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Volume 5, Issue 9 2013: Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research

An adaptive neural network controller for chilled water temperature in HVAC systems
Jianhua Zhu, Qinmin Yang and Jiangang Lu
Page No: 286-290

An algorithm to identify vibration modes of PCB using free response data
Dapeng Zhu
Page No: 291-297

A symbolic dynamics approach to complexity analysis of concrete deformation based on wavelet de-noising
Junwei Song
Page No: 298-302

The multi-object optimal dispatcher research of cascade hydropower stations based on MSM-SANGA
Tinghong Zhao, Huimin Hou and Yu Wang
Page No: 542-548

Emergency decision model of coalmine sudden gas events based on bayes theory
Wang Haiyan, Zhou Xinquan and Zhang Zhenlong
Page No: 303-313

Use of response surface methodology to optimal-parameters adjustmentfor CNC machine tool by corner speed control
Shao-Hsien Chen, Wern-Dare Jehng and Yen-Sheng Chen
Page No: 314-323

A similarity computing method based on a domain ontology for forest pests and diseases
Dongmei Li, Na Li, Jiajia Hou, Qin Mo and Junxiang Wang
Page No: 324-332

Evaluation of antioxidative activity of ethanolic extract from Russula delica: An in vitro study
Somanjana Khatua, Snigdha Paul, Ananya Chatterjee, Debal Ray, Anirban Roy and Krishnendu Acharya
Page No: 100-107

The design of a kind of multi-wavelet signal filtering algorithm and its application to precision optical tracking servo system
Yang Pu, Ni Jiangfan and Li Xiao
Page No: 333-340

Finite element simulation on rolling-extrusion forming of variable wall thickness cylinder parts
Zhao Xi, Zhang Zhimin and Zhang Baohong
Page No: 549-554

The design of panda-oriented intelligent recognition system
Chenying Zeng, Jiang Xiao and Lei Yan
Page No: 341-346

Process Net: A petri net model with the characteristics of process algebras
Guo Feng, Deng Mengmeng and Shi Wanlin
Page No: 347-354

Optimization on sizes and material selection of tubing for preventing corrosion in sour gas field under coexistence of H2S and CO2
Lingfeng LI, Changhui XU, Yunxia Chen and Feng Xiao
Page No: 555-562

Application of artificial bee colony algorithm to select architecture of a optimal neural network for the prediction of rolling force in hot strip rolling process
Zhiwei Zhao, Jingming Yang, Haijun Che, Hao Sun and He Yang
Page No: 563-570

Based on the passive RFID tag control of sewage treatment equipment
Li Jie, Zhang Lina and Wang Weina
Page No: 571-574

Age distributions of two tree species by simulation of BP neural network system
Mengtao Zhang, Xingang Kang, Shuo Cai and Lixin Zhang
Page No: 355-361

Stability analysis of cantilever retaining wall with FEM
Liu Jie-qun, Chen Lu-wang and Liu Jin-long
Page No: 362-371

Analysis of GIS-based spatial variability and risk assessment
Zhu Qingjie and Beata Hejmanowska
Page No: 372-380

Research on ultrasonic measurement technology for concrete structures by based on digital compensation filtering
Qiufeng Li, Gengsheng Luo and Guo Chen
Page No: 408-415

Dynamic analysis and test study of ultrasonic compound micro-fine electrical-machining system
Zhu Yongwei, Shao Jian and Chen Hongzhen
Page No: 381-387

Thermal analysis of diesel engine piston
Hongyuan Zhang, Jian Xing and Chang Guo
Page No: 388-393

Drainage device's research and development in the ceramic filter
Shao-Wu Zhang
Page No: 394-398

A comparison study of three nonlinear multivariate data analysis methods in smartongue: Kernel PCA, LLE and Sammon Mapping
Shiyi Tian, Min Chen, Weichun Pan, Shaoping Deng
Page No: 575-583

Study on petroleum tank baffle mounted on tanker
Yonggang Zuo, Zhuxin Li, Jun Chen, Jing Yang and Zhuwen Chu
Page No: 399-403

