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Volume 6, Issue 11 2014: Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research

Simultaneous determination of Atorvastatin, Glimepiride and Amlodipine in solution and plasma matrix using HPLC/UV method
Wael Abu Dayyih, Ala'a Al-fayez, Lina Tamimi, Eyad Mallah and Tawfiq Arafat
Page No: 515-528

Antibacterial activity of four sulfonamide derivatives against multidrug-resistant Staphylococcus aureus
Im├?┬Ęne Becheker1, Hajira Berredjem1*, Nafissa Boutefnouchet1, Malika Berredjem2 and Ali Ladjama1
Page No: 893-899

Promising modification of cotton fabric for multifunctional applications
Rehab M. Kotb, Naglaa A. A. Elsayed and Abeer A. A. Salama
Page No: 900-912

Simulation and calibration furnaces of reduction units viscosity of refinery and optimize the operating conditions to increase efficiency
Mohammad Nouri, Majid Tajdari and Behnam Koohestani
Page No: 913-922

Simulation of three-phase separator in petroleum industry
Mohammad Rashid Jahangiri and Mohammad Nouri
Page No: 923-936

Characterization and quantification for sulfide impurity of Esomeprazole by RP-HPLC
Priyadarshini S. Bansode, Ravindra K. Kamble, Chetan Singh Chauhan and Sujata S. Bansode
Page No: 937-941

Method development and validation of related substances in Pantoprazole Sodium by RP HPLC
Priyadarshini S. Bansode, Ravindra K. Kamble, Chetan Singh Chauhan and Sujata S. Bansode
Page No: 942-948

Liquisolid Technique: A novel approach in pharmaceutical formulation development
Anjan K. Mahapatra, G. Maheswara Sastry, Ranjit P. Swain, P. N. Murthy and Narahari N. Palei
Page No: 529-543

The research of health development evaluation on oil-field enterprises
Lv Xiaodong and Ding Hao
Page No: 700-705

Lagerstroemia speciosa L. tannins reduces the gastric mucosal damage caused by ethanol and cold restraint stress
Priya Thambia, Sabu Chacko and Jolly Chungath
Page No: 706-714

Pharmacodynamics of recombinant human nerve growth factor derivatives on peripheral neuropathy induced by cancer chemotherapy drugs
Kehong Bi, Nannan Laia, Haiyan Zhuangd, Guosheng Jiang, Ge Wang and Jinsong Gu
Page No: 544-549

Drug resistance pattern of Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates at PIMS Hospital, Islamabad, Pakistan
Jafar Khan, Abdul Wahab Arshad Qayyum1 Shahbreen Jamshed
Page No: 715-719

Ethnomedicinal plants of Rakhain tribal communities of two areas of Patuakhali district, Bangladesh
Arpon Chakraborty Joy, Promit Das, Zasharatul Islam, Rubaiya Jahan Priya, Md. Neaz Pervez, Md. Imtiuz Hossain Nahid, Rifat Ara Islam and Mohammed Rahmatullah
Page No: 550-555

Microwave solid phase synthesis, characterization, and antimicrobial activities of 2,2├ó┬?┬▓-((1E,1├ó┬?┬▓E)-(ethane-1,2-diylbis(azanylylidene)) bis(methanylylidene))bis(4-chlorophenol)-copper(II)
Suo-Ping Xu and Ming-Yuan Wang
Page No: 556-560

Urban sprawl change detection analysis of Vijayawada city using multi temporal remote sensing data
Kiran, Yarrakula, K. S. Kumar and K. Leela Krishna
Page No: 728-734

Preliminary pharmacognostic and phytochemical analysis of Berberis aristata
Ashok Kumar Tiwari, Pawan Kumar Ahirwar and Archana Chaturvedi
Page No: 764-770

Synthesis, characterization and biological evaluation of some novel isoxazole and benzodiazepine derivatives
Harish R. Dabhi, Arjunshin K. Rana and Arihant R. Shah
Page No: 771-775

A case study of arsenic and fluoride contamination in groundwater of Bhagalpur District
A. K. Jha and Ujjwal Kumar
Page No: 735-738

