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Volume 12, Issue 11 2020: Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research

Market Analysis of 10th World Congress on Chemical Engineering, Materials Science and Nanoscience
Page No: 1-2

Editorial Content of 10th World Congress on Chemical Engineering, Materials Science and Nano Science
Page No: 3-4

Announcement for 9th International Conference on Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine
Abdeen Mustafa Ome
Page No: 5-6

Euro Pharma Chemistry 2020-European Pharmaceutical Chemistry Congress, Nov 09-10, 2020, London, UK
Niranjan Koirala
Page No: 7-8

Market Analysis-2nd International Conference on Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Codjo Hountondji
Page No: 9-10

Chemical Analysis, Total Phenolic and Flavonoid Content, Fractionation of Croton dibowskii Hutch Extracts
Timoleon Andzi Barhe, Tsiba Gouollaly, Avant Berenger Gombe and Pascal Robin Ongoka
Page No: 11-18

Effect of Crude Oil on the Oxygen Dissolved, and Some Biochemical Changes of Fresh Water Fish Barabus luteus (H) and Liza Abu (L)
Saphia Ali Aitte
Page No: 19-25

Study of Synthesis and Analysis Characterization and Solvatochromic Properties of Azo Chromogenic Reagents
Zeina M Kadam and Zainab A abid AlRadaa
Page No: 26-33

Assessment of Physico Chemical Parameters of Sanjul Lake, Phulambri, Dist. Aurangabad (M.S.) India
Rafatunisa Nahri
Page No: 34-41

Theoretical Studies on the Copper Corrosion Inhibition by Vitamins B1, B2 and B6 in 1 M HNO3 Using DFT and QSPR Methods
Mougo Andre Tigori, Amadou Kouyate, Victorien Kouakou, Paulin Marius Niamien and AlbertTrokourey
Page No: 42-55