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Volume 9, Issue 11 2017: Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research

Synthesis and Comparative Analysis of Natural Gas from the Sheep Droppings as Main Admixture and Food Waste as a Partial Admixture in a Confined Built Digester
MV Mohammed Haneef, A Lilly Joice, D Niranjan, G Kirubakaran and R Venkadlakshmi
Page No: 1-10

Design and Synthesis of Novel (3-(2,2-Dihaloethenyl)-2,2-Dimethylcyclo-Propyl)(1H-1,2,4-Triazol-1-yl)Methanone Compounds with Fungicidal Activity
Rashmi S Sharma and Anita S Goswami Giri
Page No: 11-16

Natural Dye from Torenia SP Flower for Colouring Silk Yarn using Biomordants- An Ecofriendly Approach
R Manimozhi and Shyamala Kanakarajan
Page No: 17-26

Facile Synthesis of Carvedilol from Corresponding N-Sulfonamide
B Anand Kumar, R Buchi Reddy, L Gangaiah and K Mukkanti
Page No: 27-30

Design, Characterisation and Anticonvulsant Evaluation of Thienopyrimidinone Derivatives Synthesised by Green Chemistry
Gollapalli Naga Raju, Nallamothu Sucharitha, Nagandla Navya and Rama Rao Nadendla
Page No: 31-38

Development of Validated High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography Method for Simultaneous Determination of Apigenin and Luteolin in Achillea Millefolium
Hiteksha Panchal, Aeshna Amin, Mamta Shah and Vijay Bhatt
Page No: 39-45

Synthesis and Evaluation of Benzimidazole Derivatives as Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase (PTP1B) Inhibitors
DV Thakkar and RS Mehta
Page No: 46-54

Phytochemical Analysis, Antidiabetic and Toxicity Studies of the Methanolic Leaf Extract of Detarium Microcarpum Guill and Perr in Wistar Albino Rats
J David, EO Afolabi, PN Olotu, SO Ojerinde, FM Agwom and U Ajima
Page No: 55-60

Estimation of Ribociclib in Human Plasma Samples by LC-ESI-MS/MS
Vamseekrishna Gorijavolu, Ajay Kumar Gupta, YA Chowdary and B Raviteja
Page No: 61-66

In vitro and In silico Studies of Murraya koenigii (L) against Streptococcus mutant
PS Shabnashmi and C Cynthia
Page No: 67-72

Identification and Antifungal Activity Test of Endophytic Bacterial Isolates from Morinda citrifolia L. Leaves against Fusariumoxysporum
Anthoni Agustien, Syukria Ikhsan Zam, Syamsuardi, Nasril Nasir, Yufri Aldi and Akmal Djamaan
Page No: 73-80

Slow Release Fertilizer: Production of Urea Microcapsules using Polycaprolactone as a Coating Material
Elfi Sahlan Ben, Muslim Suardi, Netty Suharti, Febri Rahmadani, Vella Sri Oktavia, Asiska Permata Dewi, Syukri Arief, Rika Sari Lalfari and Akmal Djamaan
Page No: 81-86

Fluorescence Detection after Solid-Phase Extraction of Atenolol from Human Serum and Pharmaceutical Waste-Water Samples by using New Magnetite Nano-Hybrid [Retracted]
Naser Samadi and Marzieh Ahari Salmasi
Page No: 87-98

Facile, Stepwise and Diversity Oriented Synthesis of 3-(2-Oxo-2H-Chromen-3-yl)-1-Phenyl-1H-Pyrazole-4-Carbaldehydes
Devulapally Srikrishna and Pramod Kumar Dubey
Page No: 99-108

Quantitative Determination and Validation of Teneligliptine Hydrobromide Hydrate using FTIR Spectroscopy
Manisha Kotadiya and Avani Khristi
Page No: 109-114

Control System Review and Hazop Study of a Crude Visbreaking Plant
Zeyad M Ahmed, Gurashi A Gasmelseed and Mohamed M Elnour
Page No: 115-121

Synthesis, Spectral Characterization and Antibacterial Activities of Pyrimidine Heterocycles Derived from Schiff Base Incorporated Chalcone
K Babu and N Deepa
Page No: 122-124

In vitro Anticancer (Cervical Cell Line) and Antimicrobial Activity of Ethanolic Extract of Acacia Chundra Leaves
T Purushoth Prabhu, B Priya, N Srinivasan, TI Waheeda and R Suresh
Page No: 125-131

Overview of Mercapto-1,2,4-Triazoles: Synthesis and Pharmacology Comprehensive Review on Chemistry and Pharmacology of Mercapto-1,2,4-Triazoles
Kamlesh Machewar and Prafulla M Sabale
Page No: 132-144

Synthesis of Biological Active N'-(1-(4-Hydroxycumarinyl)Ethylidene) Benzohydrazides
SS Chandole and SG Shirodkar
Page No: 145-149

Cytotoxicity Analysis of Some Novel Pyrimidine Derivatives
D Durga Devi, S Manivarman, A Dhandapani and C Adaikalaraj
Page No: 150-164

Enhancement of Secondary Metabolite Production in Abrus precatorius Linn. via Genetic Transformation
Tanvi T Sambre, Tushar K Sambre and Shivprasad H Majumdar
Page No: 174-179

Phytochemical and Antimicrobial Properties of Piper guineense (Shumach and Thonn) on Selected Human Pathogens
Olayinka T Ogunmefun, Fred C Akharaiyi and Segun J Adegunle
Page No: 180-186

Antibacterial Activity of Lippia alba (Mill) NEBr, Mentha x piperita L. and Ocimum gratissimum L. Essential Oils Against Multiresistant Salmonella enterica Serovars
Cl√?¬°udia Majolo, Vladimir Pinheiro do Nascimento, Gustavo Perdoncini, Edsandra Campos Chagas, Francisco C√?¬©lio Maia Chaves and Humberto Ribeiro Bizzo
Page No: 187-195

Quality by Design (Qbd) Assisted Development of Extended Release Pellets of Venlafaxine HCL
Dharmesh B Patel and Girish K Jani
Page No: 196-204

Isolation and Elucidation Structure of Triterpenoids from Hippobroma Longiflora Leaf Extract and Tested of Antibacterial Activity
Sanusi Ibrahim, Darma Restia Rezki and Afrizal
Page No: 205-208

Performance and Emission Characteristics Investigation of Jatropa Methyl Ester under the Influence of Butanol in a CI Engine
P Mebin Samuel, G Devaradjane and V Gnanamoorthi
Page No: 209-215

Docking of Novel Reversible Monoamine Oxidase-B Inhibitors and their Antiparkinsonian Effect
Youssef Moutaouakkil, Ilham Kandousi, Youness Boukharsa, Ahmed Bennana, Yahia Cherrah, Yassir Bousliman, Jamal Lamsaouri, Jamal Taoufik, Azeddine Ibrahimi and M'hammed Ansar
Page No: 216-219

Biological Significance of Some Substituted Novel Chalcones of 4- Bromoaacetophenone
RD Deshmukh, KP Kakade and SD Thakur
Page No: 220-223

pH Effect in Synthesize of Tricalcium Phosphate from Eggshell via Precipitation Method
Asregi Asril and Putri Ridha Ilahi
Page No: 224-227

Further Studies on Taurine and Spirulina Therapeutic Effects on Liver Abnormalities in Streptozotocin Induced Diabetic Rats
Doaa S Foda
Page No: 165-173