A comparison of the two reliability evaluation methods on CNC lathes
Yu Jie, Tang Wu-sheng, Zhang Hai-long , Wang Ting-ting, Li Qiao-chan and Li Zhan-guo
Page No: 404-407

Reliability analysis of switched ethernet based train communication network
Jieqiong Zhou, Lide Wang, Ping Shen and Liyuan Liu
Page No: 584-591

The overview of prediction methods of urban domestic water consumption
Simei Zhang
Page No: 416-419

Diffusion and harmonic analysis on hypergraph and application in ontology similarity measure and ontology mapping
W. Gao, Y. Gao and L. Liang
Page No: 592-598

Development and validation of a method for the determination of rosmarinic acid in Mentha piperita L. using solid-phase extraction and RP-HPLC with photodiode array detection
Andriy Gudzenko
Page No: 40-45

Reading and voxelization of 3D models
Xu Haili, Wang Heng, Zhu Longbiao and Hua Guoran
Page No: 420-427

The test analysis of transmission gears├ó┬?┬? fatigue pitting
Zhifei Wu, Tie Wang and Ruiliang Zhang
Page No: 428-433

Improvement and application of modular process risk modeling method for microbial risk assessment
Limei Liu, Yongchao Gao and Yongchun Wang
Page No: 434-438

Multilevel image threshold selection based on the shuffled frog-leaping algorithm
M. H. Horng
Page No: 599-605

Research on quantitative identification of infrared characteristics of progressive failure of bolted roadway surrounding rock
Yongjun Zhang, Liqian An, Lingtao Mao and Dengfeng Yang
Page No: 439-446

ZnO catalyst for Knoevenagel condensation in aqueous medium at ambient temperature
Manohar Basude, Prasad Sunkara and Veera Somaiah Puppala
Page No: 46-50

Influence of retro-reflective material on public buildings energy consumption in different climate regions
Tao Feng and Yao Jun
Page No: 447-452

Structural characterization of the hydrolysis products of Rebaudioside M, a minor steviol glycoside of Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni
Venkata Sai Prakash Chaturvedula, Oliver Yu and Guohong Mao
Page No: 606-611

The effect of sulfate content on the carnallite quality precipitated from brine
Huaigang Cheng, Nan Wang, Xiaochen Pan, Jinyuan Ma, Zhonghe Zhao and Fangqin Cheng
Page No: 453-458

Excess thermodynamical properties of electrolytes solution with aqueous amino acids at 303.15, 308.15 and 313.15K
Shilpa Mirikar, Pravina P. Pawar and Govind K. Bichile
Page No: 51-59

Multi-spectrum image fusion using weighted bi-orthogonal self-adaptive wavelet transform algorithm
Page No: 459-464

Research on prediction of transmembrane protein topology based on fuzzy theory
Xian Wen Luo, Zuo Ying Liu
Page No: 465-471

Evaluation of anticonvulsant activity of ethanolic extract of Zingiber officinale in Swiss albino rats
Narapogu. Venkatanarayana, Md. Ghouse Basha, Naveen Pokala, T. Jayasree, S. Premendran John and Ch. Nagesh
Page No: 60-64

Exploration about the cutting force reducing of low-temperature MQL cutting technology
Lin Zhu and Jinlin Li
Page No: 472-477

Calculation of absorption spectrum of the g u 11A ├?┬«11B electronic transition of trans-1,3,5-hexatriene based on frequency-domain approach
M. Miralinaghi, F. Burbur and M. Abbaszadeh
Page No: 65-76

A novel multi-scale qualitative trend analysis algorithm
Dong Gao, Xin Xu and Xin Ma
Page No: 478-482

Residual stress field and toughening mechanism for composite ceramic with eutectic interphases
Xiequan Liu, Xinhua Ni, Zhaogang Cheng and Yunwei Fu
Page No: 483-491

