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Volume 5, Issue 5 2013: Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research

Theoretical study of structures, IR and NMR of some aliphatic hydrazones derived from aliphatic aldehydes and hydrazine by DFT method
Naji A. Abood and Sari H. Hlban
Page No: 324-331

An in vitro study of c-phycocyanin activity on protection of DNA and human erythrocyte membrane from oxidative damage
P. Pleonsil and Y. Suwanwong
Page No: 332-336

Response of Cymbopogon martinii to the combined effect of auto exhaust pollution and herbicide (2,4-D sodium salt) : A spectrophotometric study
Annapurna Singh, Nandita Singh and M. Yunus
Page No: 337-344

Synthesis of some novel heterocyclic azo dyes for acridine derivatives and evaluation of their antibacterial activities
Nezar L. Shihab and Intedhar K. M
Page No: 345-354

Pharmacokinetics of pefloxacin in healthy and febrile Ongole calves after single intramuscular administration
G. Dilip Reddy, K. Adilaxmamma and U. Venkateswarlu
Page No: 355-358

Simultaneous estimation of statins like pravastain, atorvastatin and simvastatin in bulk and pharmaceutical dosage form by means of High-Performance Liquid Chromatography
Praveen Kumar S. N., Bhadre Gowda D. G., Vathsala Deepu C., Mantelingu K. and Rangappa K. S
Page No: 359-364

Physicochemical and spectroscopic study of lithium, sodium and potassium with p-chloroisonitroso-acetophenone(P-ClINAP)
P. N. Bagade, R. D. Raut and S. Z. Jadhav
Page No: 365-368

Development and validation of a normal phase HPLC method for separation of anacardic acid isomers in cashew nut shell liquid
Praveen Kumar S. N., Bhadre Gowda D. G., Vathsala Deepu C., Mantelingu K. and Rangappa K. S
Page No: 369-373

Study of anthelmintic properties of 1-Nicotinoyl-4-aryl-3-methyl 3a,4-dihydropyrazolo[3,4c] pyrazoles and their inclusion complexes with ├?┬▓-cyclodextrin
Sunakar Panda and D. L. Singh
Page No: 374-381

An efficient one-pot synthesis of C2-symmetric pyrrolidines and dispiro pyrrolidines/pyrrolizidines through 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition reaction
N. Sirisha and R. Raghunathan
Page No: 382-389

Nutrients and functional properties of horse gram (Macrotyloma Uniflorum), an underutilized south Indian food legume
M. Marimuthu and K. Krishnamoorthi
Page No: 390-394

UV-Spectrophotometry and RP-HPLC methods for the simultaneous estimation of acetaminophen: Validation, comparison and application for marketed tablet analysis in South West, Nigeria
Adewuyi Gregory Olufemi and Ogunneye Adeyemi Lawrence
Page No: 01-11

Spectrophotometric estimation of oxolamine citrate in bulk and pharmaceutical dosage form by first order derivative and area under curve methods
Rele Rajan V, Sawant Swapnil A, Patil Sachin S and Gurav Pankaj J
Page No: 12-17

Assessment of water on up stream and down stream from HLOCCM, of Chandrapur Tahasil of Chandrapur District(M.S.)
Pratiksha Tambekar, Pravin Morey, R J Batra and R G Weginwar
Page No: 18-26

Physico-chemical parameter evaluation of water quality around Chandrapur District Maharastra, India
Pratiksha Tambekar, Pravin P Morey, RJ Batra and RG Weginwar
Page No: 27-36

One pot Solvent-free synthesis of 1,5-benzodiazepine derivatives
Mallinath Langade and Amol Pachpinde
Page No: 37-40

Kinetics and mechanism of oxidation of benzyl alcohol and cyclohexanol by quinolinium fluorochromate
Suresh D Dhage, SB Patwari and Swanand Mukhedkar
Page No: 41-45

Efficiency of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria for the enhancement of Vigna mungo growth
M Kannahi and M Kowsalya
Page No: 46-52