Spectroscopic and thermal investigations on charge-transfer complexes formed in the reaction of pregabalin drug and various acceptors
Mahmoud M. Alia, Akmal S. Gaballab, Reda A. Haggama, Nabila. A. El-Khososya and Said M. Teleba
Page No: 570-580

An improved synthesis of ├?┬▓-amino carbonyl compounds using FeCl3-silica gel
Ram Singh, Geetika Bhasin, Geetanjali and Richa Srivastava
Page No: 776-781

Chemoinformatics approach for DNA sequencing by synthesis with fluorescent nucleotides
Devinder Singh Negi and Smruti Prava Das
Page No: 581-589

Growth, thermal and mechanical characterizations of non linear optical L-arginine benzohydrazide single crystal
A. Joseph Arul Pragasam, B. Anitha and P. Sagayaraj
Page No: 739-743

Structure elucidation of Maksiterone-A from methanolic extract of Tinospora cordifolia and used as antidepressant agent
Arun Kumar
Page No: 744-749

The influence of groove shape and number of micro tube on methane/moist air catalytic combustion
Ruirui Wang, Jingyu Ran, Wenjie Qi and Liya Li
Page No: 795-800

Refractometric study of the binary mixture of benzene and carbon tetrachloride
K. P. Damor, K. V. Goswami and S. P. Vyas
Page No: 750-752

Synthesis and characterization of monomeric complexes of Cu(II) and Ni(II) with 3-methyl-4-(2-arylhydrazono)-1H-pyrazol-5(4H)-one
N. A. Kedar and S. G. Shirodkar
Page No: 801-807

Synthesis of enone ester by conventional method for their possible use in anti-HIV chemotherapy
Rachna Mishra
Page No: 753-756

Synthesis of aryl substituted hydrazinothiazolyl pyrazole derivatives and evaluation of their biological activity
A. Faritha, A. Jamal Abdul Nasser and S. Sahaya Sathish
Page No: 808-813

Analysis and research of sports network teaching system module
Gao Siyue and Liu Xiao
Page No: 757-763

Industrial production of biofungicide for controlling powdery mildew
Wafaa Haggag M.
Page No: 814-820

Luminescent characteristics of Sr0.95MoO4: 0.05Ln3+(Ln = Eu, Tb, Pr) phosphors
Wu Wen, Xuan Ya-wen and Yin Jiang-nong
Page No: 590-594

Competitive biosorption of Ni (II) and Cu (II) ions from aqueous solutions onto chemically prepared carbon from Acacia nilotica
M. K Priya and T. Santhi
Page No: 595-607

Studies on the density and surface area of nanoparticles from Camellia sinensis, A natural source
B. Nath and T. F. Barbhuiya
Page No: 608-610

Antifungal activity of Mellilotus officinalis of Iraq
Noor Mohsen Nasser, Mohammed Al-Araji and Widad M. K. Al-Ani
Page No: 611-617

Attenuation of methane, PAHs and VOCs in the soil covers of an automotive shredded residues landfill: A case study
Giordano Urbinia, Paolo Viotti and Renato Gavasci
Page No: 618-625

Characterization of Kenaf fibre reinforced composites
Chandra Mohan D. and Murali B.
Page No: 626-628

Effect of Nitazoxanide on cardiovascular system, respiratory system and nervous system
Yanchun Gao, Zhihui Hao, Kefeng Xiao, Leilei Wang, Li Zhao and Qidi Zhang
Page No: 629-634

Cases of vertebral arterial variations with an emphasis on its development
Gavishiddappa A. Hadimani*, Ishwar B. Bagoji and B. M. Bannur
Page No: 635-639

The evaluation of petroleum enterprise innovation ability for shale gas development
Wagn Suling, Xing Chunlei, Yang Pingping and Sun Weiguo
Page No: 640-644

Experiment research on cemented backfill material with unclassified tailings
Yang Bao-gui, Bao Tian-cai, Lu Hui, Liu Lu, Lu Zhi-jiang and Wang Fu-li
Page No: 645-652

Study on the extraction process and seasonal variation of Toosendanin in Chinaberry (Melia azedarach L.)
Qiang Zhang, Mingqiang Zhu, Yinquan Su and Jingfang Zhang
Page No: 653-660

