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Original Articles: 2013 Vol: 5 Issue: 5

Decolorization of synthetic textile dyes using Pseudomonas putida


Some of the synthetic dyes are recalcitrant compounds that are difficult to degrade by most conventional methods. In this study, crystal violet, safranin and trypan blue were decolorized using Pseudomonas putida. The effect of pH, temperature, dye concentration, inoculum volume static/agitated conditions and different carbon and nitrogen sources was determined using One Factor At a Time (OFAT) approach to maximize the decolorization process. The optimum conditions were found to be pH 7, at 30°C, dye concentration of 200 mg/L, 0.5mL of inoculum for crystal violet and safranin whereas pH 7, at 40°C, dye concentration 100mg/L, inoculum volume 0.5 mL for trypan blue. The bacteria showed higher decolorization in static compared to agitated condition. The decolorization efficiency was higher when starch and ammonium sulphate were used supplements. On physiochemical parameter optimization, crystal violet, safranin and trypan blue were degraded by 50%, 30% and 80% respectively.