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Volume 5, Issue 11 2013: Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research

The impacts of ground water heat pump on ground water
Ying Han, Kun Wang and Li Chang
Page No: 275-277

Study on design of life circle assessment system for chemical products
Yixin Lu and Wenlai Xu
Page No: 69-72

Mitochondrial cytochrome c involvement in programmed cell deathinduced by aluminum stress in Cryptococcus humicola
Li Jin-Jin, Pang Xiao-Lu, Zhang Jing-Jing, Lu Ming-Qian, Nian Hong-Juan and Chen Li-Mei
Page No: 73-79

Study on various factors of arsenic adsorption by sediment in Yellow River
Yimei Ying and Chunhong Xu
Page No: 278-282

Microorganism information share and exchange on a web-based agricultural information service system
Yan Cao, Sen Cao and Jiang Du
Page No: 80-83

Temporal and vertical distribution of chromium in Tianjin coastal reservoirs
LI Hai-ming, LI Zi-chen, Zhao Xue and MA Bin
Page No: 84-90

Study on water quality prediction model of sewage treatment system
Liu Chao, Sun Lin, Shao Guanghua, Xu Chang and Li Fei
Page No: 91-95

Application of LSSVM to logistics demand forecasting based on grey relational analysis and kernel principal component analysis
Xia Zhao and Li-Yan Geng
Page No: 96-101

Staff performance appraisal based on data envelopment analysis (DEA)
DU Jing-yi
Page No: 102-105

Hydrochemical characteristics and evolution laws of shallow groundwater in Shuangliao city
HE Hai-yang and LI Xu-guang
Page No: 283-288

A new study on cultural branding from the perspective of brand ecosystem
Wang Zi-Xian and LV Qing-Hua
Page No: 106-111

The shallow groundwater pollution√ʬ?¬?s assessment of west Liaohe plain (eastern)
Li Xu-guang, He Hai-yang and Sun Qi-fa
Page No: 290-295

Construction and application of the expert system of diagnosis for orchard pests and diseases
Jiajia Hou, Dongmei Li, Shudong Hao, Na Li and Qin Mo
Page No: 112-117

The risk recognition of enterprise creative talents based on ecological system theory
Chu Sheng Chen and Xiang Qian Zhang
Page No: 118-123

Heavy metals in sediments of Yangzonghai Lake, China
Yuxi Zhang, Jingtao Liu and Junjian Liu
Page No: 296-302

Research on selected antibiotics removal from water through powder activated carbon adsorption
Jianguang Liu, Ruichao Xu, Chunyang Zhang, Wuchang Song, Ni Zhang, Xiangfeng Jia, Haifeng Wang and Qiuyue Sun
Page No: 578-582

Synthesis and biological evaluation of amino alcohol derivatives of 2-methylbenzimidazole as antitubercular and antibacterial agents
Satish S. Birajdar, Girish D. Hatnapure, Ashish P. Keche and Vandana M. Kamble
Page No: 583-589

Comparative study of bioactive compounds in curry and coriander leaves: An update
P. Ganesan, A. Phaiphan, Y. Murugan and B. S. Baharin
Page No: 590-594

Empirical study on the relationship between financial structure and economic growth of Zhejiang province
Songyan Zhang
Page No: 124-129

Retrieving scutellarin from the acid precipitation waste liquid
Huang Caishun, Xiang Cheng, Li Baocai, Zhao Jingsong, Li Xiang and Wan Qinghua
Page No: 595-599

Synthesis and characterisation of process related impurity in bosentan monohydrate
Sanket Gudekar, Rama Lokhande, Rajiv Sutar, Sanjay Pednekar, Sandip Surve and Surekha Kolhal
Page No: 600-604

Thermal fragmentation and rearrangement of N-aryl-2-furamide oximes I
Abd El-Aal M Gaber, Hussni A. Muathen and Layla A. Taib
Page No: 303-310