Research and design of network service platform of sports venues based on physical education principle
Gao Siyue and Cai Quanzhe
Page No: 661-668

Analysis of the harvesting robot arm modal based on CAE
Jian Zhou, Zhimin Yang and Songlin Chen
Page No: 669-673

Innovation of Chinese teaching cultivation of students' ability
Li Guifang
Page No: 674-677

Location of the Chinese teachers in quality education
Li Guifang
Page No: 678-682

Synthesis, characterization and antimicrobial activity of 2-(3-aryltriaz-2-enyl) acetonitrile
Devish B. Patel and A. C. Desai
Page No: 474-478

Stimulation of haemopoiesis and up-regulation of T-helper cells production in mice by different fractions of Telfairia occidentalis Hook F and Tectona grandis Linn.
Egba S. I., Njoku O. U., Anaduaka E. G. and Okibe C. O.
Page No: 486-492

Role of multifunctional nanomaterials in disease diagnosis and therapy
Ibrahim birma Bwatanglang, Faruq Mohammad and Nor Azah Yusof
Page No: 821-844

In silico docking analysis of Janus kinase enzymes and phytochemicals
Anish Nag and Anita Mukherjee
Page No: 493-499

Synthesis, characterization and structure activity relationship analysis of Nacetyl- 2-substituted phenyl thiazolidine-4-carboxylic acids derivatives as neuraminidase inhibitors
Dawood S. Abid, Nezar L. Shihab and Fadhil S. Kamounah
Page No: 845-854

HPLC method for simultaneous determination of Albendazole metabolites in plasma
Z. Khalil, M. El karbane, M. Azougagh, J. El harti and J. Taoufik
Page No: 860-865

Structural insights of CD4+ Gag epitopes and HLA-DRB1*10 allele complexes
Jemmy Christy. H and Alex Anand D.
Page No: 500-506

Heavy metal ions removal from water using modified zeolite
Peng Zhang, Wenjie Ding, Yanjun Zhang, Kanghai Dai and Wei Liu
Page No: 507-514

Beef quality and safety traceability system based on RFID technology
Xiaoying Yang, Wanli Zhang and Qixiang Song
Page No: 866-872

Effect of L-tartaric acid on various properties of L-proline cadmium chloride crystals
M. Malathi, S. L. Rayar and P. Selvarajan
Page No: 873-878

Medicinal plants offer multimechanistic approaches in management of Alzheimer├ó┬?┬?s disease
Hanaa H. Ahmed, Ahmed M. Salem, Gilane M. Sabry, Ahmed A. Husein and Soheir E. Kotob
Page No: 879-892

Synthesis and characterization of some novel thiosemicarbazone derivatives containing the tetrazole moiety
Ajit Popat Ingale
Page No: 460-464

Stability indicating RP-HPLC method for simultaneous estimation of Amlodipne and Perindopril in bulk and formulation
G. Saravanan, D. Asha Jyothi Kommara, I. Sri Krishnanjaneyulu, D. Visagaperumal
Page No: 465-473

Microwave-assisted extraction of lemongrass essential oil: Study of the influence of extraction method and process parameters on extraction process
Neeraj Singh, Prashant Shrivastava and Mumtaj Shah
Page No: 385-389

Simultaneous determination of Flunarizine Dihydrochloride, Domperidone and Paracetamol by RP-HPLC in pharmaceutical dosage form
Prutha Patel, Priti Mehta and Priti Trivedi
Page No: 390-394

Antibacterial activity of marine bacteria isolated from sponge Spirastrella inconstans
S. Bharathiraja, R. Rajasekaran and J. Suriya
Page No: 395-398

Effect of Phyllanthus amarus extract on antioxidant and lipid metabolism gene expression in HepG2 cells
Atittaya Rocejanasaroja, Tewin Tencomnaob and Warin Sangkitikomol
Page No: 176-183

A density functional theory (DFT) study on the tautomerism of 2-amino-6-methyl pyrimidine-4-one: Solvation effects and NBO analysis
Majid Khodaei-Tehrani, Ali Esmaeili and Seyed Hossein Hosseini
Page No: 399-403

