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Volume 6, Issue 10 2014: Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research

Wound healing activity of standardized brazilin rich extract from Caesalpinia sappan heartwood
*Nirmal N. P.a, Prasad R. G. S. V.b and Keokitichai S.a
Page No: 195-201

Synthesis and antifungal activity of aryl aldoxime ethers and esters
W. Marek Go√?¬?√?¬?biewski*, Monika Cyrta and Maria Krawczyk
Page No: 244-251

Preparation method for manufacturing Co3O4
Jian Zhou1,*Xinhua Yang2 and Huaide Zeng2
Page No: 702-706

Antibacterial and antioxidant activity of Avicennia marina Leaf
Nymathullah Sharief Md.1 and Uma Maheswara Rao V.2
Page No: 252-256

Assessment of drinking water quality in around Chitrakoot region Tehsil Majhagwan, District Satna, Madhya Pradesh, India
Ashok Kumar Tiwari*, Manoj Kumar Tripathi and Neelesh Dwivedi. Pawan KumarAhirwar, Sharda Prasad Tripathi, Sourabh Pathak and Aakanksha Tiwari
Page No: 202-211

Simulink modelling and simulation for self-excited doubly salient retarder system
Jin Wang, Desheng Li, Longxi Zhang and Weijie Wang
Page No: 845-850

Modeling of kinematic parameters for a healthy patella by PLS method
Yougang Sun1, Haiyan Qiang2*, Jiangwei Wu2 and Yuhui Shen3
Page No: 463-467

Research for pricing and selling strategies in channel management
Song Fengsen
Page No: 257-262

Hibiscus species seed oils as potential feedstock for biodiesel production, its performance in compression ignition engine along with its blends
Rashmi Gadwal and G. R. Naik*
Page No: 212-223

Case study-fluoride wastewater from photovoltaic industry recycled
Wang Yuling1 and Liu Qianqian2
Page No: 468-472

Image segmentation framework using directional gradient guided LBF
Bo Cai1,2*, Zhigui Liu1,2 and Yuyu Zhu1
Page No: 263-273

Synthesis and characterization of conducting poly N-ethyl aniline doped with organic acids
Smita Jadhava*, Dipika Jaspalb and V. V. Chabukswarc
Page No: 44-49

Beijing energy consumption carbon emission characteristics and cause analysis
Zhao Jianfeng1, Yang Yong2 and Suo Chenxia1
Page No: 473-477

Study on the original page oriented load balancing strategy
Kunpeng Kang
Page No: 274-280

Cytotoxic effect of four Makassarese medicinal plants on human cervical cell lines and its selectivity
Lukman M.1*, Elly Wahyudin1, Subehan2 and Marianti A. Manggau1
Page No: 851-855

Separation of benzene-cyclohexane mixtures by using adsorption technique
1Manaf Almatar*, 2Emsalem Faraj Hawege, 2Abdalla A. M. Ali and 2Ahmed N. Awad
Page No: 50-56

Study on teaching mode of electronic technology experimental curriculum based on interdisciplinary perspective
Pan Zhengkun
Page No: 478-481

Selective catalytic reduction of NO with NH3 on stannic and iron bimetal oxides/attapulgite catalysts
Feng Xiao1, Yunjie Gu1, Zhe Tang2, Zhidong Chen1 and Qi Xu2*
Page No: 281-290

Formulation and evaluation of Tolnaftate loaded topical liposomal gel for effective skin drug delivery to treat fungal diseases
Meghana G.#, V. V. S. Narayana Reddy Karri#, Siddhartha Venkata Talluri#, Raviteja Gunda, Saikrishna Reddy Chennareddy and G. N. K. Ganesh*
Page No: 856-866

Standardization of protocol for high frequency seed germination and direct regeneration in Centella asiatica (L.) Urban: An important medicinal plant
Suryakala Gandi and Archana Giri*
Page No: 224-230

A novel extraction method of plasma peptides for peptidomics analysis
Yu Liu, Xiaohong Xun, Hui Li, Li Liu, Dongsong Nie, Yang Xiang, Jianming Yi and Jizu Yi*
Page No: 291-295

Analysis on Guizhou rural house renovation mode
Zhang Zhihui1, Yang Yong2, Suo Chenxia1 and Gong Wenxuan1
Page No: 482-487

