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Volume 9, Issue 4 2017: Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research

Biochemistry and Therapeutic Accesses for Enzyme Facilitated Inflammation: A Review
Parteek Prasher and Manjeet Singh
Page No: 1-12

Selective Adsorptive Separation of Carbon Dioxide and Methane on a Tetraethylenepentamine-Impregnated Solid Sorbent
Yu Zhou, Xiaoping Jiang, Zhe Tang, Mingyang He and Qi Xu
Page No: 13-21

Manipulating the Catalytic Property of Co-Zn Dmc for Copolymerization of Carbon Dioxide and Propylene Oxide by Modulating the Chain Length of Polyethylene Glycol
Yu Zhou, Zhe Tang, Mingyang He and Qi Xu
Page No: 22-32

Isolation and Structural Elucidation of Pancreatic ??-Amylase Polyphenolic Inhibitors from Prunus Domestica and Phoenix Dactylifera Seeds
SS Lakshmi, M Aishwarya, K Archana, S Divya, J Juli, T Sathish Kumar, K Kumaresan and VR Stephen
Page No: 33-40

Isolation and Elucidation of Triterpenoid and Flavonoid Pure Compounds in Morus alba Stem Bark
D Rosa, N Yuliana, YH Choi and R Verpoorte
Page No: 41-49

Some Aspects of Investigation of the Indian Medicinal Plant Hemidesmus indicus R. Br.: Chemical Constituents and Anti-Diabetic Activity
Avijit Banerji, Julie Banerji, Manosi Das, Dhiren Mondol and Jayram Hazra
Page No: 50-64

Removal of Turbidity of Water by Banana Peel Using Adsorption Technology
Beverly John, Uzma Baig, Nazia Fathima, Smita Asthana and D Sirisha
Page No: 65-68

Physicochemical and Phytochemical Investigation on the Root of Ceriscoides turgida (Roxb.) Tirveng
SK Bodele, NH Shahare and SP Dange
Page No: 69-73

2D-QSAR Study of Indole Derivatives for Anti-Microbial Study
Pankaj P Kapupara, Ravi P Patel and HS Joshi
Page No: 74-81

Development of Fast Dissolving Sublingual Wafers by Using Film Former: Optimization and Characterization
Upendra C Galgatte, Pooja P Patil and Pravin D Chaudhari
Page No: 82-91

Microwave Assisted One Pot Synthesis of 2,3- Diaryl-1,3-Thiazolidine-4-Ones
Maruti S Kanase and Pravina B Piste
Page No: 92-95

Dopaminergic Effects of Isobutyl Nitrite, Isoamyl Nitrite and Butyl Nitrite
Yun Ji Kim, Seo Young Jeon, Young-Hoon Kim, Jisoon Shin, Jaesuk Yun, Kyoungmoon Han, Hye-Kyung Park, Hyung Soo Kim and Hye Jin Cha
Page No: 96-102

Interaction of Metformin and Nifedipine in Type II Diabetic Patients with Hypertension
SS Bello, FB Sani, MT Odunola, M Garba and MA Garba
Page No: 103-107

Synthesis and Characterization of Dihydro-1H-Benzimidazole-8-Carboxylic Acids as a Potential Antimicrobial Agents
Mohana Rao Anguru, Ashok Kumar Taduri and Rama Devi Bhoomireddy
Page No: 108-113

Antioxidant and Hepatoprotective Potential of Traditional Siddha Formulation Seenakara Parpam against D-Galactosamine Induced Oxidative Stress in Rats
A Mariappan, K Manickavasakam and S Joseph Maria Adaikalam
Page No: 114-120

Comparative Molecular Docking Study of Phytoconstituents Identified in Morinda Citrifolia Linn on Acetylcholinesterase and Butyrylcholinesterase
Srikanth J, Kavimani S, Uma Maheswara Reddy C and Chitra K
Page No: 121-125

Isolation and Characterization of the Phytoconstituents in the Aerial Parts of Wild and Home Planted Artemisia vulgaris by Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry
Khalid Abu-Shandi, HakemAl-Soufi and Hesham Al-Marahleh
Page No: 126-133

Virtual Screening Identifies New Scaffolds for Testosterone 17?²-Dehydrogenase (NADP+) Inhibitor
MS Harika, V Renukadevi, S Bhargavi, S Karishma, L Abbinaya, L Ramya and P Subhhashini
Page No: 134-138

