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Original Articles: 2013 Vol: 5 Issue: 5

Assessment of water on up stream and down stream from HLOCCM, of Chandrapur Tahasil of Chandrapur District(M.S.)


The piece of investigation was carried out to study the surface water quality and physico-chemical characteristics of Hindusthan lalpeth open cast coal mines surface water Chandrapur district,(M.S),.during the period of nine months containing Rainy, winter and Summer Season.(Nov 11 to july 12). Chandrapur district is located in the eastern edge of Maharashtra in Nagpur Division .The coal mining industry has to dispose of millions of litres of water every day to excavate coal from mine . This water is the main source of various water supplies in the thickly populated coal field and general use. Chandrapur city is surrounded by many major and minor industries. In this study, water samples from Hindusthan Lalpeth open cast coal mine were collected and analyzed. Attempt to reflect the impact of mining on surrounding water quality of these areas. Various physico-chemical characteristics of the mine water were analyzed with respect to different parameters like Temperature, PH, TDS, DO, Chloride, Fluoride, Turbidity, Hardness and metal like Fe, Mn to get clear picture of quality parameter in HLOCCM water of the Chandrapur town. This investigation reveals that mining activity, markedly pollute the mine water. Mine water are of highly complex nature and of widely varying composition. These are nearly neutral, slightly alkaline in nature. By observing the result it can be concluded that the parameters which were taken for study the surface water quality such as Turbidity, Chloride, Total Hardness ,Total solids are more than that of permissible limits. The Chandrapur Tahsil in Chandrapur District covers parts of Chandrapur City, besides the Inherent surface water pollution in the region polluted surface water seepage is also reported. In certain areas problem of polluted surface water gets mixed with subsurface water has also been reported due to seepage in ground water. The metal impurity problems have been observed in water from open cast coal mines in Chandrapur Tahsil. The occurrence of inland impurity may be due to over development of ground water, use of surface water and ground water in complete isolation, characteristics of aquifer or some other reasons. The water from HLOCCM of Chandrapur Tahsil has more values of Iron and Manganese are greater than desirable standard making water non-potable.

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