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Volume 6, Issue 9 2014: Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research

Melamine selective electrode based on nanoporous carbon/molecularly imprinted polymer
Muji Harsini1, Suyanto1, Gustan Pari2 and Eva Mandasari3
Page No: 65-70

Physico-chemical investigation of ground water quality of some areas of Imphal east and Imphal west districts during pre-monsoon-1st phase
Nandababu Singh Laishram
Page No: 167-171

Design, development and evaluation of hollow microspheres of Repaglinide
Abdul Baquee Ahmed*1, Rupa Sengupta2 and Ratul Deb1
Page No: 267-277

Synthesis, characterization, antimicrobial studies of certain piperazine containing s-triazine derived compound
Kokila N. Sarmah*, N. K. Sarmah and Talha V. Patel
Page No: 127-132

Computational studies on the antiobesity effect of polyphenols from pomegranate leaf
Sudeep H. V.* and Shyam Prasad K
Page No: 278-281

Oxidation kinetics of L-glutamine by ?¼-peroxo complex in aqueous medium
S. Ignatius Arockiam and A. Peter Pascal Regis
Page No: 146-149

Effect of solvents on the extraction of Kacip Fatimah (Labisia pumila) leaves
A. Mohd Azrie1*, A. Luqman Chuah1, K. Y. Pin2 and H. P. Tan2
Page No: 172-176

Phytochemical screening and in-vitro antioxidant activities of Colubrina asiatica Brong
Desai Nivas1 and *Gaikwad D. K.
Page No: 282-288

Studies on interaction between divalent transition metal ions and some substituted imidazolinone at 0.1M ionic strength pH metrically
R. R. Tayade, Alice. S. Chandami and M. P. Wadekar
Page No: 133-139

Studies on micronutrient status in soils of Kavali revenue division of Nellore district, Andhra Pradesh, India
Durga Devi Pithani1, P. R. K. Prasad1 and Kiran Yarrakula2
Page No: 289-294

An anomalous accessory muscle belly of the second lumbrical with bifurcated insertion of third lumbrical, and their relevance with carpal tunnel syndrome
Ishwar B. Bagoji1*,M. A. Doshi2, Gavishiddappa A. Hadimani1, Balappa M. Bannur1, Shardha Bai Rathod3 and B. G. Patil1
Page No: 295-297

An improved method for determination of MnII based on its catalytic effect on periodate oxidation of 2,4-xylidine
R. D. Kaushik1* and Ekata Kumari2
Page No: 150-155

Optimization of conditions for glucoamylase, ?±-amylase and acidic protease production by Aspergillus Oryzae Koji
Yan Lin, Jian-Gang Yang, Ying-Ying Ma, Hui-Bo Luo, Qiu Lin and Hechuan Wu
Page No: 360-364

Strategy research on ship speed down and exploit high-viscosity fuel
Zhang Guichen1* and Yin Zhifei2
Page No: 456-462

Evaluation of anti-oxidant properties of Foliose lichens
1M. Balasubramanian and 2P. Nirmala
Page No: 177-184

Rifamycin SV production using immobilized cells of Amycolatopsis mediterranei OVA5-E7 in different matrices
Nagavalli Mandali1*, V. Girijashankar2, S. P. D. Ponamgi3, Sujatha Peela4 and L. Venkateswar Rao1
Page No: 298-306

Performance comparison of several kinds of improved genetic algorithm
Wang Xue-mei1, Liu Xiao2 and Liu Gang1
Page No: 463-468

Pharmacognostic specification, mutagenic and antimutagenic properties of Cymbopogon nardus roots in Thailand
Pravaree Phuneeruba, Chanida Palanuveja* and Nijsiri Ruangrungsia
Page No: 389-396

Synthesis and characterization of hybrid zeolite, a chitosan sulfonated membrane for proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC)
Siti Wafiroh*, Alfa Akustia Widati, Harsasi Setyawati and Gama Prakoso Buono
Page No: 71-76

Stability indicating RP-HPLC method for the simultaneous determination of Ofloxacin and Flavoxate in bulk and pharmaceutical formulations
Mohammad Yunoos, M. Sowjanya, K. Pavan Kumar and Ch. Ashok Kumar
Page No: 381-388

Thinking of expanding practice and remember capacity of postgraduates
Jian Zhou1, Yuan Liu1*, Lei Lei2 and Jingsong Hu1
Page No: 185-188

