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Volume 8, Issue 12 2016: Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research

Quantitative Structure Activity Relationship (QSAR) Modeling for Studying the Stability of Organic Dyes by Tio2 Photocatalyst
Sayed Ali Ahmadi, Razieh Razavi and Mohammad Mehdi Foroghi
Page No: 1-4

Classification of Disease Data Using Bijective Soft Set
Jagadeesh Gopal, Jai Ganesh K and Salman Ahmed G
Page No: 5-12

SIO2.CAA: An Efficient Catalyst for One Pot Synthesis of 4,6-Diarylpyrimidine-2(1H)-Ones or Thiones
Vishvanath D Patil, Prathamesh V Gidh, Ketan P Patil and Nagesh Sutar
Page No: 13-18

Microwave Assisted Improved Method for the Synthesis, Characterization of N- Aroyl -3,5-disubstituted Pyrazoles
Shrikant Ashokrao Wadhal
Page No: 19-21

Synthesis, Characterization and Thermal Studies of Schiff Bases derived from 2-Pyridinecarboxaldehyde and Benzaldehyde and their Complexes with Cupper (II) and Cobalt (II)
Zainab A Mohammed Salih, Mariam Abdul-bary Auribic and Abduljleel Mohammed Abduljleel
Page No: 22-33

Synthesis, Characterization and Magnetic Properties of New Inorganic Supramolecular Complex
Zohreh Razmara and Fatemeh Razmara
Page No: 34-37

RP-HPLC Method Development and Validation for Determination of Rivaroxaban in the Pure and Pharmacuetical Dosage Form
R Meenakshi and R Nageswara Rao
Page No: 38-44

Hepatotoxicity of Anti-tuberculosis
Ghizlane Lyamani, Fatima Zahra Lahchimi, Imane Rahmoune, Houda Filali and Farid Hakkou
Page No: 45-51

A Study on the Presence and Distribution of Carbon Percentage in and Around the Sites of Glycosylation for Eukaryotic Proteins
Parul Johri, Mala Trivedi, Mohammed Haris Siddiqui and Mrunal Gokhale
Page No: 52-63

Physiological Complications are related with Gestational Time Associated Maternal Ages-A Survey Based Research
Kazi Nadim Hossain, Sajal Biswas, Sheikh Hasibur Rahman, Subroto Sarker and Debendra Nath Roy
Page No: 64-70

Determination of Sugar in Cane Juices using High Performance Liquid Chromatography HPLC and Ultra violet UV at Kenana Sugar Factory ├ó┬?┬? Sudan
Yasir A Mohamed and Salah Eldin Higazi
Page No: 71-75

A Study of General Health Status in Employees of Health Sector in Kohkiloye County in 2014
Elahe Pirai
Page No: 76-82

Antimicrobial Activity of Usnea ghattensis G. Awasthi and Usnea undulata Stirt
Prashith Kekuda TR, Mesta AR, Vinayaka KS, Darshini SM and Akarsh S
Page No: 83-88

Dielectric Technique for Measuring Soil Water Content
Navarkhele VV
Page No: 89-92

A Study of Azo Dye Reactive Red 120 Induced Genotoxicity on Allium cepa L.
Joydeep Dutta and Aijaz Ahmed
Page No: 93-97

The Kinetics and Mechanism of Alcohol Oxidation in Alkaline 12-Tungstocobaltate (III)
Latona DF
Page No: 98-102

Synthesis of Organic Compounds and Study its liquid Crystalline Behavior
Ridha SH and Hanoush DA
Page No: 103-113

Rauvolfia tetraphylla L. (Apocynaceae): A Pharmacognostical, Phytochemical and Pharmacological Review
Jakaria MD, Tareq SM, Ibrahim M and Bokhtearuddin S
Page No: 114-120

Therapeutic Aspects of Sulfonylureas: A Brief Review
Sen S, Ruchika, Kumar D, Easwari TS and Gohri S
Page No: 121-130

Development of Colorimetric Method for Determination of Gabapentin Using Ascorbic Acid as Chromogen
Adam ME, Shantier SW*, Reem S, Mohamed MA and Gadkariem EA
Page No: 131-135

Oxidation of Benzaldehyde and Substituted Benzaldehydes by Permanganate under Phase Transfer Catalysis in non-Polar Solvents
Bijudas K and Bashpa P
Page No: 136-138