Analysis of 50% Acetochlor and Clomazone EC by HPLC
Fan Xiao-zhen1,2*, Liu Xiao-yun1, Zhang Cui-hua1 and Xu Bao-jun2
Page No: 168-171

Hydroxypropyl-√?¬≤-cyclodextrin/levodopa complex: An experimental study
Zarif Mohamed Sofiana, Jafri Malin Abdullaha,d, Norshazrin Shazira Shafeea, Hasnah Othmanb and Shariza Abdul Razak*,c
Page No: 867-870

Polyhemoglobin-rPA, a novel reteplase modification form for in vivo circulation time extension
Jinsong Gu1*, Haoran Chen1, Kehong Bi2, Guosheng Jiang2 and Ge Wang3
Page No: 707-713

On global smooth solutions for quantum Zakharov system
Xiaoqi Ning
Page No: 488-499

Medicinal plants and formulations of a Unani folk medicinal practitioner of Bhola district, Bangladesh
Ahmed Abrar Muttaki, Zobayer Ahmed, Mohd. Shahidul Islam, Sabbir Ahmed Opu,Maksuda Khaton Sonda, K. M. Istieake Ahmed, Protiva Rani Das, Md. Tabibul Islam and Mohammed Rahmatullah*
Page No: 231-238

Phytochemical and pharmacological evaluation from leaves of Costus spicatus Swartz. (Costaceae)
Ivandilson S. Santos1, Tamires C. Lima1, Mar√?¬≠lia T. de Santana2, M√?¬°rcio R. V. dos Santos2, Juliana S. S. Quintans2, Lucindo J. Quintans-J√?¬ļnior2 and Dami√?¬£o P. De Sousa1,3*
Page No: 1-8

The effect of rhein and gallic acid on the content of IL-10, IL-1√?¬≤ and TNF-√?¬Ī in serum of rats with endotoxemia
Hui Chen, Chao-Ying Ma*, Xi Chen, Yun Geng, Chao Yang, He-Zhong Jiang and Xing Wang
Page No: 296-299

Using CMOS image sensor to design of detection and statistical pedestrian in motion target
Shumin Duan# and Yan [email protected]
Page No: 714-721

Assessment of ambient air particulate matter level in Orlu urban
*1Ngele S. O. and 2Onwu F. K.
Page No: 871-875

Seasonal chemical compositions and antifungal activities of Tunisian Lupinus pilosus Murr. volatiles
Hamdi Djemnia, Guido Flaminib*, Mohamed Gorciic, Rachid Chemlid and Zine Mighria
Page No: 57-63

Analysis on influence factors of Beijing rural energy consumption
Suo Chenxia1, Zhang Zhihui1, Zhang Yi1 and Yang Yong2
Page No: 500-507

Spectrophotometric estimation of Carbocisteine in bulk and pharmaceutical dosage form by second order derivative method
Rele Rajan V.
Page No: 118-122

Inhibitory effects of the extracts of Ziziphora clinopodioides Lam. on mushroom tyrosinase activity
Xuejia Zhang1, Wenhuang Ding2, Jie Li1 and Shuge Tian1,2
Page No: 300-306

Effect of different reaction parameters on the synthesis of biodiesel from soybean oil using acid ionic liquid as catalyst
Fang Miaoli, Chen Keke, Yan Wei, He Yanfei, Tang Xiujuan and Han Xiaoxiang
Page No: 720-727

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) based composites
Venkateswarlu G.*1, Sharada R.2 and Bhagvanth Rao M.3
Page No: 508-517

Saccharification of ink covered office paper by different concentrations of cellulase from Trichoderma viride
J. P. H. Van Wyk* and J. B. M. Sibiya
Page No: 9-17

Study on consumer decision making in rural tourism based on factor analysis model
Hui Song1 and Ning Zhang2
Page No: 722-726

Effect of organic matter strength on single-stage nitrogen removal using anammox and partial nitritation (SNAP) for treatment of high strength ammonia wastewater
Jianbing Zhanga, Yi Hanc, Jian Zhoua,b*, Xiaoguang Zhanga and Li Chena
Page No: 307-311

An efficient method for the synthesis of novel N-sulfonylimines using TBAB under solvent-free conditions
Wahida Boufas, Billel Belhani, Hadjer Cheloufi, Hac√?¬®ne K√ʬ?¬?tir, Nour-Eddine Aouf and Malika Berredjem*
Page No: 876-881