Validated HPTLC method for determination of dicloxacillin in simulated urine
Prashant U. Tompe, Madhura V. Dhoka, Mrinalini C. Damle and Ashwini R. Madgulkar
Page No: 77-83

Research of Electro-hydraulic servo valve accelerated Degradation test based on wear mechanism
Li Qiuxi, Wang Xiaohong and Yan Yujie
Page No: 492-497

Development of self-adaptively loading for planetary roller traction-drive transmission
Desheng Chen and Xuewen Du
Page No: 498-506

Sequestration of cadmium ions onto mango (Mangifera indica) seed biomass: Kinetics and equilibrium studies
Chijioke John Ajaelu and Modupe O. Dawodu
Page No: 1-9

Synthesis, physicochemical and antimicrobial studies of Co(II), Zn(II) and Fe(III) mixed antibiotics metal complexes
I. Waziri, N. P. Ndahi and B. B. Paul
Page No: 84-89

Antagonistic effect of tomato rhizospheric microbes against some pathogens
Kannahi. M and Malathi. P
Page No: 10-14

Deep buried tunnel surrounding rock stability analysis of the cusp catastrophe theory
Hong Jiang
Page No: 507-514

Antimicrobial substances of potential biomedical importance from Babylonia zeylanica
Santhi V., V. Sivakumar, M. Mukilarasi and Anita Kannagi
Page No: 108-115

Synthesis, characterization and biological evaluation of novel binary and mixed ligand complexes of phosphonformic acid
P. Saritha, C. Gyanakumari and Suchi Tiwari
Page No: 116-122

Study on reduction of hexavalent chromium in aqueous solution using GT-Fe0 nanoparticles
Sakcham Bairoliya, Swati Dubey, Sohini Bagchi, Rajasekaran R., Ramanathan K. and Shanthi V.
Page No: 123-129

Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of some new 3,5-dimethyl azopyrazole derivatives
Pranali D. Kale
Page No: 130-134

Evaluation of vitamin and mineral tablets and capsules in Yemen market
Abdulwali Ahmed Saif, Mahmoud Mahyoob Alburyhi and Maged Alwan Noman
Page No: 15-26

Development and validation of HPTLC method for the simultaneous analysis of gatifloxacin and ketorolac tromethamine in eye drops
Vandana Patil, Shital Phalke, Suwarna Kale, Rushikesh Patil and Smita Vithaldas
Page No: 135-141

Spectroscopic and thermal studies of copper (II) complexes with different amino acid
Shraddha Shukla, Anupama Kashyap and Anil Kashyap
Page No: 142-145

Synthesis and microbial evolution of Co(II), Ni(II), Cu(II) and Zn(II) complexes of bidentate Schiff base derived from 2-amino-4-phenyl thiazole
S. R. Kelode
Page No: 146-149

Evaluation of phytochemical and elemental contents of Haematostaphis barteri leaves and stem bark in Hong local government area of Adamawa state, Nigeria
K. Tadzabia, H. M. Maina, O. N. Maitera and J. S. Ezekiel
Page No: 150-156

The application of a kind of duplex layer KMP algorithm within flow filtering technology
Lei Li, Yuwan Gu, Yan Chen and Yuqiang Sun
Page No: 515-521

Kinetic studies of 1-methyl-2-thiourea with superoxide coordinated to cobalt(III)
Osunlaja A. A., Idris S. O., Iyun J. F. and A. Uzairu
Page No: 157-166

Optimization of citric acid and malic acid to enhance flavour and shelf life of mango juice
Proud Saha, Jai Prakash Singh, Sumeet Sourav, Ahmed Humayun and Ramalingam C
Page No: 90-95

Effect of conditions on the anodization of Zircaloy-4 in EDTA
Rajasheker Reddy Eragari, V. Vani and A. Panasa Reddy
Page No: 167-174

Study on work performance of dual horsehead pumping units
Feng Zi-Ming, Li Qi, Wang Qi and Xin Min
Page No: 175-181

Simulation analysis of the oil pipe between injection-production system packers
Dong Kang-xing and Jiang Min-zheng
Page No: 182-187