Synthesis, characterization and biological activity of certain Pyrazole derivatives
A. Faritha1, A. Jamal Abdul Nasser2*, A. Parveez Ahamed3 and N. Thajuddin3
Page No: 189-193

Synthesis and antitumor evaluation in vitro of 5-bromo-N-phenyl substituted isatin derivatives
Cen Xiang1,2,3, Dan Wu1,2,3, Luyao Wang1,2,3, Hanrui Wu1,2,3, Bin Lu1,2,3, Ziyin Zhang1,2,3, Yuping Li1,2,3, Yang Liu1,2,3, Rusheng Zhu1,2,3, Ying Jin1,2,3, Yuou Teng1,2,3* andHua Sun1,2,3*
Page No: 307-312

Development of the extraction-photometric method for quantitative determination of Timolol Maleate
Olga Vislous, Natalia Bevz and Victoriya Georgiyants
Page No: 156-159

Organotin(IV) complexes with ONS donor Schiff base ligand: Synthesis, characterization and antimicrobial evaluation
Nisha Batra1, Nidhi Malhotra2* and Sonika Assija3
Page No: 194-200

Factors affecting isolation of fungi from cuticle of apple fruit
Xue Li, Caixia Wang, Baohua Li* and Xiang Li Dong
Page No: 1-4

Physio-chemical analysis of bore-well water of Kurnool environs, Andhra Pradesh
K. Chandra Mohan, J. Suresh and P. Venkateswarlu
Page No: 77-80

Anti-inflammatory and toxicity studies of the ethanolic extract of the leaves of Ficus platyplla Del (Moraceae)
*Dafam D. G.1,Kagaru D. C.1,Ajima U.2, Ezekwu P.1 and Falang K. D.
Page No: 5-9

Thermal stability and electrical properties of self-doped N-substituted
Jiali Zhanga*, Jian Gaoa, Hao Wanga and Aixi Chenb
Page No: 313-321

RP-HPLC method for simultaneous estimation of Ofloxacin and Nitazoxanide in tablet formulation
M. Sangeetha*1 and C. Mahendran2
Page No: 365-369

Determination of the trace element contents of Althaea rosea seeds by Atomic Absorption Spectrometry and evaluation using multivariate analysis
Weijun Du1, Feng Liu1, Xi Bai1 and Shuge Tian1,2
Page No: 10-15

Oral glucose tolerance and analgesic activity evaluation with methanolic extract of fruits of Momordica cochinchinensis
Farzana Akhter1, Md. Al-Razi1, Farzana Begum Chowdhury1, Nargis Ara1, Md. Moshiur Rahman1 and Mohammed Rahmatullah2
Page No: 322-327

Reverse phase high performance liquid chromatographic method for estimation of metronidazole in tablet dosage form
Amit Kumar De1, Ashok Kumar Bera2 and Biswajit Pal*3
Page No: 370-375

The essential oil chemotype of Citrus reticulata Blanco peel
Jian Wang
Page No: 16-18

Fourier Transform Infrared (FT-IR) Spectroscopy for discrimination of fenugreek seeds from different producing areas
Doha Samargandi1, Xuejia Zhang2, Feng Liu3 and Shuge Tian4
Page No: 19-24

Preliminary phytochemical screening, oral glucose tolerance, analgesic and acute toxicity studies with Dendrocalamus giganteus aerial parts
A. K. M. Mahmudul Haque1,4*, Md. Zahirul Kabir2, Shahnaz Rahman1, Md. Moshiur Rahman3, Rownak Jahan1, Md. Shahadat Hossan3 and Mohammed Rahmatullah3
Page No: 397-402

Determination of toxicity of the immunobiological drug for prevention and treatment of candidal infection
Ð?. V. Rybalkin1*, N. Ð?. Filimonova2, Ð?. S. Kalyuzhnaya1 and L. S. Strelnikov1
Page No: 25-27

Synthesis and characterisation of poly (pyrrole-co-isoniazid)
D. Lakshmanan and G. Selvanathan
Page No: 28-33

GC-MS studies and phytochemical screening of Sesbania grandiflora L.
A. Zahir Hussain and S. Kumaresan
Page No: 43-47

Design, synthesis and biological activity evaluation of novel anticancer agent 5-(2-carboxyethenyl)indole derivatives
Kailin Han1,2,3, Haomeng Wang1,2,3, Binbin Song1,2,3, Yashan Li1,2,3, Wei Na Ding1,2,3, Hongye Zhao1,2,3, Hua Sun1,2,3, Yuou Teng1,2,3* and Peng Yu
Page No: 376-380

