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Volume 13, Issue 2 2021: Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research

Application of the Cross-Validation Method to the Calibration Functions in the Validation Process of an Indirect Analysis Method: Determination of Organic Compounds in Water by UV-Visible Spectrophotometry
Chaymae Jermouni, Mohamed Nohair, Sara Azmi, El Mati Khoumri, Abdelhak Elbrouzi and Mohssine Elmorrakchi
Page No: 01-08

The Panoramic View on Pharmacological and Pharmacognostic Profile of Mappia foetida;
Manisha Godhaniya and Tejas Ganatra
Page No: 09-14

Development and Evaluation of 1, 3 Dibromo Propane as a Genotoxic Impurity in Olopatadine Hydrochloride Drug Substance by Using HSGC
Vinayak T. Vele*, Krupali Shah, Vishal Telvekar, Rupesh Kelaskar and Mohan A Chandavarkar
Page No: 15-19

Phenotypical, Mycochemicals, Proximate Composition and Antifungal Activity of Phylloporia ribis (Schumach) Ryvarden from India
Talluri Ribka, Praveen Kumar Nagadesi, Vasavi Ponnuru, Vijayadurga Thatha and Akella V.K.S.N. Pratyusha
Page No: 20-28

Synthesis and Characterization of Azodye Complexes of 4[(E)-(4 Chlorophenyl) Diazenyl]-3-Methyl-1-Phenyl-1H Pyrazol-5-ol
Vittala Rao K and S Anitha
Page No: 29-36