Phytochemical analysis of leaves and roots of Mimosa pudica collected from Kalingavaram, Tamil Nadu
Ranjeet Kumar Ranjan, M Sathish Kumar, I Seethalakshmi and MRK Rao
Page No: 53-55

Evaluation of anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant properties of ethanolic extracts of Citrus sinensis peel and leaves
Omodamiro OD and Umekwe JC
Page No: 56-66

Groundwater quality status using water quality index in Amalner town, Maharashtra
VT Patil and PR Patil
Page No: 67-71

Conformational stability, vibrational spectral studies, HOMO-LUMO and NBO analyses of 2-bromo-1-Indanol based on quantum chemical calculations
V Balachandran, V Karpagam and G Santhi
Page No: 72-88

EDTA-catalyzed fast and efficient eco-friendly synthesis of dicoumarol derivatives in water
Maddela Prabhakar
Page No: 89-93

Physicochemical characteristics of activated charcoal derived from melon seed husk
Madu PC and Lajide L
Page No: 94-98

EPR, IR, Mass and electronic spectroscopic studies on newly synthesized 23,24-dioxo-1,6,9,12,17,20-hexaazacyclotracosa-1,5,12,16-tetraene macrocyclic ligand (L) and its transition metal complexes
Sulekh Chandra and Poonam Pipil
Page No: 99-104

Fluorescence of Senna simea Lam. leaf extracts: A possible interference in a fluorescence-based assay
Lukkiga Thanesphatisuk and Tewin Tencomnao
Page No: 105-110

Effect of different polymers on release of the sustained release tablets of the glipizide
Thota Jaya Gouthami, M V Jhansipriya and N Naidu
Page No: 111-118

Development of fast dissolving tablets of losartan potassium using Kollidon CL-SF
Shailaja CJ, Preeti Karwa, Nargund LVG and Laxman SV
Page No: 119-127

Toxicity analysis of vibrio species from fish samples
Sandeep Moitra, I Seethalakshmi and L. Jeyanthi Rebecca
Page No: 128-130

Antimicrobial and antioxidant properties of Cissus quandrangularis
Saurabh Srivastava, I. Seethalakshmi and L. Jeyanthi Rebecca
Page No: 131-134

Anticancer properties of Cissus quandrangularis
Aayush Dwivedi, I Seethalakshmi and D Sharmila
Page No: 135-139

Chitosan-acryl amide grafted polyethylene glycol interpenetrating polymeric network for controlled release studies of Cefotaxime
Murugesh Shivashankar, Badal Kumar Mandal and Kaliappan Uma
Page No: 140-146

Synthesis and antimicrobial evaluation of N-aryl substituted-1,3,4-thiadiazolidin 2-amines
Mahendrasinh M Raj, Hemul V Patel, Lata M Raj and Naynika K Patel
Page No: 147-152

Preparation and characterization of dialdehyde starch and its` cross-linking with copper (II) ion
AA Salisu, H Musa, H Abba and AA Kogo
Page No: 153-158

Spectrophotometric determination of trace elements in some fruits and vegetables
M I Mohammed, R A Musa and A A Salisu
Page No: 159-166

Synthesis and antimicrobial studies of some new Substituted 3-arylidene-2-methylpyrazolo[5,1-b]quinazolin-9(3H)-ones
Ravi R Vidule and S G Shirodkar
Page No: 167-172

Cyclicvoltammetric studies on anodic alkoxylation of selective aromatic systems in aqueous medium on glassy carbon electrode
B Latha, D Abirami and TK Krishnamoorthy
Page No: 173-181

A theoretical study on absorption spectra of ofloxacin
M Ramegowda
Page No: 182-186

Inhibitive effect of Morinda citrifolia L. leaves extract on aluminium corrosion in HCl medium
K Bharathi, S Lakshmi and S Geetha
Page No: 187-194

Solanum trilobatum as a green inhibitor for aluminium corrosion in alkaline medium
S Geetha, S Lakshmi and K Bharathi
Page No: 195-204