Reduction of Chiral Amino Acids Based on Current Method
Yuqing Cao and Guangyu Yang
Page No: 139-143

Synthesis, Characterization and Antimicrobial Properties of Some Co (II) Complexes of Hexamethylenetetramine
Che Dieudonne Tabong, Divine Mbom Yufanyi, Donatus Bekindaka Eni and Moise Ondoh Agwara
Page No: 144-151

Hydro-Chemical Spatial Distribution of Groundwater for Drinking Water Purpose in Dhanbad District, Jharkhand State
Saranaathan SE and Loveson VJ
Page No: 152-158

Characterization of Cellulose Ether Films Containing Tween 20 and Tween 40
Lais C Machado, Diana M da Costa, Gustavo F Perotti, Ruan R Henriques and Ricardo A de Couto, Jorge Amim Jr. and Ana L Shiguihara
Page No: 159-166

Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Amide derivatives of Benzophenone Derivatives as Anticancer Agents
D Ashok and G Radhika
Page No: 167-172

Antibacterial Effects of Different Extracts of Crocus Sativus Linn Stigma on Several Oral Microorganisms
Farnaz Hajifattahi, Maryam Taheri, Mina Taheri, Arash Mahboubi, and Mohammad Kamlinejad
Page No: 173-179

A Comparative Analysis of Slab with Different Shape of Cutout for Various End Conditions Using ANSYS
S Durgadevagi and NA Jabez
Page No: 180-184

Oxidation Management Potential of Essential Oils of Mentha longifolia, Angilica glauca, Artemisia meritima, Cerdus deodara, Thymus serypelleum and Sassura from Higher Altitude of Azad Jammu and Kashmir
Nighat Zia ud Den and Muhammad Shahid
Page No: 185-189

An Optical pH Sensor Construction Based on Polyaniline Nanoparticles (PANI NPs)
Muawia Alqasaimeh, Lee Yook Heng, Musa Ahmad and Randa AL-AS'AD
Page No: 190-195

The Relation between Flexibility of Human Resources and Performance Indexes of Selected Hospitals of Tehran Medical Sciences University
Noushin Alibakhshi and Ghahraman Mahmoudi
Page No: 196-201

Cytotoxicity Activity of Semisynthetic Naphthoquinone-1-oximes against Cancer Cell Lines
Vict├?┬│ria Laysna dos Anjos Santos, Manoel Odorico de Moraes, Claudia do ├?┬? Pessoa, Marc├?┬şlia Pinheiro da Costa, Arlan De Assis Gonsalves, Cle├?┬┤nia Roberta Melo Ara├?┬║jo
Page No: 202-206

A Review on Recent Trends and Various Preparation Techniques of Polymeric Nanoparticles
G Ravi and N Vishal Gupta
Page No: 207-214

Acute Toxicity Study of Siddha Formulation- Amirtharasa Mathirai
Kumar S, Paechiyammal S and Muthukumar NJ
Page No: 215-217

Treatment of Olive Mill Wastewater by Coagulation Flocculation and Oxidation
Hattab A and Bagane M
Page No: 218-223

Effects of Tanacetum parthenium L. Hydroalcoholic Extract on Sexual Hormones and Some Liver Enzymes
Mina Ramezani
Page No: 224-228

Relationship between Body Image Concern, Difficulty in Emotion Regulation, and Sexual Satisfaction of Healthy with Mastectomy Women
Masoumeh Noori, Floor Khayatan and Simin Hemati
Page No: 229-236

Can Selected Physical Activity Improve Self-perceptions Psychosocial Aspects in Children
Abdolmajid Emami and Mojtaba Dehestani Ardakani
Page No: 237-242

Phytochemical Analysis of the Methanol Extract from Leaves of Cassia fistula L
Laxman V Gavali, Vitthal S Shivankar, Yashwant A Gaikwad, Amit Surve Tejas Patil, Vaibhav Mali and Gurumeet C Wadhawa
Page No: 243-247

Synthesis and Leishmanicidal Evaluation of 5-Arylidine-Immuno- Thiazolidine 4 one derivative: An In-Vitro study
Ali Fattahi Bafghi, Elham Rezaei, Hamid Nadri and Arefeh Dehghani
Page No: 248-253