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Original Articles: 2013 Vol: 5 Issue: 5

Physico-chemical parameter evaluation of water quality around Chandrapur District Maharastra, India


Wardha, Wainganga and Penganga are the major rivers surrounding Chandrapur district. Wardha river flows into the district from western boundary and then flows along the boundaries of Warora, Chandrapur, Korpana, Rajura, Ballarpur and Gondpipari talukas and Penganga and Irai rivers meet the Wardhariver during this course. As Wardha river flows through several industrial active areas of Chandrapur district monitoring of water quality of Wardha river was carried out during September 2011 to August 2012 period to assess the water pollution level. Two sampling stations were selected at downstream of Chandrapur city. Whereas one sampling station upstream were selected .Water samples were collected and analyzed as per standard methods. Parameters such as pH, turbidity were measured in situ during the sampling. Higher values of several physico-chemical parameters indicate the pollution of riverine ecosystem in the study area. Domestic wastes, municipal sewage, industrial effluent from paper and pulp industries as well as agricultural runoffs are directly or indirectly responsible for deterioration of water quality. Statistical analysis including correlation method average values (AV), Standard Deviation (SD), Standard Variance (SV), Standard Error (SE) and 95% confidence limit (CL)were carried out to assess the pollution load. The results revealed that most of the water samples do not meet WHO and BIS water quality standards, while many samples showing severe water quality deterioration.