Ecofriendly synthesis and applications of silver nanoparticles
Nishigandh Pande1*, Dipika Kaur Jaspal2, Jalindar Ambekar3 and Jayachandran V. P.4
Page No: 403-410

Effects of hydrolyzation, aging time and temperature on rheology of sols and effects of aging and sintering temperatures on structural and thermal properties of calcium phosphate powders
Ravinder Pal Singh* and Uma Batra
Page No: 469-487

An analytical study on complexation equilibria of non -essential amino acid and pyrimidine with heavy elements followed by specific computer
K. Kumar and D. K. Dwivedi
Page No: 81-88

Role of sewage fed fisheries for treatment of dry weather flow of Kolkata City maintaining the eco-toxicity balance
Pankaj Kumar Roy1*, Malabika Biswas Roy2, Arunabha Majumder1 and Asis Mazumdar1
Page No: 328-333

Method development, validation and determination of Alprazolam in its pharmaceutical dosage by 2,3-dichloro 5,6-dicyano-1,4-benzoquinone
Shaik Sarfaraz1, Ch. Venkata Ramana Readdy1 and K. M. A. Shareef2
Page No: 411-418

Clustering analysis of cancerous microarray data
Khalid Raza
Page No: 488-493

Chemical treatment on hemp/polymer composites
Murali B. and Chandra Mohan D.
Page No: 419-423

Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of hydantoin derivatives
Haomeng Wang1,2,3, Kailin Han1,2,3, Jiang Liu1,2,3, Zhihong Yan1,2,3, Tiantian Hao1,2,3, Di Shen1,2,3, Haipeng Liu1,2,3, Kai Sheng4, Yuou Teng1,2,3* and Peng Yu1,2,3
Page No: 424-427

In vitro cytotoxicity of the polar extracts of Potentilla fulgens L. against human cancer cell lines: Detection and isolation of bioactive phenolics
Jasha Momo H. Anal1,2*, Rabiya Majeed3, Ghanashyam Bez1*, Donkupar Syiem4, Abid Hamid3 and Ajit K. Saxena3
Page No: 89-95

Anti-inflammatory activities of phytochemicals from Bauhinia variegata Linn
Gayathri Gunalan1*, K.Vijayalakshmi2, A. Saraswathy1, Waheetha Hopper3 and T. Tamilvannan3
Page No: 334-348

Phytochemical, antibacterial and antioxidant evaluation of Ceriops decandra (Griff.) Ding Hou leaf extracts
Nagababu P. and Umamaheswara Rao V.*
Page No: 428-437

Algorithm design of the ratio control of chlorine and hydrogen in hydrogen chloride synthesis
*Shen Yan-he1,Ma Zi-ling2 and Wang Tang3
Page No: 494-500

Identification and biodegradation potential of two newly isolated hydrocarbon-degradating microorganisms
Jin Shui Yang, Hong Li Yuan* and Baozhen Li
Page No: 438-443

Molecular docking studies of lichen metabolites as malarial protein inhibitors: Plasmepsin II protease and dihydro folate reductase
E. Susithra1, S. Meena2, D. Chamundeeswari1*, Rajasekhar Chekkara3 and Ethiraj Varalakshmi4
Page No: 501-512

Cell culture study on the cytotoxic effects of â??Cureitâ?- a novel bio available curcumin-anti cancer
Sreeraj Gopi*a, Robin Georgea, Shintu Judea and V. T. Sriraamb
Page No: 96-100

Cyclopolymerization of N,Nâ??-methylenebisacrylamide with N,Ndimethylaniline- trichloroacetic acid and N,N-dimethylanilinebenzoyl chloride systems in aqueous medium
N. Krishnaveni1 and M. Umayavalli2
Page No: 349-359

Study of antibacterial activity and identification of the most active fraction from ethanol extraction of Zingiber cassumunar Roxb. rhizomes by vacuum liquid chromatography
Erna Risnawati1, Ahmad Ainurofiq2* and M. Widyo Wartono1
Page No: 101-107

Comparison of antimicrobial resistance pattern of hospital - and community - acquired Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus
Metri Basavaraj C.*1, Peerapur B. V.2 and P. Jyothi1
Page No: 201-205

Extraction of some pollutive ions using different biomasses in oxidation ponds
Y. Hanumantha Rao, K. Rohini Kiran and K. Ravindhranath
Page No: 48-54

The impact of several surfaces of chemical fertilizer on Thymus vulgaris performance and its different parts in qom destrid
Arabiyan* and Mohammad Sharrif Moghaddassi
Page No: 206-213