Spectral investigation of complex ion formation in CrCl3-CdCl2-water and CrCl3-CdCl2-KClO4-water system
Mona S. Shah and G. C. Desai
Page No: 605-608

Chemical and pharmaceutical company√ʬ?¬?s carbon disclosure empirical research -depending CDP China reports
NI Yin-jian and Shen Ju-qin
Page No: 609-613

Resorcinols from Myristica philippensis Lam.
Consolacion Y. Ragasa, Oscar B. Torres, Jovale Vincent V. Tongco, Ramon A. Razal and Chien-Chang Shen
Page No: 614-616

Comparison of principal factors affecting CZER (China zero environmental risk) between different periods: Behavior angle
Changqing Liu
Page No: 130-137

Effect of different excipients on formulation of immediate release artemether/lumefantrine tablets
Mahmoud Alburyhi, Maged Alwan and Ashwaq Ahmed Aboghanem
Page No: 617-625

Design and implementation of wireless intelligent monitoring system for environment
Qiu-xia Liu
Page No: 626-630

Photochemical reactions of polygermanes by steady-state and matrix isolation
Abd El-Aal M. Gaber and Layla A. Taib
Page No: 311-317

Synthesis, characterization and antimicrobial evaluation of some new N-(2,4-dichlorobenzyl)-indolylchalcones
Imtiyaz A. Khan, Firdous G. Khan and R. Minhaaj
Page No: 631-636

Quantitative determination of some penicillin by iodometric method using potassium peroxomonosulphate
Mykola Ye. Blazheyevskiy, Svetlana P. Karpova and Volodymyr I. Kabachnyy
Page No: 637-643

Densities and viscosities of binary mixtures of methyl ethyl ketone with ethyl benzene at 303.15, 308.15, 313.15 K and atmospheric pressure
Golamari Siva Reddy and Mallu Maheswara Reddy
Page No: 644-648

Synthesis and investigation of complex formation between amino acid (glycine) and various metal ion by using spectroscopic methods
Faliah Hassan Ali Al-Jeboori and Thaera Abdulridha Mussa Al-Shimiesawi
Page No: 318-321

Characteristics of cavitation of different fuels in injector nozzles for diesel engines
Zhihua Yao and Guofeng Wang
Page No: 649-654

Preclinical evaluation of anticataract activity of different fractions isolated from methanolic extract of whole plant of Hygrophila auriculata on isolated goat lens: By in-vitro model
Ramesh A., Praveen Kumar P., Karthik Reddy D. and Prasad K.
Page No: 322-325

Preparation of collagen wound-healing membranes
Hua Yang, Xuexu Chen, Zibin Shu, Xiaofeng Guo, Ronghua Gao, Siyao Zhou and Yichen Yan
Page No: 655-658

Competitive actions and performance of technological innovating firms: moderation of intellectual capital
Shenglei Pi and Hailin Lan
Page No: 138-142

Expression and purification of 3-1E gene from Eimeria acervulina in Pichia pastorisb
Ying Zhang, Lixia Wang, Peng Yao, Jiangjun Zhang and Jian An
Page No: 659-665

Low-carbon, ecology-oriented research on optimizing the export competitiveness of animal derived foods in Hunan province
Xing Liu
Page No: 666-670

Antimicrobial sensitivity pattern of Klebsiella pneumonia isolated from pus from tertiary care hospital and issues related to the rational selection of antimicrobials
Asati Rakesh Kumar
Page No: 326-331

Physiological and biochemical regulation mechanisms for drought adaption in typical desert shrubs
Z. J. Zhou, P. X. Su, T. T. Xie, H. N. Zhang and S. J. Li
Page No: 671-677

Study on the adsorption of acid yellow 7 from aqueous solution by low cost activated carbon
A. Anandan and T. Janakiram
Page No: 332-339

Protein tertiary structural prediction based on a novel flexible neural tree
Hao Teng, Shuhui Liu and Yuehui Chen
Page No: 678-683

