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Original Articles: 2017 Vol: 9 Issue: 4

Removal of Turbidity of Water by Banana Peel Using Adsorption Technology


Ground water has become one of the important sources of water for meeting the requirements of various sectors in the country in the last few decades. It plays a vital role in India’s economic development and in ensuring its food security. The rapid pace of agricultural development, industrialization and urbanization has resulted in the over exploitation and contamination of ground water resources in parts of the country, resulting in various adverse environmental impacts and threatening its long-term sustainability. Fresh water scarcity can be overcome to an extent by using fresh water sources for drinking purposes and treated wastewater for various domestic purposes. Conventional treatment techniques are extremely expensive for developing countries like India. Therefore, an urgent need for cost effective methods of treatment and recycling of wastewater are highly desirable. Taking this factor into consideration the present paper deals with the effective removal of turbidity of waste water by using cost low cost, Banana peel as an adsorbent. The results are found to be very effective, showing 95% of the removal of turbidity. Nephelometer is used to determine the concentration of suspended particles in a sample of water by measuring the incident light scattered at right angles from the sample. Adsorption parameters such as pH, contact time, temperature, concentration, shaking time were carried out and the results were optimized. Solutions of different concentrations (10NTU - 160NTU) were prepared and dosage of banana peel powder was varied from 0.2 gms to 1.0 gm. The results are found to show effective removal of turbidity from high concentration solutions.