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Original Articles: 2020 Vol: 12 Issue: 11

Study of Synthesis and Analysis Characterization and Solvatochromic Properties of Azo Chromogenic Reagents


The reagent of Azo 4(4-Benzophenol Azo) pyrogallol [4-PABA] have been prepared. We have also prepared three Chelate complexes by the reaction this reagent with the metal ions of Co(II), Ni(II), Ag(I). The preparation was result after fixing the optimum conditions of concentration and (pH). UV-Visible spectra of these complex solution were studied for a range (pH) and concentration which obey Lambert-Beer Law. The structures of complexes are studied according to mole ratio methods which were obtained from the spectroscopic studies of the complex solutions. The ratio of metal: ligand obtained are (1:2) and (1:1) for complexes. Determined the reagent and its solid complexes were synthesized by analytical and spectroscopic methods available.