Effects of carbon dioxide on damage of amino acids induced by peroxynitrite
Sanxian Ye, Yunjing Luo, Zhiguo Han and Rugang Zhong
Page No: 684-690

Use of Beta vulgaris as natural coloring agent for foods and cosmetics in Libya
Marwa M. Dlim, Sami G. Alsabri, Sofian S. Mohamed, Abdulmottaleb E. Zetrini, Asma A. H. Salem, Abdurazag A. Auzi and Salah B. Mohamed
Page No: 340-345

Test study of the thermal environment about new and old two types of rural houses in QiLian mountain northern foothills area-taking Hongwansi town In Sunan as a measurement object
Lei Zhang and Jiaping Liu
Page No: 691-696

Degradation of tritchloroethene and chloroform using methanotrophs isolated from landfills biocovers soil
Lijie Zhng, Zhilin Xing and Yanhui Gao
Page No: 143-145

The trajectory analysis for the outline of Fructus Cnidii metabolite profiles after the regulation to its toxicity by Glycyrrhiza uralensis
Jing Hu, Yifan Feng, Wen Rui and Zhongfeng Shi
Page No: 697-700

Antitumor activity of polysaccharides from angelica and astragalus in vitro
Pu Xiuying, Yu Shuang, Fan Wenbo, Zhang Weijie, Wang Hengrui and Li Yan
Page No: 701-704

Optimization of cooling rate in refrigeration system of freeze-drying for pharmaceuticals
Wei HE, Jing-fu JIA and Peng Xia
Page No: 346-351

Affect the sprint attainment of physical quality based on the theory of the gray model
Sheng Meng
Page No: 705-710

Synthesis and biological activity study of 1-[4,5,6,7-tetrahydro-1,3-benzothiazol-(2-yldiazenyl)]-2-naphthol complexes
Hamid H. Mohammed, Zainab N. Mageed and Mahmood Najim
Page No: 711-720

Validated spectrophotometric methods for simultaneous analysis of glimepiride and metformin in pharmaceutical dosage forms
S. M. Sandhya, U. Fathima Beevi and G. Babu
Page No: 721-725

Determination of water quality index and fitness of urban water bodies in Bilari town of Moradabad (Uttar Pradesh)
Usha, Shamim Ahmad and Pramendra Kumar
Page No: 726-731

Research on reversing design of cavity mould for simulating shelled shrimp product
Wei HE, Jing-fu JIA and Yang LIU
Page No: 352-356

Stability indicating RP-HPLC method for the estimation of lacosamide in bulk and pharmaceutical dosage form
Saroj Kumar Raul, Anjan Kumar Mahapatra, B. V. V. Ravi Kumar and Ajaya Kumar Patnaik
Page No: 732-739

Chemical characteristics of coal mine drainage and its impact on the environment in Shandong province, China
Ting Li, Qiyan Feng, Bin Qian, Lai Zhou and Bo Gao
Page No: 146-151

Phytochemical screening and antibacterial evaluation of the leaf, flower and seed coat extracts of Cassia alata L
R. P. Senthilkumar, V. Malayaman and S. Sindhuja
Page No: 740-744

Molecular Interaction study on N, N-dimethyle acetamide and benzonitrile at 308 K
R. A. Patil, P. B. Dabrase and B. M. Suryavanshi
Page No: 745-751

Research on risk identification of dangerous chemicals in shipping logistics
Tang Liang, Shen Ju-qin, Liu Bo and XU Zi-lin
Page No: 357-361

Ultrasonic studies on molecular interaction of substituted thiazolidines in acetone using pulse-echo technique
Ashraf A Aly, Esam A. Ishak, Amin Abd El Moneim, Mohammed D Alenezy, N. S. Abd El Aal and L. Abd El Latif
Page No: 762-767

Evaluation of wound healing and chemotactic activities of Embelin and Vilangin using human dermal fibroblast (in vitro) model
N. Radhakrishnan, S. Majumder, Suvro Chatterjee and A. Gnanamani
Page No: 768-773