Almond oil and extracted diosmin as prophylaxis for the endothelial dysfunction in diabetic rats
Mona Anwar, Wafaa Ghoneim Shousha, Hatem A. El-mezayen, Raafat Awadallah, Maha El-Wassef, Naglaa M. Nazif and Mona A. El-bana
Page No: 184-194

Synthetic, structural, theoretical and biological study of triorganotin(IV) Schiff base complexes derived from amino acids
Har Lal Singh, Jangbhadur Singh, Suresh Singh Chauhan, A. Mukherjee and Tejpal Dewa
Page No: 248-257

Supercritical CO2 extraction of Codonopsis
Fei Lu and Yuansheng-Ding
Page No: 258-262

Enhancement of dissolution rate of Meloxicam by co-grinding technique using Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose
Erizal Zaini, Agnesia Sherry Witarsah and Rini Agustin
Page No: 263-267

Study on free radical scavenging activity of carrot (Daucus carota L.) grown in three different regions of Iran
Alireza Ebadollahi-Natanzi and Gholamreza Arab-Rahmatipour
Page No: 268-274

The GPV-TL1, a Snake Venom Thrombin-like enzyme (TLE) from a Green Pit Viper (Trimeresurus albolabris), shows a strong fibrinogenolytic activity
Paweena Pradniwat and Ponlapat Rojnuckarin
Page No: 275-283

Synthesis, fungicidal, and insecticide activity of novel substituted-N-(5-cyanopyrimidine-4-yl)benzamides
Wen-neng Wu, Wen-qin Liang, Meng-ya Sun, Li Shi, Luo-bo Zhou and Gui-ping Ouyang
Page No: 284-290

Thalictramine, A new alkaloid from Thalictrum rhyncocarpum (Dill & Rich) and its anti-bacterial activity
P. W. Mayekua, J. O. Odalob, A. Hassanalic, B. T. Kiremirea and C. Hertweckd
Page No: 1-5

Preliminary phytochemical screening of Arbutus unedo L. and antihyperglycemic effect of the root aqueous extract on streptozotocininduced diabetic Wistar rats
Houria Medjdoub, Chaouki Selles and Boufeldja Tabti
Page No: 195-199

New materials based on imidazo[4,5-b]pyridine derivatives candidates for optoelectronic device applications: Theoretical investigations
Majdouline Larif, Tayeb Abram, Lahcen Bejjit, Mohammed Bouachrine and Tahar Lakhlifi
Page No: 410-419

Characterization, phase solubility studies and molecular modeling of Isoniazid and its ├?┬▓-Cyclodextrin complexes
Shariza Abdul Razak, Syed Fariq Fathullah Syed Yaacob, Jafri Malin Abdullah and Rohana Adnan
Page No: 291-299

Studies of acoustical parameters and surface tension of Lithium hydroxide and Lithium bromide in polyethylene glycol (400) electrolyte solution in different concentrations at 303K
Subramanian Ravichandran
Page No: 6-13

Chemical composition of Vitex pseudo-negundo leavese ssential oil
Hassan Ahmadvand, Saeede Ekbatan Hamadani, Shahrokh Bagheri, Forouzan Hadipour Moradi, Reza Mohammad Rezaei Khoramabadi, Peyman Khosravi, Hadis Salehi Ahmad Cheraghi and Rooh Angiz Cheraghi
Page No: 300-304

Synthesis, purification, characterization and microbiological evaluation of herbo-bismuth complexes
Yatin Ulhas Gadkari and Vinaykumar Velingkar
Page No: 14-19

In vitro biological activity and total phenolic content of Morus nigra seeds
Rishi Kumar Shukla, Deepak Painuly, Abha Shukla, Jashbir Singh, Anirudh Porval and Swati Vats
Page No: 200-210

Comparative lipid profile study between ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke
Sugata Roy Chaudhury, Siddhartha Ghosh and Debdatta Kar
Page No: 20-27

Structural, vibrational, and electronic properties of Succinimide, N-Hydroxy Succinimide and N-Methyl Succinimide by density functional theory: A comparative study
Alok K. Sachan, Satish Chand, Ruchi Srivastava, Vikas K. Shukla, Shilendra K. Pathak, Amarendra Kumar, Onkar Prasad and Leena Sinha
Page No: 211-227

pH-metric study of substituted thiopyrimidine complexes in mixed solvent media
M. P. Wadekar, A. S. Shrirao and R. R. Tayade
Page No: 420-426