Electrical conductance and thermokinetic parameters of newly synthesized terpolymeric ligands
K. M. Khedkar, V. V. Hiwase, A. B. Kalambe, S. D. Deosarkar and A. M. Thakre
Page No: 188-193

In vitro anti-inflammatory activity of Raupya (Silver) Bhasma
Shyam Baboo Prasad, Yashwant and Vidhu Aeri
Page No: 194-197

Combining DFT and QSAR result for predicting the biological activity of the phenylsuccinimide derivatives
Rachid Hmammouchi,Abdelhafid Idrissi Taghki, Majdouline Larif, Azeddine Adad, Abdelaziz Abdellaoui, Mohammed Bouachrine and Tahar Lakhlifi
Page No: 198-209

Physicochemical properties of Baccaurea remiflora (Letuk) seed oil
Kajal Dutta, Sanjay Basumatary and Dibakar Chandra Deka
Page No: 210-218

Theoretical investigation on the structural and electronic properties of conjugated organophosphorus compounds
I. A. Adejoro and B. T. Ogunyemi
Page No: 27-33

A comparative study on antioxidant activity of essential oils and curcumin using thiobarbituric acid reactive substances
M. S. Seema Farhath, P. P. Vijaya, P. Mumtaj and M. Vimal
Page No: 219-221

An attitude error correction method based on MARG sensor array
Mingjian Li, Chen Chen, Ning Han and Fei Yan
Page No: 522-528

Synthesis, spectral and microbial studies of some novel schiff base derivatives of 2- amino pyrimidine
K. C. Parmar, J. J. VORA and S. B. Vasava
Page No: 222-226

Research on the enhanced composite mode of low temprature solidified glued laminated timber
Zhong F. Zhang, Kai Huang, Xian Y. Zhou, and Matoto Ohkoshi
Page No: 227-233

Aggregation and docking strategies for mobile self-reconfigurable robots
Ming Zhong, Y.F. Yao, B. Huang
Page No: 529-535

The ruin problem of dependent risk model based on copula function
Cong Gu
Page No: 234-240

Antihyperglicemic activity of some chromium(III)-amino acid complexes in nicotinamide-streptozotocin induced diabetic wistar rats
Kun Sri Budiasih, Chairil Anwar, Sri Juari Santosa, Hilda Ismail and Ika Puspita Sari
Page No: 34-39

An on-line auction method for resource allocation in computational grids
Lili Ding, Wanglin Kang and Lei Wang
Page No: 241-247

Thermal dynamic system of the outcrop coal fire under the control of multi-ventilation power factors and its application
Wang Haiyan and Sun Zhenyu
Page No: 248-255

Evaluation model research of 100 meters sprint exercise capacity based on fuzzy neural network
Bing Zhang, Sheng Zhang and Guang Lu
Page No: 256-262

Small hydropower├ó┬?┬?s construction and relative financial analysis
Liu Yuanxin, Zhuang Yan and Zhao Xing
Page No: 263-267

A discrimination method of ├ó┬?┬?Ripping up the riverbed├ó┬?┬Ł in the Yellow River
Dong Wensheng, Jiang Enhui, Liu Xuemei and Li Junhua
Page No: 268-272

Research on the forward slip of rolling-extrusion forming for variable wall thickness cylinder parts
Zhao Xi, Zhang Zhimin and Zhang Baohong
Page No: 536-541

Study on the relationship between clay block particle size distribution and its shear strength of ├ó┬?┬?Ripping up the riverbed├ó┬?┬Ł reach in the Yellow River
Dong Wensheng, Jiang Enhui, Liu Xuemei and Li Junhua
Page No: 273-277

Mechanism research and experimental study of viscoelastic magnetic abrasive tools finishing
W. H. Li, S. Q. Yang, X. H. Li, H. F. Zhai and J. T. Shi
Page No: 278-285

Studies on novel hydrazide compounds and their metal complex
Ushma Joshi
Page No: 96-99