Ultrasound-assisted extraction of dietary fiber from Citrus Changshan-huyou peels
Chen Keke1, Yan Wei1, Zhang Xiaofang1, Tang Xiujuan2, Han Xiaoxiang1* and Li Jianrong3*
Page No: 312-318

DFT study of half-sandwich bis (tetramethylaluminate) lanthanide complexes
Houria Bennaceur and Nadia Ouddai
Page No: 18-26

Nootropic activity of Vigna aconitifolia seeds in presence and absence of cognitive deficit mice model
Saeed Makrania, Syed Ayaz A.a*, Khan Subur W.b and Sakle Nikhila
Page No: 64-73

Comparative analysis of rainfall erosion force R by using different algorithms for soil erosion controlling based on GIS and mathematical models
Ping Zhang1, Liang He2 and Yuanyuan Wei1
Page No: 319-328

Study of phase diagram, thermal stability and microstructures of nicotinamide based binary organic systems
Vishnu Kant*1, Manoj Kumar2, Avinash Kumar3 and H. Shekhar1
Page No: 518-527

Total antioxidant activity of Thai medicinal plants associated with the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancers
Attakorn Palasuwan* and Suphan Soogarun
Page No: 27-31

Structural aspects of ozonides on lymphoma cell viability: Part B
Brandon Cullen1, Brian Henriksen1 and Richard Lomneth2
Page No: 329-334

Using RFID technology to development of agricultural products quality safety traceability system on Internet of things
Hongsheng Xu, Ruiling Zhang*, Chunjie Lin and Wenli Gan
Page No: 632-638

Binding modes study on enantiomers of BYK 311319 as potassium competitive acid blockers
Xing-Xing Xian-Yu1, Cong Wu1, Hua-Jun Luo1* and Wei-Qiao Deng2
Page No: 528-535

A panoptic computational electrochemical profile of p-isobutylacetophenonelocal descriptors complement antifungal activity
P. Vijaya and K. R. Sankaran*
Page No: 32-39

Interaction characteristics of lomefloxacin and/or cefazolin with bovine serum albumin
Xuyang Liu, Zhihong Shi, Peiyun Chen and Hanwen Sun*
Page No: 335-342

Preliminary study of Annona reticulata starch as binder in formulation of paracetamol tablets
G. Ramu
Page No: 343-348

Using single CCD and CMOS image sensor to construction video and image acquisition system
Dongmei Li # and Aiju Wang @
Page No: 639-645

The asymmetry-center probabilistic fuzzy set for forecasting of pledging by warehouse receipt financing in agricultural products
Yi-Hua Li, Zhong-Wei Wang and Yan Pang
Page No: 747-752

Virtual screening against Mycobacterium tuberculosis isocitrate lyase and in silico ADME-Tox evaluation of Top Hits
Nina Abigail B. Clavio1 and Junie B. Billones1,2*
Page No: 727-738

Synthetic, characterization, evaluation of enzyme inhibition activity and biocidal studies of some dithiophosphamate complexes
V. K. Srivastava
Page No: 40-43

Application of superbase catalyst √?¬≥-Al2O3/NaOH/Na for prenylation reaction of resveratrol (3,5,4'-trihydroxystilbene)
Tagor Marsillam Siregar1, Herry Cahyana2 and Widajanti Wibowo2
Page No: 349-353

The thermal resistance anthocyanin from Ficus padana burm. F as an alternative source of food dye
Djaswir Darwis*1, Daimon Syukri2 and Adlis Santoni1
Page No: 536-538

Medication error: The role of health care professionals, sources of error and prevention strategies
Abdullahi Rabiu Abubakar1, Bashir AZ Chedi2, Nordin Bin Simbak3 and Mainul Haque4*
Page No: 646-651

Effect of theophylline, tiotropium bromide and combination of formoterol and budesonide on PEFR in COPD patients
Kavitha Rajarathna*, Praveen Panchaksharimath, Vijaya Rajendran and Murali Mohan B. V.
Page No: 354-357

New experimental method for determining the concentration of proteins and lactose in milk and whey
Sakina Belhamidi1*, Majdouline Larif1, Manal Rafik1, Nourredine Zouhri1, Selma Chouni2, Mohamed Ebn Touhami3, Fatima Elhannouni1 and Azzedine Elmidaoui1
Page No: 539-544

Design of wireless sensor network routing protocol by particle swarm optimization algorithm and neural network technology
Zongjian Huang and Huimin Wu
Page No: 739-742

