarayana and P. V. S. Machiraju
Page No: 185-194

Effect of mucirin, a bioactive fraction of Acorus calamus l, as mucin regulator in human lung epithelial cultured cells
Guntur Berlian, Olivia Mayasari Tandrasasmita and Raymond Rubianto Tjandrawinata
Page No: 24-31

Seasonal analysis of physico-chemical parameters of agricultural soil samples collected from banks of rivers Beas and Sutlej, Punjab, India
Vaneet Kumar, Sandip Singh Bhatti and Avinash Kaur Nagpal
Page No: 439-449

Study of physico-chemical, structural, thermal and in-vitro characteristics of zinc and magnesium substituted nanodimensional hydroxyapatite
Seema Kapoora, Uma Batrab, Sonia Sharmaa and Suchita Kohlia
Page No: 892-898

Synthesis of 3-aryl amido/imido-methyl-4-hydroxy-phenyl-5'-phenyl-3'- oxazolyl acetophenone azines as potential antiviral agents
Seema Yadav
Page No: 899-904

Experimental investigation of grooved heat pipe using nanofluids
Senthamarai Kannan Gajalakshmi , Rathinasamy Senthilkumar and Gnanasekar Sasikumar
Page No: 1046-1053

Structural parameters of LaS
N. Munjal, J. Kaur and G. Sharma
Page No: 450-452

The status of Visceral Leishmaniasis in India
Naveen Chandra Talniya
Page No: 195-201

Reduction of cold start emissions in automotivecatalytic converter usingthermal energy storage system
Asheesh Padiyar, Vikram, K. Prateek Kumar, Anupama V. Joshi and Jagadish H. Patil
Page No: 1121-1125

Comparative analysis of trypsin inhibitor activity in common pulses and its partial purification
Sabreena Manzoor, Imza Aslamand Rattan Deep Singh
Page No: 382-386

Analytical method development and validation for the estimation of Indinavir by RP-HPLC
T. Raj Kumar, V. Rajeswari and L. Sivasanker Reddy
Page No: 1126-1131

The effects of mallow├ó┬?┬?s hydro alcoholic extract on reducing the anxiety caused by convulsion in mice
Shiva Lohrasbi , Mehrdad Modaresi and Ilnaz Sajjadian
Page No: 739-742

Anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory activity of synthesized 3-substituted schiff bases of quinazoline 2, 4-diones
Deepali Gangrade and Sayali Lad
Page No: 1132-1138

Synthesis and characterization of new composite membranes based on polyvinylpyrrolidone, polyvinyl alcohol, sulfosuccinic acid, phosphomolybdic acid and silica
S. Maarouf, B. Tazi and F. Guenoun
Page No: 387-395

Analysis of minerals in filtered and purified water sold in Senegal
Sylla Gueye Rokhaya, Diop Cheikh, Diouf Louis A.D., Balde Mamadou, Diedhiou Adama, Ndoye Idrissa, Tine Yoro, Seck Matar, Fall Djibril and Wele Alassane
Page No: 1139-1145

Antiproliferative, antioxidant and antimicrobial activities of phenolic compounds from Acrocarpus fraxinifolius.
Walaa A. El-Kashak, Ahmed R. Hamed2, Mohamed El-Raey, Abdelsamed I. Elshamy and Gamal Eldein F. Abd-Ellatef
Page No: 520-528

Simultaneous derivative spectrophotometric determination of Chromium (VI) and Vanadium (IV)
M. Swetha and I. Sreevani
Page No: 1074-1077

Simultaneous Derivative Spectrophotometric Determination of Indium (III) and Iron (II)
I. Sreevani and M. Swetha
Page No: 360-363

Effect of melittin isolated from bee venom (Apiscerana indica) on anti-proliferation in human cancer cervix hela cells through activation of Caspase 3 and p53 protein
Makkasau Plasay, Syarifuddin Wahid, Rosdiana Natzir and Upik A. Miskad
Page No: 1078-1080

Synthesis, characterization and pharmacological studies of some novel 2-N-(aryl substituted)-4-methyl-6-phenylpyrimidine-5-carboxylic acids
Ashoka, Balakrishna Kalluraya, Anish kumar and B. Sunil Kumar
Page No: 1081-1085

Molecular characterization of probiotic in autistic children stool
Youssef A. Mawgoud, Nayra Sh. Mehnna and Manar M. Abd El-Rahman
Page No: 1086-1091

Synthesis, spectral studies and antimicrobial studies of 7-[phenylamino]-5-methyl-1,4-diazepines and its derivatives
Priti U. Warbhe and Reshal A. Deshmukh
Page No: 364-368

Re-thinking drug discovery: In silico method
Deepali Gangrade, Gauri Sawant and Ashish Mehta
Page No: 1092-1099

Isolation and characterization of forced degradative products of an anti psychotic drug levosulpiride by spectroscopic techniques
K. V. S. Indumathi, P. Vani, B. M. Rao, P. V. S. Machiraju and L. Mohan Krishna
Page No: 1100-1106

Pharmacognostical standardization, preliminary phytochemical investigation of root stocks of Ardisia solanacea roxb
Jamal Basha D., Srinivas Murthy B. R., Prakash P., Kirthi A. and Anuradha K. C.
Page No: 1107-1113

Curcumin down regulates INHBB and enhances the anti-oxidant defense system in Testes of Lead-treated Mice
Armin Adelinik, Shaghayegh Papian, Vahid Sharifzadeh Peyvasti and Masoud Salehipour
Page No: 369-375

Cross sectional study of factors associated with home storage of medicines
Pandey Shantanu Deviprasad and Chaudhari Vijaya Laxman
Page No: 1114-1120

Anticancer activity of plant mediated silver nanoparticles on selected cancer cell lines
Bodaiah Bonigala, Aswani Kumar Y. V. V, Vinay Viswanath K, Joy Richardson P, Usha Kiranmayi Mangamuri and Sudhakar Poda
Page No: 376-381

Anatomical Study of Retro-Aortic Left Renal Vein
Johnn Taylor Casadiego Duran and Humberto Ferreira Arquez
Page No: 1011-1018