Bacterial Colonization in Psoriasis Patients: Antibacterial Activity of Acalypha indica and Azadirachta indica against the Predominant Staphylococcus Species Associated with Psoriasis
R Anitha and A Murugan
Page No: 139-144

Green Synthesis and Antimicrobial Activity of Some Eugenol Derivatives
Tanaji N Bansode
Page No: 145-147

Evaluation of the Cytotoxic, Antimicrobial and Antioxidant Activity of the Plant Especies Tabebuia roseo-alba (Ridl) Sand
Jeferson Caetano da Silva, Wanderlei Barbosa dos Santos, Maria Gabriella Silva Araujo, Joice Fragoso da Silva Oliveira, Regina C?©lia Sales Santos Ver?­ssimo, Tha?­s Hon?³rio Lins Bernardo, Paulo Fernando da Silva Santos J?ºnior, Edeildo Ferreira da Silva J?ºnior, Ana Carolina Santana Vieira, Lucia Maria Conserva, Jo?£o Xavier de Ara?ºjo Junior and Maria Lysete de Assis Bastos
Page No: 148-153

Simplified Extraction and Characterization of Acetic Acid Solubilized Type I Collagen Derived from Solea Solea Skin and Wistar Rat Tails for Biomedical and Biotechnological Applications
OEL Blidi, N Elomari, Y Kamar-Zaman, I Chakir, A Kaddafi, N Lebjar, A Ibrahimi, O Chokairi and M Barkiyou
Page No: 154-164

Characterization of the Quality of the Polluting Load of an Industrial Zone
Merimi I, Oudda H, El Ouadi Y, El Hajjaji F and Hammouti B
Page No: 165-170

Spectroscopic Studies and Thermal Analysis on Cefoperazone Metal Complexes
Mamdouh S Masoud, Alaa E Ali, Gehan S Elasala and Sherif A Kolkaila
Page No: 171-179

Synthesis, Characterisation and Antimicrobial Activity of Some Schiff Base Metal Chelates
Ekata Kumari and Shashi Kumari Singh
Page No: 180-184

One Pot Synthesis and Characterization of Some New 1,3,5-Trisubstituted Pyrazoline Derivatives
Farouq E Hawaiz, Lana H Chawishli, Mohammed K Samad and Shaaban K Mohamed
Page No: 185-190

MRI Finding in Acute Lower Back Pain
Najat Adel Hashim and Raad Jawad Kadhim
Page No: 191-195

Synthesis, Characterization and Evaluation of Antibacterial activity of 1,3,4- Thiadiazole Derivatives Containing Schiff Bases [Article Retracted]
Mazin Nadhim Mousa
Page No: 196-200

Comparative Study on Axial Load Behaviour of CFST Columns with Different Stiffeners
S Kesavan, S Durgadevagi and S Syed Abdul Rahman
Page No: 201-205

The Effect of Polarity of Solvent on the Polyphenol Content and on their Antioxidant and Antibacterial Activity of Meals of the Grains of Nigella Sativa L
Mechraoui Omar and Segni Ladjel
Page No: 206-212

Methods of Pre-Treatment through Wheat Straw: A Review
Meenakshi Kanungo and Himanshu Singh
Page No: 213-215

Pretreatment of Rice Straw for Bio-Ethanol Production: A Review
Nitika Dhap and Himanshu Singh
Page No: 216-220

The Theoretical Evaluation of Saccharin Electrochemical Detection on Cp-Based Diazonium Salts in Alkaline Media
Volodymyr V Tkach, Svitlana M Lukanova, Yana G Ivanushko, Lyudmyla V Romaniv, Roman R Boychuk, Iryna L Kukovska, S?­lvio C de Oliveira, Gleison A Casagrande, Reza Ojani and PI Yagodynets
Page No: 221-225

A Kinetic Study for Removal of Bismarck Brown G by Adsorption over Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes
Bashaer J Kahdum, Abbas J Lafta and Amir M Johdh
Page No: 226-231

Studies on Efficacy of Ion Exchangers on the Removal of Metal ions and Hazardous Dyes from Aqueous Solution
Nimisha KV and Janardanan C
Page No: 232-237

Optical Properties of Biodegradable Polylactic Acid/Silver Nanocomposites: A Study
Nadia Abbas Ali
Page No: 238-243

Mathematical Modeling and Simulation of Microwave Drying Process of Papaya (Carica papaya L.) using MATLAB
Sattar Husain and Mohammad Mazhar Sadiq
Page No: 244-249

