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Reviews: 2016 Vol: 8 Issue: 12

Classification of Disease Data Using Bijective Soft Set


Arrangement is a problem in the today’s trend world where data should be handling in more accurate way there is lot of software available to store the data in a systematic way but the size of data is too large to keep. There are server problem issues and cost issues. Most of the research is going on big data. Classification of data is also a big problem. When data are not systematic it is very problem to search and analyze the data from a group of data. Soft computing play an important role in classification of data. Artificial Intelligent techniques play a important role in classifying the data. There are many approaches such as neural network, fuzzy set; decision trees and other expect system. To maintain the data in medical field is a huge confidential and classification of data should be done with certain good approach. Artificial Intelligent always play a important role in these fields. In these we are going to use one of the new algorithm for classification is bijective softest. This algorithm helps to give more accuracy then previous traditional methods. We are going to predict the level of diseases such as Kidney cancer, fever, and diagnosis. The software helps as to predict the diseases level accuracy from the data which is classified by using the bijective. It helps to reduce paper work and cost estimation and time for the customer.