Asymmetry-width probabilistic fuzzy logic system for rigid-flexible manipulator modeling
Wen-Jing Huang
Page No: 753-758

Method development and validation for determination and quantitative estimation of impurities in milnacipran hydrochloride by liquid chromatography technique
Kanchan Nautiyal and K. Ramakrishna
Page No: 358-366

E-commerce "identity" √ʬ?¬? √ʬ?¬? a digital certificate
Xiang-dong Wua and *Jian Zhoub
Page No: 652-654

Effect of xanthotoxin on SGC-7901 cells proliferation and Autophagy
Zhang Xiu-juan1,2, Lv Zong-yan1,2, He Li-juan1 and Ji Yu-bin1,2
Page No: 545-548

Medical DR image alignment based improved tangent space
Zuo Weiming and Li Tie
Page No: 549-555

A convenient one pot synthesis of 4-cyano-5-imino-3-methylthio-9-nitro-2H- 1,2,4-triazipino[3,4-b] [1,3] benzothiazole and its 3-substituted derivatives
Anil B. Chidrawar1, Rajkumar U. Pokalwar2, Gangadhar S. Waghmare1 and Sharad V. Kuberkar1
Page No: 367-375

Formulation and evaluation of rivastigmine loaded polymeric nanoparticles
O. Vijaykumar*, V. Felix Joe and B. A Vishwanath
Page No: 556-565

Research of improving the electrical specialty student√ʬ?¬?s experimental capability in high agricultural university
Limin Shao, Meng Zhang, Congcong Li and Shuguang Zhang*
Page No: 743-746

Research on the impact of agricultural products logistics on cold meat price : An analysis based on economic benefit
Jian Zhao1, Boyu Lu2 and Gangyi Wang1*
Page No: 655-659

Effect of Vitex negundo and Datura metel aqueous extracts on common pathogen and its preliminary phytochemical screening
K. Prasanna1, S. Yuwvaranni2 and K. Venugopal1
Page No: 759-761

Research on benefit distribution of the equilibrium about R&D network cooperation
Guangsheng Liu
Page No: 376-383

Phytochemical evaluation of two brown seaweeds from Muttom and Rasthacaud coasts of Tamil Nadu, India
Y. Melpha*, N. Manchu and J. Edwin James
Page No: 566-569

Development of machinery equipment for magnesia corrugated tile
Jian Zhou1, Lei Lei2 and Huilin Yang1
Page No: 570-573

Animal models of depression and their criteria of validation
Sajad Ahmad Bhat, Ab Latif Wani and Anjum Ara*
Page No: 123-130

Evaluation of brain monoamines in diabetic rats treated with quercetin
Jihan Hussein*, Zakaria El-Khayat, Yasmin Abdel Latif, Dalia Medhat, Safaa Morsy and Fatma Oraby
Page No: 384-390

Immunoinformatics approach for the study of CD4+ epitopes of HIV-1 Gag protein restricted to HLA-DRB1*07 Allele
Jemmy Christy H.1* and Alex Anand D.2
Page No: 762-770

Analytical method development and validation for simultaneous determination and quantification of Ethinyl Estradiol and Gestodene in combined tablet dosage form by RP-HPLC
Kanchan Nautiyal and K. Ramakrishna
Page No: 74-80

Studies on fluoride removal from polluted waters using active carbon derived from stems of Abutilon indicum plant
M. Suneetha1,B. Syama Sundar1 and K. Ravindhranath*2
Page No: 574-592

Safety technology is set in the agreement of the application
Xiang-dong Wua and *Jian Zhoub
Page No: 660-662

Synthesis, characterization and anti-inflammatory activity of some novel pyrimidin-2-amines on Carrageenan√ʬ?¬?induced paw edema in balb/c mice
S. Kumaresan, S. Chandrasekaran, K. M. Sakthivel, C. Guruvayoorappan and Israel V. M. V. Enoch*
Page No: 593-606

Synthesis of antitrypanosomal thiosemicarbazones using anthranilic acid as an innovative Green nucleophilic catalyst
Urbain C. Kass√?¬©hin*1,2, Fernand A. Gbaguidi1, Christopher R. McCurdy3 and Jacques H. Poupaert2
Page No: 607-612

In vitro comparative studies of antioxidant activities of venlafaxine and o-desmethylvenlafaxine
Yang Zhang1, Haishuai Yu2, Luoxiang He1, He Sun1 and Hongli Zhou1*
Page No: 771-776