Synthesis, characterization and anti microbial evaluation of novel 1,3,4-oxadiazole containing pyrazolones and 2-thiazolidinone ring systems
P. Nagarjuna Reddy, L. K. Ravindranath, K. B. Chandrasekhar and K. Santhosh Kumar
Page No: 774-781

Antibacterial activity of two herbal extracts and 2% sodium hypochlorite against Enterococcus faecalis: An invitro comparative study
Lakshmi T.
Page No: 782-786

Study of thermal conductivity and salt-heaving law of coast chlorine saline soil under multiple freezing and thawing cycles
Jin Wei and Qinwen Du
Page No: 787-794

Risk assessment on shipping logistics of dangerous chemicals
LIU Bo, Shen Ju-qin, Tang Liang and XU Zi-lin
Page No: 362-367

Study on saccharification process and strains filtration during the ethanol fermentation of office waste paper
Lin Ma
Page No: 795-801

Study of dark tea residue√ʬ?¬?s high efficiency absorption in treatment of Cr-bearing waste water
Juanjuan Song
Page No: 802-810

Determination of thermal degradation rate of macroporous type√ʬ?¬†anion exchange resin in air-cooled condenser
Yuanchun Yu, Baiqing Zhou and Xiangtao Zhang
Page No: 811-817

The participating team√ʬ?¬?s technical analysis of women's basketball in the 30th Olympic Games based on neural network
Liang Wu
Page No: 152-158

Derivative, derivative of the ratio spectrophotometric and stability-indicating RP-HPLC methods for the determination of mometasone furoate and miconazole nitrate in cream
Ramzia I. El-Bagary, Marwa A. Fouad, Manal A. El-Shaal and Enas H. Tolba
Page No: 368-378

Novel cationic purpurinimides as potential photosensitizers: Design, synthesis and biological evaluation
Bing Cun Cui, Il Yoon, Jia Zhu Li and Young Key Shim
Page No: 818-823

Synthesis of ethyl vanillin using continuous flow microfluid technique
Jun Wu, Lanqin Tang, Lin Sun and Rong Shao
Page No: 824-829

Synthesis and antimicrobial evaluation of some chalconyl semicarbazones
C. S. Sharma, K. S. Shekhawat, C. S. Chauhan and Neeraj Kumar
Page No: 830-834

Antibacterial and extracellular enzyme activities of gut actinobacteria isolated from Gallus gallus domesticus and Capra hircus
Latha S. and Dhanasekaran D.
Page No: 379-385

Optimization of L- glutaminase (EC. enzyme production by Streptomyces griseus using rice bran through statistical designs
Suresh Kumar S., Muthuvelayudham R. and Viruthagiri T.
Page No: 386-394

Validation of a potentiometric peroxide value (POV) assay for analysis of mineral oil with low oxidative content
Frank Eertmans, Veerle Bogaert, Domien Volckaert and Barbara Puype
Page No: 395-402

Effect of thickness of heat insulating material in bulkhead on cabin temperature of reefer ship for agricultural products
Jing-fu JIA and Wei HE
Page No: 403-408

Enterprise IT application evaluation based on BP neural network in Tianjin city
Yijie Liu and Rongsheng Lv
Page No: 108-112

The physiological characteristics research of human gait based on wavelet multi-scale entropy analysis
Yixin Wu
Page No: 159-163

Development and validation of RP-HPLC method for the simultaneous estimation of paracetamol, aceclofenac and rabeprazole sodium in bulk and its pharmaceutical dosage form
G. Saravanan, Mohammad Yunoos and B. Pooja
Page No: 409-416

Acoustic parameter investigation of tyrosine derivative in dimethyl sulpho oxide by ultrasonic technique
Suman Kumari, Kailash Chandra Juglan and Ajay Sharma
Page No: 782-794

