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Volume 9, Issue 9 2017: Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research

Synthesis, Molecular Modeling and Anticancer Activity of Novel 1,2,3-Triazole Hybrids-a Click Chemistry Approach
D Chandra Sekhar, DV Venkata Rao, Lav Kumar Uppalla and Anjali Jha
Page No: 1-10

Formulation and Evaluation of Zolmitriptan Oro Flash Films
I Amar Sandeep, PT Sankeerth , CH Ramyasree, SS Manikiran and N Rama Rao
Page No: 11-18

Development of Controlled Porosity Osmotic Pump of Ritonavir: Design, Optimization and Characterization
Chinmaya Keshari Sahoo, Surepalli Ram Mohan Rao, Muvvala Sudhakar and Satyabrata Bhanja
Page No: 19-31

Further Investigations into the Biochemical Effects of Aluminum on Protein Levels in Serum, Liver and Brain Homogenates of Wistar Albino Rats
Ogueche PN, Maduka IC, Ogbu AE and Onah BE
Page No: 32-36

Isolation and Characterization of Host Guest Complexes through Spectroscopy and Liquid √ʬ?¬?Liquid Extraction Studies
Jyoti Tomar, Praval Singh Chauhan and Uma Sharma
Page No: 37-43

Anticancer Potential of Operculina Turpethum in MCF-7 Human Breast Cancer Cell Lines
S Umamaheswari, Shatabdi Ghose and KS Sridevi Sangeetha
Page No: 44-48

Synthesis, Antiinflammatory and Antioxidant Activity of N-(Benzoxazol-2-Yl)-2-(2-Oxoindolin-3-Ylidine) Hydrazine Carbothioamides
Arunadevi Parlapalli and Sarangapani Manda
Page No: 57-62

Poly(Malic Acid) as a Carrier For Anticancer Drug Delivery Systems: A Mini Review
Nivishna Venkatraj, MJ Nanjan and MJN Chandrasekar
Page No: 63-69

Development and Validation of Stability Indicating RP-HPLC Method for the Simultaneous Estimation of Emtricitabine Tenofovir Alafenamide Bulk and their Combined Dosage Form
Sk Mastanamma, D Venkata Reddy, P Saidulu and M Varalakhimi
Page No: 70-80

The Research on Deception Mechanism of Network Fraud
Qixia Sun
Page No: 81-85

Synthesis of Novel 5-Benzilidine (3-Alkyl-2-(4-(1H-Pyrrol-1-yl-Phenylimino)-Thiazolidin-4-Onesand its Antimicrobial Activity
Sudhakar G Patil, Deepak S Kadam, Rahul R Bagul, Dinesh K Pagar and Nandini S Kotharkar
Page No: 86-91

Spiritual Therapy: The Analysis of Spiritual Model of Addiction Prevention and Quitting
Ali Mohammadi
Page No: 92-94

Synergistic Effect of Phytoconstituents in Mixed Sprouts- An Approach Towards Therapeutic Applications
S Abiraami Valli and S Uma Gowrie
Page No: 95-112

Quantitative Analysis of Casein Precipitation from the Various Milk Samples
A Kumaresan, C Selma, NV Reshma and N Angelin Jacinth
Page No: 113-115

Experimental Investigation on Performance, Emission and Combustion Characteristics of Biodiesel in a Di Diesel Engine
V Naresh, S Prabhakar, K Annamalai and S Naveen Chadra
Page No: 116-125

Organophosphorous Pesticide: An Environmental Pollutant Perspective
UA Okoli, NI Nubila and MT Okafor
Page No: 126-130

A Dipstick to Determine the Lead Contamination in Sugarcane Juice
Ruchi D Sharma, Suparna Ghosh, K Anita, Shweta Sharma and Sulbha Amlathe
Page No: 131-134

The Identification and Quantitation of Thymol and its 4 Isomers in Essential Oil of Citrus Kinokuni Tanaka Peel
Jian Wang
Page No: 135-139

An Insight into the Isomerization Chemistry of Methyl Linolenate
Alfred A Christy
Page No: 140-145