Synthesis and biological evaluation of 10-hydroxycamptothecin derivative on different tumor cells in vitro and in vivo
Changhai Sun1*, Jing Cao1, Na Guo2, Hua Sun2,Du Jiang2, Hongye Zhao2, Luyao Wang2, Danwu2 and Zhen Liu2
Page No: 214-218

Dual release tablet: Clinical outcome and evaluation
C. Rubina Reichal*1, N. Thirumoorthy1 and M. Gopal Rao2
Page No: 219-229

Evaluation of toxic effect of biogenic silver nanaoparticles on chick embryo
Bavanilathamuthiah, Karthick Raja Namasivayam and Avimanyu Bhattacharya
Page No: 230-235

A new 5-deoxyflavonol from Tephrosia tinctoria
Gudise Reddeppa Reddy, Aluru Rammohan, Rachakunta Munikishore and Duvvuru Gunasekar
Page No: 34-36

Ultraviolet-Visible spectrum characterizations of Quercetin in aqueous ethanol solution with different pH values
Yu Duan
Page No: 236-240

Miscibility of mixed monolayer of L-?±-di-(cis-9-octadecenoic acid) phosphatidylcholine and Rutin stearate at the air/water interface Yu Duan
Yu Duan
Page No: 55-60

Synthesis and spectrochemical study of some Albendazole derivatives
J. El harti*, M. Ansar, A. Benmoussa and J. Taoufik
Page No: 108-113

Ultrasonic investigation and molecular interaction studies in substituted oxoimidazoline drugs solution at different concentrations
R. R. Tayade, A. S. Chandami and M. P. Wadekar*
Page No: 114-121

Antimicrobial activity of medicinally important plant-Tephrosia purpurea Linn. against pathogenic bacteria
Manikandan B., Perumal R., Vijayakumar P., Dhayalkarthick N., Selvamaleeswaran P.* and Sureshkumar M.
Page No: 61-64

Study of structural and temperature dependence on stability constants of certain charge transfer complexes in solution by ultrasonic method
Shubhajit Haldera, Pratibha S. Agrawalb, Shivani Thakura and Lalitmohan J. Paliwalc
Page No: 241-245

Effect of mode of addition of inducer on enhanced biosynthesis of Penicillin V acylase by Fusarium oxysporum FUS-04
Tooba Naz1, Ahmed Abdel-Megeed2,3 and Arifa Tahir1
Page No: 246-251

Formulation development and optimization of chirally pure S (+) Etodolac extended release tablets for the management of arthritis
Srikant Pimple*, Pravin Maurya, Akash Joshi, Krupal Salunke, Ruby Singh, Mukund Gurjar and Mahesh Shah
Page No: 160-166

Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of N-phenyl substituted isatin derivatives
Yao Yang1,2,3, Binbin Song1,2,3, Kailin Han1,2,3, Li Zhang1,2,3, Dan Wu1,2,3, Xin Qu1,2,3, Huanhuan Li1,2,3, Hua Sun1,2,3, Yuou Teng1,2,3* and Peng Yu1,2,3
Page No: 140-145

The effect of total matrine nanoemulsion gel with confocal laser scanning microscopyon skin in mice
Cai-xia Li, Ying-zi Wang*, Chun-ni Zhang, Fei-peng Duan, Xiu-ting Zhang, Qing Wang and Feng-ying Li
Page No: 252-255

Adsorption characteristics of dimethyl phthalate by modified zeolite
Peng Zhang1*, Guocheng Zhu1, Bozhi Ren1, Yanjun Zhang2 and Wei Luo1
Page No: 37-42

Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of the novel isoindolinone derivatives
Jiang Liu, Luyao Wang, Na Guo*, Yu-ou Teng and Peng Yu
Page No: 256-260

Descriptive and multivariate analysis of microbial environmental monitoring of the hospital in the area Rharb, Kenitra (Morocco)
Majdouline Larif1*, Nabila Saouide El ayne2, Adil Echchelh2, Abdelaziz Chaouch3 and Abdelmajid Soulaymani4
Page No: 261-266

The study of history aging model in network trust evaluation
Liu Xiaojun
Page No: 449-455

Stability indicating RP-HPLC method for the simultaneous determination Of olfoxacin and Flavoxate in bulk and pharmaceutical formulations
Mohammad Yunoos, M. Sowjanya, K. Pavan Kumar and Ch. Ashok Kumar
Page No: 381-388