Effect of EDTA Doping on Uracil Crystals
V Beaula Premavathi, G Madhurambal and B Kavitha
Page No: 250-255

A Simple and One Step Commercially Cost Effective Process for Eluxadoline Intermediates
K Nageswararao, K Venkateswararao and G Prasad
Page No: 256-258

Inhibitory Effect of Garlic Extract on Porphyromonas Gingivalis Isolated from Sudanese Aggressive Periodontitis Patients Compared to Chlorhexidine Digluconate 0.2%
Awatif Hassan Mohamed, El Amin Ibrahim Elnima and Ibrahim Ahmed Ghandour
Page No: 259-263

P/M Processed Fe-Ni Alloys for Soft Magnetic Applications
Deepika Sharma
Page No: 264-269

Clarithromycin Loaded Floating Eudragit Microsphere for Anti H. Pylori Therapy: In-vitro and In-vivo Assessment
A Bagre, S Awasthi and ML Kori
Page No: 270-276

Design, Synthesis, Characterisation and Antimicrobial Evaluation of Some Substituted Dihydropyrimidinone Derivatives
Beena KP, Rajasekaran A, Manna PK and Suresh R
Page No: 277-284

Graphene Oxide/Polyaniline Composites as Electrode Material for Supercapacitors
Sandeep Chauhan
Page No: 285-291

Synthesis, Spectroscopic Interpretations and Antioxidant Efficiency of Two Vital Selenium Complexes
Fatima AI Al-Khodir
Page No: 292-304

Biochemical and Nutritional Analysis of the Leaf Extract of Moringa oleifera Lam. [Retarcted]
Samidha M Pawaskar and KC Sasangan
Page No: 305-309

The Effect of Cadmium on Iron Metabolism in Rats: A Combined Therapy by Deferasirox and Deferiprone
Seyed Mojtaba Mashmool Moqadam, Samie Salehi, Soheila Mohammadkhani and Amir Sh Saljooghi
Page No: 310-314

In-Vitro Antioxidant and Cytotoxicity Analysis of Traditional Formulation
Sri Kamatchi Priya Ramamoorthy, Diwakar Manickam, Santhosh Kumar, Samu Subramaniam and Shyama Subramaniam
Page No: 315-325

Optimal Extraction of Flavonoids from the Moringa olifera Seeds Extract and Study of its Antioxidant Activity
Sarbast A Mahmud
Page No: 326-330

Synthesis of 1-(4-Phenyl Thiazol-2-yl)-3,5-Disubstituted Pyrazolines
Shrikant Ashokrao Wadhal and KN Wadodkar
Page No: 331-333

Effects of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids on Immune Response of Avian
Shijun Fu, Shijin Guo and Zhiqiang Shen
Page No: 334-337

HPLC Profile of Phenolic Constituents, Essential Oil Analysis and Antioxidant Activity of Six Plectranthus Species Growing in Saudi Arabia
Usama Shaheen, Kadry Abdel Khalik, Mohamed IS Abdelhady, Saad Howladar, Mohammed Alarjah and Mohammed AS Abourehab
Page No: 345-354

Synthesis, Characterization and Antifungal Activity of 3-Substituted Triazipino [3,4-b] [1,3] Benzothiazole
Anil Chidrawar
Page No: 355-359

Screening for Bacteria from Quarry Sand Exhibiting Antagonism for Microbial Pathogens
R Kamalambigeswari, L Jeyanthi Rebecca and S Sharmila
Page No: 360-363

Bioinformatics Analysis of Garcinia Kola Active Components and Glycoproteins of Ebola Virus (Zaire ebolavirus)
Sanni David, Fatoki Toluwase and Omotoyinbo Oluwasegun
Page No: 364-370

A Study on Ground Nut Growth Parameters Due to Vermicompost Treatment
Sharmila D and L Jeyanthi Rebecca
Page No: 371-374

GC-MS Study of Methanolic Extract of Leaves of Catharanthus roseus
Mayuri Thanwar, Dhananjay Dwivedi and Anil Kumar G
Page No: 375-377

Study Biometrique and Lengthâ??Weight Relationships in Sea-Bream Sparus Aurata (Sparidae) of the Two Gulfs, Skikda and Annaba (Northern is Algeria)
Faiza Oudjane, Naziha Bourenane and Tahar Wafa
Page No: 378-381

Identification of Cancer from the Mammogram Images by Using Frequency Domain Approaches
B Kiran Bala and S Audithan
Page No: 382-384