Synthesis and Evaluation of the Biological Activity of New 4-(2- Chloroacetyl) Morpholine Derivatives
Sameaa J Khammas and Ahlam J Hamood
Page No: 146-158

Impact of Anti Dote Dimercaprol (Bal) on the Heavy Metal Intoxication and Reversal Effects in Biochemical Constituents, on Direct Exposure to Heterometrous fulvipes
MV Raghavendra Rao, A Sireesha Bala, Samir Fatteh, Simi Paramban, Amin Fateh, FA Tarig Ahmed, Jitendra Kumar Naik and Anusha C Pawar
Page No: 159-168

Synthesis and Cytotoxic Evaluation of Bisphosphoramidates in A549 Human Lung Adenocarcinoma Cell Line
Sthefany Mendoza-Espinosa, Balam Mu√?¬Īoz-Soto, Braulio Rodr√?¬≠guez-Molina, Luis Castrejon Flores, Galdina Vanessa Su√?¬°rez-Moreno and Angel Zamudio-Medina
Page No: 169-173

Photocatalytic Degradation of Evans Blue Dye by PbTa2O6 Synthesized by Solid State Method
PS Kalantri, YR Baste, AV Borhade and VB Gaikwad
Page No: 174-179

Review on Cuminum Cyminum √ʬ?¬?Nature√ʬ?¬?s Magical Seeds
Uma Agarwal, Dharam Pal Pathak, Garima Kapoor, Rubina Bhutani, Ruchi Roper, Vikas Gupta and Ravi Kant
Page No: 180-187

Biodistribution and Scintigraphic Evaluation of Microemulsion Formulations of Technetium-99m-Radiolabeled-Thymoquinone
Reelma Velho-Pereira, Aarti Japtap and Jomana Elaridi
Page No: 188-198

Kinetics and Thermal Decomposition of (4-((Furan-2 Ylmethylene)Amino)Benzenesulfonamide and 4-((Thiophen-2-Ylmethylene)Amino)Benzenesulfonamideunder Non-Isothermal Condition
J Venkatesan, M Sekar, V Thanikachalam and G Manikandan
Page No: 199-209

Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Imidazopyrmidine-Propenone Conjugates as Potent Tubulin Polymerization Inhibitors
MVPS Vishnuvardhan, Ibrahim Bin Sayeed, V Lakshma Nayak, Mohd Adil Shareef and Ahmed Kamal
Page No: 210-219

Study of Secondary Metabolites of Aristolochia roxburghiana Klotzsch in Assam, India
B Dutta and K Gogoi
Page No: 220-225

In-vitro Study of Hepatoprotectant and Anti-Atherosclerotic Effect of Raw and Boiled Leaf Extract of Moringa Oleifera
S Jyothi Shree, VS Sanchita and C Kavitha Singh
Page No: 226-235

Synthesis and Characterization of Manganese (IV) Complexes of Polyfunctional Dihydrazones Containing Amide, Azomethine and Phenol Functions
Syamal Adhikari, Ram A Lal, Alak Debnath and Dipankar Dey
Page No: 236-243

Corrosion Inhibition of Mild Steel in 200 ppm NaCl by the Addition of A Polymer
A Koulou, Y El Kaissi, N Errahmany, A Tazouti, A Rochdi, R Touir, MS Elyoubi and M Ebn Touhami
Page No: 244-253

Studies on the Anticancer Potential (GI50) of the Siddha Formulation, Rasagenthi Mezhugu on Human Cell Lines
J Baskaran, A Gnanamani, V Amalan Stanley and Shaleesha A Stanley
Page No: 254-257

Cytotoxic and Apoptotic Activities of the Aqueous Fruit Extract of Passiflora edulis Sims var flavicarpa in an In vitro Model of Human Colon Cancer
Sandra Arango, Valentina Ram√?¬≠rez, Maria Elena Maldonado, Diego Uribe and Johanny Aguillon
Page No: 258-264

Isolation of Antimicrobial Compound Producing Fungi from the Rhizospheric Soil of the Medicinal Plant Azadirachta Indica
Nisha Rani, Pranay Jain and Geetanjali
Page No: 265-270