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Volume 4, Issue 11 2012: Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research

Intra-specific variation of bioactive principles in select members of the genus Clerodendrum L.
Augustian Rajam Florence, Joseph Joselin, Solomon Jeeva
Page No: 4908-4914

Separation of the two enantiomers of Gatifloxacinby SFC on amylose based stationary phase
Khagga Bhavyasri,D. Rambabu, P. S. S. Prasad and V. Murali Balaram
Page No: 4915-4920

Metalloantibiotics in Therapy: An overview
Prafulla M Sabale, Prabhjot Kaur, Yogini Patel, Jahanvi Patel and Roshani Patel
Page No: 4921-4936

Synthesis, characterization and antimicrobial activity of N-substituted 2- substituted-benzimidazole derivatives
S. Chandhrasekar, Shameela Rajam, Christina Ruby Stella and *Maruthamuthu
Page No: 4937-4940

Response of bed planted wheat (Tritcum aestivum L.) under the different moisture regime on water use and it√ʬ?¬?s efficiency
Lakhapati Singh, C. M. Singh and G. R. Singh
Page No: 4941-4945

Application of click chemistry in the synthesis of coumarin based glycoconjugates
Nandini R. Pai, Sandesh Vishwasrao, Karuna Wankhede and Deepnandan Dubhashi
Page No: 4946-4952

Ammonia solution catalyzed one-pot synthesis of highly functionalized pyridine derivatives
Y. I. Shaikh, A. A. Shaikh and G. M. Nazeruddin
Page No: 4953-4956

Ultrasonic studies of molecular interaction of alcohols with nonpolar solvents
P. Krishnamurthi and P. A. Thenmozhi
Page No: 4671-4676

Ultrasonic studies of molecular interaction of octanol and decanol with nonpolar solvents
P. Krishnamurthi and P. A. Thenmozhi
Page No: 4677-4681

Removal of methylene blue dye from waste waters using new bio-sorbents derived from Annona squamosa and Azadiracta indica plants
B. Srinivasa Reddy, V. Krishna Veni and K. Ravindhranath
Page No: 4682-4694

Rapid and Sensitive HPLC Method for Simultaneous Estimation of Atorvastatin, Hydrochlorothiazide and Losartan and Quantitative Application to Polypill Based Synthetic Ternary Mixture
Magda M. Ibrahima, Maha A. Hegazyb, Abd El- Aziz El- Bayoumib, Mohamed A. Abd El- Ghania
Page No: 4737-4742

Determination of traces of amorphous cefuroxime axetil content in cefuroxime axetil crystalline drug substance using modulated differential scanning calorimetry (MDSC)
S. Gunaseelan, Raghavendira Rao, A. Manimaran, E. Ramu and B. Sivakumar
Page No: 4743-4751

Formulation and evaluation of solid dispersions of fenofibrate for dissolution rate enhancement
V. N. V Vinay, K. Venkatesh, K. Phanindra, S. Keerthi and K. Swetha
Page No: 4752-4756

Phytochemical screening and evaluation of in vitro Antibacterial and Anthelmintic activities of Sida acuta leaf extracts
M. N. Palaksha1 and K. Ravishankar2
Page No: 4757-4761

The DNA cleavage and antimicrobial studies of Cu (II), Ni (II), Zn (II) and Co (II) complexes of 4- pyridine carboxaldehyde and Tryptophan
K. L. P. Sheeja Lovely*, M. Christudhas and C. Isac Sobana Raj
Page No: 4762-4769

Studies on Inclusion complexes of 3-[4-(4√ʬ?¬?-oxothiazolidinyl-2-imino)-aryl]-5,6-dihydro-5-oxothiazolo[2,3-a] triazole derivatives with b-cyclodextrin
B. K. Garnaik, S. Panda and B. Behera
Page No: 4770-4773

Hydrological characteristics of abandoned Old Ganga Canal at Haridwar (Uttarakhand) India
Vinod Kumar and A. K. Chopra
Page No: 4774-4782

Regulation and supervision methods of online drug transactions in China
Ying Wang
Page No: 150-153

Preparation, characterization and synthesis of silver nanoparticles by using phyllanthusniruri for the antimicrobial activity and cytotoxic effects
Krishnamoorthy P and Jayalakshmi T
Page No: 4783-4794

Evaluation of the antibacterial activities of the aqueous extract, alkaloids and flavonoids from Abrus precatorius Linn, (Fabaceae)
Ouattara Karamokoa, Tuo Karima, Doumbia Idrissaa, Coulibaly Adamaa
Page No: 4795-4799

Screening of antimicrobial activity of Withania somnifera and Aloe vera plant extracts against food borne pathogens
B. Srinu, B. Vikram Kumar, L. V. Rao, B. Kalakumar, T. Madhava Rao and A. Gopala Reddy
Page No: 4800-4803

Development of normal phase chiral liquid chromatographic method for estimation of escitalopram oxalate and determination of R-citalopram enantiomer from escitalopram oxalate in bulk drug and tablet
Dighe V. V., Pawaskar P., Adhyapak S., Shambhu N. and Mestry D.
Page No: 4804-4809