Synthesis and antitumor properties of bis-indole derivatives
Binbin Song1,2,3, Xin Qu1,2,3, Li Zhang1,2,3, Kailin Han1,2,3, Dan Wu1,2,3, Cen Xiang1,2,3, Hanrui Wu1,2,3, Tianjiao Wang1,2,3, Yuou Teng1,2,3* and Peng Yu1,2,3*
Page No: 239-243

Quality analysis and prevention of aflatoxin contamination in Capsicum annum by selective spices extract
M. Kannan*1, K. Rajarathinam1, B. Dheeba2 and K. Kannan3
Page No: 81-92

The anchor craning beam support technology of the large section roadway with compound roof
Zhao Mingzhou1,2, Fang Juan3, Chen Shanle2, Hou Lidong4 and Fang Shizheng4
Page No: 391-398

Inhibition of hyperhomocysteinemia in Indomethacin induced peptic ulcer: Impact of pomegranate juice supplementation
Jihan Hussein1*, Zakaria El-Khayat1, Abdel Razik Farrag2, Dalia Medhat1, Yasmin Abdel Latif1 and Fatma Oraby1
Page No: 131-138

Analysis on the characteristics of the heavy metal content of wheat grain in Xiaoxian County, China
Yong Zhang1,2, Kungang Chen2 and Huiling Zheng2
Page No: 399-402

Acoustic parameter investigation of ternary mixture of n-butanol, water and acetic acid by using ultrasonic technique
Akanksha Dixit*, Kailash C. Juglan and Ajay Sharma
Page No: 93-104

Equilibrium and kinetic studies of adsorption/biosorption of Cu+2 and Co+2 ions from aqueous solution by different adsorbents
Salman H. Abbas*√?¬Ļ, Abbas H. Sulaymon2, Ibrahim M. Ismail1 and Tarek M. Moustafa1
Page No: 613-627

Rapid detection of methicillin resistance and biofilm formation in Staphylococcal species
Snehali Majumder1*, P. F. G. Wolffs2, Christian J. P. A. Hoebe2 and Mohammed Rahmatullah3
Page No: 148-154

Optimization design of the lifting mechanism of the electric wheel mining truck
Li Rong-hao, Yang Jue*, Zhang Wen-ming and Luo Wei-dong
Page No: 403-409

Biosorption of cadmium (II) from aqueous solutions using sea urchin test as biosorbent
John Babu D.1*, Prasanna Kumar Y.2 and King P.3
Page No: 105-112

Chemistry and pharmacology of Salvia plebeia R. Brown (Lamiaceae)
Qinge Ma1*,Xinliu Su1, Jianwei Yang1, Lichun Zhang1,Cunjie Liu1 and Rongrui Wei2*
Page No: 777-783

Using blast furnace gas to remove NO of sinter band flue gas over the copper-based catalyst
Xinghui Li, Cunyi Song and Zhensong Tong
Page No: 410-414

Thinking for material forming and control engineering students trained model
Jian Zhou1, Lei Lei2 and Jinsong Hu1
Page No: 784-787

Empirical analysis of new urbanization development path Selection in Jiangxi based on factor analysis method
Liu Wei1,2 and Bao Yongan1
Page No: 415-425

Bio diesel production by transesterification in presence of two different catalysts and engine performance of the biodiesels
*Murali Manohar R.1 and Raj Kumar M.2
Page No: 788-793

How to enhance China√ʬ?¬?s biopharmaceutical industry competitiveness
Jiamin Fang1 and Xianzhen Meng2
Page No: 426-429

Synthesis, characterization and thermal decomposition of bismuth(III) ternary complexes of phthalate
Qing Zang, Guo-Qing Zhong* and Yan Zhang
Page No: 794-799

Quantitative study on the interaction of transition metal ions with allopurinol and 4-aminobutyric acid in aqueous solution
Mazahar Farooquia,d, D. M. Janraob, Jamilkhan Pathanc and Syed Asifd
Page No: 113-117

Ethnobotanical importance and nutritional potential of wild edible fruits of Meghalaya state in India
Tapan Seal* and Kausik Chaudhuri
Page No: 680-684

Preparation, characterization, and water sorption study of 2-acrylamido-2- methylpropane sulfonic acid (AMPS) based hydrogel
M. Dasa, N. Devia* and J. Sarmab
Page No: 800-806

