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Original Articles: 2016 Vol: 8 Issue: 12

Physiological Complications are related with Gestational Time Associated Maternal Ages-A Survey Based Research


A woman’s ability to adapt to the changes and challenges of pregnancy is unique and the level of the stress she experiences affects the outcome of pregnancy. Long term complication in pregnancy is an important health problem as it often occurs in the context of poor social support and maternal wellbeing. Complications and risks associated with pregnancy among women have been addressed in numerous studies from different viewpoints, mostly focusing on the medical risks associated with higher maternal age. Present study was carried out to expand the knowledge base regarding the potential physiological and psychological complications faced by women during the stage of pregnancy at different wedding ages. Our current showing, although above 60% were observed no preexisting history, but around 60% complications started for those mothers who were under 18 years and 31% among them became pregnant in 0 to 6 month after marriage. Hypertension was found to have 25% followed by 15% anemia and about 60% mothers have got married bellow 18 years old, though most of them are not highly educated and only 31% passed junior high school level. Therefore, a routine screening of pregnancy complication needs to be integrated into prenatal care. Specific interventions to minimize adverse labour outcomes could be a future research area.