Selective extraction of betulinic acid from Zizyphus joazeiro Mart. bark: A preliminary study
Fernanda C. S. Fonseca, Jener David G. Santos and Alexsandro Branco
Page No: 417-421

Simultaneous estimation of levodopa and carbidopa in bulk, pharmaceutical dosage forms and dissolution sample analysis by RP-HPLC-PDA method
D. Sravanthi, M. Anusha, S. Madhavi, Shaik Firdose and Buchi N. Nalluri
Page No: 422-428

The research of the knee joint√ʬ?¬?s motion model based on the kinetic equation of multi-body system
Shan Fan and Mei Wang
Page No: 164-171

Simultaneous analysis of naltrexone hydrochloride and bupropion hydrochloride in bulk and dosage forms by RP-HPLC-PDA method
V. Srikalyani, M. Tejaswi, P. Srividya and Buchi N. Nalluri
Page No: 429-435

Research of badminton forehand smash technology based on biomechanical analysis
Ning Yang
Page No: 172-177

Synthesis and dye degradation properties of Cu2+ complexes with pyrazole derivatives
Yin-Zhi Jiang, Zhu-Ting Fu, Ya-Yi Shi and Huo-Yin XU
Page No: 178-182

Analysis on rural residents√ʬ?¬? knowledge of and attitudes toward forestry biomass energy in China
Wang Xiaofan, Li Qi and Chen Kai
Page No: 183-188

Analysis of rivastigmine in in vitro transdermal permeation studies by RP-HPLC-PDA method
Shaik Firdose, P Prashanth, V. Srikalyani, S. Madhavi and Buchi N. Nalluri
Page No: 436-442

Development and validation of RP HPLC PDA method for the simultaneous estimation of salbutamol sulphate and ambroxol hydrochloride in pharmaceutical dosage forms
V. SriKalyani, D. Meena Bharathi, M. Anusha, B. Chandra Priyanka and Buchi N. Nalluri
Page No: 443-449

Sapflow characteristics of mangrove Avicinia marina and its affecting factors in Zhangjiang estuary
G. Y. Yan, G. H. Lin, H. Chen and S. C. Yang
Page No: 189-194

Development and validation of RP-HPLC-PDA method for the analysis of sumatriptan in invitro transdermal permeation studies
Shaik Firdose, R. Sri Bramhini, V. Sai Sri Anusha, V. L. Padmini and Buchi N. Nalluri
Page No: 450-456

Antimicrobial and antifungal potential of zinc oxide nanoparticles in comparison to conventional zinc oxide particles
Priyanka Singh and Arun Nanda
Page No: 457-463

R & D efficiency appraisal of pharmaceutical industry based on DEA-Malmquist
Huiyong Song and Renjun Zhang
Page No: 195-199

Design, development and evaluation of zaltoprofen sustained release tablet
Bhavesh Padihar and Biswajit Biswal
Page No: 464-473

Synthesis, characterization, antimicrobial and anticancer activity of Zn(II), Pd(II) and Ru(III) complexes of dehydroacetic acid hydrazone
Tahani I. Kashar and Amal H. El-Sehli
Page No: 474-483

Megasporogensis and female gametophyte development of Camellia grijsii Hance
Feng Zou, De-yi Yuan, Xiao-feng Tan, Peng Xie, Ting Liao, Xiao-ming Fan and Lin Zhang
Page No: 484-488

Voltammetric determination of potassium hydrogenperoxomonosulfate in pure substance and disinfectant "Ecocide S"
Mykola Ye. Blazheyevskiy and Olena O. Mozgova
Page No: 489-496

A method for enhancement of short read sequencing alignment with Bayesian inference
Weixing Feng, Fengfei Song, Yansheng Dong and Bo He
Page No: 200-204

Selective conversion of alcohols into the corresponding iodides with silica gel supported I2/HClO4 under microwave irradiation
M. Stalin Joseph, Dilip C. Borah and C. Isac Sobana Raj
Page No: 497-500