UV Spectrophotometric estimation of Ambroxal hydrochloride in bulk drug and pharmaceutical dosage form by second order derivative method
Rele Rajan V.* and Prathamesh P. Tiwatane
Page No: 663-667

Selective fabrication of gamma-polymorphs of glycine by novel metal particles
Tianhua-Chen√ʬ?¬† and Fei-Lu√ʬ?¬†√ʬ?¬†*
Page No: 685-688

Study on the factors affecting selenium-rich vegetables based on ISM
Zhou Zaohong
Page No: 430-434

Hepatoprotective and nephroprotective effects of Al-Taif Pomegranate (Punicagranatum L) extract against toxicity induced by Atrazine and Malathion pesticides in male albino mice
Reham Z. Hamza1,2*, Nahed A. Hussien1,4 and Asmaa M. Abd El-Azez1, 3
Page No: 807-817

On factors influencing underground space development and utilization in urban centers
Yang Xiaobin1, Hou Zhanyong2 and Chen Zhilong1
Page No: 435-440

Antacid power and their enhancements in some edible clays consumed by geophagia in Cameroon
Charles Banenzoue1,2, Pierre Signing1, Jean-Aim√?¬© Mbey1* and Daniel Njopwouo1
Page No: 668-676

Facile synthesis, molecular docking, and biological screening of 1,3-disubstituted urea derivatives
Salah A. Abdel-Aziz1, Ola I. A. Salem2*, Adel G. Bakr3 and Ibrahim M. Sayed4
Page No: 172-183

Evaluation of Terminalia randii Baker F. gum as a disintegrant in paracetamol tablet formulation
Oluyemisi Adebowale Bamiro, Adeola Silifat Owoduni, Lateef Gbenga Bakre and Onyinye Jennifer Uwaezuoke
Page No: 155-159

Modeling and simulation of a wetted-wall column for SO2 absorption with aqueous ammonia solution
Peng Jian, Yang Zhen, Li Yanhong and Zhang Dengfeng
Page No: 441-449

Variation of thermo-acoustic parameters of dextran with concentration and temperature
Subhraraj Panda1* and Achyuta Prasad Mahapatra2
Page No: 818-825

Oriented growth of KCl crystals induced by the self-assembled monolayers
Tianhua-Chen√ʬ?¬† and Fei-Lu√ʬ?¬†√ʬ?¬†*
Page No: 689-692

Development and validation of RP-HPLC method for the estimation of ritonavir oral suspension
Doredla Narasimharao*, M. Prasadarao and Y. Srinivas
Page No: 693-701

The scope of fracture zone measure and high drill gas drainage technology research
Chen Shanle1,2, Wang Huajun1 and Li Yucheng2
Page No: 450-457

Study on the Fuzzy-PID control with incomplete derivation of S-ECR
Zhang Kai, Li De Sheng, Wang Wei Jie and Zhang Ze Nan
Page No: 826-832

Study of physico-chemical characteristics of groundwater at Ariyalur Block, Tamilnadu, India
G. Vijayakumar1, G. Baskar2 and K. P. Senthilnathan3
Page No: 184-188

Mechanism and effect of accelerating agent on mechanical properties of steel slag-slag powder cementitious materials
Xiushu Tian, Xingnian Cao and Shaohua Xu
Page No: 458-462

Reductive dechlorination of 4-chloro 3-nitro benzotrifluoride with sodium borohydride
Chandrasekhar Reddy and I. V. Kasi Viswanath*
Page No: 628-631

Investigation of hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose swelling in binary and ternary organic/water mixtures using solution calorimetry
Tamar Rosenbauma*, Frederic Buonoa,1, Deniz Erdemira, Shih-Ying Changa, Naresh Chennamsettya, Chiajen Laia,2 and San Kianga
Page No: 160-167

Inhibition kinetics of biodegradation of meat products using bio-preservative from Murraya Koenigii Spreng
J. T. Nwabanne, P. K. Igbokwe and J. J. O. Ajali
Page No: 833-844

Isolation and characterization various microbes and their antimicrobial products, from various samples
Anayata Sharma and Jitesh Sony
Page No: 189-194

Efficacy of antimicrobial activity of aqueous garlic (Allium sativum) extract against different bacterial species
S. Keerthi Praba and R. Kumaresan*
Page No: 677-679