Detection of A2143G mutation in 23S rRNA gene associated with clarithromycin resistant Helicobacter pylori by Loop mediated isothermal amplification
Thanaporn Champathai, Sutep Gonlachanvit and Nuntaree Chaichanawongsaroj
Page No: 148-155

Selective melamine sensor based on nanoporous carbon paste/molecularly imprinted polymer
Muji Harsinia, Suyantoa, Bambang Suprijantob and Asri Zulchana Sari
Page No: 305-311

Chemistry, classification, pharmacokinetics, clinical uses and analysis of beta lactam antibiotics: A review
Mamdouh S. Masouda, Alaa E. Alib and Nessma M. Nasrc
Page No: 28-58

Comparison of DFT methods for molecular structure and vibrational spectrum of pyrimidine molecule
Neha Shukla, Achchhe Lal, Vipin B. Singh and Devendra K. Singh
Page No: 59-69

Phytochemical screening and antioxidant activity of marine algae Gracilaria corticata and Spirulina platensis
M. Kannan, A. Pushparaj, B. Dheeba, K. Nageshwari and K. Kannan
Page No: 312-318

Potential of therapeutic antioxidant compounds from pomegranate as anti-cancer agent
Idris Aliyu Masaud, Mohd Adzim Khalili Rohin, Atif Amin Baig and Nasir Mohamad
Page No: 427-433

Synthesis and antioxidant properties of some 5-benzyl-6-methylpyridazin-3(2H)-ones derivatives
Soufiane El Marrakchi, Ilias Marmouzi, Youness Boukharsa, Jaouad EL Harti, Jamal Taoufik, My El Abbes Faouzi and M'Hammed Ansar
Page No: 70-74

Evaluation of the antifungal activity of the acetone extract of Japanese apricot fruit
Shuang Song, Jing Shao, Zhihong Gao and Hailong Sun
Page No: 156-160

Quality status of brands of chloroquine tablet dosage form from Northern part of Nigeria
A. Samali, M. I. Mohammed, M. B. Ibrahim and K. S. Gamaniel
Page No: 75-79

In vitro studies on antibiotic activity of Ficus religiosa fruits extract against human pathogenic bacteria
Kaur R., Goyal A. K., Kaushik D. and Sharma R. K.
Page No: 80-84

Endophytic Bacillus cereus mediated synthesis of gold nanoparticles and their stabilization using biopolymer chitosan
Swetha Sunkar, C. Valli Nachiyar and K. Renugadevi
Page No: 434-443

Detection of inducible clindamycin (iMLSB) resistance in Staphylococcus aureus in tertiary care centre of South India.
P. Jyothi and Metri Basavaraj C.
Page No: 85-88

Sonochemical synthesis of 2-arylbenzimidazoles using amberlite IR-120 Resin
Brajesh Kumar,Kumari Smita, Brajendra Kumar, Saurabh Kumar Singh, Ravinandan Nath Pathak and Jagdish Prasad
Page No: 89-94

Development of validated RP-HPLC-PDA method for the analysis of Capecitabine in bulk, dosage forms and in dissolution samples
A. Karthik, K. Vasantha, G. Lakshmi Suneetha, M. Sai Sree and Buchi N. Nalluri
Page No: 319-325

Development and validation of RP-HPLC-PDA method for the analysis of Citalopram hydrobromide in bulk, dosage forms and in in vitro dissolution samples
CH. Ajay Kumar, A. Prabhakar Reddy, G. Lakshmi Suneetha, M. Sai Sree, M. Vijaya Lakshmi and Buchi N. Nalluri
Page No: 326-333

Infrared, raman spectra and thermal studies of lead iodate crystals doped with Zinc (II)
K. D. Girase
Page No: 444-447

Isolation and detection of anti-bacterial activity of endophytic fungi from Bombex cebia and Argemone mexicana
Sujit Kumar, Ravindra Prasad Aharwal, Suneel Kumar and Sardul Singh Sandhu
Page No: 95-100