Biological important Co(II) ternary complexes of 2-substituted benzazoles and amino acids
Chandni Jain, Meena Nagar and Gita Seth
Page No: 501-505

A validated reverse phase high performance liquid chromatographic assay method for the estimation of iloperidone in bulk and commercial tablet dosage form
G. Saravanan, Mohammad Yunoos and Sk. Shahanaz
Page No: 506-511

Using telecare system to construct medication safety mechanisms for remote area elderly
J. Y. Wang, C. H. Tsai and S. W. Wang
Page No: 1-5

Study on the system dynamic model of sustainable development of the island: A case study on Pingtan
Ouyang Yurong, DAI Juanjuan, LUO Yang and LI Qingsheng
Page No: 205-211

Prescription trends in department of orthopedics at tertiary care teaching hospital
Shaikh Ubedulla, N. Chandra Sekhar, T. Jayasree, Shankar J. and Kotipalli Rohit
Page No: 512-517

Optimization of emulsifying effectiveness of phytosterol in milk using span as emulsifiers by orthogonal experimental design
Guowei Shu, Jili Cao, He Chen, Yuan Tan and Ling Ma
Page No: 518-522

Female college students√ʬ?¬? perspectives on self-paid human papillomavirus vaccination based on the theory of planned behaviour
Yu-Li Lan, Chien-Chih Chen and Chung-Hung Tsai
Page No: 6-11

A novel feature extraction method by compressive sensing for signal peptide
Cui-Fang Gao, Qiang Guan, Hao Zhang, Wei Chen and Feng-Wei Tian
Page No: 212-218

Study of operational parameters and kinetics of biosorption of acid orange 7 by untreated sugarcane bagasse
Mukund Madhav, Siddharth Soni, Mayank Singhal, Chandan Kumar Gautam and Shanthi V.
Page No: 523-531

Simultaneous estimation of tolperisone hydrochloride and paracetamol in combined tablet dosage form by validated normal phase HPTLC method
Rani S. Potawale and Satish Y. Gabhe
Page No: 532-537

The green synthesis of liranaftate in ionic liquids
Liu Bing
Page No: 219-222

Physico-chemical assessment of ground water quality of some areas in and around Imphal city, Manipur during monsoon
Nandababu Singh Laishram
Page No: 538-542

Study on advanced treatment of pharmaceutical wastewater by fluidized bed laccase bioreactor
Fei Du, Zhijian Li and Anlong Zhang
Page No: 223-227

The quality evaluation method of instrument flight procedure design scheme based on fuzzy linguistic assessments
Chen Ken
Page No: 12-16

Synthesis of spiro pyrazolo[4√ʬ?¬≤,3√ʬ?¬≤:5,6]pyrido[2,3-d]pyrimidines using KF-alumina catalyst
Raviraj B. Deore, Bhupendra S. Rane, Someshwar V. Deshmukh and Madhukar N. Jachak
Page No: 543-548

The establishment of the assessment system of large-scale medical equipment allocation
Xiaoqing Lu, Ruyu Tian and Ying Cui
Page No: 549-555

Critical criteria when implementing electronic chain traceability in a fish supply chain
Hui Li, Hu Yun and Jun Shi
Page No: 556-561

Concentration change and clinical significance of plasma S100 protein in cardiopulmonary bypass perioperative period
Zhang Kun, Peng Xiao-chun, Li Man, Wang Li-shen and Li De-zhan
Page No: 228-230

Observation of therapeutic effect of rats with spinal cord injury through HBO and BMSCs transplantation
Zhen Li
Page No: 17-21

Comparison of cardiovascular and respiratory changes during induction, maintenance and recovery with sevoflurane and propofol in pediatric day care anesthesia
Nimesh Patel, Maulik M. Patel and Manish V. Patel
Page No: 562-565

