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Original Articles: 2016 Vol: 8 Issue: 12

A Comparative Analysis of Slab with Different Shape of Cutout for Various End Conditions Using ANSYS


In Slab, cut-outs are provided to decrease the self-weight, to provide services and even aesthetics. When these structures are loaded, the presence of cut-outs will cause changes in the member mechanical properties, consequently there will be change in the bending characteristics of the slab as well as on the ultimate load capacity of the structure. ANSYS is finite element software which is used to analyse the reinforced concrete (RC) slab models. Present study is aimed to know the variation of displacement, strain and stresses, in slab with different boundary conditions. The different slab size has been designed for uniform factor load of 12 kN/m2. This factored load has been applied on the slab to calculate the maximum and minimum displacement, strain and stresses at each slab has been noted down. The results shows that displacement is highest in slab having simple support on all sides and stresses are least in same slab along the edges. Also slab with fixed support on all sides shows least displacement and highest stresses along the edges of the slab.