Balsamite major Desf.: Redox properties, antiinflammatory and cytoprotective effects
Alba Enaa , Marco Biagic, Manuela Nellib, Alessandra Bonettia and Cristina Pintucci
Page No: 161-169

Analysis of Torsemide in bulk, dosage forms and dissolution samples using RP-HPLC-PDA method
K. Vasantha, M. Sai Sree, G. Lakshmi Suneetha and Buchi N. Nalluri
Page No: 334-340

Removal of Pb (II) from aqueous solution by using Custard apple (Annona squamosa) bark powder: Kinetics and equilibrium studies
N. Seshadri, B. Ramesh Naik, Y. Harinath, M. Madhava Rao and K. Seshaiah
Page No: 448-459

Determination the minerals contents of the roots of four medicinal plants as Asaudian indigenous plants using Flame Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (FAAS)
Hassan Abdalla Almahy Dafalla
Page No: 101-104

A pilot study of ambient air pollution of an emerging Nigerian city (Nnewi)
Sylvester O. Ngele and Francis K. Onwu
Page No: 341-346

Exogenous L-Arginine attenuates asymmetrical dimethylarginine elevation in experimental diabetes
Ehsan Badawy, Dina Abo El-Matty, Hanaa Wafay, Hoda Megahed, Omnia Aly and Jihan Hussein
Page No: 347-351

Phytochemical analysis and antimicrobial activity of the flower extract of Cassia roxburghii Linn.
V. Selvi, Isaivani Indrakumar, R. Gomathi and S. Karpagam
Page No: 105-107

Study on the effect of orienteering to improve the physical quality of college students in colleges
Zhou Hongwei, Jiang Tao and Ji Li
Page No: 352-357

Influence of processing parameters on the yield and 6-gingerol content of Zingiber officinale extract
Mohd Azrie Awang, Noor Amirah Azelan, Nurul Ain Aqilla Wan Mustaffa, Ramlan Abdul Aziz and Rosnani Hasham
Page No: 358-363

Synthesis, characterization and chelating properties of novel heterocyclic azo dyes containing ligand
Bhavna K. Patel and Sanjay D. Patel
Page No: 364-368

Interactions study by free volume of Pyridine and Aniline
Prashant B. Dabrase and B. M. Suryavanshi
Page No: 228-233

Total synthesis of Hirsutellide A
Bhavya Vannala
Page No: 170-175

Synthesis and evaluation of some pyrazoline derivatives as anticancer agents
Tawfeek Ahmed Ali Yahya, Jalal H. Abdullah, Mokhtar Abd Hafiz Al-Ghorafi and Shada H. Yassin
Page No: 234-238

Principle component analysis (PCA) of selected liquid smoke by product
Wahyudi David, Kurnia Ramadhan, Edi Supandri and Anwar Kasim
Page No: 239-242

Bioactive and pharmacologically important pyrano[2,3-c]pyrazoles
Debasis Das, Reena Banerjee and Atanu Mitra
Page No: 108-116

3D-QSAR studies for some pyrazolones against a pathogen
Kishor Arora
Page No: 117-128

Effect of solvent on structural, morphological and optical properties of undoped ZnO nanorods
Anju Singh and H. L. Vishwakarma
Page No: 369-373

Ultrasonic speed and related acoustical parameters of symmetric double Schiff bases solutions at 308.15K
B. J. Gangani and P. H. Parsania
Page No: 243-247

Synthesis, characterization and biological studies of 2,5-substituted 1,3,4-thiadiazole carrying 1,2,3-triazole core
Sushma Kadoor, Balakrishna Kalluraya, Shobhitha Shetty, Mamatha Ballal and Vignesh Shetty
Page No: 374-380

Optimizing catalytic drying of paints and varnishes: Case study at Smalto
Egbewatt N. E., Kolla T. E., Akaho A. A. and Ngando M. T.
Page No: 138-147

A study on charter of public university construction against a background of university legal administration
Cao Shoujin and He Xuefei
Page No: 381-384

Poly calcein modified electrode for the simultaneous determinations of uric acid, xanthine and hypoxanthine
Xiaoling Guo, Tiejun Hou, Jinlian Li, Jiwen Cui, Hongfu Gao, Sue Hao and Dongmei Wu
Page No: 404-409