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Volume 10, Issue 10 2018: Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research

Influence of PVP and PEO on Cloud Point of Poly (oxyethylene) 10 Oleyl Ether (Brij-97): A Thermodynamic Approach
Balkrishna B Patil, Gunvant H Sonawane
Page No: 1-9

Novel Potential of Musa Accuminata Leaf Extract on the Treatment of Morphine Dependence
Deborah Anna Van Oosterhout, Shariff Halim
Page No: 10-12

Comparative Evaluation of the Efficacy of Surgical Suture Coated with Analgesic versus Conventional Suture for Sustained Local Pain Relief- Pilot Study
S Mahantesha, S Ashwini, MV Manjusha, Ramya Ganesh, Shivani Saxena and R Deveswaran
Page No: 13-21

Phytochemical Analysis and Antioxidant Properties of the Various Extracts of Catharanthus roseus
Amin Mir, Anuj Kumar, Abhishek Goel
Page No: 22-31

Comparative Insecticidal Activity of Mentha pulegium L. and Thymus Capitatus Hoff. Et Link. Essential Oils against the Red Flour Beetle: Tribolium Castaneum (Herbst) (Coleoptera, Tenebrionidae)
Abessi Mohamed, Bachrouch Olfa, Jouda Mediouni Ben Jem�¢a, Soumaya Haouel Hamdi, Abderrabba Manef
Page No: 32-39

Polysaccharides from Athyrium multidentatum (Doll.) Ching an Attenuated D-Galactose-Induced Mouse Aging via SIRT1-p53-p21 Pathway
Jie Mu, Dongmei Liu, Jiwen Sheng, Zhijian Li, Weifen Zhang, Shumei Mao, Liang Jing, Jingru Jiang and Li Qi
Page No: 40-51

Synthesis and Characterization of Tetra Amide Macro Cyclic Metal-Complex of Co (Ii), Ni (Ii), Cu (Ii) and Zn (Ii) and its Antimicrobial Property
Giriraj S.Mandloi, Smita Joshi, Surendra Sarsaiya and Sulbha Amlathe
Page No: 52-62

Activation of Methanes by Doubly Charged Metal Dication Complexes in the Gas Phase
Joseph K Koka, Lifu Ma, Anthony J Stace
Page No: 63-70

Fischer Esterification of Glycerol by Phenylacetic Acids, Phenylacetic Anhydrides and Some of their Aromatic Derivatives
Ghader Alhassan, Joumaa Merza, Rana Ghenim
Page No: 71-79

Effect of Xenical and Green Coffee on BMI and Lipid Profiles among Jordanian People
Abdulrahim Aljamal
Page No: 80-83

Nutritional and Medicinal Evaluation of Pomegranate
Taufeeq Ahmad, Sanjiv Kumar Maheshwari, Saba Siddiqui, Latafat
Page No: 84-104

Synthesis and Characterization of N-Heterocyclic Carbene and their Complexes with Ni (II) and Studying their Biological Activity against Escherichia coli
Khaled Alzobar, Rushdi Madwar, M Moudar Al-Khuder, Mohammad Keshe
Page No: 105-112

Tannin Concentration of Gyrinops Tea from Leaves of Juvenile and Mature Agarwood Trees (Gyrinops versteegii Gilg (Domke)) with Different Processing Methods
I Gde Adi Suryawan Wangiyana, I Gusti Agung Ayu Hari Triandini, Dip Putradi, Wayan Wangiyana
Page No: 113-119

Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Coumarin Derivatives as Antiproliferative Agents
Astha Sharma, Monika Gupta
Page No: 120-132

Simultaneous Determination of Moexipril Hydrochloride and Hydrochlorothiazide by RP-HPLC and Ratio Spectra Derivative Spectrophotometric Methods in Pure, Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms and Biological Fluids
Gehad G Mohamed, Shabaan A Abdulla, Heba EA Abd Elhafez
Page No: 133-153