Development and validation of first order derivative spectrophotometric method for simultaneous estimation of tramadol hydrochloride and diclofenac sodium in bulk and synthetic mixture
Daxa L Vasava, Shraddha J Parmar and Bhavna A Patel
Page No: 213-218

Decolorization of synthetic textile dyes using Pseudomonas putida
Sneha U, Poornima R and Sridhar S
Page No: 219-225

Study of total alkalinity present in the industrial effluent (water sample) of Nipani Town
Amit Varale and Yashodhara Varale
Page No: 226-229

Preparation, characterization of benzothiozine and its isomerisation in benzopyrimidine
Archana Dinkar Ingle
Page No: 230-232

Assessment of calcium content in industrial effluent of rural parts of Nipani town and its impact on human health
Amit Varale and Yashodhara Varale
Page No: 233-235

Analysis on inducement of antibiotic production in marine bacteria
Prem Anand TC Chellaram, C Felicia Shanthini and R Sivakumar
Page No: 236-240

Synthesis and structural characterization studies of cobalt(III), manganese(III) and iron(III) schiff base complexes
George Lukose, K Mohanan, Simi Saju and Sherifa Rahim
Page No: 241-249

Recovery of chromium from ferrochrome slag
AVLNSH Hariharan and D Murali Krishna
Page No: 250-252

Fabrication of zinc-nano TiO2 composite films: Electrochemical corrosion studies
M K Punith Kumar and T V Venkatesha
Page No: 253-261

Preparation and biological evaluation of c derivatives
B. Satyanarayana, P. Muralikrishna, D. Ravi Kumar and D. Ramachandran
Page No: 262-266

Synthesis, characterization and antimicrobial activity of some new schiff├ó┬?┬?s bases of 3-acetyl-4-hydroxy-2H-chromen-2-one and amino pyridines
M. S. Mote, S. B. Patwari and S. P. Pachling
Page No: 267-270

Novel synthesis and antimicrobial activity of bis-oxazine derivatives
Sayaji S. Didwagh and Pravina B. Piste
Page No: 271-274

Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of some new 2,3-disubstituted quinazoline-4(3H)-ones derivatives
Mohamed A. Abd-Elhakeem and Ahmed M. Elsayed
Page No: 275-279

Synthesis characterization and antimicrobial activity of 6-nitro-1H-benzo[d]imidazole-2-yl) methyl)-6-oxido-4,8-dihydro-1H-[1, 3, 2] dioxaphosphepino [5,6-c] pyrazole-6-yl) ureas/carboxamides- Mannich bases
C. H. Lakshmi Praveena, V. Esther Rani, Y. N. Spoorthy and L. K. Ravindranath
Page No: 280-292

Stability study of six brands of amoxicillin trihydrate and clavulanic acid oral suspension present in Yemen markets
Mahmoud Mahyoob Alburyhi, Abdulwali Ahmad Siaf and Maged Alwan Noman
Page No: 293-296

Biological activity of the Cocos Nucifera l. and its profile in the treatment of diseases: A review
Cristiane do Nascimento T. Figueira, Regina M. dos Santos, Eliane A. Campesatto, Ingrid Martins L. L├?┬║cio, Ednaldo C. de Ara├?┬║jo and Maria Lysete de A. Bastos
Page No: 297-302

Synthesis, spectroscopic investigation and antimicrobial studies on some Schiff base complexes of Cu(II) and Ni(II)
S. Ajith Sinthuja and S. Sudha Kumari
Page No: 303-309

Evaluation of the quality and in vivo therapeutic efficacy of a generic Glimepiride manufactured in Algeria, compared to the brand name drug Amarel on alloxan diabetic rats
Meryem Ouazouaz, Meriem Derradj and Cherifa Henchiri
Page No: 310-318

Preparation of chlorpyrifos microcapsules by interfacial polymerization
Kefeng Xiao, Zhihui Hao and Leilei Wang
Page No: 319-323