Haemolytic activity and Artemia toxicity of jelly fish Cyanea capillata (Linneaus, 1758) from Gulf of Mannar, SE Coast India
V. Mariya and Vinoth S. Ravindran
Page No: 566-571

The organic acids in root exudates of oiltea and its role in mobilization of sparingly soluble phosphate in red soil
Jun Yuan, Xiaofeng Tan, Sicheng Ye, Naifu Zhou and Bin Shi
Page No: 572-577

Determination of caffeine and its metabolites simultaneously in vivo by HPLC and used for enzyme assays on pharmacological study
Jian Xiao, Dong-Sheng Ou-Yang, Zhi-Rong Tan, Wei Zhang, Dong-Li Hu and Yao Chen
Page No: 231-234

The consistency test research of sprint athletic ability based on AHP method
Yifan Sun
Page No: 22-31

Physical activity and dementia: A meta-analysis of prospective studies
Shuqin Yin, Hongwei Nie and Yong Xu
Page No: 235-239

Exponential stable control for a class of networked control systems with stochastic delays
Hejun Yao, Xiaoming Dai and Fushun Yuan
Page No: 32-38

Experimental research into the influence of Morchella esculenta on nitrogen monoxide and NOS system in the rats that have done high strength durability exercises
Cheng Yu
Page No: 240-243

Thermal stability study and microcapsule preparation of argan oil
Zhao Xi, Yang Dong-sheng, Wu Xiao-li, Wu Li-yan, Jin Yuan-bao and Zhao Cheng-guo
Page No: 244-249

Experimental research into the influence of supplemented spirulina on the form of erythrocytes and the content of hemoglobin of anaemic rats that have done exercises
Li Yang
Page No: 250-253

The study of the cooperation evolution between school-enterprises on dynamic force model
Tao Yong-qin
Page No: 254-259

Inhibitory effect study of calf thymus DNA on catalytic activity of CYP450 enzyme in human liver microsomes
Shuoye Yang
Page No: 39-44

PI index for some special graphs
Li Yan, YingfangLi, Wei Gao and Junsheng Li
Page No: 260-264

Study on the precision co-extrusion technology for PET recycling
Yuefeng Yuan, Wei Yu, Xiaodong Zhao, Yuexin Chen, Hongquan Gao and Junqi Yu
Page No: 265-269

Detection and analysis for abnormal liver using Raman spectroscopy of serum
Su Zhang, Xiaozhou Li, Tianyue Yang, Zhiyi Xu and Lili Jin
Page No: 45-48

In vitro antibacterial activity of few novel 2-(heteroarylamino)-5-(aryl)-1,3,4-thiadiazoles
Annapoorna Vadivelu, V. Gopal, C. Uma Maheswara Reddy and Vasthi Kennedy Evanjelene
Page No: 855-859

Research on eco-environmental water demand in the high-tech zone
Miao Qun, Xu Chang, Sun Lin and Yu Han-ping
Page No: 270-274

Synthesis of isomalto-oligosaccharides by using recombinant dextransucrase and Hypocrea lixii dextranase
Hong-Bin Zhang, Wei-Wei Gan, Yu-Qi Zhang and Xue-Qin Hu
Page No: 49-57

Effect of intestinal mucosal immunity induced by transport stress and the regulation mechanism of Suanzaoren decoction
Changrong Wan, Wuren Ma, Peng Yin, Xiaolong Xu, Fenghua Liu and Jianqin Xu
Page No: 58-63

Optimizing the conditions for polysaccharide ultrasonic-assisted extraction in Cordyceps gunnii mycelia using genetic algorithm
Yang Dong-sheng, Zhao Xi, Wang Yan-zhen, Song Jia, Zhao Xiu-ting, Zhang Ming-zhe, Shi Fang-zhou, Meng Fan-xin1 and Teng Li-rong
Page No: 64-68

Inactivation of Escherichia coli phage by pulsed electric field treatment
Ying Nanjiao, Fu Rong, Zhang Juan and Yang Yong
Page No: 210-214