Physico-chemical and preliminary phytochemical screening of Hemidesmus indicus
Ranjita Saryam√ʬ?¬? Chandrabhan Seniya, Shagufta Khan
Page No: 4695-4697

The modulatory effects of aqueous extracts of Viscum album and garlic on sodium arsenite induced toxicity in wistar albino rat
Adegboyega A M and Odunola O O
Page No: 4698-4701

A RP-HPLC method development and validation for the estimation of aliskiren hemifumarate in bulk and pharmaceutical dosage forms
Saroj Kumar Raul, B. V. V Ravi kumar, Ajaya Kumar Pattnaik, Nagireddy Neelakanta Rao
Page No: 4810-4815

Development and validation of stability indicating UPLC assay method for bupivacaine in pharmaceutical formulation
Prathyusha, P. Shanmugasundaram, P. Y. Naidu and Sanjeev Singamsetty
Page No: 4702-4709

Translocation of micronutrients in French bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) grown on soil amended with paper mill sludge
Vinod Kumar and A. K. Chopra
Page No: 4822-4829

Synthesis and chelation ion-exchange properties of 2,4-HABF-IV terpolymer resin
Sanjiokumar S. Rahangdale
Page No: 4830-4835

Development and validation of a UV spectrophotometric method for thesimultaneous determination of ciprofloxacin hydrochloride and metronidazole in binary mixture
Marianne Alphonse Mahrouse
Page No: 4710-4715

Inhibition of corrosion of aluminium in alkaline medium by succinic acid in conjunction with zinc sulphate and diethylene triamine penta (Methylene phosphonic acid)
Shanmugam Rajendran, C. Thangavelu and G. Annamalai
Page No: 4836-4844

Physical characteristics and chemical compositions of the essential oils extracted from different parts of Siphonochilus aethiopicus (Schweinf.) B. L. Burtt (Zingiberaceae) harvested in Benin
J. P. Noudogbessi, H. Yedomonhan, G. A. Alitonou, P. Chalard, G. Figueredo, E. Adjalian, F. Avlessi, J. C. Chalchat, D. C. K. Sohounhlou√?¬©
Page No: 4845-4851

Comparative study upon the antioxidant potential of Saraca indica and Pterospermum acerifolium
M. Amin Mir, S. S. Sawhney, Sangam Kumar
Page No: 4716-4720

A comparison between the effects of three algal extracts against pathogenic bacteria
L. Jeyanthi Rebecca, V. Dhanalakshmi and Tina Thomas
Page No: 4859-4863

Synthesis, characterization and antimicrobial activity of new quinazolin-4(3H)-one schiff base derivatives
R. S. Dave , R. J. Odedara, R. I. Kalaria and J. J. Upadhyay
Page No: 4864-4869

Production of Biodiesel from Chaetomorpha antennina and Gracilaria corticata
S. Sharmila, L. Jeyanthi Rebecca and Merina Paul Das
Page No: 4870-4874

Photoinduced electron transfer reaction of 2-mercaptothiazoline and methylene blue: Mechanism and kinetics
Medha D. Dave and U. C. Pande
Page No: 4721-4730

Effect of the extract of Ulva sp on pathogenic microorganisms
L. Jeyanthi Rebecca, V. Dhanalakshmi and S. Sharmila
Page No: 4875-4878

A comparative study on biochemical constituents of sweet potatoes from Orissa and Tamilnadu and its curd formation
S. Anbuselvi, M. Sathish Kumar, S. Selvakumar, M. R. K. Rao and Anshumita Dash
Page No: 4879-4882

GC-MS Analysis of esters of fatty acid present in biodiesel produced from Cladophora vagabunda
S Sharmila and L. Jeyanthi Rebecca
Page No: 4883-4887

Synthesis of novel pyrimido-[5, 4-d] pyrimidines by sequential nucleophillic substitution reaction
Yogesh D. Bommegowda, Dinesh B. Shenoy, Menaka T, Chethan B P, Nagaraja G, Fazil Baig, Sandeep K N and Venkanna Babu
Page No: 4888-4893

Synthesis of a chiral schiff base derived metal complexes and its antibacterial activity studies
Magendran Balachari, Menaga Magendran and S. Narasimhan
Page No: 4731-4736

Efficacy of lead on germination growth & morphological studies of Horse Gram (Dolichos biflorus Linn)
Sharmila. D and S. Saravanan
Page No: 4894-4896

Synthesis, characterization and antimicrobial activity of mixed ligand complexes of Mn(II), Co(II), Ni(II), Cu(II) and Fe(III) ions with N-(5-nitro-2-hydroxybenzylidene)-2-chlorobenzylamine and N-(5-nitro-2-hydroxybenzylidene)-4-aminobenzene-1-sulfonamide
Dipti Lakhe and Kiran V. Mangaonkar
Page No: 4897-4902

Ternary system (surfactant-polyelectrolyte-polyelectrolyte) complexes: Determination of the characteristic concentrations
L. Tennouga, A. Mansri, B. Bouras and K. Medjahed
Page No: 4903-4907