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Original Articles: 2018 Vol: 10 Issue: 10

Nutritional and Medicinal Evaluation of Pomegranate


Pomegranate is known as Punica granatum, belongs to the Monogeneric family, Punicaceae, predominantly found in China, Iran, USA and the Himalayas in northern India, all through the Mediterranean district. For thousands of years, the practice of Ayurvedic medicine has alleviated illnesses and attributed over all positive health by herbal medicines and has indicated the importance of pomegranate. These plants contain various bioactive ingredients used to cure different diseases. The therapeutic properties of these plants could be established on the cancer prevention agent, antimicrobial, antipyretic or pain relieving impacts of different Phytochemicals. Recently, the reactions related with the activity of allopathic medications have brought about an expanded request for the phyto-pharmaceutical results of Ayurveda. In Unani drug, a Middle Eastern customary medicinal framework that later flourished in India. Pomegranate flowers fill in as a solution for Diabetes mellitus. In addition it has been used as a curative beautification and upgrade hormone substitution treatment, resolution of allergic symptoms, cardiovascular fortification, oral hygiene, ophthalmic ointment, weight reduction cleanser, and as an adjunct treatment to build bioavailability of radioactive dyes amid demonstrative imaging.

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